[[WMG: In an AlternateContinuity, Flake got a different nickname... [[Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion Keel]]]]
And then he formed SEELE.
* The Second Impact was a south pole Rammstein concert GoneHorriblyWrong.
** Or [[GoneHorriblyRight horribly RIGHT]].
*** The reason Asuka won't jump Shinji's bones is not, cause she's wacky in the head like the rest of the crew, but cause she found out that the songs he listens to with his DAT player ain't classic music, but Rammstein. She HATES Rammstein! That bitch.

[[WMG: One or more persons is a WMG/TimeLord]]
More on the Time Lord page itself.

[[WMG: The ''only'' way they'll stop playing is if one of them experiences AuthorExistenceFailure.]]
We will refrain from guessing who [[DudeNotFunny for obvious reasons]].

[[WMG: Till Lindemann really does [[PlayingWithFire Play With Fire.]]]]
All the apparatuses are just to deflect the fans from realizing he really can set people on fire with a thought.

[[WMG: If Music/LadyGaga and Rammstein ever teamed up, the [[TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt world would end.]]]]
** And it'd be ''fantastic''.

That's pretty much what TyskeLudder sounds like.

[[WMG: The next album will be their Madison Square Garden concert.]]
I mean, come on. That was reportedly a dream of at least one bandmates, and can you really top MSG?
** How about the Budokan, a cameo on a TV show, or playing the Mayhem Festival (or any large US festival)?
*** The latter two might lead to some fans [[ItsPopularNowItSucks calling out the band on selling out]]...
* Well, not looking likely, but we ''are'' [[http://www.thegauntlet.com/article/307/20659/Rammstein-to-release-NYC-and-Montreal-shows-on-DVD.html getting a DVD!]]

[[WMG: The band, and especially Till, has numerous illegitimate children running around.]]
This is the only explanation for Heldmaschine.