[[WMG:President West is Power Nelson, the Future Man]]
Power Nelson, the Future Man, was a FlyingBrick superhero who existed in an {{alternate reality}} where the free world was conquered by Emperor Seng I in the 1990s after the Second and Third World Wars. His Secret Identity was Gene West, who wore an Eyepatch, much like President West does.

This is odd because Emperor Seng II, presumably the successor to Emperor Seng I, is a member of the Supremacy, the secret council of Super-Villains -- and so is President West. We can only assume that Gene West was corrupted and threw his lot in with the super-villains.
* Confirmed as of the first issue of Chapter II.

[[WMG: Captain Future is a TakeThat to NinetiesAntiHero archetype.]]
Maybe to Garth Ennis too.
* how so?

[[WMG: Dare is the biological daughter of one of the Death-Defying 'Devils]]
It seems like it since her costume could be more then just an homage and even has two hand weapons like DDD has.

[[WMG: The ''Blackcross'' version of the American Spirit is that world's counterpart to the one from the original ''Project Superpowers''.]]
It is murdering the counterparts to the heroes in the Urn in order to keep the two Earths from merging, as The Green Lama told his counterpart they are attempting to do.

[[WMG: Alternately, the American Spirit is trying to keep the heroes in the Urn because it knows they are needed on their native Earth more than on the ''Blackcross'' Earth.]]
This might also be why it waited so long to guilt-trip the Yank into freeing the heroes: they were needed at ''that specific time'' and not any sooner.