[[WMG:Virginia is a [[spoiler: Bluth]] ]]
Just watch the first episode of season four. That would be why her father took off,he was with his other family. [[spoiler:Or in Iraq...or in prison...]]

[[WMG: Hope will inherit the 'serial killing' gene.]]
In "Dead Tooth" the only thing that makes Hope laugh is making fun of people. Also, if it's not literally done, it'll be 'played with'.
* The episode "Killer Hope" will apparently involve Hope getting a mean streak at daycare and the Chances fearing this.

[[WMG: Lucy is still out there]]
Maybe she has a twin sister who took her place for the execution. Or something. It doesn't matter, what matters is that she can still come back to kill Jimmy.
* She was probably recruited by the government and is being forcibly trained as an assassin. After all there's no way they would execute the mother of a six month old baby.
* Actually confirmed in part one of the season two finale - Lucy's still alive somehow.

[[WMG: Greg Garcia is a Troper, or a fan of Wiki/TVTropes.]]
Since every WMG posted so far has basically become canon.

[[WMG: Lucy is still out there AGAIN]]
They did it once and she's more likely to survive the [[spoiler:bus hitting her]]
Confirmed again. [[spoiler:she comes back for the wedding. Luckily, her dad and Burt managed to knock her out.]]

[[WMG: Lucys ghost will haunt the Chances]]
And Possess MawMaw

[[WMG: Lucy is TheDevil, or an incarnation of him.]]
She survived getting electrocuted lethally, ran away from the afterlife, she's hotter than Hell, oh, and her name is [[LouisCypher Lucy]]

[[WMG: Earl did finish his list and sold the rights to his story.]]
Raising Hope definitely takes place in the same universe. Earl selling the rights to his story is why The Movie poster and the show can be seen in some Season 2 episodes.

[[WMG: Virginia voice over in the second episode will be her telling the judge what happen during the two parter.]]
The preview for the third episode shows her with a gun and would of gotten her or the Chances get arrested.

[[WMG: Lucy is a descendant of Rasputin]]
It explains a lot, such as her craziness and how she survived electrocution...