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This is a "Wild Mass Guess" entry, where we pull out all the sanity stops on theorizing. The regular entry on this topic is elsewhere. Please see this programme note.
Shokugeki No Soma
Soma's final opponent in the Autumn Election main tournament will be...
  • Hisato Arato. She's Erina's aide and one of her from her fraction. Arato's loss would have an immense impact on Erina.
  • Ryou Kurokiba. He defeated Megumi Tadokoro in the tournament, meaning that Soma has some business with him. He also has pending business regarding Alice losing against Soma. Confirmed. Actually both Hayama and Kurokiba are going against Soma.
  • Takumi Aldini. Soma's self-claimed rival.
  • Subaru Mimasaka. He's apparently Eizan's aide, and Eizan has business with Soma.
    • Jossed, he's Soma's semi-final opponent.
  • Akira Hayama. The will decide their match from the preliminary in the final. Confirmed. Actually both Hayama and Kurokiba are going against Soma.

The Jewel Generation will have more than 1% alumni
The 92nd generation seems to have more talented cooks than other generations, considering that Senzaemon Nakiri names it like that. The 43rd Autumn Election is a perfect example for it. 16 students have more than 80 points and the top 8 are exceptionally talented chefs.
  • Also reinforced by Isshiki's introduction, where he has the feeling that Soma will finally bring change to Tootsuki and make the hidden talent students bloom. And granted, by far there has been revealed that nearly 20 of the 1st years are exceptionally talented from all the other remaining 600.

The binding-theme of the Autumn Election are "Popular food between the every-day people"
Since Marui started to think about it, the themes of all the challenges are very popular and common foods outside of the "gourmet world". Curry for the preliminaries (which nowdays is mass-produced as packaged dinner), obento (or "lunchbox" that can be bought at a conveinence store), ramen (commonly found even in carts on the street), and hamburger. Maybe the school wants to teach the student body about not forgeting that the chef needs to know how to serve to people from all the classes without forgetting the essentials.

Souma and Erina are going to be paired together for one of future school events.
One of future school events will require students to work together in randomly selected two man teams to check their ability to work with others. Per Rule of Drama Souma and Erina get stuck on the same team. From this point there are two possible routes: either Hilarity Ensues as they try to pull through despite their differences, or alternatively it turns out that they work amazingly well together, a fact that will greatly disturb Erina.

The middle-schooler introduced in chapter 81, Mitsuru Soutsuda, will turn out to be a member of the Elite Council
It will be one of those cases where Mitsuru will be all friendly and gullible at first towards Soma in order to get a closer look at his hobbies and skills before The Reveal.

The jury for the final match of the Autumn Election are going to be the Elite Ten
The Elite Ten organized the festival, so they will decide who is worthy enough to take a seat of theirs.
  • Jossed. The three judges assigned are Chef Doujima, Senzaemon Nakiri and Leonora Nakiri, Alice's mom. Also Satoshi Isshiki is the Finale's Host and Erina is still working as staff.

Erina will be the sole judge of the Autumn Election finals
Since it's a 3-way duel, it would be fairly difficult to avoid a tie if they used more than one judge. Additionally, Erina's sense of taste might have a better chance of deciding which dish is better. This will also make things epicly difficult for Soma, who has to compete against two nearly equal opponents while dealing with a judge who dislikes him.
  • Jossed, there are three judges instead, despite the potential for a tie.

Soma and Kurokiba are somehow related.
Maybe they're brothers or something, but it can't be coincidence that both have bandana's while cooking. Maybe Kurokiba met Souichiro when he was traveling? Or they're blood-related but not siblings?

Soma and Erina are related.
There have been hints that Erina had Jouichirou in very high regards (it's unclear if Jouichirou was one of the Nakiri's cook or for another reason), but also we don't know anything about Soma's mom.
  • Either Soma's mom is a long lost relative of the Nakiris or Jouichirou is part of a secondary branch of the Nakiri family, or Jouichirou was going to be engaged to the Nakiri's somehow before meeting Soma's mom.

Megumi's mother was part of the Legendary Ten.
Just like Jouichirou, maybe Megumi's mom sent her to Tootsuki knowing her true potential and Megumi doesn't know because his mom could have changed her last name after marriage.
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