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    Guesses About The Upcoming Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard 
The villains will be the Jotuns, with Surtr as the Big Bad
Of all the figures in Norse mythology, Surtr is one of the few who is both uniformly BAD and not a Sealed Evil in a Can. The story will take pains to show the differences between the Jotuns and the Greek giants.
  • Sorta confirm. Jotuns are shown to be of many different shapes and sizes and a lot of them have shapeshifting powers.
  • Jotuns are a major obstacle, but Loki so far is the true villain.

Loki will be be an ally of the heroes... but not the gods
He's too obvious to be the villain. Instead, Loki will be a third faction, opposing both the gods and the giants. But rather than opposing the heroes, he will try to get them on his side. There will probably be a time (perhaps one book) where the heroes are largely working for Loki.
  • Or, alternately, he'll be the Red Herring villain of the first book, similar to Hades and Set.
    • Completely jossed. Loki is as against the heroes as he could be.

The heroes will set up their base of operations in the Bronx
The Greeks are already in Manhattan and Long Island, and the Egyptians are in Brooklyn. That leaves the Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island. Queens is adjacent to Brooklyn and between Manhattan and Long Island, so it's unlikely. And Staten Island is something of a Butt-Monkey.
  • Jossed; the Norse will be based in Boston

there will be a comment about the Marvel Thor and Loki
It will go along the lines of 'I don't look like that, but the movies have empowered us beyond compare'
  • Well, the books are being published by Disney Hyperion, and Disney produces the Marvel movies, so that would make it even better.
    • And Marvel does exist in the 'verse. One of Jason's chapters in The Blood of Olympus compared Kymopoleia wearing her storm pan across her back to Captain America's shield.
    • Confirmed, as great care is made to illustrate how the Norse Thor is not the Marvel Thor.

Rick Riordan will follow up on the Norse mythology series with a series on Mesopotamian Mythology
New York is quite literally the Land of Two Rivers - The Hudson River and the East River, both mentioned in the final Percy Jackson book. And a Troper can dream, can he not?

The series will be followed up by a major crossover event
  • Maybe? The Greek and Norse universes are hinted at a crossover by the second Magnus book.

The "Curse of the Bambino" was a literal curse
Stemming from a dispute between the Greek and Norse gods over Babe Ruth transferring to the Yankees.
  • Following on from this, a character will have a Red Sox cap that turns them invisible (hey, there's a helm of invisibility in Norse myth too, isn't there). If said character meets Annabeth, they won't get along.

Both Percy Jackson and the Olympians and The Kane Chronicles started by focusing on a typically villainous figure from their own mythology before revealing them to be Good All Along and an Unwitting Pawn respectively. Similarly, the series will begin with him setting off a set of events that leads to the Big Bad beginning their plan.

The protagonists will be Like Brother and Sister
Percy Jackson and the Olympians had Percy and Annabeth, who eventually became a couple (although it took them long enough), while The Kane Chronicles had Carter and Sadie, who were brother and sister. The Norse protagonists will be friends but very clearly NOT interested in each other. They will do the "blood brothers" ritual at a key point in the first book.

Magnus will be related to Annabeth
We are not given much information on Anabeth's stepmother or her mortal siblings. Plus there's the fact that they have the same last name.
  • Well in the Blood of Olympus it's revealed she has a Cousin and an Uncle in Boston
  • Confirmation of this in the preview by literal appearance of Annabeth is a reason the fandom has exploded

If Percy shows up in a crossover related to this series, he will complain about his pantheons lack of god killing snakes.
(Percy): The Egyptians have a snake that is supposed to eat Ra, you guys have a snake that is supposed to mutually kill Thor, why don't we have a god killing snake? (Magnus or Nico): You say that like it's a bad thing.

The series will end with Ragnarok being narrowly averted.
This seems to be a running plot in all of his series' where that mythology's Armageddon almost comes true.

All Myths Are True means that none of them are true.
As Riordan's series continue to develop, we see that more and more of the various cosmologies, be they Greek, Roman, Egyptian, or Norse, all exist in some fashion, complete with their component gods and otherworldly locales. This creates some noticeable issues when various cosmologies overlap, such as Norse mythology and Greek mythology both having their own thunder gods, their own separate afterlives, and so on. On top of that, we see that the gods' forms are mutable, that they change their appearance and demeanors to reflect the modern age, as opposed to what they were originally. This suggests that, contrary to popular belief, it is the humans who created the gods and it is human belief that both sustains and shapes their existence. The gods don't actually exist in and of themselves, but are born from the collective consciousness of humanity itself.
  • This has been hinted at, actually. First - in Battle of the Labyrinth, Tyson and Briares explain that supernatural being fade away if no one remembers them. Then, in Last Olympian, Dionysus tells Percy that the gods are simply manifestations of human culture. In the Kane Chronicles it's even stated that the physical and supernatural worlds both exist - which could only be true if the latter is a thoughtform. This could be viewed as the Myth Master's view of the supernatural in general, but can also count as Nightmare Fuel: the gods are not just Breaking the Fourth Wall, they are able to convince the humans that THEY'RE the fictional characters and the gods are their creators. As if the Tomato in the Mirror scenario wasn't enough, the gods can KILL humans that displease them. Imagine if Deadpool decided to kill Stan! Oh, Crap!, I gave him an idea!
  • Problem with this theory is that The Greek Gods do not necessarily need human memory to sustain their existence. The Titans are pretty much fine without human worship, not to mention Gaea, Tartarus and other primordial gods are certainly not fading any time soon. The Egyptian Gods are described as being differently than the Greek Gods, being "primordial forces" and are still pretty much strong after being being purposedly banished and forgotten by the House of Life itself. Besides this is a place with gods and magic, it doesn't have to make sense at all.
Future series
After MagnusChaseAndTheGodsOfAsgard, the Myth Master may write:
  • Age of Aztecs, an Aztec series starring Leo and Calypso. The series will reveal that Leo is descended from an Aztec deity which is why Sammy could touch Hazel's diamond without being cursed. Smoking Mirror would have... whatshisname... Taco Man trying to take over as the sun fails (due to a lack of sacrifices). Feathered Serpent would deal with the return of Quetzalcoatl with Leo and Calypso having to choose between him and Tezcatlipoca in the looming battle between the two before they decide to Take a Third Option. Chained Jaguar(or Earthquake Sun) will have them joining the remaining Toatl in an attempt to stop the End of the World as We Know It For Real This Time.
  • A series dealing with the Slavic myths. The first book would deal with the disappearance of Yarilo and the quest to find him before Perun and Veles go to war (I'm betting Morana or maybe Mrazik will be behind it) while the second book will deal with the aftermath (Perun, Svarog/Dazbog and Veles seeking vengeance on whoever kidnapped Yarilo in the previous book) and the final book with the vengeful gods being revealed to have turned evil and deciding to Take Over the World.
  • A Cherokee trilogy starring Piper and unfortunately I know nothing about Cherokee mythology whatsoever so I can't make any suggestions about these books.
  • A Sumerian series with Tiamat as a/the villain.
  • A Chinese mythology series featuring everyone's favourite shapeshifter taking on evil demons after being trained by dragons.
    • Or a crossover between Chinese Mythology and Voodoo.
    • Or a war between Chinese and Japanese Gods break out in the east and thus our heroes (both new for the series and old ones) have to stop the war or else World War 3 will begin.
  • A Crisis Crossover between all the previous series (including the above suggestions) with a Big Bad Ensemble of the main villains of Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard and all of the above, as well as Tartarus and Nyx. Also, the deities of each mythology facing off against each other.
    • Alternatively, have the last series be the Indian mythologies (Hinduism, Jainism, Buddism and others) where Vishnu seeks aid from the heroes of past series. Reason is because Kali (the Demonic Source of All Evil, not the Goddess) had gathered the villains of past series together and has already taken down the Devas (Indra and the other gods). Our Heroes must team up each other and the remnants of the Indian mythologies to finally defeat their foes for good. All the while trying not to fight each other as it is revealed that the Kali Yoga is reaching its end.
  • It's either gonna be Aztec, Shinto, or Vodou.

    Many different belief systems powered the revolution of the planets and stars. Wolves would still chase Sol across the sky. Ra would continue his daily journey in his sun barque. Tonatiuh would keep running on his surplus blood from human sacrifices back in the Aztec days. And that other thing—science—would still generate gravity and quantum physics and whatever.
    • The Aztec actually get three mentions. The first time in The Lost Hero During a flashback to the days when Hera was posing as his babysitter, Leo recalls her saying something about "your Aztec ancestors' The second time in The Hidden Oracle, shown above, and most recently in The Hammer of Thor Magnus' narration states "If someone told me the Aztec gods were alive and well and living in Huston and my second-cousin was the granddaughter of Quetzalcoatl, I'd believe it."

  • King Arthur and the Matter of Britain are probably the most well-known mythos after the three he's done. Although as cool as modern day Knights of the Round Table would be, Rick might end up not doing it since it doesn't have any gods involved.

If there are other pantheons, they're going to have vastly different circumstances.
For example, the Hindu gods certainly weren't going to be going anywhere. Neither were the Japanese gods, for example. In addition, some pantheons formed coalitions, such as the African and Native American pantheons. The Slavic gods are a unique case; they went into hiding after the Communists took power in Russia, then came back out during the end of the Cold War.

Jesus will eventually show up.
Given that Thor actually challenged Jesus to a fight, and He never showed up, it does seem like Jesus does exist here, as well as the Abrahamic God. I would imagine the Egyptian pantheon are downright terrified of Him, after the whole Exodus thing. So, it would stand to reason Jesus could make an appearance, maybe a cameo. If He does have a major role, it could be by preventing an all out war between the various pantheons.