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This is a "Wild Mass Guess" entry, where we pull out all the sanity stops on theorizing. The regular entry on this topic is elsewhere. Please see this programme note.
Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger
    The Shadow Line 

Ideas for what the villains will be like.
  • The enemies that the Tokkyugers face will either be:
    • A.) Evil Space Aliens bent on conquering the universe, with Earth being their next target.
    • B.) Or an ancient race of Demons who were accidentally released from their prison, and plan on enslaving the entire human race.
    • C.) Or Super Speed monsters who can travel quickly to their destinations to cause trouble, leading to the rangers relying on trains.
    • D.) Monsters whose theme involve various kinds of locations like a desert, marsh etc. Some may be based on Videogame Settings.
      • The villains this turn around are something alright, but demonic might be too strong a word, but they are on the side of the supernatural. Also, they also have a train station to call as a base for themselves, and they do use their own trains. Earth is the next target to conquer, and they are using the despair they collect to expand their territory.

Gritta will go One-Winged Angel or undergo some other transformation ala Buldont or Salamandes.
She will go from the fat creature she is now into some new form for battle, possibly as a consequence of marrying Shadow Gaijin (Something mentioned in her pre-release bio).
  • About that... Someone mistranslated "Kaijin" (Monster) into "Gaijin" (Foreigner). Despite the fact the kaijin kanji is famous enough to be recognized by now. Yeeeeeah, the Shadow Kaijins are the Monsters of the Week here.
  • Either way, a 'Shadow Emperor' is mentioned, and assuming the part about her supposed to be his bride, this could be possible if she does marry the Shadow Emperor if and when he shows up.

General Schwartz will be the first villain to die.
Pre-release info seems to paint him as The Heavy that wants to steal the Rainbow Line. He might go One-Winged Angel early on and get killed off as a Climax Boss. Alternatively...

Schwartz will be a Dragon Ascendant or The Starscream.

Greeta will eventually gain an upgraded, more humanoid form, and she will be promoted to The Dragon.
This isn't the first time that the villains in a sentai have had to take care of a child related to the Big Bad.

The Shadow Line commanders are counterparts to the Tokkyuger
Schwartz and Nero are Tokkati and Hikari, Noir is Mio and Greeta is Kagura then upgraded to also counterpart Wagon. The Darkness Emperor will be opposite to Conductor with a part of himself acting as opposite to Ticket, and a Sixth Commander will mix traits of Right and Tokkyu 6.

The Darkness Emperor's real name is Chernabog
Yes like the Slavic God. Alternatively:

The Darkness Emperor is the Russian-themed one
Preferably with the first name Vladimir.

Greeta will make a Heel-Face Turn
Boredom and curiosity will motivate her to sneak into the human world, which turns out to be more fun than the Shadow Line. There are a few ways this could go:
  • Greeta is self-conscious about her appearance scaring children, but befriends someone who doesn't care how she looks, which inspires her to help the heroes.
    • Greeta is fatally wounded for this betrayal by one of the other villains, but is brought back to life by IMAGINATION!
  • Because she's actually necessary for the villain's plans (being wedded to a Sealed Evil in a Can is never a good thing), she's brainwashed back to their side, but again turned back or saved at the end.
    • This could lead to either Madame Noir making a Heel-Face Turn as well, attempting to control her daughter out of misguided love, or outright becoming her enemy.
Her crush on General Schwartz might also be a contributing factor if he turns out to be less dreamy than she envisioned. IMAGINATION granting her a new human form/life is optional.

Madam Noir dies from a backstab from Greeta.

Greeta is in love with Schwartz.
Based entirely off of her dreamily saying his name in the first episode.
  • Seems pretty much confirmed, as of Episode 3.

Baron Nero will be a villainous Expy of Lelouch and the Shadow Line's resident Manipulative Bastard
Based entirely off the fact that Jun Fukuyama is using his Lelouch as Zero voice for Nero.
  • So far the Expy of Lelouch thing is pretty spot-on. Dresses in black, Large Ham, an aristocratic type...Time will tell on whether he lives up to Lelouch's manipulative tendencies.

The Shadow Line are Nazis by Other Names
The main villains so far have European-sounding names. Schwartz resembles a Nazi General, and the Shadow Line train is similar to the trains that took Jews to the death camps. The Shadow Emperor will be an expy of Adolf Hitler and his plan would be to perform genocide on the humans. They decide to start with children since they're easier to kill.

Shadow Line HQ is built on top of what used to be the Tokkyugers' home town
The initial theory is that the team has amnesia because Shadow Line wiped out their home town. They have since resolved to try to find it and it would be thematic for their last stop, the enemy HQ, to be the former location of their Doomed Hometown

The Shadow Line were a manifestation of the Tokkyuger's imagination
We're told that imagination can be a risky thing, at least when considering Kagura, and that they have no memories outside of the ones they learn in time. It might be a stretch, though they might have pretended to be aristocratic train owners and had that imagination take them so far that they wound up creating the Shadow Line. If you think about it, the villains are similar to the heroes, right down to the number and Theme Naming.
  • Baron Nero is the smart one of the group, like Tokatti.
  • General Schwartz is more level-headed and anchors the group like Hikari.
  • Madame Noir is the caretaker of Grita, sort of like how Mio is the caretaker of Kagura
  • Miss Grita is the bubbly and youngest one of the group, like Kagura
  • And the missing Shadow Emperor could possibly be Right (see above)

Zed is a red herring and will remain evil.
The violet Tokkyuger will be a humanized Greeta.

The Emperor of Darkness will become ToQ0 for the final arc of the series
He will be able to grasp the light he has been seeking throughout the series, and said light would transform into a ToQ Changer, allowing him to become the white Tokkyuger. However, he will still be evil, as a way of showing that Light Is Not Good, and will beat the crap out of the Tokkyugers in his ranger form.

Z/Zed/Zet is a child the ToQGers know
Specifically, he's a Forgotten Childhood Friend who took it really hard, allowing the Shadow Line to raise him in order to relieve him of his loneliness. His desire for "shine" is because he wants everything to himself and make everyone feel the sadness he had. At the end or near the end, the ToQGers will at least try to Set Right What Once Went Wrong. Assuming he doesn't die, the series may end with all six playing together as children.

     Toq 6 
The Sixth Ranger will use an airplane as its mech
To provide a contrast to the rest of the team.
  • Seems to be jossed.

The Sixth Ranger will be a White Ranger
As we have the Rainbow Theme and White is the result of a mix of every color.
  • Or maybe Crystal to act as a Prism due to the "Rainbow Line" sub theme.
  • Jossed. Recent toy scans reveal that the sixth ranger is in fact Orange [1]

The Sixth Ranger will be the result of a Heel-Face Turn.
To combat the Tokkyugers, Shadow Emperor will create his own evil Tokkyuger, probably black in color and given the designation of 'Zero'. He will eventually go through a Heel-Face Turn and join the heroes, even if only as an Aloof Ally.
  • Tokkyu 6 is Orange so this may be unlikley.
    • Confirmed! Tokkyu6 is a former Shadow.

Tokkyu 6 will have access to the colors Indigo and Violet.
It doesn't seem possible that Tokkyu 6 will be able to swap colors with any of the core 5 and if there won't be a Tokkyu 7 & Tokkyu 8, then Six might have the ability to change his Orange suit into the remaining 2 colors of the rainbow.
  • There's no reason Orange shouldn't be able to swap colors with the core 5, since Gokai Silver didn't have any problems using the main team's Keys.

Unlike the core 5, Tokkyu 6 will be alive.
ToQ 6 will be the ToQGers imaginary friend
  • Jossed

Toqger #6 will be from a city that falls to the Shadow Line
In Episode #2 we learn that it's likely that the main five are from a town that fell to the Shadow Line explaining why Ticket called them as good as dead and their lack of memories. It's possible that in the future they'll fail to save a city and one of the victims will become the sixth Toqger.
  • Jossed

Tokkyu 6 and the (potential) other Tokkyugers all have special roles.
Images show our mysterious sixth having hazard patterns on his suspenders, and around his Tokkyu number. Combined with his weapon, a light baton used to guide trains, he could be the Tokkyuger that lays down track for the line, or maintains routes. Likewise Purple/Violet and Cyan, if they appear will also have special roles.
  • Might be confirmed, since Rokugou's Ressha is confirmed to be the Build Ressha. It's head in mecha form is reported to resemble a shovel, which adds to the "railworker" theme.
  • Confirmed, Akira maintains the Rainbow Line's tracks

Tokkyu 6 will be added into the heroes' childhood memories.
In a form of a Remember the New Guy moment. This will be Played for Drama, where the heroes would question whether their memories were even correct in the first place.

The Emperor of Darkness will become ToQ 6.
And his catchphrase: "The Shining Imagination!"
  • Jossed

Kazuraba Kouta will become ToQ 6
  • Jossed

Akira will be convinced that he doesn't have to die for his actions...
By encountering a normal rainy day that he had nothing to do with. Possibly seeing some people actually having fun in the rain as well.

When he was a Shadow, Zalam attacked the ToQGers' hometown.
And they fell out of their tree base because it was slippery due to him making it rain. They've been in comas ever since.
  • In the flashbacks we've seen so far it didn't appear to be raining during the town's fall into shadow.

Akira actually will die near the end of the series.
Thus turning his talks about dying into a "Funny Aneurysm" Moment.

There's a delusion involved.
Delusions are often imagined realities to the extreme, and when strong enough, can affect the real world. For all we know, the Shadow-Line might be doing research into that particle to exploit and manipulate the Tokkyuger's imagination for evil.

And then those three come in.

Here's how the mecha works
  • First, there's a center Red cart that forms the body and the head. Then, the remaining four carts (assuming this series has a Five-Man Band) form each of the limbs. Each cat has different abilities or unique arsenals to support the main mecha, and can switch around!
  • From the early toy catalogues,it can be assumed that the 5 trains first line up next to each other, then (while still travelling) the joints from the side of the trains connect to each other to form a single body running along the tracks. Red Ressha then converts into the main body, while Blue and Green start propping the entire body up to form the legs, and Yellow and Pink rotate to form the hands. Finally, the face opens up to complete the transformation.
  • It can also be assumed that the mecha is summoned by launching the Tokkyu Ressha from the Tokkyu Changer, which makes it grow in size (and generate any remaining carriages if it needs to)
    • Jossed. The Ressha used by the Tokkyugers to transform and the Ressha used to fight Shadow Line trains/enlarged Shadow Kaijin are separate from each other. And as for the formation of Tokkyu-Oh, that is pretty much how the big guy is formed, only with the Fumikiriken in his right hand.

Railroads for the trains
will be instantly and magically built on the sky. This will prevent the train from squeezing in between each buildings, especially when it's meant to be for mecha vs giant monster battles.
  • Confirmed. It works a la Den-O

There will be another Red Ranger appearing in the future.
Another common thing with the previous three Sentai Yasuko Kobayashi has written as head writer is that there was a second Red Ranger (Timeranger had TimeFire, Shinkenger had Princess ShinkenRed, and Go-Busters had Dark Buster), so it wouldn't surprise me if there was a second red in Tokkyuger.

Secondary motifs for this series
Here, besides Cool Trains, you may guess which other themes this series may have here:
  • Rescue, with Train hybrids between a Fire Truck, Police Car and Ambulance.
  • The Five-Man Band being related in that one is linked to another in a similar style to how each cart is attached to another. For example, Red is the best friend of Black, who is a brother of Blue, who is a brother of yellow, who is then finally the best friend of pink.
    • Semi-Jossed. They're not directly related to each other, but they are childhood friends.
  • The entire train (or the red cart) could form into a dragon!
  • Beams of different coloured light to show the train's speed.
  • Each cart is modelled after mythological creatures.
    • Jossed. They're normal trains.
  • Two of the five rangers will have other vehicles in place of trains, like a helicopter and a submarine.
    • Jossed, everyone has a train.
  • Colors themselves, where even each and every mecha are named after them.
  • Serpentine Creatures (like a Chinese Dragon, the Leviathan, an electric Eel etc.)

  • It seems that the secondary motifs/themes of the series are/will be "Imagination" and "Light vs Shadows".

Five-Man Band Predictions
Here, you may discuss which colour, character type associated with it etc will appear in the team:

There will be 9 Rangers.
Colored Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, Black, Gray, and White.
  • Colours jossed, there's a pink ranger.
  • Black also likely jossed, since all of the villains work around the word "Black" in various languages.

The Tokkyuger's base of operations will be a high tech train station.
  • This is where the rangers will meet up when there's a situation at bay.
    • Also, this is where the train mecha will be stored.
    • So far, Jossed. Their base seems to be the Ressha themselves.

What are Tokkuger's collectable items?
You may put your guess below:
  • Trains, as in the mecha themselves. As mentioned above, while the Red transforms into the main body, the other four each becomes an arm or leg that gives the mecha different abilities depending on the combinations. More trains of different colours will be released afterwards, be they another main body for the Sixth Ranger, additional arms to give new powers or as seperate weapons.
    • Also, there will be even more trains modelled after previous sentai's mecha. All of them will serve as arms, though.
    • Because of the new train, we will see way more mecha battles.
    • The trains are called Tokkyu Ressha.
  • A pocket watch along with a gear piece that does various effects, albeit with a time limit.
  • An Diesel Tank or Diesel Gallon with another fictional fuel like Enetron.
  • Cards, which are as thick as Zeronos'.

Den-O will appear for a cameo.
It'll either be Den-O's actor in the actual series, or Den-O himself in a Super Hero Taisen movie. Or both.

The Suits will be modeled after Train Conductors
But only Red's mecha will be a train. Like Gokaiger.
  • Jossed. All 5 Tokkyugers have train-themed mechs. Red is a locomotive, Blue and Green have bullet trains, and Pink and Yellow have old subway trains.

The mecha will work similar to New Voltron
Each Mecha can be combined so that each team member can form the head giving a new mode/fighting style for the Combined Mecha to use.

The Transformation Device for this Sentai
Are in a form of three items: Card, a Phone and a Gun.
  • A card represents a ranger's identity as well as his or her associated train's. It is to be slotted with the phone.They show the picture of the train.
  • The phone, through dialling, can be used to transform, summon mecha, power up the gun for a finishing move (by scanning it) or simple communicate with other team mates. For the former two, it need the card slotted in as well as it being scanned onto the gun.
  • The gun is a standard shooting weapon. But when scanned with the card-slotting phone, it can be used to transform, then summon mecha
  • Jossed. The transformation device is a brace known as the Tokkyu Changer, which scans Tokkyu Ressha trains that are slotted into it.
  • There is, however, a card-like trinket stored in the buckle, known as the Rainbow Pass. Its usage is still unknown though.

The entire train system was built by this Sentai.
To be specific, the Big Good designed the entire train system to get the rangers to any place. This is when he know the enemy team could pop up anywhere.

The Auxiliary Rangers have different roles.
While the core five fight against the villains, there will be one ranger who maintains the tracks, one who survey the terrain etc. The Sixth Ranger is one of them, but went mia.

There will be Genius Bonus.
In that there will be train facts as well as myths to deal with, particularly in the omake section.

All rangers are silver or white coloured.
With their supposed designated colours being their secondary ones, in the form of lines that are decorated around the body. The Sixth Ranger could be an exception, being primary Black colour with white/grey/silver lines instead.
  • Jossed. The suits consist almost entirely of their primary colors, with surprisingly minimal decoration.

The reason that they are numbered
  • Is because there will be some color-number switching (i.e. Tokkyu1 will mostly, but not always, be red.)

this series will have Gold and Silver Rangers.
  • Well the merchandise resembles Go-Onger already so why not take it all the way.
    • Jossed so far.

In terms of tone, Tokkyuger will be one of the "middle of the road" series.
  • Kyoryuger was definitely one of the more lighthearted Super Sentai series, so it's likely that Toei won't aim for another series along those lines two years in a row. Go-Busters (which was one of the more serious entries in the franchise) is also still very recent. It's likely that Tokkyuger will be similar in tone to shows like Magiranger or Boukenger, which had lighthearted material balanced out with occasional drama and seriousness.

The lack of details in the costumes are due to the color change gimmick.
  • Compared to past ranger suits, the Tokkyugers' costumes are very simple: solid primary color, white boots and gloves, a belt, and the emblem on the chest. Assuming that the color change WMG above is accurate, then the lack of details in the suits may be due to budgetary concerns. Having to make differently colored suits for each ranger would cost more money than usual, so the designs have been kept simple to make construction easier and cheaper.
    • That is most likely the case.

The Tokkyuger will get a second mech early
The main mech is FUGLY and so a second mech will be introduced early. Furthermore it will be able to combine with Red Pink and Yellow fixing the blocky bow legged design.
  • Confirmed with Diesel-Oh

This will be one of the best sentais of all time
This is wild mass guessing

This Sentai will have so many spin-offs
Just a guess...

This Sentai will fall to the Star Trek Movie Curse
If you reflect back to a few years ago in retrospect, you might notice that the odd-numbered Sentai were well-received, while the even-numbered ones weren't so lucky. This just happens to be even-numbered.
  • Then again, the third season following an anniversary series (Dekaranger, Shinkenger,) usually seems to be a hit, so it could follow that pattern instead.

There will be colour powers
that especially can be used to augment a ranger's personal weapon.

The extra trains (Scope, Tank, etc.) will get the Rangers additional forms.
Not new rangers, but new colors, with their own weapons.

Near the end of the series, there will be a big revelation about Tokkyu-1.
Hey, this is a Yasuko Kobayashi-written series, and it's happened with the Red Rangers of the three previous Sentai series she's written as the head writer, so why not?
  • In that case let's guess what the big revelation is. As an icebraker, his true form is, in fact, a train!
  • Or the conductor is his father.
  • He is the true vessel of either the Emperor of Darkness or the 'Emperor of Light' theorized by other Wild Mass Guesses.

An episode in which Tokkyu-4 and Tokkyu-5 switch powers will result in a Goranger reference
Because it will lead to the numbers and colors being matched up with those of Goranger.
  • Jossed? They switched in Episode 1, and there didn't seem to be any references (other characters had also switched at this point).

Hikaru from Mahou Sentai Magiranger will show up during the summer movie.
The man's a huge train fanatic and he has his own magic train that can go almost anywhere, there's not a whole lot of nothing to stop him from showing up and gushing over all the trains everywhere.
  • Doesn't seem to be likely, since his actor is retired.

One of the characters is the child of Hikaru and Urara
All their names mean Light, all we need is for one of them to have conspicuously absent parents and we're set.
  • Alternatively, all five of them are Hikaru and Urara's children. None of them have confirmed surnames, and the core five Magirangers were all siblings, after all.
    • Wonder if they ever bring in their respective actors, I wonder if the make up team would make Urara old, since the Magirangers were a late 2000's team.
    • Jossed in the full team being their children. They're childhood friends.
      • In which case...

The other four kids are...
...the child of Airi and Yuuto in this timeline, a third-generation Tatsumi child (probably of Matsuri), a relative to Sosuke and a relative to Agri.

The Sixth and Seventh Rangers will be Orange and Purple or White and Black respectively
Every member so far has represented a color of the rainbow, Pink can be a stand in for Violet in this case, the only two colours remaining are Orange and Purple(Indigo). White and Black come with this explanation: The Sixth Ranger in question will have the combined skills of the first five ToQgers, the Seventh will like a WMG above suggests, a former member of the Shadow Line, representing Light within Darkness and Darkness within Light
  • The first possibility is partially confirmed with Tokkyu-6, who is orange.

There will be eight Rangers. The last two will be Violet and Cyan
Based off of a pre-release image showing the Japanese word for Imagination. Each letter of it was a different color, six of them corresponding to known Tokkyuger colors (Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Pink, & Orange). The last two letters in the word were Violet and Cyan colored, implying they might be joined by a Cyan and Violet Tokkyu 7 and Tokkyu 8.

During one of the heroes' henshin sequence,
One enemy will try to be a smartass and cross over the white line, only to get crushed by an incoming train.
  • Shown in the Gaim crossover. The Lion Invess crossed the line and the Resshas bashed it away.

At some point the henshin will be weaponized.
  • Seems possible... why else would the MOTW and Mooks want to stay behind the white line?
    • Confirmed by the summer special.

The entire series is a product of the kid versions of the ToQgers imaginations.

Green has a crush on Pink
In the very first episode he clearly paid extra attention to her, when they were jumping on the dark train he stretch out an arm for her to catch, and when they first show off the color swapping mechanic, he was more gentle with her than his demeanor would suggest.

The rumoured Violet and Cyan Rangers will be a duo.
Like the Go-On Wings who they share the numbers 7 and 8 with they will have the same changer and weapons and share a Megazord

The Tokkyugers aren't really dead, they are each in comas
After all comas are a sleep like state, and they were shown as kids to have really active imaginations combine the two and they are able to project themselves into the world with Imagination! The whole "Chosen because you are dead" thing is really a Batman Gambit to get them to be really creative with how they use their powers so that they can go all out while still protecting people. Right was sleeping when he was first introduced after all.

The Tokkyugers are having an Astral Projection Dying Dream
Basically they all died at some random point, but as they died they remembered each other and tried envisioning themselves surviving and meeting up with the others, explaining why their clothing look like adult versions of the clothing they wore in their flashback. In addition we will have flashbacks to when they were recruited and each of their introductions in the flashback will connect with how they died. Right was asleep when we are introduced to him, so he probably became unconscious before he died. If one of the others was hit by a car for example, then their recruiting flashback will involve narrowly avoiding being hit by a car.

The Tokkyugers are from South Park
Everyone is like Kenny for obvious spoiled reasons. Right is Cartman, Tokatti is Stan, Hikari is Kyle and the Sixth Ranger will be Butters. Also, conductor is Mr. Garrison and Ticket, Mr. Hat.

This series is in the same universe as Kamen Rider Den-O
It's just Kamen Rider Den-O focused on the time train. There is a death train in kamen rider movie, so why not an imagination train? Also, the conductor/owner is likely related.

There is a Light Emperor and it is Ticket
Light and Darkness must be in balance.

The Tokkyugers are like Tidus
And they'll earn their happy endings.

Right will live up to his main colour
After all, of all the colors that make up light red is the one that travels the farthest.

Right died falling off the tree

Pink died as an infant
Note that she still needs to hold someone's hand when getting in and out of the Ressha. Or maybe:

Pink is going to be the Sentai version of Cat Valentine.

The TQGers all died unnaturally
Basically, they weren't supposed to have died right there and then.

The team aren't dead, just affected in some way by the Shadow Line.
Since it now seems like the team's not actually dead, but somehow close, it can be guessed that shortly after the last memory they had as kids, something happened to them that caused them to not have anymore. Either their spirits were removed from their bodies or they're still kids and unconscious/in a coma. This state would allow them to still imagine, and thus the Rainbow Line used that to create "adult" forms for them to fight with.

ToQger will be a mystery show.
The main plot will revolve around how the ToQgers died and how the Shadow Line is involved with their situation, if at all. The imagination theme is there to lighten the mood after some of the heavy stuff.

What Ticket really meant when the rangers are good as dead?
He means that they are too incompetent to actually fight. They're not dead, but they would be quickly finished if not for their imagination. However, their heavy and sole reliance on their imaginary powers are the precise reason why they are chosen.

Ticket is evil.
First of all, never trust a puppet. Second, it just seems like one of the obvious Wild Mass Guesses that just needs to be said. He might also end up being revealed as a vessel or avatar of some sort of the Darkness Emperor or otherwise involved in the Shadow Line's plots.

When adapted into Power Rangers...
Toqger will be adapted into the most Lighter and Softer season of Power Rangers yet or take the Go-onger/R.P.M path and become Darker and Edgier than the source material.
  • The rangers would be designated much like in Zeo, "Express Ranger 1: Red!" "Transfer! Express Ranger 1: Pink!"

The characters are alternate universe counterpart of Kamen Rider Den-O
Right is Momotaros (the hot-blooded leader), Tokatti is Urataros (the thinker), Mio is either Kintaros or Hana, Hikari is Yuuto and Kagura is Ryoutarou. Following this pattern, sixth ranger would be the counterpart to either Ryutaros or Sieg.

The Tokkyugers are ALL imaginary friends.
There's the rainbow theme, right? And there's the "light" theme in their names, right? And then there's the fact that a rainbow is a single beam of light refracted into a spectrum. If you put two and two together, the Tokkyugers could be a single psyche "refracted" into discrete personas, probably by a crystal or some shit.
  • Except the 'light' theme in their names has since been debunked. Tokatti, Mio, and Kagura's names have no visible connection with light or related terms.

A major twist in the series will be that Right is actually in a coma in the real world.
The first thing we see of Right, he's sleeping on the Black Shadow and suddenly wakes up, not knowing how he got there. Not long after he meets his friends, who he hasn't seen since his childhood and has no memory of since. Then he becomes part of a super hero team with them based around the power of imagination. That's exactly the kind of thing a kid would come up with while playing with their friends, and a good dream to give himself while unconscious for a long while. They could do a lot with it too, like the villains realizing that if Right wakes up, they'll all disappear.

Ticket and Wagon were originally people.
But how they came to be is linked to the rangers.Also, would you really think a robot would take selfies in her spare time?
  • Also, if Ticket is removed from Conductor's hand, its spirit will escape and be lost forever!
    • This part is Jossed as conductor does remove Ticket showing he is just a puppet

The ToQgers are still children.
The Conductor has said that the Rainbow Line picked them because of their powerful imaginations. Who has more imagination than a child?
  • The Shadow Line took over their town while they were playing in the tree (which is why that is the last thing they remember). The Rainbow Line picked them to be ToQgers and their own imaginations made them grow to an age where they could actually act as sentai. Much of their behavior is reminiscent of children - even a lot of their fighting seems more like play (see: switching colors just because it looks fun, swinging on a swing set to attack). The end of the series should see them returned to their town as children and playing together just as they were before (and in a way, have been the entire time).
  • Come to think of it, in that one brief flashback of Tokatti and Mio, it almost looked like he was wearing a child-sized version of his jacket.
    • Other flashbacks show all 5 wearing the same clothes as the present this further suggests they were children when the shadow took their town.

There will be a character named Left
It's common to have another red ranger in previous sentai series Kobayashi wrote on (Shinkenger, Timeranger). Since ToQ 1 is named Right, it's only natural that the polar opposite would be Left or something similar. Bonus points if its Hidari.

Following the pattern set by Goseiger and Go-Busters, the Bigger Bad will have the word Messiah in it's name
Although to be honest, this theory better be wrong...
  • Jossed the Big Bad is named Z but given his personality he may be overthrown by one who feels he no longer has there best interest at heart.

Tokkuger = Official Akibaranger

The Rainbow Line is not actually invisible
The ToQgers can demonstrably be seen by adults and children alike. The train (and at least Wagon) cannot. However, when stepping off the train, the ToQgers do not suddenly appear out of nowhere considering the utter lack of surprise of other people in the station. Conclusion: the Rainbow Line is not invisible, but remarkably unremarkable. Not unlike the TARDIS. Which brings me to the obvious... Could be similar to the Harry Potter series where magical places hidden where muggles live are implied to not actually be invisable but employs a spell that causes Muggles to not notice it. due to Muggles turning a blind eye to things that are unusual.

The Conductor is a Time Lord
What else? Consider also the Older than They Look entry on the show's Trivia page.

Right is the Shadow Emperor
We know that Right managed to wake up on the Shadow Line instead of the Rainbow Line. He also insists on continuing being a Tokkyuger and tells Kagura that having no memories means no obligations. They might be coincidences, though considering the writer for the show being known for Jigsaw Puzzle Plots, it could be possible.

The Shadow Line will eventually create a dark Toqger.
He will be black, and numbered 0.
  • Alternately, Z will be the said dark ToQGer. Whether he will be fighting for or against the ToQGers is unclear, but here's hoping for another Dark Buster-esque character.

The finale will have all five ToQgers falling in front of the explosion.
  • Jossed, at least one episode so far has had them fall in the intro.

The ToQgers will get an upgrade into ToQger I
The 'I' of course stands for i, the IMAGINAAAAATION! number.

All Shadow-Line crew are shadows from ToQGers.

The Legend Sentai Ressha...
...will appear in a future ToQGer movie, either the summer one or the Kyoryuger VS. We've had the Kyoryuger Ressha in Kamen Rider Taisen, so the most likely scenario is all the other Legend Sentai Ressha in the summer movie, followed by the one for the next sentai after ToQGer for the Early-Bird Cameo in the Kyoryuger VS.

Among the Super Sentai train
include one representing the red mecha for the next season. It will be read as 'Super Sentai Ressha', found in the crossover with Kyoryuger and can summon the next sentai team when used.

Requisite 'everything is in their imaginations' theory
Everything is based on things the gang enjoyed. The Main Ressha are identical to toy trains they had, Wagon, Ticket and Conductor based on other toys, the Support Ressha on other interests of the gang, and Zaram on one of them being interested in Westerns. The Shadow Line are based on their visualisations of characters from old novels, and Zed was their bully.

Z will turn good.
And become the violet ToQger.
  • Yeah, about that... it's gonna be kind of impossible when you've been devoured by your bride-to-be, so it's Jossed.
    • And he's back. Still evil, but it's not Jossed yet.

The voice in episode #19 is from the Emperor of Light, but he is the star from the Z have saw earlier and God himself and ToQger Mecha.

ToQger vs. Kyoryuger will contain a few alludes to Kyoryuger: 100 Years After.

ToQger vs. Kyoryuger will reference the dinosaur trains from Go-Onger

The Hyper Mode power up will be used to fight in towns completely taken over by shadow
As shown in #24 the To Qgers cannot remain transformed in towns taken over by shadows for longer than 30 seconds. Perhaps the Hyper Mode will be a way around that.

The ToQgers are Changelings.
The Rainbow Line is part of the Dreaming, which is why only people with high levels of Imagination (read: Glamour) can see it.
  • This explains what happened to them at the end of Episode 11 and most of Episode 12: they were temporarily Undone.
  • By extension, the Shadow Line is, naturally, the Shadow Court, trying to bring Endless Winter.
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