[[WMG:[[Memes/TVTropes The Business Magnet]] [[Series/DoctorWho is a Time Lord...]]]]

...and The Time-Lapse is his TARDIS.
* From where do you know how his time machine is called?
* The Time-Lapse doesn't resemble the TARDIS from far away. It doesn't have the BiggerOnTheInside thing, and it works [[TimeAndRelativeDimensionsInSpace more H. G. Wells style, but with space travel included.]]
** ...[[TimeyWimeyBall It is still a time machine.]]
** [[CompletelyMissingThePoint Why a page called]] [[TropeNamer Time and Relative Dimensions in Space]] [[PotHole is linked?]] You clearly are a Doctor Who fan.
*** No, I'm not.
* Alternatively, Aperture Science à la Portal: The 4th Millennium franchise is the predecessor to the Time Lords' species, and they all are using the model of the Business Magnet and the technologies of both The Time-Lapse and any Aperture product with portals inside for their own shenanigans.
* No. I have a better WMG. The Business Magnet is Lord English, and Portal: The 4th Millennium franchise is Homestuck retold through his mind, with OFU Portal: The 4th Millennium Edition being equivalent to Act 7 (the Warweary Serket/Lord English dies) and the other parts being original.
** And how precisely...?
*** His class in Sburb is Lord and he is in a one player session.
*** Listen, so what are we going to do about a certain series by [=ASBusinessMagnet=] called ''Caliborn's Stories''?
*** Guys. GUYS. In the [=MarrissaTheWriter=] stories, [=ASBusinessMagnet=] is known as Principal Business Man. And what did Caliborn just call himself in [=A6A6A4=]? "A GOD DAMN BUSINESS MAN". I rest my case.

[[WMG:Portal: The 4th Millennium franchise was actually made up by [=GLaDOS=].]]

After the events of Portal 2 and Peer Review, [=GLaDOS=] was still not quite satisfied with the society she founded, and instead she [[WishFulfillment made up an ideal society]] with herself as the ruler of the world and married to a perfect substitute for Cave Johnson. That also explains how Chell, the dangerous mute lunatic, is AlwaysChaoticEvil and Wheatley, the dumbest moron who ever lived, gets little to no appearances at all.


->The Portal: The 4th Millennium franchise is pure [=GLaDOS=] sarcasm.

* Or probably we're just dealing with a Portal fan with a heart made for [=GLaDOS=].
** Yeah? The Business Magnet himself claimed that the Collaborative Disposition Test assigned him to Wheatley, and [[RougeAnglesOfSatin thears]] no way [[FoeYay GLaDOS/Wheatley]] [[http://dl.dropbox.com/u/29956148/PoaL3007_dEFACED.jpeg is happening.]]
*** [[AliceAndBob B:]] Well I do write it, what now? A: then you are a [[FanFic/MyImmortal prep poser]]
* [=GLaDOS=] ''deliberately'' wanted to make the Business Magnet into a [[MarySue Marty Stu]] so that he would look like a [[SelfInsertFic self-insert]] while she would go on unnoticed.
** Why there is a problem in [=GLaDOS=] making herself into a self-insert? She is already a canon Portal series character.
*** There is no problem in [=GLaDOS=] making herself into a self-insert, there is a problem in [=GLaDOS=] making herself into a ''[[PossessionSue Mary Sue]]''.

[[WMG:Alternatively, it was made up by [[Literature/CharlieAndTheChocolateFactory Violet Beauregarde]].]]

The events of ''Violet and the Horrible Fanfic Writer'' are what really happened, with Violet having a series of prophetic and increasingly confusing dreams, some of which had even made her temporarily forget she was ever Violet.
* Except she's really Marrissa Roberts.
** Wait, what?

[[WMG:There is no "Ms. Johnson-Rattmann "interdimensionalPortaller""...]]

How in the beginning of Portal 2: The Stupidest Sequel of All Time she seems friendly and you could sympathize with her, yet in the later works this is not the case? "She" obviously is just a manifestation of the Business Magnet's [[JekyllAndHyde good/evil/whatever side]], the one who wants Portal: The 4th Millennium franchise destroyed and took the position of Chell from the real Business Magnet's fics to consciously talk to him. The conflict between them is the driving force of the franchise, which without it is just a boring alternate history.
* You're technically correct, as Portal: The 4th Millennium franchise is a compendium of fictional works and all the characters are fictional, and hence, play out in the Business Magnet's mind.
** [[WriteWhoYouKnow sbrown? irenicPie? Marrissa? Skepkitty?]]
*** They're like fictional counterparts of the real characters, since the Business Magnet can't write characters in character very well and distorts their personality traits.
* Okay how about [[http://www.formspring.me/interPortaller here]] and [[https://twitter.com/#!/interPortaller here]] and [[http://www.fanfiction.net/u/3586649/interdimensionalPortaller here]] and [[http://www.mspaforums.com/member.php?1077413-interdimensionalPortaller here]]?

[[WMG:The "Aperture Science Business Electromagnet" and "[=GLaDOS=] for Workgroups" are past ATLAS and P-body.]]

Empress Contine Overseer, after seeing the Electromagnet and [=GLaDOS=] for Workgroups as a fatal threat if they started acting on their own free will's accord, took her time to restrain them, degrade them to barely functional androids (which means personality cores attached to robotic arms and legs), destroying their speech modules in the process, then dematerialize them and make them into building schemes and then send them to past [=GLaDOS=] from Land of Portal: Prelude. That also means [=GLaDOS=] is testing ''her future android self''.
* Didn't [=GLaDOS=] still call them "killing machines" in Peer Review? That would defeat the purpose of the whole plan.
** For her own personal purposes.
* Also, didn't she also mention ATLAS and P-body were based on scientific calculators?
** She mistook Empress Contine for a scientific calculator [[Letters2Numbers becau5e 0f her unu5ual le3t5pe4k]].
* And ''how the hell the Electromagnet and [=GLaDOS=] for Workgroups are a fatal threat to an universal empire??''
** The Electromagnet and [=GLaDOS=] for Workgroups actually use psychological methods of defeating their enemies in conjunction with brute force, and they just turn out to be people Empress Contine knew personally and was quite attached to them.
*** Shouldn't that make ''them'' not want to harm ''her'' as well?
*** Reprogramming themselves?

[[WMG:Portal: The 4th Millennium franchise is a modern retelling of the [[Literature/TheBible New Testament]].]]

The Business Magnet [[EveryoneIsJesusInPurgatory is Jesus Christ]]. The other twelve main characters are the apostles. Chell is Judas Iscariot. Judas got the Jerusalem court people to kill Jesus (and then he was resurrected on the third day), Chell is getting ever closer to defeating the Business Magnet.
* Just like the New Testament, Portal: The 4th Millennium franchise is composed of only-interconnected-by-plot works: the Gospel (Portal 2: The Stupidest Sequel of All Time), Works of the Apostles (Project: Midnight, The Inevitable Sunset) and even an apocalyptic story (either Session #257 or Lena Bestselerovna: The Real Fail).
* The real life author has admitted that he is an "avid" Christian and lets the Christian ideologies [[AuthorTract flow onto]] Portal: The 4th Millennium franchise, which could possibly even mean that the author is actually aiming for [[MedievalStasis the next Middle Ages]] in the rise of, well, the 4th millennium.
** How the hell is the Middle Ages topic related?
*** [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medieval_history_of_Christianity#High_Middle_Ages_.28800.E2.80.931299.29 Christianity was basically]] [[IncrediblyLamePun the god]] of the Middle Ages.
* Just because The Eleven is a LastSupperSteal we don't need to make this into a WMG.

[[WMG:Portal: The 4th Millennium franchise, through [[StableTimeLoop Weird Time Shit]] and LostInTranslation, became ''Webcomic/MSPaintAdventures''.]]

The author's descendant in 2422 made the complete franchise into a conlang which is the Frog Temple hieroglyphs and sent it to the location of Jade's Island ca. 413,000,000 BC. Andrew Hussie then found them in the 2000s, hired an expert linguist to decode hieroglyphs and made them into MSPA.
* In this list, -> means "became".
** Empress Contine -> The Condesce/Betty Crocker
*** Mainly because the Crocker "spoon" switching to the "fork" mirrors the BP Development "Center" turning into "€mpire".
*** [[https://twitter.com/#!/ASBusinessMagne/status/154896675050242049 Contine's mishap with a weapon store -> Jane Crocker's mishap with a mailbox]]
** Sweet Chell and Hella Marrissa -> Webcomic/SweetBroAndHellaJeff
*** Though, the character Marrissa Roberts -> Marquise Mindfang.
** The Eleven -> ten of the twelve trolls ''and'' undyingUmbrage, with Equius, Gamzee and uranianUmbra being derived from somewhere else entirely
** [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5898984/14/Portal_2_The_Stupidest_Sequel_of_All_Time "Portal 2"]] and [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5898984/15/Portal_2_The_Stupidest_Sequel_of_All_Time "Portal 2: Episode One"]] parts of Portal 2: The Stupidest Sequel of All Time -> Discs One and Two of Homestuck
*** Portal 2: Episode One speculated storyline even has a chapter titled "Act 2 - Raise of the Conductor's Baton".
*** Which is really a direct link to the equivalent act in Homestuck.
** GL@DDA Magnet also seems a suitable model for the Handmaid.
** Portal 2: The Stupidest Webcomic of All Time -> [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=006565 [S] Jane: Enter]]
* There is still one major flaw in the idea: Decoding languages is not as easy as it seems. You would need reference to the historical, or, in this case, contemporary world, and Portal: The 4th Millennium franchise is only very loosely based on the popular culture, even inventing a "popular culture" of its own.
** And? It still has tropes, and it's not like bringing some rocks to the geological history will make TV Tropes disappear.
*** You can't discern tropes from a language you don't understand!
*** False. You could find an example of DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment by just checking for words that repeat persistently and aren't the articles or pronouns (i.e. short enough to be such).
* No, there's another reason why sometimes the Business Magnet says something Andrew incorporates into his story later: Andrew is secretly spying on this author.
** Yeah yeah, just as Valve.

[[WMG:Lydia "[=MinecraftChick=]" Winters forced the author into making up GL@DDA Magnet.]]

Before her involvement with Mojang she was researching psychic abilities and mind control, and made [=ASBusinessMagnet=] to become her eternal lover and make up the time traveling phantom of her timeline that we know now. Lydia was in such a cat and mouse game for two years, until the author met several others who played Minecraft, and she decided "fuck it I'm becoming a Minecraft fangirl" to the point of joining Mojang and becoming the host of [=MineCon=] 2011.

[[WMG:Portal: The 4th Millennium franchise will fail to relaunch on 2011-12-24.]]

I think this one is fairly obvious. [[FanworkBan A lawsuit from Valve.]]
* [[AffectionateParody This is the Business Magnet speaking,]] and I honestly don't care if Valve ever hands me out a lawsuit and since they stole so many things from me ''I'' should actually file a lawsuit to ''them'', okay?
** Such speeches will get you nowhere, Mr. Magnet. You clearly were inspired by Valve, and hence only they can take legal action upon you.
* In all seriousness though, Valve doesn't seem to mind fan output. ''[[http://www.portalprelude.com/2008/09/day-three-knock-knock-its-valve.php Portal: Prelude]]'' could simply go on its way even after the creators opened the donation link, so one could guess Valve's opinion on fanwork is "[[MoneyDearBoy as long as it increases our number of sales]]".
* Well, it seems this is now [[https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WgS_MkNk7zSLOEMLKknzh2Zh_VM8XCZZf3BRPQkIL1Q/edit jossed]].

[[WMG:The Business Magnet is [[RenegadeRussian neo-Communist.]]]]

First there is the epilogue to ''Portal 2: The Stupidest Sequel of All Time'', claiming the next fic will be set in "the Soviet Union", even though the real Soviet Union should have dissolved thirty-eight years ago, then there is the prologue to ''The Inevitable Sunset'', where one of the Business Magnet's works is "that Gorbachev never became the General Secretary of the Soviet Union Communist Party and hence Lithuanian Sąjūdis never formed and hence the Soviet Union survived until this day", which is pretty obvious neo-Communism.
* Not to mention the parody of [[UsefulNotes/{{Lithuania}} the January Events]] (Lithuania vs. the Soviet Union) named "Session #257 1-13" (Empress Contine vs. [[{{Shipping}} The Shippers]]).
** [[IncrediblyLamePun The Union of Shippers with a Sexual Reference?]]
--->'''The Business Magnet:''' No beginning-of-January-murder this year? I'm very disappointed, Empress Contine. Very very very very disappointed.
* We ''just'' figured out that he is Christian, and communism is ''against'' religion...
** Two sides of the Business Magnet. One Christian, and one communist.
*** So basically the same as the "There is no "Ms. Johnson-Rattmann "interdimensionalPortaller""..." WMG?
*** No. That one was about the author being split into "the Business Magnet" and "interdimensionalPortaller". This one is about the author being split into having [[IfJesusThenAliens conflicting ideologies.]]

[[WMG:"Invader [=GLaDOS=]" is Alternate Future Skepkitty.]]

In her timeline, ''[[FanFic/{{ITSMYLIFE}} ITS MY LIFE!]]'' still was written and the author had found [[Blog/TheHalfWorld Skepkitty's blog]], but never got attached to ''WesternAnimation/InvaderZim'', which led to a stagnation of ''Portal: The 4th Millennium'' franchise, which [[OurVampiresAreDifferent ABSOLUTELY MUST drain a fandom it hasn't already drained]]. Hence, Skepkitty went back in time, made the [[http://portal-the-4th-millennium.wikia.com/wiki/File:Invader_GLaDOS.jpg crappy deviations]] of [=GLaDOS=] as an Invader, and told Numbuh400 about it, indirectly pushing [=ASBusinessMagnet=] towards the "right" side of ''Invader Zim'' fans.
* That is one DEVIATION. Not many DEVIATIONS. Lrn 2 grammar.
** Others were lost forever.
* [=SkepSprite=]?
** No, as that would be too much like Davesprite, and Jaspersprite too as there's the "kitty" in Skepkitty's name, and she's too much like Rose Lalonde already-
*** Skepkitty ''is'' Rose Lalonde. Or rather, her separate identity, the one who'd rather stay grimdark. Hence, Rose's and Skepkitty's descensions are one and the same.
*** Skepkitty's descension involved a crystal ball, a ray gun and a doorstopper of the dark arts. Rose's descension involved neither of these.
** Or probably [[spoiler:this Skep and [=ASBusinessMagnet=] were thrown into one kernelsprite, providing us with a PG-rated alternative to how Marissa had Dib fuse them!]]
*** Except [[spoiler:Tavros and Vriska really were.]]
*** [[spoiler:Skepkitty/Tavros OTP. I mean, alter!ASBM and Vriska already were married!]]
* [[color:#876511:Skepkitty would like to mention that she approves of this theory.]]
** Of which one? The one where she drew [=GLaDOS=] as an Irken, or the one where she is Rose Lalonde?
*** Of course it's the one where she is Rose Lalonde you blubbering imbecile, she responded to Irken![=GLaDOS=] with a NoJustNoReaction.
*** [[color:#876511:I mostly approve of it because it's insane.]]
*** You still didn't say which theory specifically you approve of. There are two under one WMG.
*** [[color:#876511:I am a creature of mystery.]]
* Also did you ever realize Skepkitty is dark-haired? THE HALF-WORLD BOOK ONE COVER LIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEES.
** Too bad. She has already latched onto it.
*** Hello? SKEPKITTY IS A HE. The entire WMG is invalidated.
*** You mean "jossed."
*** Whatever.
** [[color:#876511:I also have arms, pupils, light skin, and better fashion sense than Homestuck!me does, just for the record.]]
* And, as Division of Doom showed, Skepkitty epically failed, because ''Invader Zim'' acts as means of slowing the franchise down, not speeding it up.
* In your "alternate timeline", was ''FanFic/InvaderZimBornAgainChristian'' posted?
** Probably not? The author not being a fan of ''Invader Zim'' - different state of The Half-World, probably without ''Holes'' since there is no demand for ''Portal'' fanfics - through butterflies, Loveable Freak does not make her comment - no IZ:BAC.
*** Loveable Freak? Insane Guy of DOOM was actually inspired by ''his own'' comment on Zim Born Again.

[[WMG:GL@DDA Magnet isn't actually an incarnation of [=GLaDOS=]…]]

But rather of Zim's base/"I <3 Earth" house. Compare the color schemes of both. I dare you.
* That also explains her strange name: Gir's Likeness @ Doomy Dooms of Aperture Magnet.
** I thought it was [[GodNeverSaidThat Genetic Lifeform @ Didactic Deity]] [[JustForFun/TVTropesWillRuinYourVocabulary Aversion]] Magnet?
*** Let's agree my title is way much catchier.
** Also, it isn't technically "God Never Said That" but instead "God Meant to Say That but Was Never Asked".
*** Too long as a trope name.
*** Also, it's pretty much an unique case when these all people are just part of God's imagination.

[[WMG:The ITS MY LIFE! canon is the true post-Scratch Portal: The 4th Millennium franchise.]]

Pre-Scratch, the Business and GL@DDA Magnets are Cave and Caroline Johnsons' successors. Post-Scratch, Gabe Jonson and Caralion are Principals Business Man's and [=GLaDOS=]'s successors.
* Similarly, Marrissa Roberts is Ms. Johnson-Rattmann "interdimensionalPortaller", with the remake of canon in her own favor taken UpToEleven. You see, she couldn't accept that she was really Chell, so, since they still shared parents, she assumed she was Chell's sister instead.
** ''And'' Wheatley is her husband, corresponding to the author's intentions of making Wheatley Chell's mate in her own fics.
*** Jossed by ''The Chronicles of DA SUs'', as there Chell, Marissa Roberts ''and'' "Principle" [=InterdimensionalPortaller=] are three distinct characters.
** ''And'' THOSE JERK ROBOTS Altas and P-Boy had a similar problem, not being able to accept they were really Principals Business Man and [=GLaDOS=], and hence their character development went haywire with their discovery of drugs and beer.
** ''And'' the ''Blue Portals'' Development Centre made its way in as Teen Fortress 2, with the favorite [[CaptainErsatz Captains Ersatz]] Denis and Carla Grants re-appearing as Scout and Pyro.
*** ''And'' Pyro later realized herself as Tanya Lockwood, just as 0ver5e3r realized herself as Contine Overseer.
** ''And'' hence ITS MY LIFE!, TEEN FORTRESS 2 and [[https://docs.google.com/document/d/1f2-6gM-bSu2gyHQnFzg6ZybsgPXVCvh0TdhkssXFWzY/edit?hl=en_US the fake third story]] correspond to > SWITCHES 2, 3 and 1 respectively in Era 2.
** How about [[SealedEvilInACan Love Knows No Race?]]
*** [[NiceJobBreakingItHero It originally was this page.]] Both are magnets of only the most nonsensical of plot twists.

[[WMG:Wheatley was based on the Business Magnet (think as a character, not in-universe).]]

Let's see... both are European males with the theme color blue who, in the far future, have taken over Aperture with [=GLaDOS=] by their sides... hmm...
* [[UsefulNotes/WithEuropeButNotOFIt Wheatley is British. Not European. Huge difference.]]
** Wheatley is a weird fusion of the Business Magnet and irenicPie. She's British and a "derp".
*** You mean like a child.
*** You're a Magnetic Pie shipper? Isn't that, like, explicitly jossed?
*** Sounds like the [[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic character name Pinkie Pie.]]

[[WMG:The Business Magnet is BackFromTheDead [[Literature/HarryPotter Lord Voldemort.]]]]

We all know the history of ''Harry Potter'' was deliberately corrupted for the use of the franchise (e.g. James and Lily really ''did'' die in a car crash and in 1986). So? Lord Voldemort used one of his Horcruxes that were never found during ''Deathly Hallows'' to return to life as the Business Magnet and attempted to dedicate his life to spreading the lies, but in the progress became a ''Portal'' fan and the desecrator of fandoms that we know.
* Chell Johnson and Doug Rattmann are (or at least how Voldemort views) Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley. That explains the circumstances of James' and Lily's death. Chell and Doug were made for each other from the point of their birth.
** Wasn't Doug born in the 1970s?
*** Convenient time travel.
** So Voldemort's mortal enemy somehow switched from Harry/Doug to Ginny/Chell?
* And that explains his title, "the Evil Lord…"
* The franchise even included Voldemort/the Business Magnet having a love interest, to contradict pre-1998 Voldemort's not-capable-of-understanding-love stance.
* Should be grouped with Time Lord/Lord English [=WMGs=].

[[WMG:The Business Magnet is an Irken Invader.]]

The photos of "him" are really of his human disguise, which for some reason he never wears. Not being able to disguise himself properly, instead of acting in real life he has decided to act on the Internet, claiming to be a Lithuanian. [[CanadaDoesNotExist There are no Lithuanians on the Internet!]]
* 2008 December 24 was when he arrived to the Earth.
* The language he claims is "Lithuanian" is really [[IndoEuropeanAlienLanguage a language used by members of a species the Irkens conquered,]] transcripted to Latin letters with the letters Q, W and X being forced entirely out and diacritics being added. And then he moved the letter Y to the middle of the alphabet.

[[WMG:Portal: The 4th Millennium franchise and Blog/TheHalfWorld will do a merger.]]

Self-explanatory if you read Born Again Christian.
-->Portal: The Fourth-World anyone?
* Does the co-MST of Dib's Other Sister count?
** No. A full merger. Imagine the fics that constitute Portal: The 4th Millennium franchise didn't exist, and the story was instead told through the occasional responses in the [=MSTs=].

[[WMG:Lumina Squires/Merchant Timetorn is Invader Cakez.]]

First, Cakez has admitted that she considers herself "humanoid" but not human, and Lumina is a [[RubberForeheadAlien Candy Corn Horn Alien]]. Second, Cakez has used a nickname "EE Lover" before, and Lumina is literally Enine Estel's Lover. (The nickname "Invader Cakez" probably was chosen to create a dissimile with the "pie girl".)
* Lumina's literature is about Sgrub and usually longer than the "[[UsefulNotes/NaNoWriMo PlaNoWriBiPe]]" limit of 50,000 words...
* Okay, I'm Cakez and right now I have a few comments: one, who's Lumina Squires, two, EE Lover was referring to my favorite breed of chicken, three, I have said that I consider myself not human due to the fact that I act so differently from everyone I know, and four, the nickname/alias Invader Cake was chosen due to an inside joke I had with a friend in which I was a cake combined with the obsession I had with Invader Zim. Also, I am more or less asexual so it is technically impossible to be someone's 'lover', le alone someone I've never heard of. That is all I have to contribute.
** One, it's [[http://img263.imageshack.us/img263/8374/faelumina.png this girl]] (and you can simply Website/{{Google}} the name in quotes), two, stop numbering your statements if one of them is a question and the other ones aren't.
** Are we going to say the theory is hence jossed or what?

[[WMG:interdimensionalPortaller is actually future [=ASBusinessMagnet=].]]

I was just thinking about how in Ascension of the Portaller-verse Fic #2, IP said to ASBM "I'm taking over your body." Now, that was nowhere near serious, but that, coupled with the story name Violet and the ''Horrible Fanfic Writer'' got me thinking - Perhaps ASBM is now living through a phase where she (seeing as she is a trans girl) is beginning to dissociate herself from the time when she used to be male, and it is only a matter of time before she starts going by interdimensionalPortaller and openly mocking whatever remains of her male version.
* That also explains why Portal: The 4th Millennium died in 2012 - because IP changed ASBM's story so much he couldn't consider the fact that he was really a she the stories created a time paradox and were shut down.
* But then who's empatheticAmazon?
** A glitch in the fabric of paradox space-time.
** Actually Chell from Portal 2, as well as a role model IP emulated.
* But then who's Doug Rattmann?
** Insane Guy of DOOM. It only makes sense for him to borrow the identity of the second most badass [=MarrissaTheWriter=] character after Marrissa herself.
* But I thought both ASBM and IP had different backstories and futures...
** Simple virtue of lying. IP lied about being in Bring your Daughter to Work Day (and the real Chell was killed after the events of Portal: The 4th Millennium version of Portal 1) and ASBM lied about being the CEO of Aperture (the real Aperture Science Business Magnet was created by, well, Aperture Science to replace Cave Johnson and/or [=GLaDOS=] in case either of them went rogue, and then the Lithuanian who would assume this identity was inspired by this story that was brought back in time.
*** Lying is a sin.
*** Shut up.
* [[color:#4040FF:Ah, this one has its own backstory. In 2009, before interdimensionalPortaller even existed, one of the ideas for proto-Portal: The 4th Millennium was that ASBM was created to be an exact copy of Chell... but then I realized they were two different genders.]]
* [[color:#4040FF:Also, I have no comment on myself being a trans girl.]]
** Oh come on, Magnet.
* ''Guess who called ASBM actually being a trans girl? ;D''
** Her chosen name isn't Chell, though, so I don't know what you're fretting about.
*** The fuck is a Loreta Asanavičiūtė anyways?
*** [[http://vimeo.com/43585117 The Girl and the Tanks]]. 'Nuff said.
*** You do realize I don't understand a word of that.
*** Don't care.