[[WMG:Why did the U.S. government attack Umbrella's factory on October 1st?]]
Did they want to destroy the T-Virus, or did they want it for themselves? As a corollary, how did they manage to get the rail cannon into the factory's power room?
* According to RE:ORC, it was a base of operations that needed to be shut down. They were after the G-virus, though, but apparently they just wanted it for "evidence" ([[ParanoiaFuel or so they say]]). As far as the rail cannon goes, it was dropped in by helicopter.
* ''ORC'' is non-canon. The reason why the United States Army team ends up in the Dead Factory is because they got lost and took a wrong turn on their way to Birkin's lab. They likely had the rail gun with them the whole time and set it up in the factory when they realized that the mass-produced Tyrants were being dropped on them.

[[WMG:Sherry gets adopted by a senator...]]
... With her name changed to Ashley and her memories of the disaster erased, her adoptive father gets elected president. She is kidnapped by a Spanish Cult and eventually rescued by the exact same person. She subconsciously realizes that Leon has saved her before, and that is why she is so quick to hit on him at the end of the game.
* Doesn't explain how they were born in different years. (Sherry is two years younger; Just checked.)
** President Graham manipulated all information about Ashley, you only *think* they were born in different years.
*** {{Jossed}}: Sherry appears as a trained combat agent in the trailers for [=RE6=], different voice actress and all.

[[WMG:Whatever happened to the BOW in the hidden room in the laboratory?]]
We saw in the N64 port that there was a dead Hunter inside, but also a large container in the corner of the room, which appeared to house a large creature, smashing it's way out of it. There's also an empty attache case near it, that has some compound missing from it. An Experimental Tyrant? G Creature? Or some other unknown BOW?
* That was holding Nemesis from the third game. So yes a tyrant.
** It wasn't holding Nemesis. Nemesis was developed by the European branch of Umbrella, and came straight from there and started the hunt in the city, without being housed in a local Raccoon City facility at any time.
* It could have possibly contained the Tyrant prototype (T-001) from RE0 as Rebecca encounters it around where the Lab would have been. As for the attach case. It possibly contained the Rocket Launcher Ada gives to Leon/Claire while fighting Mr X/Tyrant T-00. (She had to have gotten it somewhere.)

[[WMG: Potential features of the RE2 remake...]]

* Marvin Branagh and Robert Kendo will become [[AscendedExtra Ascended Extras]], though they will still be DoomedByCanon.
* The Zapping System will finally exist as advertised, at least as a NewGamePlus bonus feature.