[[WMG:Richard never went back in time.]]
Richard was simply driven crazy by his mad desire to have Elise, eventually becoming delusional. This explains why their romance was so ideal even though they barely knew each other. Robinson was a manifestation of Richard's subconscious which "knew" he couldn't really get Elise. Of course, Robinson failed and Richard [[ADateWithRosiePalms had sex with Elise]], causing him to snap out of it.
** The penny in his pocket snapped him back to reality, which gives some credibility to your theory. Had he really been back in time, what could a penny do to snap him back to the present?
*** Well, you'd have to explain how you'd found a penny with a date 70 years in the future in the first place, and wonder where you had found it, and where it came from, and why it was dated that way, and... eventually the reasoning would finally break down.

[[WMG:Robinson was also a time traveller]]
Based on Elise talking about how he "knows things" and "knew a lot of things before they happened." He'd been a fan of McKenna and went back to discover why she'd suddenly stopped acting, and figured that it was because of a man she'd met. So she became her manager -- another stable time loop? -- and tried to change history by preventing her from getting with anyone.