[[WMG:''Stargate Infinity'' occurs in an Main/AlternateUniverse in relation to the ''[[Series/StargateSG1 SG-1]]/[[Series/StargateAtlantis Atlantis]]/[[Series/StargateUniverse Universe]]'' universe.]]
Like [[Film/{{Stargate}} the original movie]]. In "There But for the Grace of God", the alternate Carter says that alternate universes differ in their degrees of likeness to each other. It's not inconceivable that there's an alternate universe in which the Stargates have eight chevrons rather than nine, and the Ancients are Dragon-people.

[[WMG:''Stargate Infinity'' was created by Martin Lloyd.]]
It was produced as a LighterAndSofter spinoff of ''Wormhole X-Treme'', and it was ''deliberately'' inaccurate to help maintain TheMasquerade.