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Rick Perry is a Time-Traveler

This page lists some arguments. However, this troper had already considered the idea that Perry is a time-traveler prior to finding that page via Google, and on the basis of completely different evidence. Namely, there was a famous gaffe in November of 2011 wherein Perry said that if elected US President, he would eliminate three government agencies. He spent the next minute trying to remember the third one.

Obviously, Perry was born in a future timeline wherein those three agencies have been eliminated, and their absence is crucial to his being born. In his trips through spacetime, which may take the form of Involuntary Time Travel, he has discovered that he must become president if he has any hope of creating the world he is used to. Perhaps it is also his understanding that this must be done to avoid a Temporal Paradox erasing himself from existence, like Marty McFly in Back to the Future.

Perry will run for the presidency agian in 2016
Said he's not ruling out the possibility, particularly if Obama wins re-election.