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Obligatory Time Lord WMG.
Blame whoever decided to bill Dave, Darrel, Jarrod, and Barry as The Mogul, The Gambler, The Young Gun, and The Collector. In my defense though, wouldn't Barry make a good one?
  • And naturally, that'd make Dave Jr., Brandon, Brandi, and Barry's eclectic group of friends the companions, respectively.
  • No, it's Dan, obviously. And all the storage lockers are his TARDIS.

Nostradamus predicted the rise of David Hester...missing his name by just one letter.

In the place very near not far from Venus,
The two greatest ones of Asia and of Africa,
From the Rhine and HISTER they will be said to have come,
Cries, tears at Malta and the Ligurian side.

Well, this page isn't called "Wild Mass Guessing" for nothing.

Barry Weiss is really...

...Taneleer Tivan...a.k.a. The Collector. They have the same nom de guerre. They have a predilection for exotic items. They're both very old. They look alike...sort of. And...they both have a flair for the dramatic.

There's something else going on with Dave's lawsuit.
Why sue for fraud when he benefited from it? (One of the examples cited was the locker with the Elvis newspapers, one he found.) And why do it now? Was he really fired for different reasons and seeking revenge? Did he think he got shafted somehow? Or, most cynical idea, is this all a publicity stunt?
  • One of the articles discussing the lawsuit mentions that Dave was holding out for more endorsements from A&E and it backfired. But my theory is that, given the episodes from the week that followed, both now listed as Crowning Moments of Awesomenote , it could be that Dave's just plain lost his edge.note 
    The worst part is, in my opinion, if his allegations are true, it may just come back to bite him in the pocketbook. Let's just say that if I was a bidder at an Auction in Season 1, I'd be consulting a lawyer with regards to a possible Class-Action alleging Collusion with regards to the "plants". With Dave being just as liable as the other principals. But I'm not a Lawyer, nor am I in California, so...
  • Dave does have standards for which he will compromise a profit. For instance, he refuses to buy weapons and destroyed a bunch of swords he found instead of selling them. He's also shown that he takes insults to his profession seriously. If these so called "plants" were going on behind his back, he may have seen it as a moral obligation to sue A&E for bad practice. Not that much of a stretch, especially since his reputation and livelihood are involved.
  • It's also possible that Dave is just plain desperate for the money. He recently lost both of his stores, there's a comment (I believe either by A&E or outside observers) that he overcharges on the items in those stores, and when he lost the initial lawsuit, he refused to pay A&E. One of his complaints was that the weaker buyers (most likely referring to Jarrod and Brandi) were getting financial aid from the network, so he's also probably getting annoyed at being shafted despite needing the money the most (since he often pays for the more expensive lockers).
  • And now he's coming back to the show, which just adds to the weirdness about the whole thing.

The values seen on the show.
Okay, i'm calling shenanigans on Darrell's 300K artwork score. A cursory internet search only pulls up stories that seem to have run around the time the episode aired, some doubts on the score, and links to The Gamblers own site where he is selling the items. It kinda leads to Hester's claims of "salting" lockers.....
  • I always figured that the values they gave were "asking" prices (and sometimes quick guesses at that), even when they're not over-estimating for the show. It's not really a profit until you've sold that item to someone else and you have cash in hand.