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This is a "Wild Mass Guess" entry, where we pull out all the sanity stops on theorizing. The regular entry on this topic is elsewhere. Please see this programme note.
Johanna's dam is Ms. Lovett.

Cooking seems to be one of her biggest themes with the hair utensils and she seems quite upset when the girls do not enjoy the black pudding. Susan outright asks "Where did you get the blood for this pudding?".

Emile will end up killing himself

Much like Javert, Emile is very justice driven. The details of the over-arching plot are not apparent yet but by the time the details are brought to light Emile will be forced to confront his sense of morality and justice. If the villain's plot is to circumvent the binding, for example, he may find himself agreeing with them even though he cannot abide by the steps taken to reach that goal. Death may be the only ending available to him.

Obvious guess would be that he is descended from the Man in the Iron Mask (Marchioly) from either the The Three Musketeers stories or popular belief of true life events. However because the iron masked man is a historic figure of which a world of fiction was build around (mostly the popular idea that he was the king's brother), knowing who his Sire was would do little to help either the audience or the character himself understand his story.

Sires can have more then one Descendant active in the binding at one time

Considering the number of possible descendants a Sire or Dam could have, it stands to reason that more then one (or one pair) of a single Sire's descendants could "activate" in the Binding at the same time. Thus exploring multiple variations on a character's concept. Emile represents a descendent of Javert who is favoring the more noble side of the character. Another possible descendent could favor Javert's more implacable Knight Templar side. And per the Second Rule, descendents of a same Sire would be drawn to each other as dark reflections of one another.

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