[[WMG: The four dragon gods are really [[{{Expy}} Expies]] of the Sinistrals from ''VideoGame/{{Lufia}}'', also made by Neverland.]]

It makes perfect sense.

Terrable -> Amon (Order/Chaos)
Fiersome -> Gades (Rebirth/Destruction)
Aquaticus -> Daos (Courage/Fear)
Ventuswill -> Erim (Life/Death)

* Barrett explicitly states Fiersome's purpose is to destory the world so it can be remade.
* There are statues in RF2's Palermo Shrine that look suspiciously like Gades, and those in the Dragon Cave that are the same way, only with Amon.
* RF3 is all about peoples overcoming their fear of each other. Anyone who's played the final battle should have noticed the themes present.
* From mentions in RF, RF2 and RFF, Terrable appears more true neutral than good-aligned.

Conclusion? Since RF Oceans is clearly an attempt to test the waters for a female protagonist, RF4 will star a female protagonist, and in keeping in line with Erim, Ventuswill will be a she.
* Confirmed; Ventuswill is a girl.

[[WMG: Mais/Micah is [[OlderThanTheyLook Older Than He Looks]], and he is Rusk's real father.]]
We really know next-to nothing about his past. And people in this world live a really long time, so imagine how long monsters life for (if they aren't slashed up by you.) And we know nothing about mixed-race kids like him.

Now notice that Rusk looks ''a lot'' like your son(s). And unless your wife is Collette, I doubt they had much contact with the kid who probably just hit puberty. And even if they ''were'' Collette...

[[WMG: The reason we never find out more about Micah's parents...]]
...is because his mother was arrested for animal cruelty. She mated ''[[HotSkittyOnWailordAction with a Wooly.]]'' They didn't want to bring that into a sugary world like Rune Factory.

[[WMG: Sherman and Sophia really DO mean everything they say. It's the facial expressions that are the lies.]]

[[VisualNovel/UminekoWhenTheyCry They're speaking in red. It must be true]]
** {{Jossed}}, Raven tells us otherwise - we have to look at Sophia's face.
*** And Karina says that you can tell what Sofia means by her actions.

[[WMG: The Sharance Tree either attracts crazy or makes everyone go a little bit insane.]]
This explains why Pia, Daria, Sofia, Evelyn, and Marian in particular are total whackadoodles, and why everyone else gets some pretty hilarious lines.

[[WMG: Shino's job before having Sakuya was as a ninja]]
There's actually a fair bit of evidence for this. She knows way more about weapons than innkeepers really should (note that they sell the weapon techniques there), keeps a katana in her dresser, talks about her former job needing throwing skills at the throwing festivals...
* It's more than that: she was a ninja ''sensei'', which explains her admitted "need to train everyone she sees".
* She was a mercenary, and Sakuya's father was another soldier who died. She had to quit fighting once she had a daugher to raise.

[[WMG: Micah's, and all other half-monster's, homeland is in the Forest of Beginnings.]]
First off, in Raven's requests, that ball of light that is her "curse" looks just like the portals that the monsters come out of, from the Forest of Beginnings. The wooly in that request leaves through it, too. And Micah says something (about the light) like "Because coming from beyond it was a smell that I seem to remember. I sensed it from you, too, Raven."
So: Humans and monsters who want to be together go to the Forest of Beginnings, where they can live in peace without interference from bigoted humans and univir. Such a town would need guards from the wild monsters, like Micah remembers being once. Also, the five boss monsters apparently escaped from somewhere near his town, and he had to send them back to the Forest of Beginnings (Therefore, his town must be near or in the Forest itself!). The Forest of Beginnings is occasionally referred to as a sort of monster heaven, so it makes sense why Micah falls from the sky in the beginning. And when Aquaticus offers to give you your memories and send you back, it's a package deal. You can't know what it's like in the Forest of Beginnings and live in the normal world at the same time.

[[WMG: Wells is half-monster.]]
He's what, seventy years old? How else could he have the ability to search the entire town and surrounding areas for your missing fiance before six a.m.? His very vocal dislike of monsters is from self-hatred, or maybe his monster parent abandoned him and his human parent. This also explains why he's so quickly okay with the Unity Festival after Micah reveals his monster half to him--he was inspired by the fact that Micah was all right with his own nonhuman half.
* This means that Shara and Monica have monster blood, too!
** Which would explain why Monica likes to bite people.
*** She must be part bat. Wells flew around that morning.

[[WMG: Hazel overworks Karina to the point of insanity.]]
Karina isn't lazy (or she is, but not as lazy as we think), it's just that her mother has high expectations of her. Hazel says Shino spoils her kids - this could be a contrast between them. Also, Karina doesn't ''like'' sleeping a lot, but needs to sleep a lot.

[[WMG: Karina has a severe form of narcolepsy.]]

[[WMG:Alternately, the reason that Shara acts the way that she does when she's your wife is due to a FreudianExcuse.]]
It's not that Shara doesn't love Micah, it's just that, due to the fact that the life that she had with her parents was ''not'' pleasant, with her mom being a [[{{MyBelovedSmother}} possessive woman towards everyone and everything]], and her father wanting none of that nonsense, leading to them breaking up, and thus affecting Shara's worldview rather badly. Wells tried to help her as best that he could, but Shara is very good at hiding her mindset(read: possessive) at this point, so it's not immediately obvious to anyone that she had not not fully healed. Wells, however, is nobody's fool, and is fully aware that there are some things that he can't do to help her.

The reason that he tries to get you and her to tie the knot is that he believes(and rightly so) that her deeper issues would surface when you are close enough to her to reveal that side to you, so that Wells(with your help) can help Shara out of her issue, so she can finally get better from the emotional scars due to her past.

[[WMG: Raven's dislike of skulls stems from her family.]]
How can she have no family? ''Someone'' had to raise her, or she'd be dead. Why is she so scared of skulls and hates scary stories? No reason given. Who's to say her not having a family and her fear of skulls aren't related? Perhaps her family was killed, and she came to Sharance to escape something/rebuild her life. Her parents' union probably offended people, and they were executed. Thus explaining why she's so hesitant to reveal her true form.

[[WMG:Gaius [[IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy Just Wants Raven To Be Happy]] ]]
Gaius plays ShipperOnDeck for Micah and Raven[[note]]Should you go far enough with Raven's quests[[/note]] because he's convinced Raven will never see him as more than [[JustFriends "my best friend."]] On the flip side, Raven goes along with this because she thinks Gaius is supporting Micah because ''he'' thinks of her as nothing more than "my best friend."
* Rather unlikely, as it's been established that Gaius simply has someone else that he likes. (Evelyn)
* Also, Raven describes Gaius as a father-figure in 4.

[[WMG: Mei is not only Shino's former comrade-in-arms...]]
She's Shino's sister.
* And so is Yue.

[[WMG: Micah is sterile due to being a HalfHumanHybrid.]]
So when he and his chosen bride want to start a family, they ask Rusk (since he looks the most like Micah) to donate sperm.

And that's why your children look like Rusk.