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Mazuri, Apotos, Spagonia etc. are not countries, but cities in different countries.
  1. Spagonia University. There is no "University of Italy" or "France U". There is, however, a University of Rome, a University of Paris... Universities are named after their city of location, not country.
    • I disagree, for my country, in fact, does have a university named after the country.
  2. Empire City. A city in the United Federation, or a random city-state, which one is more likely?
Sonic the Werehog's stretchy arms-based platforming are based off of a beta build of a 3D Ristar game.
  • But given how unknown the character is, and the fact that it would be shaky ground to trend on, the idea of a new Ristar game was ditched and the concepts were given to the Werehog as testing ground.
    • Or it's based on a gameplay concept of how a supposed 3D Ristar game would work that some designer thought up randomly (or around the time of the only game's creation) and was given to the Werehog randomly.
The ghost girl from Sonic: Night of The Werehog may be an adult Evie from MikeTheKnight
The events of this game take place in an alternate universe.
In one universe you have small animals and furries/Mobians. In another universe, you have skyscrapers and realistic humans. But in this universe, you have cartoony humans who inhabit 8 different continents that no one has heard of.