WMG / Sir Ron Lionheart

Listen to his voice. Notice he doesn't swear beyond "crap". Note his insistence on everything being Heavy Metal. It pretty much writes itself.

Mulanmoulin turned Sir Ron into a vampire.
In episode II of his Super Metroid review, he claims that "the camera could not capture me." As everybody knows, this is a symptom of vampirism.
  • My headcanon is this is actually what Sir Ron was later going to 'get' from Mulan Moulin as stated in one of the Kaizo episodes, rather than the other interpretation.

SirRonLionheart is Fawkes
Compare their oddly similar voices. In his Mario 64 Let's Play, his slow Sanity Slippage is his transformation into a Super Mutant from a human. And really, what else are you going to do when your stuck in a small room with a computer for 200 years?

SirRonLionheart has actually been knighted
Hence the "Sir" in his username. Maybe the Queen is a fan of his videos.
  • Or perhaps MulanMoulin has knighted him. After all, she is a vampire queen!

We'll eventually see a Let's Play of Sonic 2
Except he'll call it Sonic the Hedgehog the Porcupine the Guinea Pig the Golden Onion Ring Eater the Olympic World Medalist Swimmer the Rolling Spiky Blue Heavy Metal Pinball the Guinea Pig And Bunny Protector the Eggman Destroyer the Casper The Friendly Ghost Protector with Miles "Tails" Prower the Fox the Vulpine Part II, and he'll add so many extra suffixes to BOTH characters' names as the game goes on that he won't have enough time to actually play any of the levels.

Sir Ron is dead.