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[[WMG: The father is dead]]
It turns out his wounds were more severe than he'd thought. Cube, the ''demon'' butler is the one who interacts with the townsfolk for you, and possibly with your daughter, as well.
* It's possible he just strolled out of Hell; it's only a few miles outside town, anyway.
* She is your daughter and you've come [[BackFromTheDead back from the grave]] to raise her.
* Or this is your task in [[EveryoneIsJesusInPurgatory Purgatory]].

[[WMG: ''Everyone'' is dead]]
[[EveryoneIsJesusInPurgatory ...and in purgatory]].

[[WMG: Why Cube serves you Theory 1]]
So, we never find out why Cube is serving you. But we do know that the hero fought against Lucifon's army of demons. So, I was wondering. What if the hero killed Cube's parents when he was just a baby, and then realizing he left a baby orphaned, he took him in. But realizing how contradictory it would seem to raise a demon after what he did, he decided for the sake of appearances to put the child in service to him. (it would put Cube in perfect marrying age for the daughter too)
* {{Jossed}}: Supplementary materials imply that Lucifon explicitly sent Cube to serve the PlayerCharacter as [[WorthyOpponent acknowledgement of his victory]].

[[WMG: It takes place in the same universe/time and place as ''{{Manga/Berserk}}'']]
First of all, the father is a [[PrivateMilitaryContractors wandering swordsman]], of which the world of ''Berserk'' is chock full with. The two main characters, Guts and Griffith, both are mercenaries, suggesting that the father/player character might be either of those. Then, of course, there is the war against demons, who are also not exactly rare in ''Berserk'', and especially hell being so damn close, which might point to ''Berserk'''s Eclipse. Also, in both works everyone seems to be totally a-okay with said demons and other magical stuff, as though they are already used to it, even though magic users are rare and magical beasts are horrifying. The kings on both works are [[DirtyOldMan Dirty Old Men]], and while in ''Berserk'' [[spoiler:the king has a crush on his daughter Charlotte]], the father in ''Princess Maker'' [[IncestIsRelative can marry his daugher]]. Last but not least, the AnachronismStew of both works looks remarkably similar with its weird mixture of medieval to Rococo influences. The red Rococo-esque gown one can purchase for the daughter even looks quite similar to one Caska wears at a ball.
Of course, this heaps a whole new layer of FridgeHorror unto the whole father/daughter thing.

[[WMG: Venezaro is a brother of The Dirty Old Man.]]