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The entire Wreckage album is someone figuring out whether or not to call their ex on the phone by thinking over the entire time they were together.

"Slayed" represents our protagonist swaggering around a pub when he meets his lover. The next three songs, "Stompbox," "Supermoves," and "Velocity Shift," show the two falling madly in love, partying their nights away together. "Horndog" is about the couple's consummating their romance. "Meteorology" is sort of a So Happy Together moment. "Aquaplane" represents the relationship starting to decay. "Doomsday" is the point where the couple starts fighting with each other. "Basstrap" then shows the couple trying to fix their problems by ignoring it and partying even harder- the lines even say, "Got to show some, got to hide some." "Sparks" shows that the partying harder did nothing, and that the protagonist feels like only an outline. "Never" is the climax, where the couple breaks up in a torrent of rage, and the protagonist demonizes their lover to justify it. "Heligoland" and the 20 minutes of silence that follow are symbolic of time's passage healing the wounds from that relationship. When the telephone picks up and someone answers, "Hello?" it shows that our hero has decided to forgive his ex and try to reconnect.