Qwop is a robot:

When the game says "our training program was under-funded," what it really means is they didn't have enough money to upgrade his motor functions beyond 'stumble around like a drunk and then fall over.'
  • Or, due to the aforemention money constraints, they couldn't put his motor functions controller in his body, and must now be controlled manually.
  • Or, the country couldn't afford time or money to properly train a human athlete so they brought in a Ridiculously Human Robot instead.
  • The way Qwop moves makes me think of some kid of legless alien species trying to fugure out how a human body works.
Qwop comes from a nation where everyone is paralyzed

Just taking a single step is considered a great feat, and getting into the Olympics is like attaining immortality. No matter how you play the game Qwop will still return home a hero.