[[WMG: This game has fatalities]]
Dan was killed by Kazuya.
* Kazuya: The beatdown from the trailer except more obviously lethal.
* Ryu: Electrifies the internal organs.
* Kuma: Mauls the foe.
** It's ''highly'' unlikely that this game is going the ''MortalKombat'' [[BloodierAndGorier route]] just because one character ended up dead because the dev team didn't want him in the game.
*** Recently, ''Street Fighter'' producer Yoshinori Ono said a collaboration with ''MortalKombat'' was "very unlikely" because it would involve the ''SF'' cast getting killed, which doesn't match the series' feel at all. So I think that proves ''Street Fighter'' will never involve player-inflicted death.
*** Also, both Street Fighter (Rose, Gen, Gouken and ''possibly'' Charlie Nash) and Tekken (Kazuya, Jun, Baek, Bruce, Wang, Lee, Armor King (in a way)) have had characters die only to come back in later games.
*** Of the above, the only character who is ''officially'' dead is Armor King I (you're also missing King I and Kuma I). Kazuya could maybe count as his return in ''Tekken 4'' was due to being SavedByTheFans while Gouken was {{retcon}}ned from dead to OnlyMostlyDead and in a ConvenientComa, but the fates of Rose, Gen, Baek, Bruce, Wang, and Lee were left ambiguously open (with later games showing they were just fine), whereas Charlie and Jun are officially missing. Your argument (was that an argument or just a statement?) doesn't quite stand.

[[WMG: In ''Tekken x Street Fighter'' / ''Street Fighter x Tekken'', King and Zangief will have their own tag-team ultra.]]
Lets see. King using the Muscle Buster? Check. Zangief's new Siberian Blizzard? Check. King doing a Kinnikuman tribute in his Tekken 5 ending? Check.
If they do a tag finisher and it's not Muscle Docking, I will be SO PISSED OFF.
** Jossed. King is teamed-up with Marduk.
** Incorrect. Zangief and ''Kuma'' will have their own tag-team ultra, beacuse...

[[WMG: Kuma is one of Zangief's sparring partners.]]
Zangief supposedly trained by fighting bears, and Kuma is (logically) the most skilled bear at fighting, so...
** Jossed. Kuma is teamed-up with Heihachi.

[[WMG:[[VideoGame/StreetFighterAlpha Sakura, Karin]], and [[VideoGame/StreetFighterIV Juri]] will be in ''[=SFxT=]''.]]
Lili and Asuka have been leaked in the E3 trailer (Lili appears ''immediately'' when the trailer starts, about five seconds in; if you're quick, you can catch a glimpse of her boots) and Asuka appears as the cloaked figure Chun-Li confronts during TheStinger. As such, it only makes sense that their [[AlternateCompanyEquivalent counterparts]] from ''SF'' make the cut as well. It doesn't hurt that they're [[EnsembleDarkhorse quite popular]] and since they weren't featured in ''[[VideoGame/MarvelVsCapcom3 MvC3]]'', they have a good chance of making it here (especially since the PowerCreepPowerSeep element won't be as noticeable since ''SF'' and ''Tekken'' are more evenly matched).

As for Juri, Hwoarang's already confirmed for the game; [[UltimateShowdownOfUltimateDestiny you should see what I'm getting at here.]]
* Unfortunately, they've already said that Juri is very unlikely.
* The latest teasers seem to indicate otherwise.
** Jossed. Karin has been deconfirmed by Lupinko, the guy who accurately predicted the cast of Marvel vs Capcom 3, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Mortal Kombat 9 and Super Street Fighter 4.
** Sakura and Juri are definitely in, with Sakura being one of six DLC characters for [=PS3=] but included for PS Vita, but Karin is not.
** WordOfGod stated that Karin has copyright issues as well. Think Strider Hiryu in [=MVC3=], similar problem.

[[WMG:[[VideoGame/StreetFighterAlpha Dan Hibiki's]] death will have a major impact on the plot.]]
Let's face it, Kazuya's first big action in this game's history is to ''flat-out murder'' Dan in cold blood and drops the corpse on Ryu's doorstep. Seriously, you don't kill off one of the most iconic characters in the ''StreetFighter'' franchise in ''the goddamn teaser trailer'' of a long-awaited crossover between two big franchises without that death have some kind of impact on the game's story line.
** And now it seems he is having some impact on the plot...as the guy in charge of the game's tutorial. Furthermore, recent information from WordOfGod and [[http://youtu.be/ueTm3SuvFHg this story promo]] hint that Dan's spirit is trapped inside Pandora.

[[WMG: Dan Hibiki will [[BackFromTheDead return to life]] and become the [[TrueFinalBoss True Final Boss]] ]]

Either resurrected and using Satsui no Hadou or becoming Cyber Dan thanks to Dr. Bosconovitch. And he will be [[SNKBoss the hardest boss in fighting game history.]]
** If the recent [[http://youtu.be/ueTm3SuvFHg story promo]] is anything to go by, it actually hints that Dan's ''finally'' tapped into the Satsui no Hadou...for about 3 seconds and then gets destroyed again by (supposedly) an off-screen Kazuya.
*** Except that dark figure with the Red Eye is clearly Kazuya about knock Dan into the wall.

[[WMG:The Tekken cast is invading the Street Fighter universe, possibly to acquire the Satsui no Hado]]
Based on the trailers, the Tekken cast are being shown in a more villainous role (even for the heroic characters from the franchise) for the game. So far, Kazuya has brutally murdered Dan Hibiki as well as violently attacked Ryu and Ken with support from Nina and possibly support from the Tekken Force and NANCY-[=MI847J=] (or whatever the robot that appeared near Nina and Ken is called). It should be noted that both Ryu and Ken are among the most likely (after Akuma, natch) to tap into the full power of the Satsui no Hado, making them prime targets in Kazuya's eyes. In addition, the stages and atmosphere of the game have implied that most of the Street Fighter cast have been on the defensive from the more aggressive Tekken cast invading their universe. Furthermore, when Chun-Li confronts Asuka in TheStinger of the E3 trailer, the situation seems as if Chun-Li is trying to get some information out of Asuka as to what is going on.
* This seems plausible for someone like Kazuya, Heihachi, and maybe Jin ([[spoiler:if he wants to make his FakeDefector shtick more believable; [[SuperpoweredEvilSide Devil Jin]] would be more likely to go after that kind of power, though]]), but I'm not sure if that would be motivating the other characters as well. If the timeline of the crossover is somehow following the current ''Tekken'' story (which is likely given the Kaz uses a Tekken Force member to call for Jin), then Nina wouldn't even be helping Kazuya because she's serving as Jin's [[TheDragon Dragon]] in the Mishima Zaibatsu. Not to mention that there are only a handful of characters in the verse that are spiritually aware/have understanding of the supernatural (the Mishima and Kazama families, Julia and Michelle, Zafina, ''probably'' Yoshimitsu and the Manji Party). I'm willing to bet that guys like King, Marduk, and Hwoarang don't even ''know'' about the Satsui no Hadou, and the more benevolent fighters (i.e. Julia) wouldn't even want to get involved with such destructive power in the first place.
* Jossed with the actual storyline, involving Pandora and almost the entire cast (both SF and T) going to Antarctica to see what's going on with the artifact. (Poison and Hugo are there just to show for the media, Cole wants to destroy/absorb Pandora and the two cat things are there {{For The Lulz}}.)

[[WMG: Steve Fox, Dudley & Balrog will ALL be in the game]]
Because they're all boxers, and people would complain if they included no matter who was left out. Even if it was all three.
* Steve's in the E3 trailer (if you look at the moving splash of water to the left of the still of Hwoarang, you can briefly make out his silhouette), so he's ''definitely'' in. If any of the three were to get shafted, it'd probably be Balrog. Ono did say that they were aiming for fighters who missed the cut from ''IV'' and Dudley [[EnsembleDarkhorse is much more popular among fans than Balrog is]].
* Or maybe not, seeing as Balrog was just recently teased.
* Dudley has been teased by Lupinko, the guy who accurately predicted the cast of Marvel vs Capcom 3, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Mortal Kombat 9 and Super Street Fighter 4.
** And Dudley has been confirmed as the 1 out of 6 characters who will be included with the Vita release but will be DLC for consoles.

[[WMG: This game will feature two [[OriginalGeneration original]] fighters]]
And they will both resemble [[VideoGame/NamcoXCapcom Reiji and Xiaomu]] somehow.

[[WMG: Kazuya didn't kill Dan]]
Keep in mind they said "Dan is not alive in the timeline of ''[=SFxT=]''". They did not say "Kazuya killed Dan". Dan may be dead, but it might not be at Kazuya's hands. Hell, he might actually be ''playable'' and merely die in a canonical story mode - it worked for ''VideoGame/MortalKombat9''.
* Jossed by WordOfGod. Ono noted in an interview that Dan is not playable on account of being killed by a Tekken character in a cinematic- that character being Kazuya.

[[WMG: Cody & Guy are in the game]]
Since they weren't in ''VideoGame/MarvelVsCapcom3'' & it would make no sense why ''Poison'' got into this game over the two of them considering she's never ''actually'' appeared in a ''StreetFighter'' game outside of a cameo. Plus they already have the character models & animations from ''SSFIV'' & it would make no sense to get the voice actors in just to record one line a piece at the end of the SDCC trailer.
* Additionally, [[http://www.capcom-unity.com/snow_infernus/blog/2011/08/08/comic-con_live_stream_recordings_-_every_minute_plus_everything_else one of the voice actors]] slipped up during Comic-Con and stated that Michael T. Coleman (the VA of Cody from ''SSFIV'')... was voicing Cody. He immediately stopped himself and went on to a different subject. Hmm...
** Cody ''was'' voiced. In the Comic-Con trailer. It is still unknown if he's actually in the game.
** Yeah, I know that, but they were talking in the context of being in the booth, recording lines for actual gameplay, not the one or two lines Cody has in the trailer.
** Both have been confirmed as DLC characters for the console versions and included in the Vita version.

[[WMG: C.Viper will be in the game]]
''Tekken'' has a family theme, C. Viper is a mom... and part of the CIA. And who doesn't want to see her go all ''MamaBear'' because the ''Tekken'' side attacked her kid?
** Then again, C. Viper had her fun in both ''VideoGame/MarvelVsCapcom3'' and ''Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3''. Maybe let some of the other new SFIV characters shine?
** Jossed. All characters have been revealed for SFxT, and unless there's more character DLC planned, chances are she won't be present.

[[WMG: Heihachi will be in the game]]
It has already been confirmed that there are "canon" teams in addition to whatever the player wishes to set up, that have been revealed in halves in the various trailers so far (first Yoshimitsu, then Raven, and so on). Kuma is one half of such a team, now that he's been confirmed, and the most logical person to pair him up with (looking at the ''Tekken'' story) is Heihachi. This is not a precise mechanism (Hwoarang would probably team up with Baek, canonically speaking, yet Baek is not in the game), but seems to be logical enough that Heihachi is in with a chance.
** Alternatively, a billboard on a stage shows Kuma and Roger Jr. being paired up, which could be worth considering, especially seeing how Ono said that animals were a 'big part' of Tekken.
** Heihachi has been confirmed.

[[WMG: [[VideoGame/FinalFight Rolento and Sodom]] are in the game]]
Ono has said that Rolento was one of the characters that he wanted to add to VideoGame/StreetFighterIV, and signs also say that 'Sodom is behind you.' As two leaders of the Mad Gear Gang, as well as the two that transitioned over to the VideoGame/StreetFighterAlpha series, they would be unique roster additions with distinctive playstyles.
** Rolento has been confirmed.
** But he's canonically paired with Ibuki. No hints of Sodom yet (besides a stage cameo alongside several other Mad Gear Gang members), or who he'd be accompanying.

[[WMG: Lars and Alisa are going to be in the game]]
Both their fighting styles are somewhat Street Fighter-ish to begin with already. Lars has his dashes and electric attacks. Alisa can fly, use chainsaws, launch her arms like missiles, blow her head up, etc.
** Lars and Alisa have been confirmed as 2 of 6 Tekken characters who will included in the Vita release of SFxT, but as DLC for consoles.

[[WMG: The final boss would be...]]
Capcom would have the liberty to choose whether to re-use a boss from Street Fighter or Tekken for the game, albeit powered with the Pandora energy (since that seems to be the main focus story-wise for the game). The best bet would be to use either:
* [[VideoGame/StreetFighterIII Gill]]: Gill (and the Illuminati, his organization for that matter) originates from space. Considering the fact that the Pandora cube came from outer space, one could imply that it was an artifact that originated from the group. Plus, ''Street Fighter III'' regained its former popularity coming from the [=PS3=]/360 [[UpdatedRerelease online edition]], so Capcom can capitalize on the opportunity to put him as final boss. Here's to the omission of his goddamned [[ThatOneAttack Seraphic Wing super art]].
* [[VideoGame/{{Tekken}} Unknown]]: Looking at the previous bosses in the Tekken series, it seems that the final bosses of the main series get more popularity in the other games (i.e. Jinpachi and True Ogre get {{Demoted To Extra}} in Tag Tournament 2). There could be a {{Shocking Swerve}} like having the Pandora cube being related to Unknown and her mysterious energy, or something like that. Plus, she could function as a {{Mirror Boss}}, to make things interesting.
** It's implied that Akuma and/or Ogre are the final bosses of SFxT.

[[WMG: [[VideoGame/{{Uncharted}} Nathan Drake]] should be [[VideoGame/{{Infamous}} Cole's]] partner]]
The {{Badass Normal}} Nathan Drake fought against zombies and survived so much shit that would normally kill a regular dude, so who's stopping him from kicking the asses of [[{{Acrofatic}} Bob]] or [[TheJuggernaut Hugo]] alongside fellow Playstation hero Cole Macgrath?
Gameplay-wise, Nathan could use a combination of hand-to-hand combat alongside his various firearms to make for some kick-ass attacks like [[Franchise/ResidentEvil Chris]] [[VideoGame/MarvelVsCapcom3 Redfield]] or [[Franchise/MetalGear Solid]] [[VideoGame/SuperSmashBros Snake]].
* I'm going to have to disagree with you and say that I wholly hope this ''doesn't'' happen. The game's already has ''three'' {{Guest Fighter}}s, all of them Sony-exclusives, and all of them souring the fanbase. The last two, in fact, was Ono pulling one over the fanbase by taking a poll for characters fans wanted to see in the game (in which Dan was soundly beating the rest of the competition) and then crossing out Dan's name to replace it with Toro and Kuro at the very last second. I don't think that ''another'' guest who detracts from the whole ''Street Fighter'' vs. ''Tekken'' theme of the game (and is again exclusive to Sony, which is bound to ''not'' go over well with 360 fanboys) is going to be a good idea.
* You do have a point though. So how the hell will Microsoft manage to bounce back for the 360 version, considering that the Cole, Kuro and Toro are [=PS3=]-exclusives? I don't really see somebody from ''Franchise/{{Halo}}'' or ''VideoGame/{{Gears of War}}'' making into the cut.
** Banjo and Kazooie, or Blinx.
** All characters appear to have been confirmed, so no partner for Cole.

[[WMG:Jin sent Nina to spy on Kazuya.]]
In ''[=SFxT=]'', if the various trailers and official website are any indication, Kazuya/Nina is one of the canonical tag teams for the story. However, the profiles for the story say that Nina just mysteriously came out of nowhere to offer her services to Kazuya. The story shows that the Mishima Zaibatsu (and Shadaloo, but that's inconsequential to this WMG) is connected to some of the plot. The fact that '''a)''' Kazuya's bio notes that he's working with G Corportation (while plotting behind the scenes to retake the Zaibatsu), '''b)''' neither Heihachi nor Kuma are in control of the Zaibatsu, and '''c)''' one of the trailers has Kazuya send a message to Jin through one of the Tekken Force members makes it a safe bet to say that this timeline follows the events of ''Tekken 5'' and ''6'', where Jin won leadership of the Mishima Zaibatsu and made Nina his [[TheDragon Dragon]]. It's yet to be seen if Jin will be directly involved here (and [[Tropers/{{X2X}} I'm]] sure that he will be), but he knows that his father is the one person he most definitely needs to keep his eye on. Seeing as ''6'' shows that Jin puts a good deal of trust, faith, and respect in Nina (and vice versa), he'd figure that Ms. Williams is the only woman capable of getting the job done. Kaz may or may not know himself, but this being Kazuya, he probably doesn't feel threatened enough to worry about it in the first place.
* Most likely confirmed in their ending, [[spoiler:where Nina tries to prevent Kazuya from getting his hands on Pandora. Kazuya, expecting this, summons a horde of G Corp. soldiers. Nina hightails it out of there, but not before going to town on everyone except for Kazuya, [[OneManArmy One Woman Army]]-style.]]
** There's also this:
--> '''(vs. Jin)''': I'll send the information in 3 hours' time, as usual.

[[WMG:[[VideoGame/{{Infamous}} Cole's]] inclusion in SFxT (story-line wise) Note: spoilers for ''VideoGame/inFamous 2'' follow]]
It's a given that this Cole is from ''inFamous 2'', since he has the new look, the Amp, and the [[LimitBreak Ionic Powers]]. Now, it's a little weird to see Cole retain his neutral look, since by the end of ''inFamous 2'', he's either [[spoiler:[[HeroicSacrifice dead]] or [[HeWhoFightsMonsters the most evil and powerful being in the universe]].]] So there can be several ([[FakeCrossover obviously non-canon]] reasons for his being present in ''SFxT'':
* 1. Cole [[spoiler: came back from the dead. If one takes note of the ?-shaped lightning bolt that strikes the boat where Cole's body is on during the Hero ending, it could be implied that Cole could have been revived (fuck if I know how).]] Hence his inclusion in SFxT. It would be easier to branch his appearance off the Hero ending as opposed to the Infamous ending, since [[spoiler:the only way to de-power Beast Cole would end up killing him,]] and besides, Cole looks more of the hero-type than his Infamous version. (Troper's note: It wouldn't hurt to see [[spoiler:Beast]] Cole for his Pandora mode)
* 2. Instead of choosing to use the RFI or helping the Beast in ''inFamous 2's'' ending, Cole {{Takes A Third Option}}. What that third option is, I don't know. Capcom does something out of it and puts Cole in.
* 3. {{For The Lulz}}. Arguably the main reason as to why Guest Fighters exist. He doesn't really need to have a story behind his appearance.

[[WMG: Dan will be brought back in the next crossover, ''[[MortalKombat Street Fighter Vs. Mortal Kombat]]'']]
Many characters in Mortal Kombat canonically come back to life all of the time. Heck, Scorpion, Noob Saibot, and Sindel are all some form of undead monster, and the ending to the last game suggested that [[spoiler:the next game will heavily involve Shinnok, the God of Death, which is convenient when over half the cast, including 99% of the good guys, is dead]]. Quan Chi would try to resurrect a new Hellspawn like Scorpion, only to accidentally summon Dan instead of the mighty warrior he intended to, leading to Dan creating the bridge between the worlds. Sometime during the story, he'll be un-Hellspawned and return to his usual self for future Street Fighter games, with his death and resurrection never being mentioned again.
* For one, Capcom keeps shooting down collaborations with ''MK'' because they don't like the idea of Scorpion punching the head off of Ryu (see the first WMG on this page); it doesn't look like their stance on that is going to change any time soon. Two, crossovers (even the ones that exist in the same series) rarely affect each other in terms of plot, so even if there ''was'' a ''MK vs. SF'', I doubt the "plot" of ''[=SFxT=]'' would factor into anything. Three, ''[=SFxT=]'' (and the rest of the ''Vs.'' series) has no influence on the actual universes the characters hail from; Dan is dead here, but that won't affect his status in the actual ''SF'' timeline. And just to nitpick, [[spoiler:Shinnok isn't a God of Death, although Quan Chi does indeed revive characters to do his bidding.]]

[[WMG: Leo will appear]]
Because she is [[{{Bifauxnen}} hot]]
** Jossed. Unless more character DLC is planned, chances are Leo isn't in.

[[WMG: Makoto will appear]]
Same reason
** Jossed. Unless more DLC will be made, chances are Makoto won't be seen.

[[WMG: Dan isn't dead, he's in the hospital]]
That would explain why he's running the tutorial mode despite being dead.
* Jossed. He's actually dead, but it's heavily implied that his spirit is being kept alive inside of Pandora. Furthermore, [[spoiler:Sakura and Blanka's ending has Pandora restore Dan to life. The two then find his body alive inside of the box.]]

[[WMG: Dan is dead, but he's running the tutorial because he's become more powerful than you could imagine]]
In other words, Dan is a [[StarWars Jedi]]. [[Film/TheEmpireStrikesBack Search your feelings, you know this to be true]].

[[WMG: Pacman and VideoGame/MegaMan will be included.]]
Look at this [[http://media.eventhubs.com/images/2012/01/17_megapachin.jpg photo.]] That is all.
* Confirmed, though both are only available on UsefulNotes/PlayStation systems as DLC which is released a week after the game is, and not as you know them.

[[WMG: Dictator and Juri's alliance is an EnemyMine.]]
In Street Fighter IV, Juri is Seth's [[TheDragon Dragon]], and S.I.N. is clearly opposed to Dictator. Juri also specifically states she doesn't take orders from Bison in the 16/01 cinematic trailer. Why else would they be teaming up?
* Confirmed. [[spoiler:And, naturally, both were expecting it, leading to a Pandora-fueled fight to the death in their ending.]]
* [[WMG: Rolento's fighting style...]]
Is derived from Scrooge [=McDuck=]. For Rolento, life is like a hurricane. He wants to solve a mystery, or rewrite history, WesternAnimation/DuckTales.

[[WMG: There will be a GuestFighter or more in the Xbox 360 version.]]
Last time I checked, neither Sony nor Microsoft have any exclusive rights to either VideoGame/MegaMan or Pac-Man, so they might be included in the final product (despite the news that the 360 will have no guest fighters.) Besides, [[Franchise/{{Halo}} Master Chief]] and [[VideoGame/GearsOfWar Marcus Fenix]] could still make it as DLC.
** Jossed, NO guest characters will show up on the 360 version.
*** I Joss your Jossed. Pac Man and Mega Man are on the 360.

[[WMG: The Mega Man in-game is an actor.]]
An actor for a Mega Man film that went through an ''absolutely severe'' [[AdaptationDecay amount of changes]].
** Jossed, Mega Man is implied to be the actual Mega Man judging from his intro.

[[WMG: Akuma's tag partner]]
Akuma. The big, scary, incredibly powerful raging demon will be partnered with [[spoiler: Dan. Even if WordOfGod says he kicked the bucket, this is CAPCOM. They've said many things before. Plus, [[RuleOfFunny it would just be hilarious.]] ]]
** Akuma doesn't actually have an official partner, but some consider his partner Ogre.

[[WMG: The Beast from Kessler's timeline ''inFamous'' is actually Cole tripping on Pandora.]]
Look at the Beast from inFamous 1. Look at Pandora Cole.

[[WMG: Lili's and Asuka's rival cutscene wasn't suppose to take place at the half pipe stage]]
Because it just seems out there that Chun Li would say that a public skate park closed off to civilians
* I dunno, possibly the restricted area is the part we can't see, behind the camera...
* At the beginning of that scene, Asuka and Lili discuss traveling to Antartica. Lili thinks about using her father's yacht, but Asuka refuses because it draws too much attention. Asuka proposes that they sneak onto "that boat", and her hand moves toward the general direction of the...skate ramp?...before Chun-Li cuts her off. Cammy then refers to them as "stowaways" and Asuka fights the two because they need to "keep them quiet". It's possible that all the rival scenes were going to take place on a boat or near a dock, but considering that Capcom rushed this game out and slapped on random stages for everyone's rival battles. Oh, and at the beginning of the scene, [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking Lili's sitting on the floor.]] Someone with an obsession of beauty and grace [[CharacterDerailment (well, at least how Capcom interprets it)]] and a hoity-toity attitude like Lili has would NOT sit on the floor. Maybe off the edge of a dock, but NOT the floor.

[[WMG: Lili is Anna Williams' daughter]]
Check out her winquote against Nina. She refers to Nina as 'auntie'.
www.youtube.com/watch?v=y7KJ1mCNmRk (at around 5:30)

[[WMG: In Tekken x Street Fighter, some of the Street Fighters will speak their native language]]
While most of the Tekken cast speaks Japanese or English, there are several characters who speak other languages, such as Wang Jinrei speaking Chinese, and Baek speaking Korean. And in Tekken Tag 2, characters such as Lili and Leo will also be speaking their home languages of French and German respectively. The Street Fighter norm for its series has always been Japanese or English voices, and this even showed with Hwoarang who didn't speak Korean, and only spoke English or Japanese in Street Fighter x Tekken. Can we expect the same in the upcoming Tekken x Street Fighter, and see some things, for example, Zangief speaking Russian, Dhalsim speaking Malayalam, Vega speaking Spanish, or Juri speaking Korean?
* The native language thing was for Namco only. In this game, since Capcom is also in production, only English and Japanese will be spoken in the game.

[[WMG: VideoGame/MegaMan and PacMan will appear in Street Fighter X Tekken]]
Only this time, Mega Man will look badass and PacMan...won't. This way both companies can have some SelfDeprecation and Namco can avoid the rage brought down on Capcom.

[[WMG: Poison is actually one of the best fighters from either world]]
She's just so busy posing and putting on a show that she rarely gives her all. She's not so much concerned with winning as entertaining, almost every comment she makes in the game when she wins is whether or not the fight was a good show, in her trailer she barely does anything but pose for the audience and even her goal in her storyline is just about getting attention. Despite that she still showhow seems to win most of the time so if she ever bothered to give a fight her full attention she must be fairly impressive.

[[WMG: Ryu's ending is canon, and Pandora sent Ryu to either the ''VideoGame/AsurasWrath'' or ''VideoGame/MarvelvsCapcom3'' universe.]]

It would explain his appearance in both games (and also why Ken didn't follow, he was left behind). Bonus points for Akuma using his Demon Armageddon to launch Ryu right through a portal to parts unknown in Asura's Wrath, which would probably send him to VideoGame/MarvelVsCapcom3 (and also explain why Ryu looks like he's waking up from a bad dream in that game's intro.) With that said....
* Alternatively, he was sent to Tekken X Street Fighter and this games a prequel to that one.

[[WMG: Akuma is relentlessly pursuing Ryu in all three games: this one, ''VideoGame/AsurasWrath'' and ''VideoGame/MarvelVsCapcom3''.]]

Notice that whenever Ryu is making a crossover appearance, Akuma isn't too far behind?

[[WMG: While the game is non-canonical to the main {{VideoGame/Tekken}} storyline, if there was a narrative running from every Tekken game or adaption, SFxT would fit in after the events of Tekken 5 and Blood Vengeance, but before the events of Tekken 6.]]
* Nina is working for Kazuya in SFxT, but betrays him at the end. She sides with Jin in Tekken 6, leaving Anna to take her place on Kazuya's side.
* Lili's prologue makes reference to her defeat at the hands of Asuka, in Tekken 5, as their most recent interaction before the events of SFxT, and her bitterness and desire for revenge. However in Tekken 6, her nature towards Asuka is much more carefree, laidback and trolling, than it is anger or bitterness, and it seems she is only taking part in Tekken 6 to help out her father financially (unrelated to Asuka). So presumably, they interacted enough between T5-T6 for Lili's attitude to change.
* Heihachi has recovered from the exploding Jacks from Tekken 5, but he appears to acknowledge Kazuya and Jin's running of G Corporation and the Mishima Zaibatsu, which follows from Blood Vengeance. Both are before Tekken 6. Plus, his ending talks about his desire for youth restoration, and in TTT2 he is young again.
* Marshall Law hasn't shaved his mustache yet. He has it in Tekken 5, but not in Tekken 6.
* King and Marduk are getting on with each other. Additionally, they are still confused about the new Armor King's identity. This would only make sense in between Tekken 5 and Tekken 6.
* Hwoarang and Steve seemed quick to team up, as if they had known each other before. The Tekken 5 intro hints that they fought each other in the fifth tournament.
* Tekken 6 might be Bob's first tournament appearance in Tekken, but there's nothing to say he didn't interact with the cast before the events of the sixth tournament. Plus, it is implied that he becomes Slim Bob after Tekken 6.
* Yoshimitsu is in his Tekken 3 appearance, because his sword is losing power, causing him to regress in his design (presumably he turned into his Tekken 4 appearance off screen, and if left would turn into his Tekken 2/1 selves as well). I.e. turning more human. Alternatively, it's not actually Yoshimitsu, but is the holder of the new sword that Yoshimitsu duel wields with his own in Tekken 6, that is posing as Yoshimitsu but disappears when Yoshimitsu integrates them into his own design (why would Yoshimitsu want to work with Raven anyway? don't they hate each other?)
* Presuming Jin disappears at the end of Tekken 6, he is alive and well (well, technically) in SFxT, and not so dedicated to the plot of Tekken 6 [[spoiler: cause chaos, resurrect azazel]] that he is protected by the zaibatsu, because clearly Xiaoyu is able to contact and bug him.
* Lars and Alisa weren't [[GameplayAndStorySegregation actually tag partners.]] Instead they met up by chance, as they were both on separate missions, and happened to cross paths. This explains why they are so friendly with each other in Tekken 6.
* Jack X was a backup model of Jack 6 that Bryan found. Presumably the actual Jack 6 line was still in production, making this predate Tekken 6.
* Christie finds Eddy at the end of Tekken 6, but in SFxT she is still looking for him.

[[WMG: Tekken x Street Fighter will end up resembling (gameplay-wise) VideoGame/PokkenTournament.]]
Seeing how the newly announced Pokken Tournament seems to have both Tekken-style and Street Fighter-style gameplay, as seen in [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=geSwmZAqkRQ its announcement trailer]], there is a possibility that TxSF will look similar.

[[WMG: Roster guesses for Tekken X Street Fighter]]
* Street Fighter Characters
** [[VideoGame/StreetFighterII E. Honda]]
** [[VideoGame/FinalFight Lucia]]
** [[VideoGame/StreetFighterTheMovie Sawada]]
** [[CreatorCameo Yoshinori Ono]]
* Tekken Characters
** Ganryu
** Unknown
** Eliza
** [[CreatorCameo Katsuhiro Harada]]