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Dr. Robotnik's true identity.

WARNING: Long text awaits.

This version of Dr. Robotnik is claimed by many fans to be the scariest and most effective version of the good Dr. in the entire Sonic franchise. But fellow tropers, isn't it a bit odd how this version bears almost no similarities to his game counterpart? While AOSTH's Robotnik was nothing more than a huge joke, he did bear more similarities to the games with his wacky personality and mad scientist attributes. SatAM's Robotnik on the other doesn't even have a mad scientist quality in him. Here's my theory why: SatAM's Robotnik is actually none other than the horned one himself, Satan! From his design, to his personality, to even his goal, SatAM Robotnik is actually the lord of darkness, The Devil.

Maybe I should explain myself. For starters, look closely at this version's design. I won't bother mentioning that it uses red considering that red has always been apart of Robotnik's design even in the games, but you know what hasn't? The sharp shoulder pads. Funny, to me they look like sharp red horns. Something that's mostly attributed to Satan in most western and european pieces of media. Let's also look at his eyes which are completely empty except for a red pupil. In a show where all the other characters at least have a white dot in their eye pupils, home come Robotnik is the only exception, a? Ok, we could chalk that one up to Robotnik having that feature due to being half robotocised...except for the fact that in Blast to the Past we saw that he already had those cold red pupil-less eyes before coming half cyborg.

Let's finally look at the fact that Robotnik and Snively are the only humans in the entire universe of SatAM. Pretty interesting how Robotnik just happens to be the one species that many parts of media portray as an enemy to the animals. Almost as if he's a devil in plain sight, a compiled mess of everything animals in media hate about man.

Now I can probably guess that everyone reading this is thinking "This isn't worth crap! A lot of this so called evidence are only slightly legit at best and a huge stretch at worst!" Well let's get into the next part of my theory: Robotnik's personality.

This character is one hell of a bastard. A lying, cheating, abusive, scum bag, that doesn't hide his sadism at all! He's rotten to the core, which is exactly how the Devil's portrayed in lots of media. Robotnik, however is also nothing but evil! He has no redeeming qualities, he has no remorse, many humans would at least have some sort of remorse or second thoughts. Even sociopaths would think about whether it'd be wise to commit certain acts of evil. Robotnik doesn't even have that! He'll Kick the Dog any time he wants to, even if it costs him the success of his plan just because he wants to conduct suffering.

He also treats his own nephew like crap! Yes, Snively is Robotnik's nephew, his own flesh and blood! Pfft, you think Robotnik cares about a detail like that?! To him, Snively is just another object he uses. A worm who doesn't even deserve to escape with him in his escape pod.

Oh, and what about his lying, stealing and cheating aspects? Robotnik never plays fair, he'll do anything to get what he wants. He often uses cheap shots in order to get the upper hand, like creating traps, blackmailing, betrayal, all just means to get his end result. Deception in general is certainly not a challenge, it's how he conquered Mobotropilis to begin with. Stealing? I wouldn't be surprised if all of his resources were stolen from somebody else.

All of these acts are not of a human being, but of the source of evil itself walking in a human suit. AKA: Satan, who also happens to have no redeeming qualities, no sense of remorse, treating his own followers like crap, being able to lie, cheat, and loves causing suffering and misery to everyone.

Let's look at their origins next! Just like how Satan was once an angel of God, SatAM Robotnik was once a high ranking general of King Acorn who was known to be a very loyal servant to the King. And just like Satan, Robotnik rebelled against King Acorn claiming Mobotropilis for his own. Whereas Satan was promptly given a "Bitch, please" from God and cast out of heaven along with the other angels who followed him, Robotnik won and began his rule. A bit odd how similar those two backstories are, no?

And now let's get to Robotnik's goal, taking over the world. Sure, that's the plot of almost every villain but there's a small difference. Robotnik doesn't just want to rule the world, he wants to play god and morph the world in his design. He want's to make the world one giant machine, a lifeless working machine but why? To play God. To become it's creator, and to do that he has to destroy the weaker lifeforms. Animals are a creation of nature to Robotnik and something he can't stand. Just like how we're a creation of God and that's why Satan hates us.

So there you have it. Robotnik is none other than old scratch in disguise. A morally bankrupt monster who quite possibly traveled to Mobius in order to corrupt an new world, and was able to work his way into becoming the King's high ranking general only to betray the king and take over himself.

  • Except Satam Robotnik actually does have mad scientist qualities, they're just downplayed. He created the Swatbots and personally designed all of the vehicles and machinery he uses, aside from the roboticizer. He is even shown manually working on the Sonic Radar machine during one scene. He may have even personally designed and implanted the mechanical portions of his body, specifically his eyes, ears, and whatever it was that made his voice sound so resonant (though this trait was phased out later).

Cluck disappeared in the second season because Robotnik dismantled him in a fit of rage offscreen.
This may have been foreshadowed in the opening theme, where Robotnik manages to get so angry that Cluck flies away in a panic. It's possible that one day, Robotnik got mad enough that even Cluck wasn't spared from his wrath, and knowing Robotnik, he'd probably stopped caring at that point.

Sonic and Sally split the timeline in "Blast to the Past"
Being the only time we see any form of time manipulation, the rules of time travel are never fully established in this series. So it's entirely possible that when Sonic and Sally travel back to stop Robotnik's coup and end up changing history, they created a completely new timeline. Sally acknowledges that their presence in that age has accidentally changed history when she sees Robotnik's craft heading for the Great Forest, then after they go through the effort of trying to stop it, she actively changes the course of history by telling Rosie never to leave Knothole.

Now this is all fine and good, in the end Sally gets what she wanted and Sonic helped. But then Fridge Horror sets in when you realise that they're not in their original timeline. Dulcy took them up to the floating island and they never returned, as they altered the events of the coup and have now ended up in a new time where they have the original roboticizer plans and Rosie is still around. By going back in time, Sonic and Sally have doomed their friends back in their own timeline. Without Sally's strong leadership skills or Sonic's incredible speed, power and quick thinking, it's only a matter of time before the remaining Freedom Fighters are victims of the roboticizer...