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Colonel West was actually Odo, on an early mission from the Founders to destabilize the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.

  • He must have suffered some long-term memory loss after this movie to make him forget who he was and why he was there. As for him getting shot out the window and lying in a puddle of blood, it's all part of his scheme to keep his cover.
    • Then how come his blood didn't turn to changeling-fluid when Colonel Worf rubbed it between his fingers?
    • Odo's day-to-day appearance was based on the Bajoran doctor who studied him. And as Odo himself pointed out to Kira, it's just a shape he assumes, not part of his identity the way it is with us solids. There'd be no reason for him to resume it for a completely different identity decades later.
      • Ye gads, you mean the Bajorans were in on the plot too?!
    • How about Martia as a Dominion spy? We know she's a shapeshifter.

The Universal Translator is responsible for Spock's "Nixon" line.

  • According to Spock, "There is an old Vulcan proverb: only Nixon could go to China." Perhaps what happened is, when speaking the proverb, Spock switched from English to Vulcan and the universal translator also translated the idioms. Instead of a Vulcan name and a Vulcan location, it pulled from the memory banks the best historical comparison that would be understood by someone who spoke English (namely, "Nixon" and "China").
    • The translator would need to be a function of the ship- in the Klingon courtroom, Kirk and McCoy need a listening device they have to hold up to their ears. No comm-badges with built-in translator in those days.
  • Alternately, Spock had a brain fart and pulled out one of his mother's proverbs instead of one of his father's. What, you expect him to be on the ball all the time?
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