WMG / Project Zomboid

From a Meta standpoint, Project Zomboid will be a Yin-Yang Clash.

If you look at PZ's website, they make it clear that Failure Isthe Only Option. Most of their features-to-be-added are ones that add to that inevitability. One of the NPCs you're with might decide to snap. You get infected... not with The Virus, but with some disease that will get everyone you're with sick. Food will spoil and go bad. It's as if Everything Is Trying to Kill You, and it's Working As Intended.

So what seems to be the problem? The gamers. We're told something is impossible, and we will not accept it. We find the path that the developers didn't think about. We're looking at your carefully planned route behind us as we skipped it. Given Die-Via-X or Die-Via-Y, we'll choose Live-Via-Four. I'm well aware I've made my point.

What will happen, according to my Wild Mass Guessing, will be a constant struggle between the developers designing the game for one outcome... and the players who've quickly figured out the existing ways-to-survive who maintain other option. Which the developers will ruin those ways in the name of balance. Which will cause the players to adapt, which'll force the developers to nerf again..

Tee-Ell-Dee-Arr: Failure Isthe Only Option only be true in Project Zomboid for brief (or semi-brief) moments of its life.