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Harrison, Huck, and to some extent Abby, are in love with Olivia Pope.
All three are shown to be very intelligent, and also very independent. And yet, despite Olivia obviously and constantly holding secrets from them and shutting them out, they continue to support her, and try to help her. True, both are grateful for her help in "fixing" them, and probably somewhat in awe of her abilities, but that alone doesn't explain such blind loyalty. Love, or at least, a very large crush, would.

In contrast, Quinn, who is the newest to the team and hence not in love with Olivia, constantly challenges the other members of their team, to no avail.

Cyrus will become the Big Bad at some point.
It's already been shown that he will commit murder to further his goals. Season 2 has shown that he wants to be President, and that he came terrifyingly close to ordering the death of his husband. At some point, he's going to go to far and become irredeemable, and Olivia will meet her match.

The contractor that "works" for Cyrus is a traitor.
Because why wouldn't he be? Sure, the money's good with Cyrus, but would he really stay for jobs like spying on Cyrus's husband? And would he really not realize that James is meeting David Rosen? It just makes more sense that he has is own agenda, and that at some point, he'll turn on Cyrus. Confirmed. Charlie spend the whole season working for Billy Chambers, the mole known as Albatross.

Fitz and Olivia will never end up together.
Their romance—and the fact that they can never be together—is one of the main conflicts of the story. If they're together, the conflict lessens so significantly that there might not be a show left. Even when faced against the most impossible of situations, Olivia never seems at a loss unless Fitz is somehow involved—he's the only one that makes her vulnerable. Allowing them to be together would make her whole, and delve into Mary Sue territory.

The election rigging storyline ended with Verna's death.
Election rigging is a serious crime, and if the truth ever came out, everyone involved would go to prison, which would ruin the show. However, it's too big of an issue to continually address without giving each person involved tangible consequences. The solution? Don't bring it up again, just as Billy Chamber's death isn't brought up again. Jossed. The election rigging became an important point in the finale of Season Two, and Billy Chambers wasn't dead. It seems to be finally resolved. Maybe.

Harrison's going to get a love interest soon.
With Olivia's main conflict being her love life, Abby paired with David, and the romance blossoming between Quinn and Huck, it stands to reason that it's Harrison's turn.
  • Alternatively, he and Olivia will hookup at some point as the constantly rotating second love interest now that Olivia thinks Jack is a creep and distrusts Fitz.
  • Confirmed in "Ride, Sally, Ride." Harrison has a love interest... and he is utterly terrified of her.

One of Olivia's team are going to have to choose between the firm and a "normal" life.
Steven already had this storyline—albeit offscreen—and it's bound to come up sooner or later, seeing as Olivia's no longer "perfect" in their eyes, and they might find actual happiness away from the mess that is their lives.
  • Especially since as of "Seven Fifty-Two," it seems that Huck might have a family!

Operation Remington was a super-soldier program that only partially worked.
Fitz isn't a super-soldier, but a secret military project would explain his rapid healing from the assassination attempt. The third season has revealed Jake Ballard was also involved in Operating Remington, and he healed up rather quickly during the events of "Mrs. Smith Goes to Washington."

Jake Ballard is actually Bob (Cool Breeze) Brown from the Unit.
Makes perfect sense. After season 4 of The Unit SFC Bob Brown actually took the CIA's offer. That resulted in him being placed in the B6-13 program, and the rest is history. The Unit works in the same continuity of Scandal.

Abby's abusive ex-husband and/or her family will feature in an upcoming episode.
Therefore allowing David Rosen to come sweeping to the rescue, or at least understand Abby's issues more, and why she's so loyal to Olivia Pope. At the very least, it'll allow Abby and Liv to kick some ass.
  • Doubly possible now that Rosen's officially "one of the good guys."
  • Confirmed. "Baby Made a Mess" featured Abby's ex husband, who was going to be the next Virginia senator, and had Olivia racing to groom Susan Ross, his rival, to take the role instead.

The same agency that recruited Huck will attempt to recruit Quinn.
As of the season 2 finale, we know that Quinn gets a rush from killing, a rush that reminds us of Huck and worries Huck so much that he not only confides in Olivia about it but goes into his corner and huddles into a ball after she tortures Billy Chambers. It only makes sense that B613 will find her, consider her perfect for their purposes, and recruit her. Confirmed, although they did not give her much of a choice after Charlie tricked her into killing a lead.

Olivia's mom is still alive.

  • Her death was faked and this will be revealed some time this season. Confirmed as of "Everything's Coming Up Mellie.

One - or both - of Mellie and Fitz' older kids are actually Big Gerry's
  • Fitz will also discover the truth soon. Jossed. This issue was brought up in season 3, and Mellie confirms that Jerry is Fitz's. Karen was born after Jerry and after the incident, so Karen is most likely Fitz's as well.