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[[folder:Player Characters and Friends/Rivals]]
[[WMG:Barry and Bianca are siblings.]]
* They look alike and have similar personalities. If that's true, that would explain why Barry didn't start his journey at the age of ten.
** We see both Barry's dad and Bianca's dad, and (unless Barry's dad retired, moved to Unova, and gained a lot of weight between Platinum and B/W) they're not the same person. We also see both their mothers, and there's no real indication of them being the same person either...I'd call this Jossed.

[[WMG: Fennel is Cheren's mother.]]
* I guess age really is just a number...
** She doesn't seem any younger than 32. Presuming you're in the 16 age range... Well, Delia in the anime had Ash at eighteen.
** Cheren's mother appears onscreen, though.

[[WMG: Fennel is related to the player character's mother from D/P/PT]]
They have the similar hair, and yeah...

[[WMG: Cheren is somehow related to Thorton, the battle frontier brain of the battle factory in Platinum.]]
* Well, they both are techies...

[[WMG: Bianca and Cheren are Barry and Dawn's children]]
It's never stated when this takes place, so it could be a considerable amount of time between this game and DPPT. They look a lot like them, as well.
* ...Barry trying to prevent his daughter from going on a journey? He'd be more likely to grab his balls himself and join in with her, decapitating any boys that dare make eyes at his daughter with his Staraptor.
** Barry went through a Heroic BSOD because of Pokemon... (No accentuated e)
* They'd never do this. The Cynthia/Dawn shippers would literally have their heads on a pike.
** Pokemon has never, ever been about the shipping, despite what some people like to think. Besides, Game Freak has zero obligation to cater to a pairing that turns a mentor character into a pedophile.
** I can't see any characters being the children of two protagonists ''together''. Maybe separate though.

[[WMG: Red will not appear this gen]]
But Leaf will. Red has appeared in every gen, but Leaf has only appeared in a non-canon role for [=FRLG=]. With all the throwbacks to Kanto and Johto, why not include the original Kanto girl? It's the perfect time to introduce her. If she isn't in [=BW=], expect her in the potential Hoenn remakes, since Hoenn and Kanto took place at around the same time. Maybe she could have been the person who saved Sevii instead of Red, and thus she is referenced. Or maybe she appears in Hoenn, since she's not in Kanto or Johto.
* Apparently, none of the old characters are showing up, so {{Jossed}}. Dangit, that would've been cool.
** We always have Hoenn..
*** ''If'' we have Hoenn.
* Cynthia's in Unova. They can still appear. Oak isn't appearing, but that means nothing for anyone else.
** Somewhat {{Jossed}}. You do not battle Leaf, but she may appear as an overworld sprite.
*** Like Jasmine in Diamond. Pearl, and Platinum.
*** Maybe Leaf will give you a sidequest?
** Jossed in ''Black'' and ''White'' , though the generation isn't over.
* Completely Jossed as of [=B2W2=]: Red appears in the Pokémon World Tournament, and Leaf is nowhere to be seen.

[[WMG: You, Cheren, and Bianca are sixteen]]
Well, it's unknown what their ages are right now. Red is the only protagonist with a confirmed age, which is eleven. He's fourteen as of [[VideoGame/PokemonGoldAndSilver HGSS]]. Thirteen to fifteen isn't exactly a large age difference from the other protagonists. You also do resemble someone of that age group.
* None of the playable characters look unambiguous age-wise - all we know is that they're children. Lyra and Dawn could be particularly flat 15-year-olds for all we know.
** If Red was eleven then we can assume that's the age for other protagonists that look as young as he did, until said otherwise. The Unova gang seems older looking then them though.
* And N's considered an adult, but looks about our age... who knows?
** N is addressed as a "boy" in some of the localization guides, so even that's not guaranteed (though 17-20 seems like a safe bet).

[[WMG: Bianca and Barry are cousins through their father's side.]]
Palmer and Bianca's father are brothers, and it was the former's hyperactivity and over-the-top enthusiasm for Pokémon that put Bianca's father off them, probably not helped by hearing about some of Palmer's close calls, which convinced him they were too dangerous for Bianca to go out and train. Alternatively, Palmer told his brother about what Barry's childhood friend was up to on Mount Coronet, which sent him into a panic over his daughter's safety.
* This was ''exactly'' what [[Tropers/{{Coolman229}} I]] was thinking!

[[WMG: The main character is a robot created by Prof. Juniper.]]
The main character is a robot created by Professor Juniper in an experiment to create the ultimate Pokémon master. Hence the ‘Tell me your name’ and ‘Let me introduce you to your best friends!’

Cheren and Bianca are, in fact, paid actors taking part in the experiment, used to watch the main character on his/her journey.
* ^ What a twist!
** [[Music/{{Vocaloid}} Ko-ko-ro.....]]
** The main character can't tell Juniper his/her name if he/she doesn't know/can't remember it, so {{Jossed}}.
*** Not necessarily. Maybe the professor has actually programmed your name into your memory circuits, and the whole 'What's your name?' spiel is simply testing to see whether you've booted up right, similar how you ask someone who's just passed out what their name is, or where they are. She phrases it like she doesn't know so that you sink deeper into the illusion that you're a real person.
* By the same token, any main character except R/S/E might be a robot. They all have the same sort of intro with the "meet your BFF since forever" thing.
** Perhaps instead of the ultimate Pokemon master, the professors are creating robotic superheroes/special agents. They're programmed with the goal of filling the pokedex and (subliminally) becoming the Champion so they will amass a team of powerful pokes, and they are made in the appearance of [[KidHero innocent children]] so that they will make an appealing target to bad guys. This didn't work with Ghetsis, so they made the robot a teenager instead, since teenagers are even ''better'' at getting into trouble.
* This could also explain how little the hero talks, and why they seem to parse everything into "Yes/No" questions; it's an input/output format they understand.

[[WMG: The main character's mother is a robot.]]
* Possibly also created by Juniper in an effort to make the main character have the best Pokemon journey ever. Why else would a woman whose house has just been destroyed act as if it's all in a day's work? There's also the fact that she smiles endlessly and can find you out in the world within seconds of calling you.

[[WMG: Bianca's father is abusive.]]
* When you first enter Bianca's house, you walk in on Dad vehemently berating her while her mom stands in the kitchen, facing the scene, implying she's trying to hide. Bianca's response is a scared attempt at rebuttal. When she realized you saw the tail end of the battle, her response (Oh... It's OK. ...It's fine!) before shifting to the lab comes off as somewhere between SuspiciouslySpecificDenial and FalseReassurance. Talking to Mom gives the implication she's trying to defend him. And if you speak to her before Cheren while they're in front of the lab, you catch her right after telling Cheren a secret...
** Or perhaps she's talking to the player there. She says "That's a secret, okay?", because she doesn't want Cheren to know about the situation the player just witnessed.
* And when they meet again in Nimbasa, we get this gem. After Dad chews her out over leaving, which turns into a discussion of their differing opinions, Elesa steps in and gives a pep-talk:
-->'''Elesa:''' There are people whose way of thinking may be completely different from yours. Sometimes, this means you may get hurt.
-->'''Bianca's Dad:''' Of course!
** Nah... he's just an OverprotectiveDad.
* It gets worse. The entire game is implied to have been kickstarted by the moms of our three main characters -- at one point, I think your mom tells you that she and the other women planned to get the three main characters out on an adventure -- and yet Bianca's father has no idea that she's planning to leave. Bianca's mom was helping her escape an abusive situation.

[[WMG: Bianca is adopted.]]
* Imagine a couple who couldn't have children. They adopt a little blond girl (doesn't match the hair of either one of them) and coddle her lovingly, doing most difficult things for her - thus accidentally making her grow up into a clumsy one. The father's overprotectiveness makes perfect sense and even more so the way he clings to the idea of family. Confronting Elesa, he speaks of "the way WE do things", desperately trying to appeal to the "family" element.

[[WMG: Hilbert/Touya's design represents Autumn and Winter while Hilda/Touko's design represents Spring and Summer.]]
I couldn't help but notice how the way they dressed made them seem kind of ill-prepared for weather changes. I mean, it's a little less jarring with Touya, but can you imagine walking in snow/hail wearing shortshorts? So yeah, it just makes me think that Touya is dressed for the Autumn and Winter seasons and Touko is dressed for Spring and Summer.
* Which means if they had default names, Black's would be the following: Hilbert, Black, Austin (for Autumn), and Wendell (for Winter)
** And conversely, White's would be: Hilda, White, Rin (for Spring), and Summer (obvious)

[[WMG:Hilbert and Hilda are fraternal twins.]]
I couldn't help but realize that they look entirely alike with the exception of gender and eye color, but genetics and not being identical can handwave the minor difference. Skin tone is the same, hair color is the same, they are both sixteen, and they even have similar hats, names, and height. Separated at birth maybe?
** A few people have speculated Red and Leaf are separated fraternal twins due to their many similarities (read "They're opposite gender clones of each other, down to the clothing colors"), and these protagonists parallel them and Red's journey.. So it's a good theory.

[[WMG:Bianca's childish and ditzy nature is a front.]]
Think about it: we know that her father is at the very least overprotective, if not actually abusive. Perhaps Bianca's fallen into the habit of acting like a childish idiot as a coping mechanism, or else to stave off harsher punishments than fighting back (you would act more infantile than you were too, if your father was abusing you and it would make him leave you alone). Either that or she's come to believe that she really is childish and in need of protection, because that's the way her father treats her, whether she is or not.

[[WMG:The player character's father has a job that requires him to go overseas.]]
Maybe he's in the armed forces, or a pilot, or something.

[[WMG:The player character's father is Lt. Surge.]]
EarlyInstallmentWeirdness on him being called the Lightning American. He's really the Lightning Unovan.

[[WMG: The player character and N are descended from the two brothers, respectively.]]
It would be fitting.
* Which one depends on which version you're playing, [[AlternateUniverse naturally]]. Though maybe for some irony, or to be even more fitting to the yin-yang motifs, you and N could be descendants of the brother that used the ''opposite'' dragon that you use.

[[WMG: Hilbert is descended from Hilda.]]
There is a theory going on that Pokémon Black is a futuristic version of Pokémon White. If this is the case, assuming you go with Hilbert being Black and Hilda being White, then Hilda was alive long before Hilbert was even born. And Hilbert and Hilda sure do look alike....
* Given that you can chose either PC in either game, which character is descended from which would depend on who you chose and what game you're playing.

[[WMG: Hilbert and Hilda are the same person, and are [[GenderSwap Gender Swaps]] of each other]]
They look very alike, have incredibly similar sounding names in either language, have the same mother, have the same best friends, go on the same adventure with all the same people. They aren't separate characters at all, but the same person in two different genders. This is why you never see the other character during the game.
* Except in Battle Subway, when you register for a tag battle without your friends.
** And then you find out that [[WesternAnimation/AdventureTime the opposite-gendered protagonist was created by Ghetsis for a fanfiction]].

[[WMG: The PC's mother is a protagonist from one of the other games]]
The game mentions that the mother used to be a trainer, and she "just happened" to have a pair of running shoes lying around. It's highly likely that she's one of the previous generation's protagonist, and is passing her trainer knowledge along to her child.
* She doesn't match any previous design though. Also her age is a problem. She's in her 30s at least. All other female protagonists were in their tweenage years. If the games take place 5 - 15 years in the future from DPPT then that doesn't match up.

[[WMG: The "King" mentioned in the Abyssal Ruins is the Black/White 1 player character.]]
Archaeologists have simply mistaken it for a burial site of an ancient king due to the texts it contains. However, the ruins contains no tomb but a lot of treasures, practically the opposite of what you'd expect a burial site to have. Abyssal Ruins has always been underwater, which is why the treasures are still there--to keep grave robbers out until the player character arrives.

If it's not a burial site, then what is it? This was a test of wisdom for the player character, and the texts written there is actually a prophecy. The text is in the language of the player character, a language the ancients would've been unlikely to use (only written in code, right to left, bottom to top), and within it are directions on how to get to the end. That is, you are not following instructions meant for some ancient king. The Abyssal Ruins are rightfully the player character's, and the directions are meant for him/her.

As for the rest of the text, the first three floors are a set of standards for the Hero of Unova--the 2nd and 3rd floors read much like a contract. That is, they contain a series of statements, then "X if agreed." By doing X, the player character vows to the ancients who built the ruins to fulfill those standards, and the ancients allow the player character to keep going forward.

The 4th and final floor's text is much more cryptic, but it all comes together when you realize two of the statements are switched. It reads:

King defeated ③ alone. ④ joined King in a day. King called ⑤ beings. King is hope and future. The great King ⑥.

③ and ④ are switched between the Black and Black 2 versions and the White and White 2 versions. Thus, ③ must be the ancients' name for Zekrom, and ④ for Reshiram, and this text referring to the climactic fight against N, where N uses Zekrom or Reshiram, and the player character temporarily gets help from the other one. ⑤ would then refer to Pokémon as a whole, calling upon them to defeat Zekrom/Reshiram and then Ghetsis, and by doing so, bring hope to the Unova region and ensuring it has a future. ⑥ is the name of the player character.

To bring this idea home, the item you obtain on the 4th floor is the Relic Crown. In other words, the crown is yours, and you are now the King. You have proven wise enough for the task on the 1st floor, accepted your duties as King on the 2nd and 3rd floors, and in return, the ancients have accepted you as King and have given you the crown. (Regardless of if you picked the boy or the girl--it would've been too obvious if all references to the "King" were changed to "Queen" if you chose Hilda.) And the treasures are there because you've inherited it.

I realize this feels incredibly obvious the more I look at it. I can't believe it took me so long to figure this out.

[[WMG:Hilda/Touko is the canon protagonist of Gen V]]
Just like Red was the canon protagonist of Gen I, Hilda is, in turn, the canon protagonist of Gen V. I say this merely because Hilda was actually designed first, and Hilbert's design was created to match Hilda's as she was created before him. And it just makes for excellent shipping with N.

[[WMG: The protagonist was in a terrible accident 6 years ago and only now has been able to regain conciousness and abolity to travel the world.]]
It is tradition for children to start their journey at the age of 10, but Cheren, Bianca, and Hilda/Hilbert don't begin until the age of 16. Which is really strange. Six years ago, shortly before they were going on their journey, Hilda/Hilbert was in a terrible accident, one that rendered them totally unresponsive for years. Cheren and Bianca made a pact to not start their journey until their friend was better, choosing to believe in the situation that was steadily growing more and more hopeless. When Hilda/Hilbert reawakened, their memories were pretty fuzzy, but not so much as to render them dysfunctional. They are allowed on their Pokemon journey because those seem to be the cure to a lot of things. This is why professor Juniper asks you to identify your gender and name- she's simply giving you one of the small memory tests the doctor instructed her to give. This is also why you have to be introduced to your "best friends", and why both of them tend to be somewhat gentle with you as they talk, and explains possibly why Bianca's father is so resilient to let his daughter on her journey. He doesn't want her to get hurt the way the protagonist was. Much of Cheren's attitude is flung at Bianca, not the player. They're both very patient with you and almost seem to talk down to you a bit, as well as asking you a lot of questions. People who you know are quick to encourage you when you do something right and there are other people who seem to know you ''before'' you actually meet them, such as a few Gym Leaders.

[[WMG: Alternatively, the protagonists of these games are older because of cultural differences between [[UsefulNotes/UnitedStatesOfAmerica Unova]] and [[UsefulNotes/{{Japan}} the other regions.]]]]
[[MST3KMantra Don't think about this one too hard,]] because if anything you'd expect Unova to be more permissive. But whatever.


[[WMG: N traveled to Orre after the events of B/W.]]

Here's my reasoning. After you capture the Seven Sages, Looker shows up and informs you that N has been seen in a distant land. Any Pokemon from Orre have Distant Land as a location, even after GEN IV, when Pokemon were given Hoenn and Kanto if they were from there. Since they specifically said Distant Land, N traveled to Orre. If a third Shadow Pokemon game is made, he could be the way to purify Shadow Pokemon, even ones that were sealed similar to [=XD001=]. Also, Ghetsis probably knows about Cipher, as what else would be best at showing N how evil humans are in trying to control and enslave Pokemon?
* Bonus: If the Pokemon World is arranged like our world is, then Orre is the closet known region to Unova. (Orre is based off of Arizona; Unova off of New York, the rest of the previous regions are all parts of Japan and Kalos is France.)

[[WMG: N will come back in future games/remakes.]]
Let's be honest, he's one of the most popular characters since Cynthia, she has made several cameos and appearances (even fights!); and don't forget Red, he hasn't as many as Cynthia, but we are talking about [[SilentProtagonist Red]], after all. I'm sure, since [[TheWoobie N]] became so [[MrFanservice popular]], that we will be seeing him in one way or another, soon I hope.
* He also plays a much bigger role in the story than previous characters barring the leads in other Pokémon games, which helps justify this.

[[WMG: In his next appearance, N will have Victini.]]
He already has a precedent for using event-onlies, and they've both been locked in {{Gilded Cage}}s, if for different reasons.
* [[ The official art for the W-Fi Victini event]] has a box of toys in the corner of Victini's room, and Team Plasma did attempt to catch Victini. Hmm...
* He doesn't have Victini when he reappears in [=B2W2=], though he could still have it if he makes an appearance in a later gen.

[[WMG:N's mother is [[BigLippedAlligatorMoment Concordia.]]]]
* Other than looks, [[spoiler:we don't know for sure that N is the son of Ghetsis, as according to one of the Seven Sages.]] But look what happens when you stumble upon their ThemeNaming, as well as Concordia being N's [[MrExposition Miss Exposition]]. Ohh, and it doesn't help that they rank high within Team Plasma.
** You may be on to something -- note how Concordia refers to N simply by his name rather than "my lord N." Every other Team Plasma member sans Ghetsis -- including the Sages, the Shadow Triad, and Anthea -- call him "my lord N." She also says she "brings peace and comfort to N."
** Alternate theory -- Ghetsis intended her to be ''N's wife'' -- after all, what does every good king need? ''A queen.'' Maybe Ghetsis raised her from birth to be a queen or only recently kidnapped her, but either way N won't live forever, and I wouldn't put it past Ghetsis to find a way to continue his bloodline so he can control Unova even after he dies... besides, Anthea and Concordia look awful young, don't they? Perhaps around N's age? As it is, her dialogue could also be read in a romantic context, in the tone of someone who genuinely cares about N and is concerned about what he's doing. N has a lot of fangirls in real life, not that big of a jump to assume someone in-universe might have fallen for him and tried to convince him (in vain) to give up his quest. Certainly makes the ending more bittersweet to imagine N left behind the only person who actually loved him... don't ask me how Anthea fits into this all, though, I got nothing there.
** To this troper, it fits more like brother and sister (or sisters, Anthea is here after all). If family resemblance doesn't confirm anything, as one of the sages implies, then she could be N's older/younger sister, and thus she really cares for him and comforts him. Maybe she couldn't stop Ghetsis, or like in some article about him, he might have kidnapped (or them... Anthea...) her and raised her with the idea that she (or they) was his sister(s). Or a variation might be that she was assigned as N's babysitter(s) (or nanny(ies)), so that might explain their presence and functions in Team Plasma. After all, Ghetsis might realize that N would be completely useless if he was fully deprived of human interaction, and if it was since he was a baby, obviously he would have died without, at least, basic care.
*** It seems you kind of got that one: [[spoiler: Anthea and Concordia apparently are orphans taken in by Ghetsis to serve as N's surrogate older sisters.]]

[[WMG: N's parents were religious extremists.]]
Since B/W, no other character has been able to truly communicate with Pokemon. Sure, they may control Pokemon in several ways, but never communicate with them. Imagine if your child could claim to speak to animals, and the animals obeyed. My theory is that perhaps N's parents thought that he was cursed by Arceus (or the Pokemon equivalent of Satan). It makes even more sense considering that in B2/W2, N states that he was "abandoned in the woods as a young child." The word "abandoned" alone clearly denotes that his parents were intent on leaving him.

In addition, this theory works well if Ghetsis is actually N's father. In the infamous B/W quote, Ghetsis calls N "a warped child without a human heart." Thus, Ghetsis sees N as a non-human.

[[WMG: N is [[GodwinsLaw Hitler]].]]
For the lulz.
* I feel it is my personal duty to remind the troper community that Hitler was unusually sympathetic to animals ([[EvenEvilHasStandards he loved dogs and once tried to place certain laws about how to properly boil lobster because hearing their shrieks bothered him]]), but still tried to enforce his twisted and misguided views on humans. That's right, [[InsaneTrollLogic N is genocidal.]] [[BlatantLies It's true.]]
** If you checked the {{Pothole}}, [[spoiler:This WMG's {{Jossed}}]].

[[WMG: Athena was N's tutor.]]
* Everyone else in the game has {{Meaningful Name}}s, why not Athena? Athena of myth was the goddess of warfare and wisdom, and likewise N's Athena gave him an at least basic education in reading, science, mathematics, and veterinary medicine. She also taught him how to battle when the time came. Her signature Pokemon is a Noctowl.
** It's Anthea, not Athena. Sorry.
*** Actually, you may be on to something. Not all the names used are totally identical to what they're referencing (the city names come to mind). Anthea ''does'' use every single letter Athena does, it's just the "N" has moved places in the name. The letter N. As in, N himself.

[[WMG: N [[VideoGame/PokemonConquest Links]] with his Pokemon, rather than capturing them.]]
* It makes total sense for his character, he wouldn't use Pokeballs due to them being symbols of humans abuse of Pokemon. The Pokemon he uses tend to be from the surrounding areas, which is the main way people find Pokemon to Link with in the Nobunaga's Ambition crossover. Plus, linking is described as [[ThePowerOfFriendship befriending the Pokemon]], which is exactly what N did with his Legendary. The Bushou in ''Pokemon + Nobunaga's Ambition'' tend to see Pokemon as friends and companions rather then pets, which N does too. It all makes sense!

[[WMG: N will become a Pokémon prof.]]
It'll give him a chance to meet and speak with as many Pokémon as possible.
* Specifically the prof. for Gen VI, VII, VIII, or IX.
** Jossed for [[VideoGame/PokemonXAndY Gen 6]], but it could still happen for Gen 7 or beyond.

[[WMG: N was raised by Pokémon.]]
He's Pokémon-Tarzan and that's why he doesn't want to see them hurt.
* Confirmed! He was raised by Pokémon, and because of this, has the ability to speak with them. Though I can see more WMG being born of this...

[[WMG: N's name stands for Nintendo]]
Why the heck not?
* Because [[spoiler:his full name is N Harmonia, so it's more a case of ThemeNaming.]]
** No, [[spoiler:his full name is Natural Harmonia Gropius.]]

[[WMG: N Didn't Run Away]]
[[spoiler:Consumed by the guilt of what he was tricked into doing, N releases the mascot of the opposite game and [[DrivenToSuicide jumps]]. The Player Character can't handle the shock and stress of seeing someone die, so s/he pretends that N just flew off on said mascot.]]
* [[spoiler:Jossed. Looker mentions that someone told him of an "N-ish" person flying on a dragon being spotted in a faraway land.]]
** Not jossed. Nothing said he landed there. Maybe he released all his Pokemon before [[DrivenToSuicide jumping?]]
* [[spoiler:Did you not notice that he was riding the legendary dragon in the ending?]]
* Further Jossed by the sequels, in which [[spoiler:he appears to save the player from Ghetsis at the climax]].

[[WMG: N is a villain from another anime series that broke through the fourth wall and somehow wandered into these games.]]
That's just the feeling I'm getting.
* N is from Manga/DeathNote. And you will be his UnwittingPawn for two thirds of the game when he puts you in his plan. The Rubik's Cube is undeniable proof of this.
** It's more like a Void Cube, really...
*** Correction: Menger Sponge.
*** But Void Cube would be pretty dang appropriate if they end up calling version three 'Void' for Kyurem.
* [[ Alternately, he's a villain from another game...]]

[[WMG: N is not a "name," technically speaking.]]
Instead, it's a designation. Ghetsis just disposed of kids A-M before he got to N, the one who could actually help fulfill his plans. Let's be honest, it wouldn't be out of character for him...
* '''[[FridgeHorror Oh. My. God.]]'''
** [[NightmareFuelStationAttendant Would explain part of the need for an illegal Hydreigon...]] (see down)
*** Or, equally frightening, it could stand for 'nothing' or 'nobody'.
* Ooh! Maybe one of his failures escaped and grew up embittered, thus resulting in [[Anime/{{Pokemon}} Pokemon Hunter J]]?
** That explains so much about her, wouldn't it?
*** Oh, Hunter J isn't a failure-she's a successor. Ghetsis wants to become an eternal presence, but is incapable of gaining immortality. So he created Hunter J, who would carry on his legacy of sociopathy beyond the grave. Or worse, Hunter J ''is his sister.'' Which means that Ghetsis is part of a whole family of monsters, or that [[EnfanteTerrible that he abused his own siblings.]]
* Or one of them ended up as the player character!
** Both main characters' canon names begin with the same letter - ''H''. (*dramatic chord*)
*** And of course, you have the rivals. Bianca and Cheren. B and C.
* Jossed. N is just a shortening of his first name, [[EmbarrassingFirstName Natural]].
** Not jossed. What, can't N have an actual name off to the side so people wouldn't make the connection?

[[WMG: N is related to Meloetta]]
Music-related last name, green hair, and hints of psychic powers, at least those related to [[spoiler:the ability to communicate with Pokémon]], which would point at Meloetta's Song Forme as somehow related to N. Hell, let's look at N's backstory: [[spoiler:[[AbusiveParents abusive father]] pushing him to do something with his natural abilities solely for the father's benefit, with the abuse leading to him possibly losing his childhood and being stuck with a childlike mentality. [[Music/MichaelJackson This should sound familiar.]] And what was Jacko known for? Singing and dancing, Meloetta's specialties.]] The only problem in this case would be that Ghetsis would also have to be related to Meloetta, as he shares greenish hair and the musical last name.
* Alternately, if Hunter J is anything to go by, [[spoiler:Ghetsis might have been even worse and kidnapped N /A-M, and dyed his hair for realism.]]

[[WMG: N and Wally from RSE are related in some way.]]
The two look fairly similar, to start. Since Ghetsis may not have been N's biological father (as hinted at by one sage), it's entirely possible that N and Wally are related. Here's what I'm thinking - Wally's parents accidentally had a kid at a point when they couldn't care for one and so had to give N up, resulting in Ghetsis adopting him. Or, considering all of the age gaps, it's possible that N and Wally are twins who were SeparatedAtBirth, possibly due to Ghetsis breaking into the hospital and stealing one twin away.
* Alternatively, Ghetsis ''is'' Wally. Notice that they both have similar tufts of hair. His hair could have gotten lighter with age.
** What turned [[TheWoobie the sickly Wally]] into an AbusiveParent to boot?!
** Yes; remember that his starter was a Ralts, which are said to only appear to good people (at the very least, they can read your mind and avoid you if they don't think you will be nice to them). No one with a Ralts can be a bad person, because Ralts avoid bad people.
*** Maybe it was an evil Ralts.
*** Or, Wally was a good person when Ralts found him, but then left when he began to show signs of evilness.
*** Or Ralts died tragically and the experience made Wally cross the DespairEventHorizon.
* While Team Plasma specifically mentions the actions of Team Rocket and Team Galactic at one point, they don't mention Magma and Aqua -- which might mean that RSE's events haven't happened yet. Since N is spotted in a faraway region at the end of the game, perhaps this is Hoenn? If this is the case, N might just be ''Wally's father''.
** Where Black and White fit into the timeline isn't exactly known, but a Team Rocket Grunt and Cynthia suggest that it takes place at least 10 years after Generations II and IV. If Generations I and III happened at around the same time as this game, it would be impossible.
*** Unless Ghetsis is a ''[[UpToEleven time-traveling future Wally]]''.
*** Which means if they remake RSE, the descriptions in the remakes and BW will still say "After a long travel through time."
* Adding a simple theory here, considering Generations III and V with the same timeline, perhaps N's biological parents, on a trip to Unova, had become separated from him in the bustle of a city, where Ghetsis found him and promptly did... well, his un-parently things. Wally was their second child, born several years later without any knowledge of having an elder brother. In addition to Wally being fragile in health, his parents had already lost a previous child, and became overprotective. Though this would fit more with PokéSpe Wally, who wanted to become a trainer even if he hadn't asked permission from his family.
* Ghetsis once lived in Hoenn, where he wooed Wally's mum. He eventually impregnated her, but once he did his mask of goodwill began to slip and she caught on to his evil side. She later found out she was having twins but did not inform Ghetsis of that fact. When she gave birth, the child that would be known as N came out first. Ghetsis stole the child away immediately and Wally's mum gave birth to him alone. She believed that if she attempted to retrieve N, that would put Wally in danger and she could not bear to risk him. Soon after, she married Wally's "father" and never told her remaining son the truth. Consider that the events of Black & White take place somewhere between eight and ten years after the events of R/G/B/Y/FR/LG and R/S/E (proof: Team Rocket guy being married and having a school-age child; Caitlin). Also consider the fact that Wally is around ten when we first meet him, and N in his late teens/early twenties when he is first encountered. The years match up.

[[WMG: All of N's Pokemon he allegedly abandoned are actually kept in a nature reserve.]]
I thought this would help reflect his canon personality.
** I was under the impression he just cycles through his Pokemon, but since he doesn't seem to have a Pokemon professor helping him, it'd make sense he'd keep them somewhere.
* Jossed by [=B2W2=], in which you can encounter many of the Pokémon he used in the wild after doing a [[OldSaveBonus Memory Link]] with Black or White.

[[WMG: N is [[UsefulNotes/FurryFandom a Poke-sexual]].]]
He was raised by Pokemon and isolated from people. What do you think happened when he reached puberty?
* Probably nothing. He's very severely emotionally stunted. Which is equally nightmarish.
** If N is a MemeticMolester, then it's very easily both.

[[WMG: N is [[TheMissingno 'M.]]]]
Because hey, it's the only other character in the series with a OneLetterName.

[[WMG: N isn't N's full first name]]
But he doesn't know what is his full name is either, because the building where it was stored exploded. [[Series/NCISLosAngeles Yes, it was the same where G's name was stored.]]
* First part confirmed, second part plausible.

[[WMG:N is an alias used because Pokemon believe in [[IKnowYourTrueName the power of names]].]]
I've long suspected that the Pokemon in the Mystery Dungeon games always go by their species names because there's a taboo on using someone's real name in public; you know your team members' names because they announce them to signal a trusting relationship. Being raised by Pokemon, N feels this way, too... and he would have gone as "Human" if Ghetsis hadn't pointed out how abjectly weird that would be from the human perspective. So, he meets the two cultures halfway and uses the first letter of whatever his real name is with strangers.
* This also neatly explains why N never refers to your Pokemon by name (only species) when he talks to them. Why give a trainer power over their Pokemon when he is trying to free them?
* Say "Human" fast. For me, it comes out as Hyoom-''eN''. Perhaps "N" is just from the last part (or letter) of human.

[[WMG:N will return as a Pokémon Professor, and so his real name will be revealed as...]]
...[[ThemeNaming a type of tree]] that starts with the letter N.
* Nectarine? Nannyberry? [[AwesomeMcCoolname Norway Spruce?]] Damn, I can see why this kid would just what to stick with 'N'. Nettle, maybe?
** Does this mean I can't call him "Nancy" anymore?
** {{Jossed}}, on the tree-naming part at least, his full name was revealed as Natural Harmonia Gropius.
* Or he'll take a tree name as an alias, since the internalional police seem to be after him.

[[WMG:N and Ghetsis represent White and Black, respectively.]]
N: A pure heart. The sympathetic pawn. The loved one. Ghetsis: A dark soul. [[TheHeartless The heartless]] [[ManipulativeBastard crafty monster]]. The hated one. They may share the same blood, but they are different as night and day.

[[WMG:Following on this, N is a MessianicArchetype and Ghetsis is TheDevil.]]
Let's see. N is the ultimate HeroAntagonist, incredibly kind natured and a FriendToAllLivingThings. Ghetsis is the [[ManipulativeBastard supreme manipulator]], and ultimate soldier to the forces of evil. Unknown to either side, they personify good and evil respectively. Due to a quirk of fate, TheBalanceOfGoodAndEvil, or Arceus had a strange sense of humor, the two are related. Evil begat Good. When Ghetsis leaves his mortal coil, he will become the Lord of Evil. Perhaps even challenge the other monsters of gaming for the same title Chernabog has for Disney.

[[WMG:N is [[spoiler:an Ion replica.]] (Tales Of The Abyss spoiler there)]]
[[spoiler:Ion and all his replicas have green hair, are extremely childish in mind, and most importantly, 4 of the 7 are unaccounted for, supposedly dead. If one of them had accidentally ended up in the Pokemon world somehow, initially distrusted humans and lived with Pokemon, and was eventually manipulated into following Ghetsis... it would explain why N, despite being raised by Pokemon, isn't entirely clueless regarding social norms and can function around people, but is still incredibly childish.]] Of course, the question of how he would have gotten there is a big thorn in this theory's side, but interdimensional portals are always fun!

[[WMG:N is descended from the same Viridian group as [[Manga/PokemonSpecial Yellow]].]]
They're both gentle, naive, [[{{Bishounen}} fairly]] [[{{Bifauxnen}} androgynous]] characters who dislike fighting to capture Pokemon and who have powers to communicate with and heal Pokemon (N heals your Pokemon between your fight with the legendary dragon, your fight with him, and [[spoiler:your fight with Ghestis]]). Yellow is explicitly established to be from a people in the Viridian Forest area who are noted to have such powers.

Which gives another meaning and purpose to [[spoiler:Ghetsis's brainwashing of N, and his Hydreigon as a [[KillEmAll control measure]] as noted above]]. Remember what happens when [[BewareTheNiceOnes Yellow]] gets [[SuperweaponSurprise well and truly pissed off]]? [[OhCrap Imagine a kid with two legendaries doing that.]]

[[WMG:N has psychic powers.]]
When he starts rambling about his visions of the future, he's speaking literally, not figuratively. If we assume for the sake of argument that the main series games wind up leading to the VideoGame/PokemonMysteryDungeon games, maybe he has the Dimensional Scream like the ''Explorers'' protagonist. [[spoiler:Also perhaps adds another element to the "Ghetsis' haxdragon was meant to counter N and his Tao Dragon" theory, if Dark works on psychic humans as well as it does on Psychic Pokemon.]]
* Confirmed

[[WMG:N will be DrivenToSuicide or worse.]]
Consider that, by the end of the game, it's been revealed that N has been abused and manipulated by Ghetsis from the day he was born. The extent of the abuse is never shown to us, only implied (N's toy room and his strange behaviour in general). There's also the implication that every single member of Team Plasma was basically playing him as a fool. While he was still ignorant of the truth, he must have built a huge trust around the team [[FalseFriend that's supposedly leading his cause]]. Now combine all of his attachments from his entire life falling down like a house of cards with the possibly years of psychological trauma from his childhood, and imagine what his state of mind would be like after all of that transpired. Hint: [[GoMadFromTheRevelation it is not pretty.]]

Worse yet, he's implied to be on Looker's Top 10 Wanted List and running from the law, not only exacerbating his condition but [[ThereAreNoTherapists cutting him off from any chance of professional help]]. And that's not even delving into the possibility of StockholmSyndrome; [[NightmareFuel N might just return to Ghetsis's service despite the years of abuse because of this, just like Ghetsis planned to.]] Or the fact that N is in possession of an ultra-powerful dragon and the ''other'' possibility of going ''Manga/NaruTaru'' [[WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds on the world with it...]]
* Seemingly Jossed. [=B2W2=] imply that he's adjusted pretty well since BW's climax.

[[WMG:N can't talk to Pokémon.]]
It's a product of his childlike imagination combined with his severe isolation. He's so desperate for companionship that [[GoMadFromTheIsolation he made himself believe he could communicate with Pokémon]]; in reality, it's more probable that it's a form of projection. Furthermore, there are over 600 Pokémon in existence, some of which may not be sapient or even comprehensible to human beings. Without extensive knowledge, field study, and experience with Pokémon's natural behaviours, how could he tell what a Pokémon he might have never ''seen'' was thinking?

If this doesn't sound disturbing, it should now. Why? If this is true, [[spoiler:'''''he didn't even have Pokémon as his friends.''''']]
* Really [[{{Tearjerker}} nasty]] theory, and it holds water, except for one thing: what about how talking to the protagonist's Pokemon starts his HeelFaceTurn? Unless... it was LoveAtFirstSight with the protagonist, thus more projection.
* Alternatively, his Pokémon talking powers are going to be retconned out of existence in Grey.
* In that case, wouldn't N be less like N and more like [[WildChild Genie]]?

[[WMG: N is related to [[VideoGame/{{Touhou}} Shikieiki]].]]
I propose that N is Shikieiki's younger brother.
* Green hair? Check.
* NiceHat? Check.
* Judging based on BlackAndWhiteMorality? Check.

[[WMG: N is one in a long line of kidnapped children stolen by Ghetsis.]]
Concordia and Anthea are Ghetsis' wives, or possibly his relatives -- maybe sisters, maybe cousins. Ghetsis decided not to have children -- or he may have ruled out the option due to the possibility of becoming attached to his own blood -- so he sent out Team Plasma to take away young children. He eliminated each when they grew if they didn't seem to be what he wanted, and finally ended up with N. N could be related to him distantly, or maybe the hair is just a coincidence -- or maybe N dyed it to match Ghetsis'.
* Or Ghetis went to ''very'' disturbing lengths to make sure N looked like him...
* The part about Ghetsis kidnapping a bunch of different children is pretty plausible now that ''Black 2 & White 2'' confirmed that Concordia and Anthea were meant to be N's surrogate sisters. It still doesn't go into a whole lot of detail on their backstories, but it would still be [[JerkAss totally in-character]] for Ghetsis...

[[WMG:N is a [[CloningBlues clone]] of Ghetsis]]
This is playing off the "N is a designation, not a name" thing above. Ghetsis clearly had his plans thought out a while, yeah? Long enough for a kid to be all alone raised by abused Pokémon for years, at least. This could answer the question of what happened to A through M: all of them went down to CloneDegeneration. But the information from the Mewtwo Project in Kanto (which Ghetsis had to know about, or he couldn't have stolen the idea for Genesect) allowed Ghetsis to make a more perfect clone of himself, designated "N". This explains the StrongFamilyResemblance between the two, and allows for N to be actually related to Ghetsis (screw Ryouku) without actually having Ghetsis [[{{Squick}} get laid]].
* Additionally, since Ghetsis was too corrupted to be the pure Hero (either of them), a clone would be the closest thing he could get.

[[WMG: N will become a VideoGame/PokemonRanger]]
It makes sense, doesn't it? And it would suit him.

[[WMG: N is a Zoroark.]]
This is a theory that came up in a discussion on Website/YouTube. Think about it - they have similar hair, N can talk to Pokémon, and he uses a Zoroark himself (a brother or relative, maybe?). N is the letter Z turned clockwise.
* If this turns out to be the case, I'd be really angry, because then all of my sympathy and sadness for N would have been wasted on a Pokémon that had been pulling the strings the whole time.
** So then, above troper, WhatMeasureIsANonHuman

[[WMG:N is not a Zoroark, but he did grow his hair out for his Zorua.]]
They've been with each other quite a long time, and it is a habit for Zorua to hide in their parents' manes. [[HeartwarmingMoments N grew his hair out just for his fox buddy.]]
** That would fit his character completely, I agree!

[[WMG:N and the player are descendants of the founders of Unova.]]
Why else would they reenact the fight?

[[WMG:N's mother died in childbirth.]]
That would explain why we never see her anywhere, and why N has the name he does -- she never got a chance to give him a proper name even if she wanted to.
** Or worse, Ghetsis [[YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness decided once N was born, she was no longer of use and killed her himself]]. It'd destroy a major stopping block in his plan who knew too much.

[[WMG: N was conceived [[SonOfAWhore via prostitute.]]]]
Here are the following reasons why [[spoiler:Ghetsis]] would visit a hooker to get N.
* Hookers [[DisposableSexWorker are easy to get rid of.]]
* He wouldn't have to fake a relationship, and/or [[RapeIsASpecialKindOfEvil force himself on someone.]] Similarly, he wouldn't have to remove said woman and be at risk for murder.
* There would be no ties to the outside world.
* [[spoiler:Ghetsis]] is likely completely anti-social, and may reveal too much information.
This is going by the theory that he really is N's father. The other possibility is that he just adopted N, which would trigger less FridgeHorror.
* Or maybe N is a ChildByRape and Ghetsis offered to take him off of his mother's hands so he could have a child to work with. She died immediately after he was born, of course.
** Any child of Ghetsis is a ChildByRape. [[MindRape One way or the other.]]

[[WMG: The Creation Orbs weren't a part of Ghetsis's plan but ''N's''!]]
Think about it, he spent the entire game saying he wasn't going to just separate people and Pokemon but "create a new world for them!" He meant it ''literally'', he intended to first separate people and Pokemon in our world before using the creation trio to make a new world for Pokemon alone. Able to see how this could benefit him or just humoring N to make him continue to be his UnwittingPawn, Ghetsis kept the orbs until N wanted to use them. When N was defeated and ran off, Ghetsis no longer had any use for the orbs and gave them to the player for some reason. Or the Shadow Triad did it on their own when Ghetsis told them to dispose of the orbs, they just said it was his orders to save face.

[[WMG: N is Schizophrenic in Some Shape or Form]]
Looking at it from a purely psychological point of view, it makes sense. He meets all of the requirements to have at the very least Undifferentiated Schizophrenia.
* Delusions: N is under the belief that it is his sole purpose in life to save all Pokémon from malicious Humans. No matter what he is told, his belief is not swayed. And he is going by any means necessary to try and fulfill this delusion.
** [[spoiler:Except it's implied he ''does'' change his mind about this.]]
* Hallucinations: N is experiencing auditory hallucinations, the voices of Pokémon, fueled by his delusion and upbringing.
* Possible Ahdeonia: It seems that N derives no pleasure from his everyday activities or things that would normally bring him joy.
* Asociality: He is unable to form close, intimate relationships with others, viewing them as numbers in the greater scheme of things.
* Avolition: While N has developed a long-term goal, he seems unable to properly plan out and follow through with immediate goals. He shows little interest in forming these goals at all.
* N has shown little if any development socially. He is socially awkward and social cues elude him. His intelligence is that of a genius, being able to quickly solve complex mathematical formulas. But his actual mental capacity is that of a child, being naive, innocent, easily excited, and necessitating gentle nudges to move in the right direction, goal-wise.
* Genetically predisposed: It is generally accepted that Ghetsis at the very least has delusions of grandeur and is crazier than a barrel full of monkeys.
* Not to mention that the stress his childhood caused upon him mentally may have made him more susceptible to the disease and schizophrenic episodes.

[[WMG: N is autistic]]
Specifically, he has an undiagnosed case of [[UsefulNotes/AspergerSyndrome Asperger's]]. Let's run down some of the more notable symptoms:
* Incredibly high IQ? Check - WordOfGod states that he's a mathematical wizard.
* Overly specific fixations? Yup - mathematics and Pokemon rights!
* [[ManChild Childish mannerisms]]? Most definitely.
* Inability to recognize or utilize social cues, resulting in atypical social behaviors that seem creepy at times? [[MemeticMolester ''Well...'']]
* Tics and stimming? Probably - he uses his Menger sponge for such a purpose in the manga.
* Meltdowns caused by overstimulation? [[WordOfGod Matsuda said as much]], though he didn't elaborate on causation.
* Concrete thinking patterns, especially concerning morality? THE GAMES ARE CALLED ''BLACK AND WHITE'' FOR A REASON, AND IT'S THE SUBJECT OF HIS CHARACTER ARC!
* A perceived lack of empathy? [[spoiler: Ghestis refer to him as a freak without a human heart]], and one of the things which distinguishes humans from other living things is an ability to empathize. Make that of what you will.
Granted, a diagnosis may not explain every single one of his idiosyncrasies, but whatever cannot be explained away can be attributed to his horrific childhood experiences.

[[WMG: N is a child of an Alakazam.]]
This is based off of a few things Masuda has said about N on his Twitter feed. Specifically, the fact that it is rumored that N was born from Pokemon, parents unknown. Another fact that was released was that he has mental capabilities exceeding that of normal humans. Alakazam have an average IQ of 5000.

[[WMG: Alternately, N was created by Unown.]]
Because N's birth parents are unknown... unless they actually are Unown.

[[WMG: N is part Gardevoir.]]
There's the association with green, and N has green hair. Gardevoir are Psychic types who are known for being able to see the future, and N can apparently see the past AND future. And, quite frankly, it's not outside of the realms of possibility that someone - ah - abused a Gardevoir in such a fashion.
* Plus they're both enormous sources of fetish appeal.
* One problem - Gardevoir [[HumanoidAbomination is part of the Amorphous Egg Group.]] I don't see how it would be genetically compatible with a human.
* Seconding this theory. Throw in the fact that one of Gardevoir's listed powers is [[TheEmpath a very strong sense of empathy]] as an explanation for talking to Pokemon. It may or may not be actually talking, but it gets very close. As for the Amorphous issue, [[RuleThirtyFour Rule 34]].

[[WMG: N is doing a Nuzlocke Challenge]]
This explains why he has a different team literally every time you battle him. According to the rules, his Pokemon "die" after you defeat them in battle, and he has to abide by the challenge and let them go.
* {{Jossed}} by [=B2W2=].
* Even before [=B2W2=] it was Jossed because he clearly doesn't follow the second rule of "Only catch the first pokemon you see on a route"

[[WMG: N somehow came into contact with Celebi's Time Ripple]]
N speaks of seeing the future, and the villain in ''ZoroarkMasterOfIllusions'' can see the future because he touched Celebi's Time Ripple. There's even an event based around Celebi and Zoroark in that game that was inspired by the movie. And while N himself isn't enough of an evil jerk to hunt down Celebi for that purpose, we can't put anything past Ghetsis....

[[WMG: N's mother is a relative of Ghetsis.]]
[[IncestIsRelative It's not what you're thinking.]] N's mother may have been a sister/cousin that was either [[TeenPregnancy too young to care for N]] or she died during childbirth so Ghetsis was the one to take N in. N's real father may have abandoned his mother before N's birth or he's dead. Alternatively...

[[WMG:N's mother didn't want N.]]
She was in a relationship with Ghetsis but after N's birth, she figured out that Ghetsis was a complete monster and left him. The only reason she left N with Ghetsis was because she didn't want to be reminded of him.

[[WMG:N's "mother" was a Zoroark.]]
No, [[BestialityIsDepraved not like that.]] N was raised by Pokemon, so he would've had a Pokemon as his foster mother. Zoroark is a likely guess considering N's similar apperance to Zoroark, and preference in using them. Since Zoroark is an illusionist, its ability may have helped N relate to Pokemon more/understand Pokemon body language. The Zoroark you see in his final battle is likely this Zoroark's son/N's "brother", which explains why he saves it for his final battle, and is still seen in the sequel.

[[WMG:N's hair is not naturally green, but was dyed to keep up the ruse of his being Ghetsis' biological son to Team Plasma's underlings.]]
* If Ghetsis sells himself as N's father, it gives them a better reason to follow him even though N is meant to be the 'hero' and the 'king'.

[[WMG: ''Ghetsis'' was the one who abandoned him.]]
* Ghetsis really is N's biological father, and ''he'' was the one who abandoned N in the woods. The reasons are twofold. One, he wanted N to develop his ability to talk to Pokemon in order for the take-over-Unova plan to work, and two, it was to foster a sense of loyalty because obviously he's this wonderful person who swooped in and took him in when no one else would.

[[WMG: N's real parents are just as bad as Ghetsis.]]
When N was a young kid, his biological parents considered him a freak for talking with Pokemon and abandoned him in the woods. Ghetsis wanted to make sure his pawn would stay loyal, and to do so wanted him to have the following qualities: empathetic to Pokemon, needing of a parent and from a bad enough background they'd accept Ghetsis [[AbusiveParents despite his behavior.]] Ghetsis would seem like a saint compared to N's actual mother and father, and as such would accept his controlling nature. Even in BW2, N still wants to see Ghetsis redeemed because he didn't leave him to die([[FridgeHorror well, not yet]]). Anthea and Concordia are a different story; they are actual orphans, and don't have same baggage with their parents than N does. As such, they are a lot less tolerant of Ghetsis' parenting.

[[WMG: N's father was a Pokemon.]]
It would explain some of his odd personality quirks and ability to talk to Pokemon. It'd have to be his father(and most likely Human-Shape), considering unless its Ditto the child's species is the same as the mother. Humiliated beyond belief by the scandal [[BeastialityIsDepraved of sleeping with a Pokemon]], N's mother left him in the woods with his Pokemon father for Ghetsis to eventually find. As for what Pokemon, it's probably a Psychic type(N doesn't have the kind of super-strength you see from a Fighting type).


[[folder:Other Character-Related [=WMGs=]]]
[[WMG: Clyde is Team Plasma's spy.]]
First off - Clyde is [[spoiler:the guy giving you Fresh Water and advice in the Gyms]]. I bow down to you if you didn't have to check the spoiler box. Anyway, he's either your father or the Team Plasma's spy sent to observe you growing stronger and report your team's status to Ghetsis or N so they are prepared to battle you.

[[WMG:There will be an abnormal amount of -yay with everyone in this game]]
Professors, admins, N, Bianca, Cheren, gym leaders, psuedo rival... With all of them.
* I truly hope so, I mean we do have older characters....
* -Yay semi confirmed! (I NEVER though I'd see that in a Pokémon game) in the form of a dating ferris wheel!

[[WMG: Surge is from Unova.]]
Both are Type 1 {{Eagleland}}, so why not? It's not like we'll see America in the games, so they could retcon him to being from this new region.
* They've drove him being American too much, plus they are always talking about countries, so it would be hard to retcon them away.
* Alternatively, Unova is a state in America, and so is Orre.
** Or Unova and Orre are what New York and Arizona are called in the Pokemon world.

[[WMG: Veteran Shaun is a retired Champion]]
At one point, Ghetsis mocks Alder, claiming that he only became Champion because he was asked to fill a vacancy. In Challengers Cave, at the very bottom, you meet Veteran Shaun, the most powerful standard trainer in the game. You wouldn't expect him to be as strong as he is, and he doesn't make much of a fuss about it. Perhaps Shaun was the former champion of Unova, then absconded to train in isolation, among other powerful trainers. It would certainly explain his Boss in Mook Clothing nature.

[[WMG: Fennel is a very human-like Pokemon or half-Pokemon.]]
The coloration on those arms is not normal, even if you try to claim the orange is just shadowing. (But maybe I'm just hoping for the canonization of an idea I had prior to the fifth gen's reveal, which would be very similar to the hypothetical reveal of Fennel being a Pokemon.)
* Pretty sure it is just shading, as her legs are a similar color under the shadow of her lab coat.
** Maybe she just got tan in a can.
** Well, the game does take place partly in New Jersey...
*** [[{{Joisey}}What are you suggesting?]]
*** > Unova is based on New York, not New Jersey. And the only other character whose shading is anything close to Fennel's is Elesa, and even hers is closer to normal, so it's possible Fennel's related to a Pokemon. If you want a {{Joisey}}-related guess, if anything...
*** >> The western part is very much Jersey, landmarks and all.
*** >>> Fennel is from Eastern Unova.

[[WMG: Skyla is from New Jersey.]]
* Uh, she is? The area of Isshu/Unova she is at is based on a location from New Jersey.
** By "is from" I meant "was born in".
*** Actual New Jersey? Because the Poke-world does have America, so it's possible.
** Orrrrrr....she's Snookie in disguise! Would explain the outfit.

[[WMG:Amanita didn't make the PC storage system for Unova.]]
She stole it from Bill. The way I see it, Bill and Lanette worked together to develop the storage system, with Bill doing most of the base work (basically what we got in [[VideoGame/PokemonRedAndBlue Red and Blue]])and Lanette renovating it to make it user friendly (what we see in [[VideoGame/PokemonRubyAndSapphire Ruby and Sapphire]]). The storage systems we see afterwards are people who contacted Bill (or knew him anyway) and updated it. Amanita didn't do that. She felt that she needed to do something significant to outshine her sister, so she took the storage system, filed of the serial numbers, changed a couple things, and claimed that she made this version. But to get it working she had to disable a number of safety protocols that Bill and Lanette put in place. That was how Team Plasma was able to hack in. With control of the system, they would be able to stop people from accessing their Pokemon. Bet Amanita didn't think of that when she took it.

[[WMG:A picture of Lt. Surge saying he is visiting his homeland will pop up and people will still whine if it is NY or not.]]

[[WMG:Cilan and N are siblings]]
N wants to segregate Pokemon and humans while Cilan can feel your bonds. They also look similar too.
* No! Alternative theory: [[EpilepticTrees they are clones.]]

[[WMG:Professor Juniper is Makoto Kino from Sailor Moon.]]
LOOK at her. Brown hair in a ponytail, pink earrings, green skirt, green eyes, a name that sounds like Jupiter....

[[WMG:Cynthia's home region is Unova]]
In Platinum, she claims that even the region her home is in is a secret. And since she appears in these games, maybe Unova is where she lives.
* {{Jossed}}. Inside the villa, she says that she is visiting the nearby ruins and staying at her friend's place.
** Not jossed. Just because she doesn't live in Undella town doesn't mean she isn't from Unova. Maybe it's one of the other towns/cities...?
* Her family lives in Celestic Town. That doesn't rule out moving there in the past, though...

[[WMG:Caitlin was unable to battle in Gen IV because her psychic powers were making her ill.]]
She was unable to control her powers and they made her too frail and weak to battle. Black and White are set a few years later, and she has learned to control her powers to some extent and is now capable of battling, but she is still sick so she spends most of her time asleep in the bed in her chamber.
* See, I thought that she wasn't ill or sick, just trained her own psychic powers with Pokémon and moved out to Unova to do so better. As for why she sleeps so much, maybe it's a form of meditation for her? Maybe her psychic powers are related to unconsciousness.
* She explicitly states that she didn't battle in Gen IV because she didn't have control over her psychic powers at the time and would have been a danger to anyone who challenged her.

[[WMG:Ghetsis is descended from one of the two brothers who founded the Unova settlements]]
[[spoiler:The conflict between the brothers caused the single dragon Pokémon who worked alongside them to split into Reshiram and Zekrom to reflect their psyches. That is, one followed the fervent brightness of yang, the other the cautious shadow of yin.]] Considering that in the opening trailer, Ghetsis is ''literally'' part dark and part light, [[spoiler:it could possibly be a mark of coming from part of that divided bloodline, even that his parents came from each brother's bloodline, the yin follower and the yang follower. We even get a motive for his desire to rule Unova -- he wants to undo the brothers' "mistake" and invoke the glorious rule they could have had if they hadn't squabbled!]]
* So he's a KnightTemplar GoneHorriblyWrong?
* Even if UtopiaJustifiesTheMeans, he's still a total dick.

[[WMG:To go by the above, Ghetsis is descended from the brother that fought for truth.]]
It would fit the theme, considering [[spoiler:he's a StrawHypocrite.]] And if N [[spoiler:really isn't Ghetsis' biological child]], he would be descended from the brother that fought for ideals.

[[WMG:Ghetsis is N's biological father]]
[[spoiler:And he isn't a very [[AbusiveParents nice one]] at all.]]
* [[spoiler:Confirmed, as Ghetsis refers to N as his son.]]
** [[spoiler:Not necessarily -- one sage hints that they might not be biologically related.]]
** [[spoiler:Not hard to believe, considering in the original trailers people thought Ghetsis and N were the same person.]]
** [[spoiler:N could be a clone. Not sure if that would make Ghetsis his "father" or not.]]
* As of [=B2W2=], conclusively [[spoiler:Jossed. Ghetsis found N living wild with Pokémon in a forest.]]

[[WMG:Ghetsis isn't N's biological father, but his uncle.]]
WordOfGod has noted that N's biological parents are unknown. Given that Ghetsis still looks a lot like N, he's probably still related to some extent. It's possible that Ghetsis specifically targeted his biological nephew because his family is directly related to at least one of the founding brothers of Unova. As for how, [[ManipulativeBastard manipulating his brother/sister]] could have taken place. Though, knowing Ghetsis, [[CainAndAbel something more sinister happened.]]

[[WMG:Ghetsis is N from the future.]]
Following on from my "the two universes were one universe that was split by the events of Platinum" WMG, one of the effects of Cyrus violating the space-time continuum was Ghetsis, several decades in the future, being shunted back in time to the time and place of his early childhood. In his own time Ghetsis had already founded Team Plasma, though his plot to conquer Unova had already failed, partially because Reshiram/Zekrom didn't recognize him as a hero. When he encountered his past self, and seeing this as a chance to SetWrongWhatOnceWentRIght abducted his past self and raised him as his son, hoping this time around N/young Ghetsis would be able to summon the dragon.
* If that's the case, Ghetsis shouldn't even exist. N has made a complete HeelFaceTurn and has proven to have none of the sociopathy that Ghetsis has. By all rights Ghetsis should've been erased when you beat N...unless of course you believe that

[[WMG:Ghetsis is N's ShadowArchetype.]]
Ghetsis was actually much like N in his childhood-they were both isolated, socially awkward yet genius prodigies with a keen sense of themselves. However their different upbringings resulted in them gradually diverging into what they are today-unlike N who was gradually proven wrong and decided to rethink what he was doing, Ghetsis refused to listen to others, leading to an inflated ego, followed by narcissism and the callousness that it would bring. The reason Ghetsis seems to hate N isn't simply because his plans were bundled, but because N reminds him of his "weaker, stupid" younger self.

[[WMG:Alder was a bug-catcher as a child]]
Take one look at his team; half of them are bug Pokémon. He probably caught them as a child and used them all the way until he beat the elite four. (The fact that half of them are weak to bug types probably helped a lot.) Also, any idea on how old he is? He looks like he's the oldest champion yet.
* [[FridgeBrilliance Well, Pokemon was apparently inspired by Satoshi Tajiri's love of collecting bugs as a child...]]
** He's just more rugged than the others. He looks to be about the same age as Lance (granted, that would probably still make him the oldest champion, but it would be a tie) if Lance lived in the desert for most of his life.

[[WMG:Elesa is anorexic.]]
Her overworld sprite is too skinny to be normal, I'd say.
* Compared to what? The girls all look pretty anorexic, and even the ''guys'' do, too. (Especially Brendan)
** Compare Elesa on [[ this sheet]] to everyone else. Don't tell me that ''doesn't'' look skinnier than everyone else.
*** On that sheet, she looks about the same thickness as Burgh.
* Apparently, she's a model, explaining her skinny appearance. How she got skinny is up to interpretation, though.
** She could be a cyborg or android, which would explain her hairband. One of her quotes at Cynthia's villa at least hints at the possibility. "Getting wrapped up in worries is bad for your body and spirit. That's when you must short out your logic circuits and reboot your heart."
** [[UnfortunateImplications The fact that she's a model isn't exactly reassurance.]]
** This sounds like a crappy idea for a fanfic. Someone should write this!

[[WMG:Alder is related to Dakim]]
Seriously, they both have a necklace of Pokéballs... and take [[ one look]] at Dakim, then at [[ Alder]].

[[WMG:Elesa is Volkner's sister]]
Coincidentally, Lt. Surge is their dad and Wattson is their grandfather.
* It's implied that Elesa is a fan girl of Volkner.
** If you build on that, it could be the admiration of a younger sister.

[[WMG: Cilan, Chili, and Cress are the Dark Trinity]]
Notice how Cilan, Chili, and Cress were mysteriously absent during the events at N's Castle.
* They have split personalities and they don't know that they're the Dark Trinity.
* Just saw this elsewhere and was about to post it myself. Here's another thing to think of -- the fifth generation is supposed to emulate the first in many ways. So instead of the eighth leader being a villain, as Giovanni was back in the day, the first leaders all are this time around... plus the anime would certainly have some interesting twists.
** ^ = Awesome.
*** Jossed. The Dark Trinity are all female -- that's how the Queen is represented in Team Plasma's Chess.
*** [[LameComeback You're Jossed.]] People thought N's role in the story was as the Queen -- and some thought this applied to the legends. Besides, guys can be queens.
*** If the translated script I'm reading is accurate, N pointblank calls the Dark Trinity "men." Although, that would have been interesting.
*** No, I am not Jossed. If you're reading a translated script, then this is a case of ShesAManInJapan.
*** Yes, you are: I've played the game: N refers to them as males. Only once, though... Then again, maybe N's not good at recognizing genders in humans?
*** Where the hell did people get the idea they were female anyway?
*** I'm pretty sure the "Queen"'s played by N's dragon, what with it being extremely powerful, and a counterpart to N's king. If not the dragon, then Ghetsis.
*** I see people forget about Athena and Concordia so quickly. ''There's'' your potential Queens. If ''anything'', the Triad represent Knights, as their methods seem unorthodox relative to grunts (Pawns) or even the Sages (both Bishops and Rooks).
* Bianca does say in the post-game that she went to get the Striaton trio but was too late, which might have meant that she (maybe along with Cheren) was gathering all the Gym Leaders when she heard what was going on at the League (and notice that the Shadow Triad ''are'' present in N's Castle). Then again, Cheren mentions the Shadow Triad right after she says all that, so...
** Concerning the anime, this troper wants to add onto the anime Cilan. One of the recent episodes of him facing [[SmallNameBigEgo Burgundy]] has him easily overpowering her Pokemon. While the obvious, "he's a gym leader so this was going to happen" has appeared often, this troper wants to comment how he was acting this entire time. Not only did he accept her offer about having Ash switch his Pokemon, but he also [[CurbStompBattle destroys her team]] with relative ease. What this troper thinks is that if Cilan was part of the Dark Trinity and Team Plasma's goal was to release all Pokemon from their trainers, he would be doing Ghetsis a huge favor by removing Ash's team. However, he chose to win because he would prefer to [[HumiliationConga humiliate]] someone that thought they knew everything about Pokemon and Team Plasma is known for declaring they know what Pokemon want more than anyone. Plus, his expression that Burgundy shows in a flashback where Cilan declares that he never said those things has him have a rather evil expression. However, he has a [[SlasherSmile similar dark expression]] when he's kicking her ass. This means that he might be the one who's lying, but because Burgundy has already proven that she's a big liar, no one would believe her. And that gets to the point on why Cilan is traveling with Ash. He might be a part of Dark Trinity, but going with Ash can have him test Ash's potential with Pokemon and might result in him [[HeelFaceTurn switching sides the longer he stays with Ash.]] Remember, his brothers didn't seem all too happy with Cilan leaving them behind because Dark Trinity acts in a PowerTrio-like fashion. This might be jossed later if Dark Trinity appears when Cilan is right next to them later. Then again, if there are only two members when Dark Trinity appears, then this theory might be correct.
** Creator/MamoruMiyano (Cilan's Japanese seiyuu) will finally get to channel [[Manga/DeathNote Light Yagami]]. In ''Pokémon''. This will be awesome.
** Another anime Cilan possibility. He is revealed to be scared/distrustful of Purrloin. Now what organization do we know whose grunts use that species and its evolution?
* Alternatively, the Dark Trinity is some sort of clone/doppleganger group.
* [[ THE PLOT THICKENS!]]. Look closely, the masks worn by the Shadow Triad in Manga/PokemonSpecial have the same facial patterns of the elemental monkeys used by Cilan, Cress, and Chilli!
** ''My god, you're right!''
* Makes perfect sense to me. Plus, we already know that they're at least jerks, since they make you battle whoever you're weak to.
* While this all makes sense, there is one thing to ask. In the very end they say "Never shall we meet again." And yet you still find the Trio in their Gym post-game, even after all of this. It might be safe to say, game-canon wise, that this is Jossed. Mangawise, however, I do see this as a possibility...
** That could mean that you'll never meet them again in their Shadow Triad identities. Of course they'd still be in their gym, they're ''gym leaders''. It'd be a dead giveaway for them to not be there, and they're presumably smart enough to keep something like that hidden.
* And you don't even need to prove that they're evil, since the Dark Trinity said they were serving Ghetsis because he saved their lives.
* Cilan is traveling with Ash ''on Ghetsis's instructions''. Think about it -- Ash may not be a Champion, but just ''look'' at his track record. He's being permanently stalked by three members of Team Rocket, and he's also had tangles with all of the other teams. Additionally, he's a friend of ''all'' of the Professors so far ''and'' several Gym Leaders, an extremely experienced Trainer, and a freaking ''Aura Guardian''. If you take the movies to be canon, then he's ''also'' met pretty much every legendary there is. This is someone who you definitely ''do not'' want to come into contact with your plans. Unfortunately, Ash's tendency to help people out and stick his nose into trouble means that he's bound to come into contact with Team Plasma sooner or later. Fortunately, his MO is also fairly predictable -- goes to a new region with Pikachu, picks up a couple of companions and goes after the Gyms. So, Ghetsis waits for the Striations to meet Ash, and then has Cilan (the friendliest of the three) go around with him. Ghetsis can therefore keep an eye on Ash and alert Team Plasma if something's up. It'd be easy to get past N, too - all Ghetsis has to say is, "Oh, look, he's abused loads of Pokemon and would definitely try to stop your quest!" and N'll allow it. This is, of course, going to result in a heartbreaking reveal which causes a HeroicBSOD on Ash and Iris' parts, and may also convince Cilan to do a HeelFaceTurn -- along with the other two, if Cilan can persuade them. On an unrelated note, look at the initials of "Striaton Trio" and "Shadow Triad" -- "ST"! Probably coincidence, though...
* In ''Manga/PokemonSpecial'' canon this has even more backup since they use Fire, Water, and Grass type Pokemon... And they match their masks - the one with the Pansage mask is using Lilligant, the one with the Panpour mask is using Basculin, and the one with the Pansear mask is using Larvesta.
* They're not [[ even trying to hide it.]]
* [[spoiler:Well, they're not Gym Leaders any more...]]
* [[ Completely jossed.]]
** ... Unless Cilan is an UnreliableNarrator. That scene is Cilan having a flashback.

[[WMG:The Dark Trinity are Cilan's, Chili's, and Cress's long lost sisters]]
* They got kidnapped at birth by Ghetsis and now think of Ghetsis as their dad. But since he knew they'd recognize/be recognized by the Striaton Gym Leaders, he dyed their hair and stayed away from Striation City.
** It could explain why Ghetsis was angry when those 2 Team Plasma grunts were in Dreamyard.
* for extra awesomeness in Gray you fight them. They use ice ground and steel types.
** First off, they're all boys. Second of all, how would the triplets recognize them if they were kidnapped at birth, even is there was a family resemblance? And no, it wouldn't explain why Ghetsis was angry with those grunts in the Dreamyard - those were illusions created by Musharna. And why Ice and Ground types?
** While I agree that this theory is... completely out of the wazoo, it does give another idea. Maybe the Triad are the Straiton Trio's Foils, or meant to be as such? If this gets expanded in Gray, maybe the Triad will try to challenge the player to a battle, but the Straiton Gym Leaders will show up and take on one each?

[[WMG: If anything, Cilan, Chili, and Cress were originally a PowerTrio.]]
Uh, they ''are'' a PowerTrio. Ego, Id, and Superego respectively.

[[WMG: Cilan, Chili, and Cress are possibly related to Meloetta.]]
Take a look at them, and then take a look at Meloetta. Cilan represents the Voice; not only is he green, but he seems to be a rather calming influence on the RedOniBlueOni relationship between Chili and Cilan. A voice can be a calming influence, or one of stern-ness. Chili represents the Step; both red, and one who acts on impulse. Someone with mass amounts of energy that really shows. Upbeat, and powerful. Cress will represent the instrument; the form probably to come with the third game. Blue, much like himself. One that represents the confidence; perhaps even a bit smug and very self assured. Like the confidence to go up on stage.

And with all of them together? You get the best musical performance this side of Metallica. Nuff said.

[[WMG: Team Plasma were following Ghetsis all along.]]
As noted in AlternativeCharacterInterpretation, it's very possible that Team Plasma (or at least their higher-ups) were putting up a façade of support for N while Ghetsis worked his real plan behind the scenes. The Sages at times seemingly slip up and call Ghetsis their leader, and then there's the fact that the Dark Trinity remained loyal to him even after his MoralEventHorizon. Plus, it's not all that hard to fool an incredibly naive ManChild like N, whom even many Plasma Grunts would in private look down upon like they would a small boy (and many may have thought his plans were an unrealistic pipe dream even if they didn't). The whole thing about him being king might have been a not very difficult mass stage act.\\
Also, note that all of the Plasma Grunts use their own Pokemon to battle you, like any other trainer. N seems to be the only one that acts out on his beliefs. Actually, pretty much everything to do with Team Plasma is a giant hypocrisy steamroller. If N had any semblance of real, non-ceremonial power, surely he would have stopped them from, among other things, '''''abusing''''' the stolen Pokemon that they had supposedly "liberated"? Combined with what Ghetsis's real goals turn out to be, you'd be forgiven for saying the whole affair stinks of [[StrawHypocrite Straw Hypocrisy]]...
** It seems ''some'' of Team Plasma did really know what he was planning while others followed Team Plasma's ideals. So it seems that Ghetsis used both the promise of power and good intentions to manipulate people into working for Team Plasma.

[[WMG: Ghetsis is the PlayerCharacter's Father.]]
Related to the "N is not a name" WMG above, Ghetsis had a kid with your mother and she ended up finding out about his plan and escaped. She never told you this because, well how would you feel if your father [[spoiler:left you with abused Pokémon all your life, summoned a legendary dragon to separate the world, and finally ''killed you''?]]
* "It's a flat-screen television that Dad bought!" Um, kind of unlikely.
** Unless Mom (re)married and PlayerCharacter is chill with calling their stepfather "Dad".

[[WMG: Concordia and Anthea are Ghetsis's wives.]]
* A bit of a wild guess on my end, but I'd think he'd probably have used these girls to go and make children for him. I actually have a few theories in mind, so bear with me for a moment.
** My main guess is that they are Ghetsis's wives; can never have too many children to try and be a hero? This also assumes another WMG here is right, about the kids being A-M and such.
** Alternate theory? They're Ghetsis's daughters. Thus [[spoiler:meaning that they may be sisters to N. If Ghetsis and N are related at all...]] but if they were daughters, they must've proved themselves somehow and were kept by Ghetsis's side.
** The names Concordia, Anthea, and Harmonia (Ghetsis' surname) all have a common theme. Make of that what you will.
*** [[CompletelyMissingThePoint They're cousins]].
*** The fridge horror of these theories combined just set in. OH. MY. GOD. o_o
*** ...Oh god. If this proves to be true... [[spoiler:this may just prove that N wasn't the only one Ghetsis was abusive towards. He bastardized his possibly last living child, his other (possibly offed) children, and his possible wives/daughters. Oh my GOD.]]
*** And let's not think about what happened if [[RapeAsDrama they were]] [[WifeHusbandry Ghetsis's wives and]] [[ParentalIncest blood relatives]] [[NightmareFuel at the same time...]]
*** If that's the case, this still doesn't explain how Ghetsis concieved them.
** This would defiently explain why they help you out, wouldn't they?

[[WMG: Caitlin's power is the equivalent to Hinamizawa Syndrome.]]
* It's said that she was unable to control her powers when she was young, and she seems to sleep a lot during the games. Her powers aren't exactly bound while she sleeps, seeping into the area and causing hallucinations and general madness. Those who are exposed to it for a longer period of time may become infected... [[spoiler:or alternately, Caitlin is willingly able to expose people to the syndrome at whatever level she wishes. She works for Ghetsis, and has probably exposed him to a lot of the syndrome which caused him to go mad. And with the introduction of Gen V.2... she'll force the player character to madness and N will take over as a protagonist.]]

...I have no idea what I was smoking when I decided to make this.
** If you ever find out, can you tell me where to get some?
** The player controlling N? That's CrazyAwesome.

[[WMG: The "Youngster Joey" in these games is the same person as the one from Gold and Silver.]]
He has the same name as his Generation II/IV counterpart in both English and Japanese. Presumably his larger team is an attempt to compensate for not being able to find a Patrat that is in the top percentage of all Patrat.

[[WMG: "Youngster Joey" is [=GSCHGSS=] Joey's Nephew]]

[[WMG: "Youngster Joey" moved from Johto.]]

[[WMG: In Gray[=/=]Grey[=/=]Translucent, Joey will have a Rattata and be the sole trainer to have a gen 1-4 Pokémon before the national dex]]

[[WMG:[[ImpoverishedPatrician Grimsley's]] family were the rivals of [[EverythingsBetterWithPrincesses Caitlin's]] family]]
...and Caitlin's family were behind ruining them. Whether or not Grimsley or Caitlin know this is a matter of debate.

[[WMG:Lt. Surge, Koga, and Sabrina are the Shadow Triad.]]

[[spoiler: Hey, they wanted to do a reference to Gen 1, didn't they? It'll be a nice slap in the face in the future game; just when Hilbert/Hilda conquers all of the Gyms in Kanto after beating the main storyline (possibly accessible by airplane), who else turns up on a nice peaceful cruise than two Gym Leaders led by an Elite?]]

[[spoiler:Oh, and their Pokemon will be all levels 80-95 to add insult to injury. If you lose to them, they take you to Ghetsis who announces that he will take you permanently out of the picture... only for another Big Damn Heroes by the Kanto Gym Leaders and N. This is where Ghetsis is finally captured, and possibly even given a nice Hannibal Lecture by N himself. Surge, Koga, and Sabrina manage to escape, however.]]

[[spoiler:If you win, however... the Triad gives you the Azure Flute, stating that in losing, their plan cannot come into fruition. Makes sense when you consider the Triad gives you the Adamant, Lustrous, and Griseous orbs; Ghetsis was willing to take on Arceus himself in order to not only enslave Unova, but to enslave the entire world.]]
* Jossed with Surge and Koga, the Shadow Triad are all female.
** Curious, but where was this confirmed?
** Un-jossed: N calls them men.

[[WMG:Ghetsis was planing to off N when he was done with him.]]
Note his hacked Dragon is a great counter to ''your'' legendary (and your everything else), and he clearly hasn't planned for ''you'', so why else would he have it?
* [[FridgeHorror O_O]] Explains where [[spoiler:children A-M went...]]
* Report Hydreigon's Pokédex entries: "Anything that moves seems like a foe to it, triggering its attack," and "they use all three heads to consume and destroy everything." [[NightmareFuel I think you can draw your own conclusion from this.]]
* It's perfectly within his character. To him ''everyone'' are just tools for him to use, including N. Once a tool is no longer of use, you do normally get rid of it.
* This just made FridgeBrilliance of something that had boggled me for ages: Why Ghetsis's Hydreigon has Focus Blast. N's team is full of things that would laugh at Dark Pulse, and any of which might be Zoroark in disguise. Focus Blast kills them all, ''especially'' Zoroark. And just to be safe, Ghetsis is leading with Cofagrigus to bait for uncharacteristic Dark attacks and dispel Illusion with Mummy. ''His strategy is built around fighting N!''

[[WMG: Team Plasma is a metaphor for the Nazi Party.]]
Team Plasma wanted to separate people from Pokémon. The Nazi Party wanted to separate Aryans from non-Aryans. And the only person who wouldn't have to be separated would be Ghetsis/Hitler.

** OR they represent the gun control debate, they claim to have the moral high ground, want every one to give up there pokemon (Guns), have no intention of giving up there pokemon(Guns), and use the good nature of the populous to achieve there agenda
[[MST3KMantra ...Am I thinking about this too hard?]]
*** No, you were just [[PokemonXAndY a generation early]]. The "Aryan Nation/kill everyone else" agenda is far more in line with Team Flare's motives.
* Wait, I thought Hitler was supposed to be N...

[[WMG:Ghetsis' eyepiece is an Insomniscope to protect him from Darkrai's powers.]]
Because he and [[VideoGame/PokemonMysteryDungeon Darkrai]] are working together towards the paralysis of the planet. Darkrai's cool with letting Ghetsis rule for a little while -- a human lifespan isn't all that long compared to a Legendary Pokemon's, and it's more his style to manipulate from the sidelines anyway. That or they're plotting to backstab each other. This is also why Ghetsis had the Creation Trio's orbs.

[[NightmareFuel You're welcome.]]

* Not QUITE {{Jossed}}, but the official artwork shows that his eye and most of the area around in are [[GoodScarsEvilScars completely wrecked]] under that piece, and he wears it to cover it up.

[[WMG:Brycen 'Ice Mask' was Mask of Ice.]]
It was implied that Mask of Ice was a gym trainer at the very least, Brycen spent time abroad being mysterious, and isn't he awfully standoffish compared to the region's other gym leaders? Furthermore, what's with that potential deathtrap gym of his? Kinda villainous...
* ...this ''is'' a joke, right?
* [[spoiler:Seems you don't know that Mask of Ice is Pryce...]]

[[WMG: Ghetsis is planning to reform Team Plasma and try to rule Unova again, with N's help.]]
He's got the Shadow Triad. He's planning to recruit more members of Team Plasma and pick up any who are still willing to help him. He plans to maybe pull a jailbreak to get the Seven Sages back, and he thinks that N will eventually come back to him out of sheer desperation. He might try to brainwash the player into helping -- if N and the player, the two heroes, unite, then maybe they could rule the world -- and he might try to get Kyurem for himself.

That'd actually make a good plot for a third game...
* Mostly confirmed with [=B2W2=], minus the N part.

[[WMG:Cynthia is Not What She Seems]]
Notice Catilyn has grown quite a lot since Platinum. Cynthia, however, looks like she hasn't aged a day. Also, Shauntal says she doen't know how old Cynthia is. Also, Cynthia somehow has all the best new Pokemon. (Garchomp, Braviary, Eelektross) She has also appeared in every main game since her introduction. As for what she is...
* Personification of the StopHavingFunGuys?
* A plain old immortal, nothing else?
* A legendary?
* The offspring of a human or legendary?
* YourMom?
** In response to this WMG, I have a theory that Cynthia is actually an avatar of Arceus (or possibly another legendary Pokemon) who's supposed to help maintain order throughout the world. Unfortunately, Arceus has a policy of technical non-interference, which is why she simply helps the player characters to achieve their goals (most notably, leaving the Platinum PC to stop Giratina, and telling the HGSS PC how to obtain an egg containing one of the creation trio. Having the aid of Arceus would also explain how she can manage to get to such remote places as the Distortion World and the Sinjoh Ruins. And her comment about organizing a tournament between Champions? Arceus is trying to single out the best of the best to achieve some goal.
** As for the WMG right above me... I can totally buy into this.
* Or perhaps the inverse is true. Perhaps not all that much time has passed and Caitlin's powers simply make her age quicker than those around her.

[[WMG: Ghetsis ''is designed'' for FridgeHorror.]]
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon proves that Nintendo's willing to put NightmareFuel in their game, [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar and hide it enough to be rated E.]] So they decided to make a villain that is not only the biggest monster of Pokémon, but the most horrifying. And they succeeded.
* And then decided it still wasn't good enough and upped the ante again for Generation VI.

[[WMG:Ghetsis will appear in another game...]]
But not as the BigBad or even a major villain. He will just be a BonusBoss encountered as a raving lunatic in the back of a secluded cave somewhere, his sanity having continued to go south after his VillainousBreakdown at his defeat. He'll be reciting a MadnessMantra, trying to figure out the fatal flaw in his plan, but his own belief that Pokemon are just tools preventing him from seeing the truth. In his insanity, he'll mistake the player for the one who defeated him and challenge them to a Pokemon battle for revenge. After being defeated, Looker will show up, having finally tracked Ghetsis down (or perhaps having recruited the player to locate him), and comment on how far Ghetsis has fallen and arrest him at last.
Just seemed a way to make him even more dark than he already was and something that might happen given his SanitySlippage in the final battle.
* [[CaptainObvious Sadly not happening this generation]]. Gen VI is not out of the question, though...And on an unrelated note, why do I suddenly feel like Game Freak might try to make that an ''AlasPoorVillain/[[AlasPoorScrappy Scrappy]] moment'' of all things?
* Or, if Pokemon Grey is DarkerAndEdgier, Ghetsis will viciously attack the trainer. He'll disguise himself with the moniker [[AscendedMeme "Dennis"]], and wait until your back is turned. You'll be knocked out, but before he can kill you, [[BigDamnHeroes N will arrive]] [[CallingTheOldManOut and get back at him.]] Flying into a psychotic rage, the last threads of sanity will shatter. You get to play as N. To show how far he's gone, his theme will be disjointed, somewhat 8-bit. Instead of saying "Penance", it'll flip between [[MemeticMutation "Dennis"]] and "Parents". His sprite will be different: the clothes will look ragged, the hair will gray and there'll be a crazy look in his eye with a SlasherSmile. He'll be hiding in the bottom of Relic Castle. When defeated and confronted with the police, he won't have any of it, and have a set of explosives [[TakingYouWithMe to take them with him.]] Before he can do this, countless Yamask and Cofagrigus will appear, [[DraggedOffToHell dragging him down into the abyss.]]
** Uhh that's a little much now. [[WhatDoYouMeanItsForKids Wouldn't want the little kids to run away screaming]]...

[[WMG:Ghetsis did nothing more ''or less'' than neglect N emotionally.]]
Never laid a finger on him. Perhaps literally.

Psychological abuse, after all, can be a lot harder to spot from the outside or acknowledge for the victim than clear physical abuse. That and it wouldn't have worked if N had put two and four together and caused a scene at the coronation because he's actively aware Dad sucks. No, just leave him wanting that little bit more approval, and he'll be right where Ghetsis wants him to be...
* Somehow, this is even worse than the idea of Ghetsis physically abusing him. He has the power to utterly break, warp and control people in ways plain old torture cannot.

[[WMG:Ghetsis is an alien, or, if he's human, he comes from a completely different [[TheVerse 'Verse]].]]
That would explain his weird clothes, as well as (to a lesser extent) his evilness- if on his homeworld the behavior he exhibits is normal.

[[WMG:Alder's Dead Partner is Genesect.]]
It was resurrected by Team Plasma, only to escape a la Mewtwo. He befriended it, but it was eventually killed by Ghetsis. it's a bug type, too, like his specialty.

[[WMG:Looker will be the villain of the third game.]]
He tells us he's a member of the International Police, but what other agents of that organization have we ever seen? It's all a construct. He wasn't really arresting the Galactic Commanders or Seven Sages; all we ever see is him leading them away, without the assistance of any other officers even though these people are known to be highly dangerous. It also explains why the Sages go with him so easily; He's in league with Ghetsis. (He had to get those three legendary orbs from somewhere, and Cynthia/Caitlin aren't nearly as suspicious.) He's going to try to combine the Villainous teams's motives to separate people and Pokemon by creating an alternate new universe and placing all the Pokemon there.
* There are at least two officers helping him; they show up to take away Charon in Platinum. Of course, they could just be Grunts in costumes; if he has all of the Grunts from both Galactic and Plasma, then that means a rather sizable force...

[[WMG: It was Anthea and Concordia who were conceived [[SonofaWhore via prostitute.]]]]
Here's why.
* Anthea and Concordia are conveniently placed inside a castle to look over N. There would be no need for kidnapping, or the like, to produce to caretakers for the child.
* Or, in another light, if the theory of A-M is true from an above WMG, Concordia and Anthea were two of the children tested. Their hearts weren't good enough for Reshiram/Zekrom, so they failed. Instead of disposing of them, [[spoiler:Ghetsis]] saw value in keeping them in order to raise them as guardians for the actual hero. Which means that they've had to [[FridgeHorror raise the children who were thought to be heroes, only to watch them suddenly disappear]]... until N came along, that is.
** Even better (or worse?), this would make them A and C, so they would've been pretty early on in the line up. Apart from D-M, this especially begs the question of [[FridgeHorror what happened to B]], though.

[[WMG: Anthea and Concordia are sister and mother, respectively.]]
To N. Concordia is Ghetsis's wife, and Anthea is Ghetsis' daughter. A queen and a princess to complete the set. This is why she cared so much about N, and knew how she was raised. Anthea was concieved for the purpose of taking care of N when needed, and convincing him that what he does is right. The reason why Concordia has never called the cops? Ghetsis has [[MindRape psychologically tortured her]] into being his puppet. Whenever her relatives call her, she is forced to lie and say that she's fine. Or it's battered wife syndrome. Let's face it, Ghetsis would have no problem with it.

[[WMG: Grimsley's mother was powerful and his father was not.]]
This is why he favors female Pokemon for his teams. Almost all of his lineage and his training with Dark Pokemon came from his mother -- his father was either fairly ineffectual or never around. So he thinks women are stronger than men, and it reflects in his choice of battle Pokemon.
* This may go to explain his feminine apperance.

[[WMG: The Plasma Grunts (and possibly everyone else on Team Plasma) are Ghetsis's slaves.]]
So it doesn't matter how much they knew about Ghetsis's original plans -- they have to obey him anyway. It would fit his personality perfectly to bind them to him by force.

[[WMG: Ghetsis is a [[RichBitch rich bastard.]]]]
[[ItsAllAboutMe It would explain]] [[TheSociopath why he's Ghetsis...]]

[[WMG: Amanita has a Foongus or Amoonguss]]
[[ Every version of her name]] has something to do with mushrooms -- the [[ English]] version is a reference to the "Destroying Angels" -- and Foongus/Amoonguss just so happened to be introduced in the region that she's from. The genus Amanita is full of poisonous mushrooms (hence the nickname [[MeaningfulName "Destroying Angel"]]) and both 'mons are of the grass/poison type(s) with the ability Effect Spore. It holds no bearing on the plot, but [[FridgeBrilliance it would be]] [[GeniusBonus a cool extra.]]

[[WMG: Ghetsis indulged in MindRape.]]
To N. He needed to screw up N to the point he'd be a perfect UnwittingPawn, and be stuck in a child-like mentality. He didn't do actual rape, [[PragmaticVillainy because it wouldn't give the effect needed.]] These would usually be done by giving N a HopeSpot, [[DespairEventHorizon then crushing it when it's at its most potent.]] Plus, he admits to enjoying the crushing of one's hopes and dreams. So not only would this make N perfectly subservient, [[ForTheEvulz but he'd enjoy it.]] Thus making it all the more of a MindRape. Ghetsis is sick enough to do this.

[[WMG: Ghetsis is a shoutout to CATS from VideoGame/ZeroWing.]]
Villain with a red eye, a technological eyepiece that conceals the other one, long green hair, and giant robes. ''N has no chance to survive make his time. Ha ha ha ha!!''

[[WMG: Alder is either of Mexican descent or really really tan.]]
Alder's skin is a tad too pale to be caucasian; but not dark enough to be black like Lenora or Marshal, or AmbiguouslyBrown like Iris. He also had red hair. Either he's really really tan because he's walked the country and spends a lot of time in the sun, or is of Mexican descent.
* His outfit seems to suggest either Mexican or Native American.

[[WMG: Ghetsis is connected to Cyrus.]]
If he isn't Cyrus's father, then someone just like Ghetsis (possibly a brother) raised Cyrus. After all, who [[AbusiveParents else]] could turn Cyrus into [[OmnicidalManiac Cy]][[AGodAmI rus]]?
* Surely Cyrus's grandfather could have noticed THAT going on.

[[WMG: The boy Aurora mentions in her Japanese conversation is merely when she realized she was a lesbian]]
Why mess with perfectly good yuri?

[[WMG: The Subway Bosses caught some of their Pokémon during work.]]
They caught the Garbodor from Trubbish formed by litter left in the subway or trash in trash cans. The Excadrill's Pokedex entry states that their tunnel-like nest can harm subway tunnels outright, and durants are known to tunnel as well. The Galvantula's pre-evolution, Joltik, can suck electricity out of power outlets, so Emmet (or Ingo) may have encountered one in an infested station. Alternatively, some subway systems use an [[ electric third rail]] to power trains, so if a Joltik can drain power outlets, I doubt it's much of a stretch to think one or its evolution could feed off a third rail. This mass guess may enter [[NightmareFuel nightmare fuel territory]] with Chandelure though, since its pre-evolution, Lampent, are said to appear near a body close to death to steal the spirit, and it's doubtful that the subway's accident-free.
* Speaking of Lampent, did they ever say how old the subways are? If the system was old enough, maybe they used them as lamp stand-ins during the days of steam.

[[WMG: Alder is Ash/Red from Pokemon Red and Blue.]]
And the first Pokemon he ever had who he mentions died, was in fact Pikachu.
* Ok. I have to tell you, Ash and Red are '''NOT''' the same person. Ash came from the anime, and Red came from the [[VideoGame/PokemonRedAndBlue games]]. You mean, you think Alder is Red. Not very likely, anyway. Alder is too different in terms of design to be Red. Like [[HairStyleInertia hair]], a character in the Pokemon series will usually maintain certain things in design. This will be ultimately {{Jossed}} if Red appears in the Champion tournament.
** On the other hand, when Alder first showed up in the anime, a lot of people thought he was like a grown-up Ash... add some time traveling and you have yourself a WMG.

[[WMG: Ghestis is the decendant of the legendary hero's sibling]]
However, his ancestor has no title and was hardly mentioned; only his two other siblings: The truth-finder and ideal-seeker. The ancestor could suffer from MiddleChildSyndrome and being ignored in favour of his brother. So to vent out his fustration, he abused his own children, who then abuse their own children, and the cycle of abuse goes on. Ultimately, Ghestis was trapped in the cycle of abuse, and so would have N had the player not interfered.
* Alternatively, that sibling spent his time dedicated to get back at his brothers. Ghetsis is motivated by a centuries-long grudge that his family has kept.

[[WMG: Charon has worked for Team Plasma]]
We know he has no loyalty to anyone but himself, and seems to screw over anyone he wants for his own amusement. What, then, could be more amusing than turning over the orbs of the two gods his last boss tried to summon, as well as the orb of the god that kidnapped said boss? And since we know Ghetsis is in the habit of trying to win over people in desperate times by making them owe him big time, it could easily be considered that Plasma was Charon's ticket out of prison. Of course, like any other person he's ever worked for, Charon would consider Ghetsis beneath him and only destined for failure, but he'd continue to kiss ass when needed to stay on the payroll until that time.
* The Rotom you're able to trade in for Ditto? Either it's the Rotom Charon was friends with, or a Rotom Charon caught that he ended up losing.
** Gen V gave Rotom's different forms different types. Perhaps Charon was working in part to study this. Likely went to Kalos when he found out you can catch multiple Rotom there

[[WMG: Ghetsis' [[KickTheDog treatment of his Pokemon]] is a result of being injured.]]
Note that this isn't a FreudianExcuse for Ghetsis' [[MoralEventHorizon appalling goals and behaviour]]-he likely had plans for vicious manipulation and conquest long before his current team. Rather, it's an explanation for [[{{Jerkass}} why he's such a dick]]. Originally, Ghetsis didn't see Pokemon as tools-well, any less of a tool than [[TheSociopath every living thing.]] [[MoralityPet He may have even had a bond with them, seeing them as companions.]] That all changed when he got attacked by a Pokemon-whether [[ItsAllAboutMe he started it]] or not really doesn't matter, since the end result was the same-Ghetsis came to [[DisproportionateRetribution hate Pokemon for injuring him.]] The later SanitySlippage and injuries was partly a result of [[BullyingADragon bullying a]] literal dragon out rage.

[[WMG: Third Game A-M Predictions]]

At the moment, only B and C, but it still counts. Feel free to add.
* If you play as Hilbert, Bianca will be revealed to be B. Her father will be revealed to be a former Plasma Grunt who knew what Ghestis had in store for B, felt sorry for her, defected from Team Plasma, took her with him and raised her as his own child. It would definately explain his overprotectiveness: He was scared that she might run into Ghestis and be recaptured, or worse. Bonus points if, after this reveal comes to light, she becomes the new mascot for a certain [[ImageBoards Image Board]].
* If you play as Hilda, Cheren will be revealed to be C. Similar story as Bianca/B (parent(s) were former Plasma Grunt(s), got taken away from Team Plasma, etc.), and it would give him a FreudianExcuse for why he wants to be stronger [[AndThenWhat and]] [[DidNotThinkThisThrough nothing more]]: a secret desire to eventually be strong enough to beat Ghestis. That, and he felt sorry for the Pokemon who raised him.
* "A" will, more likely than not, be a SuperPrototype Trainer that [[GoneHorriblyRight became too much]] [[LikeFatherLikeSon like Ghetsis]], was kicked out of Team Plasma, and decided to snag a Legendary (Kyurem or Genesect, most likely) to get {{Revenge}}. Perhaps a previous-Gen [[TheRival Rival]]? (Silver would best fit the bill, especially since the American version of [[VideoGame/PokemonGoldAndSilver Gold/Silver/Crystal]] removed TheReveal about [[spoiler: Giovanni being Silver's dad]].)
** Whut? Silver's relation to Giovanni was never "removed" from the american version of any of the games. It was never in GSC to begin with.

[[WMG: Identities of A-M]]
I came up with some of my own ideas. For those of you with some of your own, you can put a sub-bullet under each letter (sign your guesses).
* A
** Anthea. Was taken in with Concordia by Ghetsis. ~[[@/MsAmiClassified Ami (OP)]]
* B
** Bianca. OverprotectiveDad. [[spoiler:He's afraid Team Plasma might take her back, hence the overprotectiveness.]] ~[[@/MsAmiClassified Ami (OP)]]
* C
** Cheren. Bianca's here, why not Cheren? ~[[@/MsAmiClassified Ami]]
* D
** [[VideoGame/PokemonDiamondAndPearl Dawn]]. Alternatively, some guy named [[MemeticMutation Dennis]]. Both JustForFun. ~[[@/MsAmiClassified Ami]]
* E
** [[VideoGame/PokemonGoldAndSilver Ethan]]. Again, JustForFun. ~[[@/MsAmiClassified Ami]]
* F
** Falkner. No reason, really. ~[[@/MsAmiClassified Ami]]
* G
** Genesect. [[CrazyEnoughToWork What, it could happen.]] ~[[@/MsAmiClassified Ami]]
* H
** [[PlayerCharacter Hilda/Hilbert]]. They're nearly identical in design, gender aside, both of their names start with H, and they get the version mascot. [[spoiler:[[NightmareFuel One can only imagine what would've happened had Ghetsis just held on to you.]]]] ~[[@/MsAmiClassified Ami]]
* I
** Iris. She [[spoiler:becomes champion or so I heard (haven't finished Black 2/White 2) and]] actually lives in the region. And just because. ~[[@/MsAmiClassified Ami]]
* J
** [[Anime/{{Pokemon}} Hunter J]]. Why she's so much older than the others I don't know (unless she's [[YoungerThanTheyLook Younger Than She Looks]]). ~[[@/MsAmiClassified Ami]]
* K
** [[VideoGame/PokemonGoldAndSilver Kris]]. Just because. ~[[@/MsAmiClassified Ami]]
** Alternatively, Keldeo. Firstly because I want to, and secondly said Mon's motivation is presumably ''already'' to protect other Mons, giving Team Plasma an outlet to manipulate it. You know, until it realizes just how many of them are {{Straw Hypocrite}}s. ~[[@/MsAmiClassified Ami]]
* L
** [[Manga/DeathNote Light Yagami]]. [[RuleOfFunny You can tell I'm not serious about this one]]. ~[[@/MsAmiClassified Ami]]
** [[VideoGame/PokemonGoldAndSilver Lyra]]. 'Cause I can. I think there was another one I wanted to add but I can't remember. ~[[@/MsAmiClassified Ami]]
* M
** Meloetta. JustForFun. Again, I think there was someone else I wanted to add that I can't remember. ~[[@/MsAmiClassified Ami]]

[[WMG: Ghetsis is a representative of Kyurem.]]
Think about it: Ghetsis [[ManipulativeBastard manipulates both N and the player]], with the former being an idealist(Zekrom) and the player trying to reveal the truth(Reshiram). Similar to how Kyurem was revealed to have a Zekrom and Reshiram form. Like how Zekrom represents wuji, [[TrueNeutral the absence of yin and yang.]] Deep down, Ghetsis has revealed that he's not concerned about either side, [[NeutralEvil simply out for himself.]] Both have shown themselves to be evil--Kyurem has legendarily devoured people and Pokémon, and Ghetsis...well, [[ItsAllAboutMe he's]] [[AbusiveParents pretty evil]] for [[NightmareFuel reasons that scare us.]]

[[WMG: Alder's dead partner was a Sewaddle.]]
It's one of the first Bug type Pokemon available in Unova. Given that the Bug/Grass typing gives it a LOT of weaknesses, it could [[FridgeHorror be quite easy]] for a younger, more rash and impatient Alder [[TearJerker to lose his Sewaddle.]]

[[WMG: Ghetsis is an EvilCripple.]]
Ever notice how we never see Ghetsis' right arm, and if you look close enough at the right side of his face, there's no hint of an eyebrow? While [[EyepatchOfPower he may or may not have a right eye]], his right arm is either missing or paralysed. The reason he doesn't show it is a mixture of trying to hide [[RedRightHand any indication of a villainous personality]] and personal vanity. As for how this happened, my guess is that his Zwelious didn't take kindly to evolving at Lv 54.
* You can see both his arms in the opening sequence, though. However, while it may just be weird lighting, many fans have noticed that one arm looks considerably darker than the other. Perhaps his skin isn't actually darker on that arm, it's just extremely burned? That would still fit into the crippled guess somewhat, not to mention it's perfectly fitting that Hydreigon would do something like that... Ghetsis's Hydreigon [[FridgeHorror does have Fire Blast]], after all...
** Alternatively he got really bad frostbite from trying to toy with Kyurem.

[[WMG: [[Franchise/AceAttorney Ghetsis is]] [[spoiler:Manfred von Karma.]]]]
They both twisted a child's ideals to accomplish a goal, with the intention of spitting them out in the end. And who could forget "I AM PERFECTION!"?
* Feeding off this, Caitlin is Dahlia and Grimsley is Phoenix, but alternate versions of them. They're both members of the Elite Four, and Caitlin's costume this time around is uncannily like Dahlia's, down to the bows in her hair looking like Dahlia's butterflies and her pink shawl floating, just like Dahlia's. Even her hat resembles Dahlia's ParasolOfPrettiness. She's even just as haughty as Dahlia can be, but unlike Dahlia, is not evil. Grimsley has the same spiked hair as Phoenix and wears a blue suit complimented by the other two primary colours, and the exact opposite personality- the personality of a corrupted attorney, which would explain his choice in Dark types, as darkness is usually an euphemism for corruption. Further, after his family fell into ruin, Grimsley took up gambling, which is precisely what Phoenix did when his legal career took a nosedive off a cliff. Some of his dialogue is also something Nick might say, as he says things like "Good, good... But I will never retreat from any battle", "Even in this situation, there must be a way to triumph!", "Well... I've never withdrawn from any battles" and "Even in this situation, there must be a win" when he's on his last legs of both rounds you fight with him.

[[WMG: Team Plasma is either affiliated with [[VideoGame/PokemonColosseum Cipher]], or Ghetsis somehow aquired Shadow Pokemon]]
A quote by N, in the sequels: "The things (Ghetsis) gave me were...the name "Harmonia"...the knowledge a king would need...Pokémon with their hearts shut so very tightly I couldn't even talk to them...and this room... I'll be outside...".[[FridgeHorror Shadow Pokemon explicitly are said to have thier "hearts artificially shut".]]

[[WMG: Ghetsis is Asexual.]]
He's skilled at manipulation, so he could've just produced a child instead of stealing N. However, Ghetsis simply wasn't interested in women or the idea of sex, even for the purpose of ThePlan. He decided instead to just "adopt."
* Or maybe it's just a convenience thing; its hard to have N under your thumb as much as he did when the mother plays a role. [[PragmaticVillainy He's not going to risk killing his partner.]]

[[WMG: Alternatively, it's because [[EvenEvilHasStandards even he has standards]]. ]]
[[TheSociopath As psychopathic as he is]], it's possible that even someone like Ghetsis [[EvenEvilHasLovedOnes puts a value on his flesh and blood]]. He couldn't go through with the idea of conceiving a child just to use him as a complete tool [[OffingTheOffspring and disposing of them]]. Using an orphan he found at the woods felt less heinous in his eyes and soothed the amoeba of humanity he had to go through with the plan.

[[WMG: Ghetsis is a [[BlueBlood descendant of Unova's founders]] ]]
The "royalty" thing he has isn't a facade. Ghetsis is a recognized descendant of Unova's kings, with N's Castle and other valuables being things he's inherited. [[VillainWithGoodPublicity People trust him at first]] because he's of noble descent, which also makes him rich and knowledgeable. Unfortunately for Ghetsis, the monarchy was abolished centuries ago and while it gives him respect it doesn't give him any political power. ItsAllAboutMe for Ghetsis because as he has the blood of Unovan royalty, he feels entitled to control over Unova.

[[WMG: The Subway Bosses are on the autism spectrum.]]
Both of them have limited, passionate interests (both are into trains and Pokemon battling; Emmet in particular is very fond of double battles and most of his dialogue is related to them). Additionally, both have rigid, systematic manners of speaking and [[VerbalTic verbal tics]]: Ingo speaks too formally, Emmet speaks in very simple sentences, and both rely on train terminology and expressions to help communicate their thoughts. Neither emotes much, with Ingo bring a PerpetualFrowner and Emmet being a PerpetualSmiler. It's likely that the two of them have social difficulties, and their line of work is relevant to their special interests while also factoring in a good amount of routine and limiting long social encounters. Emmet's characteristics are more pronounced than Ingo's and he seems to speak to the protagonist less directly than his brother, which may indicate that they are in different places on the spectrum.


[[folder:Pokémon-Related WMG]]

[[WMG: Meloetta is an Vocaloid Expy.]]
Im angry that nobody else see that, the headset, sing based moves and dex entry, green hair, basicaly is Hatsune in disguise


And Dance form is Teto, for that matter.

[[WMG: Zoroark is a corrupted Lucario]]
When Reshiram and Zekrom split, it created an aura of incredible power; this aura was so strong that it jumbled the DNA of all Lucario in the area, thus, we have Zoroark. To back it up, they're both bipedal foxes, they both evolve from an adorable pre-evolution, they both have claw based moves despite Lucario not having claws (they have spikes), and both use some kind of superpower to fight, (illusions for Zoroark and auras for Lucario), and if that's not enough, they are both used by a major NPC (N has a Zoroark, Riley has a Lucario).
* Lucario is a jackel, not a fox.

[[WMG: There's a good way and a bad way for Zweilous to evolve]]
The good way is to get the two heads to work together and like each other, leading to a split personality merge. This takes a while to do, and is why you can't evolve Zweilous to Hydreigon until level 64. Because you're a good trainer. The bad way? Uh... One head loses. Violently. This is faster, but the brutality of the act can and will drive the Pokemon insane and you would have to be insane to do it. So guess who forces his Zweilous to evolve the bad way?
* So [[spoiler:Ghetsis]] has a Level 54 Hydreigon because Zwelious' heads [[TooDumbToLive tried to kill each other?]]
** He forced them to. Also, remember what I said about how the violence of the act causes the Pokemon to go insane?
*** Given that [[spoiler:Champion Iris]] in the sequel games has an under-levelled Hydreigon, [[TooDumbToLive Ghetsis may not have needed to force them.]]

[[WMG: The many Pokemon expys are because of evolution]]
Not the well known method of leveling up evolution, but Darwin evolution. Some are still similar to their "Japanese" equivalent (Like Pidove and Pidgey, or Woobat and Zubat), but since they evolved under different pressures, they became a different Pokemon entirely.
* It could be like how convergent evolution works in real life. Convergent evolution is when two unrelated species evolve the same traits. Bats and birds are not closely related, yet they both have wings. Many desert mammals who aren't related to each other often have large ears to help with cooling, and so on.
** This actually makes a ton of sense. And the convergent evolution thing is certainly possible. But I'm more partial to the theory of a common ancestor that came over a land bridge long ago. Although the ancestor would probably have to be from mainland "Asia", as I don't believe "Japan" and "North America" were joined. I'll have to search for the actual term for that kind of evolution.

[[WMG: Someone at [=TPCi=] REALLY loves Metal Gear Solid.]]
Revolver Oshawott, Solid Snivy, and Tepig Boss fit way too closely to be coincidence.

[[WMG: Victini is Missingno in AFormYouAreComfortableWith.]]
Pokémon No. 000 (Unova dex only, 494 in national dex.) Come on, someone had to say it.
* If you're having deja vu right now: Don't worry. That happens to a lot of people that discuss [[EldritchAbomination Missingno.]].
** Whoa, maybe you're right. [[spoiler:I thought I checked to make sure someone hadn't already beat me to it.]]
*** Either way, I sense a FanNickname coming on....
* Jossed, Victini isn't a GameBreaker, literal or figurative.
** It is according to its pokedex entry.

[[WMG: Victini represents [[ILoveNuclearPower Nuclear Power]].]]
Victini is a Fire type with the ability Victory Star, it also generates limitless energy/radiation that it releases on People and Pokémon that touch it. And let us not forget that the sun and by extension stars all run on Nuclear power (by Fusion rather then Fission).
* Utsuho Reiuji?
** "Victini (494): [[FridgeBrilliance A Pokemon that brings about victory]]. [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything It’s said that a Trainer partnered with Victini]] [[UsefulNotes/WorldWarII can win any battle.]]"
** So if Unova is based on New York... Does that mean Victini is there as part of the Pokéverse's [[IncrediblyLamePun Manhattan Project]]?
** If so, that would be taking the name at face value. The Manhattan Project had next to nothing with the real island of Manhattan, it was all over America, and a little of Canada.
* Also, look at some of the moves it learns. For example: V-Create, an event-only Fire-type move with '''''180''''' base power (''270'' factoring in STAB, the most powerful non-sacrificial attack); and Final Gambit, a sacrificial attack that most likely will [[TakingYouWithMe take its opponent down with it.]] [[note]]The move actually deals the same damage as its user's HP amount. At full health and max HP, anything with less than 100 base HP ''will'' die.[[/note]]
** V-Create lowers ''three'' stats by one stage.
** Not to mention that that infamous day was called [[UsefulNotes/WorldWarII V-J Day]]!

[[WMG: Victini is the Princess from VideoGame/{{Braid}}.]]
Well, they both are [[spoiler:metaphors for the atomic bomb...]]

[[WMG: Victini is the DiscOneFinalBoss version of Missingno.]]
Which means [[VideoGame/PokemonRedAndBlue all those Missingno jokes]] [[NotSoHarmlessVillain actually had a meaning]].

[[WMG: Cottonee and Petilil are [[HumansAreBastards harvested by humans]].]]
Cottonee is based on cotton (and supposedly has a sheep-like evolution) and is exclusive to the technology-based version. Petilil is based on a bulb and is exclusive to the nature-based version. My guess is that Cottonee are used in the textile industry, and Petilil in the farming industry.
* By this logic, Vanillite are farmed for Casteliacones.
** Actually, sometimes if you have your character watch Sinnoh Now! on the TV, there's one story where a woman reports having ordered a Casteliacone, but when she was about to eat it, it sprang up and ran off, with the Sinnoh Now! reporter wondering if it could be a type of Pokemon. Which means... [[FridgeHorror Oh god...]] Maybe they really DO farm them, and the one the woman in the Sinnoh Now! report got just wasn't fully finished off yet! D8
*** Either that or they're like chicken eggs. Normally the ice cream they use are unfertilized Vanillite, but a fertilized one slipped in.

[[WMG: Genesect will be this generation's equivalent to Mewtwo.]]
A lot of first-gen Pokemon have some pretty obvious tributes/nods toward them in the Unova dex, as do a few second-gen guys. Genesect's covered in armor, much like Mewtwo's depiction with it in the anime and Special, it has a cannon, and its ability is Download -- previously only used by the manmade Porygon line. Wouldn't it be cool if an attempt to make the ultimate Bug-type was one GoneHorriblyWrong... or perhaps GoneHorriblyRight?
* Confirmed. Genesect is an ancient insect Pokemon that was modified by Team Plasma.
** So, Team Plasma created a [[VideoGame/MOTHER3 Chimera]] Pokemon?
* And yet its Base Stat Total is only 600. Some Mewtwo {{Expy}} it turned out to be.
** Download makes that BST misleading with its ability to automatically multiply one of Genesect's attack stats by 1.5 when he enters battle. Also, Bug/Steel is a far better typing than Psychic.
** Perhaps it hasn't got as good stats because it's incomplete? That may explain the need for Download.

[[WMG: Genesect was created as a counter to Mewtwo.]]
Think about it; 1/2 damage resistance to Psychic attacks, with a type advantage from Bug attacks against Psychic-type Pokémon. Base stats be damned if Genesect gets STAB and puts off super-effective moves against Mewtwo every turn, while soaking up the psychic damage...
* Hope not, since Flamethrower is packed rather often by Mewtwo, not to mention Aura Sphere.
** That's for player-imposed movesets; if we go by their natural (non-TM) movesets, then obviously they are much more balanced when matched with each other.
* If I recall correctly, the only two damage dealing moves Mewtwo has when you fight it in Cerulean Cave are Psychic and Swift, neither of which is very effective against a Steel Bug.

[[WMG: Meloetta is a ShoutOut to VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaOracleGames]]
Think about it: one form sings, and the other dances!
* Perhaps the third game will have another form based off Farore?
** Even though there wasn't actually a third version of the oracle games other than the scrapped one? What'd Farore have done in that canceled Oracle game? Painted?
*** She's the Oracle of Secrets, thus Meloetta's third form will be about secret keeping and its secondary type will be Dark.
*** > It's more likely for the third form to be Fine Arts Forme with a secondary type of Grass.
** It's not the only Zelda ShoutOut. '''[[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaMajorasMask Darmani]]'''tan, anyone? It even kind of ''looks'' like a Goron!

[[WMG: Game Freak knows what everyone's been saying about Venomoth and Butterfree.]]
If you don't know what I'm talking about, check the main Pokemon WMG page. Anyway, back in Gen I, we had two lines of Bug-types who were far away from each other in terms of Dex Number; the final evolution of the line that came earlier in the Dex seemed extremely similar to the basic stage of the one that came later. Now, in Gen V, a generation full of {{Expies}}, we have two lines of Bug-types who are far away from each other in terms of Dex Number (the Karrablast and Shelmet lines); the final evolution of the one that comes earlier in the Dex seems extremely similar to the basic stage of the one that comes later. [[AsYouKnow As we all know,]] because of the evolution method for Karrablast and Shelmet, we know that it was intentional this time around. Maybe Game Freak knows the theory about Venomoth and Butterfree, and is acknowledging it through yet more expies?

[[WMG: The new Alien Pokémon aren't from Roswell]]
Rather, they're from another town in the US whose Pokémon World equivalent would be closer to Unova -- Pine Bush.

[[WMG: Reshiram, Zekrom and Kyurem are the embodiments of Kinetic energy, Electromagnetic energy, and Potential energy, respectively.]]
Reshiram controls fire (a product of kinetic energy), Zekrom controls Electricity ([[CaptainObvious A product of EM energy]], and Kyurem controls Ice, the coolest state of most fluids. In addition, Kyurem is possibly the "parent" of Reshiram and Zekrom.
* Somewhat believable. They came from Kyurem for reasons mentioned above... that, coupled with the fact that his appearance makes it seem like he was on the wrong end of a CombinedEnergyAttack.

[[WMG: Gothitelle are in some way related to [[Manga/DeathNote Shinigami]].]]
To quote Gothitelle's Pokédex entry in White, "It can see the lifespan of trainers".
* Gothic lolita clothes, shinigami eyes... hell, you might as well call it Misa Amane in Pokémon form.

[[WMG: Volcarona was going to have a cocoon middle stage, but it was removed for some reason.]]
Despite being a moth, Volcarona oddly skips over the iconic pupa stage for no apparent reason. In addition to this, Volcarona's EV yield is 3, which only third stage and legendary Pokemon have (not even Gyarados or Milotic have an EV yield of three), and it sets the record for the highest level it takes for a Pokemon to evolve from its base stage to the second.

[[WMG: Reshiram is the Musketeer trio's master, and Zekrom is the Kami trio's master -- to be revealed in a future game or anime episode/movie.]]
Although Cobalion and Landorus are currently recognized as the respective masters for each trio, it could turn out that each of the two version legendaries is a master of each trio, a la Ho-oh and Lugia. While the musketeers and their theme of "righteousness" could fit with Reshiram's design aesthetic, the cloud genies fit with Zekrom's theme of hiding in thunderclouds and causing storms.
* Correction: The Musketeer trio fit Reshiram's theme of "righteousness" and the Kami trio fit Zekrom's theme of "judgement". They're both opposite yet equal sides of the law!

[[WMG: The reason Mewtwo learned [[SignatureMove Psystrike]] is because he finally overcame his DarkAndTroubledPast.]]
In [[VideoGame/PokemonGoldAndSilver HeartGold and SoulSilver]], the player finds him in Cerulean Cave, which means that canonically speaking, [[VideoGame/PokemonRedAndBlue Red]] never caught him. Over time, training with his new trainer Ethan/Lyra taught him how to be kinder. This is also how he learned to use [[KamehameHadoken Aura Sphere]], because he mastered his Aura.

[[WMG: Basculin is based on [[UsefulNotes/AmericanPoliticalSystem American politics]].]]
Specifically, it's based on the [[StrawCharacter Strawman Political]] created by each of the two major parties. The red (Republican) Basculin seem more angry, wild, and unintelligent, just as the left often depicts the right. Meanwhile, the blue (Democrat) Basculin seem more arrogant and aloof, just as the right often depicts the left. Considering that they are always at each others' throats, this could be a TakeThat.
* Similarly, this could also be FantasticRacism, [[UnfortunateImplications since Americans are stereotyped as being racist.]]
* Concerning the Japanese name, Basurao: ''basura'' is the Spanish word for trash or garbage. A [[BilingualBonus Bilingual]] StealthPun, perhaps?
** Unlikely, as "Basculin" is a combination of "sea bass" and "masculine." Rather than a cynical TakeThat, we get a fish with TestosteronePoisoning.

[[WMG: The above troper isn't going high enough. The Legendary Dragon Pokemon of this region (Reshiram, Zekrom, and Kyurem) are based on American Politics.]]
In the backstory of Unova -- brothers (the Founding Fathers) founded a united country with the help of a Pokemon (the continent of North America). However, they differed because one brother believed that only Truth (as in Religious Truth or perhaps practicality and cynicism over ideals) was important, and his half of the Pokemon became Republican/Conservative Reshiram. Fire as an energy source is conservative and traditional, and do I even need to point out the symbolism of it being white? The other brother believed that only Ideals (good ideas with no real way to implement them) should rule the country, creating Democratic/Liberal Zekrom. Electricity as an energy source is new and modern. And it's black -- [[UsefulNotes/BarackObama say no]] [[UnfortunateImplications more]]. The dragons battled with each other, creating a great divide in the country (the Civil War) that has still not healed.

Left in the dust was Kyurem, the Gray Ice Dragon, who as a moderate, is so frozen by indecision that it cannot support either Reshiram or Zekrom, and thus represents being unable to accomplish anything in modern America. Thus it is represented by it being frozen to a stand-still in a cave, because of America's polarized politics since the Great Southern Strategy that widened the split from the civil war decades ago that continues to send messages to Americans that there shall be no compromise in the rule of the country.

It's actually very clever and biting satire if you think about it.
* Alternately, Kyurem could be based on monarchy. Think about it: it's a long-gone method of leadership in America (akin to Kyurem's broken appearance and supposed backstory of a [[HowTheMightyHaveFallen fall from glory]]), and it once posed a great threat to America in the form of Great Britain (much like how Kyurem threatens the populace of Lacunosa town and is speculated to be the ancient enemy of Unova.)
** ..Touche.
* [[FridgeBrilliance Holy crap.]]

* Team Plasma could represent the dislike people have for third parties. [[spoiler:Ghetsis personifies this to a T.]]

[[WMG: Eevee and Porygon are readily available in regions near Unova]]
Before, they were rare Pokémon given as gifts. Perhaps this is because they had to be imported from the regions near Unova. In a hypothetical Generation 6, Eevee will appear in the wild, ready to catch and train. This will also give a chance for new Eeveelutions to be added the game.
* Porygon is a computer program, and created by man. It's not supposed to be anywhere in the wild. Eevee, on the other hand, could be interesting, although given that it's a fan favourite and gives so many options for evolution already, it would probably have to be rare (perhaps because they were all caught to be exported to other regions.)
** Eevee is apparently one of the Pokemon being introduced in the sequel series Black And White 2. Not sure if this is jossed or not, since it could be an invasive species.
*** It's unstated whether or not they're native to Unova, but there are wild Eevee in a small park connected to the Castelia sewer system.
** Part of your theory (specifically, [[PokemonXAndY Generation VI]]) is correct: Eevee is able to be caught in the wild in Kalos, and new evolutions are available here.

[[WMG: Genesect isn't as strong as it was originally envisioned to be by Team Plasma]]
For a Pokemon intended to be the strongest ever, it falls short of that goal and seems weaker than several other legendaries and even a few normal Pokemon, and its own signature move is just a weak version of Judgment with most of its types being outclassed by normal TM moves Genesect can learn. Because of N canceling Genesect's development and pulling support, and only one scientist continuing to work on Genesect, the end result is a shadow of WhatCouldHaveBeen.

[[WMG: Volcarona is partly based on a seraph.]]
It has six wings, fire powers, and its prevo has been compared to Arceus.

In Christianity, the seraph is the highest in the angel hierarchy. Volcarona has the highest BST of all non-legendary Bugs.

In Judaism, the seraph is the fifth in the hierarchy. Volcarona has the fifth highest BST of all non-legendary Pokemon, behind Arcanine (4th), Archeops (3rd), Pseudo-legendaries (2nd), and Slaking (1st).
* Seraphs are described as "burning ones." [[GeniusBonus Yeah...]] Not to mention there's a temple to them.

[[WMG: Volcarona was originally intended to be a legendary Pokémon.]]
It's a solar deity/[[OurAngelsAreDifferent seraphim]] moth that's found in a temple. I'm surprised they didn't make it a legendary anyway.

[[WMG: Genesect once preyed on Yanmega.]]

The time period that Genesect comes from is the exact same time period that meganeura (What Yanmega is based on) came from as well. As Genesect was feared as the ultimate hunter, it's not too much of a stretch to guess that Yanmega was on its diet. Yanmega might have even developed Speed Boost as a way to retreat from Genesect, and at a later date lost Tinted Lens in favor of Compound Eyes to aid in spotting a Genesect and fleeing.

[[WMG: Shiny male Frillish are supposed to represent polluted ocean water]]

[[WMG: Kyurem will be the box mascot for Grey/Transparent.]]
Given that Reshiram and Zekrom were the box mascots for Black and White, respectively, plus the previous generations, you fill in the rest of the details.
** Played with. TWO new Pokémon sequels for Pokémon Black and White have been announced with Kyurem being the mascot for both, but with a twist. Kyurem will have a new form based on which version you have (Black 2 with have a Black form (Think Zekrom hybrid) while White 2 will have a White form.)
*** That's not WMG, that was on the Bulbanews article!

[[WMG: They will add Pokémon #650 in Grey/Clear.]]
It would fit with the whole, "Recreating the feeling of Red/Blue." And there's [[ this.]] A new Poké perhaps?

[[WMG: Volcarona is the first of a new group of Pokemon similar to pseudo-legendaries.]]
Unlike pseudo-legendaries, which are legendary in nothing but their BST's and perhaps usage by endgame trainers, this group (Hereby dubbed "semi-legendaries") actually have the traits of legendary Pokemon. That is to say, they are [[UniqueEnemy unique enemies]] encountered at very high levels, have BST's above all but a handful of normal Pokemon, have Pokedex entries which refer to them having legendary powers or roles in history, and are occasionally featured in sidequests.
* And Heatran isn't the first because?
** Because it's a real legendary. Or at least Gamefreak says it is.
* This can help reduce the number of legendaries released in the future which people have been complaining about.

[[WMG: Neither Genosect nor Genesect are its official name.]]
At least as far as I know. My only evidence is that neither name appears in the strategy guide, yet there are 649 Pokemon listed.
* Its official name is Genesect because that is what is in the game's coding.

[[WMG:Ghetsis' Pokemon are all {{Punch Clock Villain}}s.]]
"Pokemon act bad because Master bad," to quote the anime. They're all decent creatures, just loyal to Ghetsis for whatever reasons they might have. They may not even be aware of his huge nasty streak if they're half as sheltered as N. In fact, [[TheWoobie they're all abused rescues, just like N's playmates.]] This was intentional on Ghetsis' part: they're all very loyal to him for rescuing them, and they fit into the black-and-white worldview he conditioned N to have, as well.

* Cofagrigus was a human who died under horrible circumstances at the hands of other humans. See, N, says Ghetsis, humans do this crap to ''each other'', too.
* Bouffalant was a "downer" in a slaughterhouse, meaning he was too weak to stand up and take the captive bolt, so Ghetsis bought him at the last second, seeing a golden opportunity. Or, if you follow the "earthlike animals exist offscreen and that's what the carnivores are typically eating" theory, well, possibly-illicit slaughterhouses for exotic meat might exist.
* Bisharp was pulled from conditions involving keeping too many of his evolutionary line together: he and a few other Bisharp couldn't stand each other, and got into constant fights that no one could really get away from, kind of like how you don't want to have more than one rooster in a coop.
* Seismitoad? Kept in an aquarium next to some loud music playing near-constantly, driving his sensitive ears to distraction. Got auctioned off when he evolved and Earthquaked his owners' asses.
* Eelektross was kept in poor conditions as someone's backup generator, and as such they frequently forgot to feed him.
* And finally, Hydreigon. His species, like Dark-types in general, gets a bum rap, and thus, much like rottweilers and pit bulls in our world, often get raised by jackasses looking for a penis extension. He's not at all a friendly Pokemon with strangers as a result, but he gets along with N and especially Ghetsis.

[[WMG: Ghetsis's Pokemon are just as bad as he is.]]
Ghetsis wanted to make sure that his Pokemon were completely loyal to him, and thus had to be willing to do anything for him. So he caught only Pokemon that were as sick as him. Hey, [[ArsonMurderAndAdmiration who else could have a drink with him?]]
* Hydreigon is an obvious example, because it's already described as an OmnicidalManiac. His Hydreigon is an AxCrazy [[TheDragon dragon]] who's TooKinkyToTorture, hence [[TheComputerIsACheatingBastard why it's only Lv 54.]] It killed one of its heads so it could evolve quicker, and enjoys devouring [[ToServeMan humans]] [[IAmAHumanitarian and its own kind.]]
* Cofagrigus were once humans, so Ghetsis' Cofagrigus may have once been a nasty human being. At some point, Ghetsis offered the choice to this bad person into being reincarnated as a Yamask. It was once a SerialKiller, possibly by Ghetsis' own design.
* Ghetsis's Bisharp is an OverlordJr. He [[TheStarscream betrayed his tribe leader for power]], and ruled it with an iron fist. He's much like Ghetsis, [[DespotismJustifiesTheMeans because of his pure lust for power.]]
* Ghetsis' Seismitoad is a MemeticMolester, and [[TheScrappy just plain intolerable.]]
* Ghetsis' Eelektross deals with ColdBloodedTorture. Unlike Hydreigon, its ForTheEvulz actions are more delicate. He has habits of TheMengele, and a bit of a SmugSnake attitude to him.
* Ghetsis' Bouffalant is a KnightTemplar UpToEleven. He's almost as bad as [[Disney/TheHunchbackOfNotreDame Frollo]].

[[WMG: Genesect is the Scyther line's ancestor.]]

[[émon) Just]] [[émon) look]] [[émon) at]] the similarities in their sprites, such as a near-humanoid body structure, very prominent abdomens with two legs protruding from them, arms that have blades instead of digits, and looking a bit hunched over at times. Then there's how both Scizor and Genesect are Bug/Steel, and while Genesect was feared as the ultimate hunter in the past, Scizor dominated the modern metagame.

Adding fuel to this speculation, on the real life side of things, it is theorized that mantises evolved from [[ proto-cockroaches]] which originated in the exact same [[ time period]] that Genesect came from.

[[WMG: Genesect was revived from Scyther. ]]
This theory builds off the above theory's logic, but it's the other way around. Think about it: neither Scyther nor Scizor appear anywhere in Black and White, and it's said that Pokemon Black and White take place a decade or so after the events of Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. Perhaps Genesect [[TwentyMinutesIntoTheFuture isn't quite as ancient as we think...]]

[[WMG: Vullaby isn't wearing a skull for a diaper.]]
Similar to Togepi, it's actually wearing part of its egg.

* The pokedex in the Black version states, "As the time approaches for it to evolve, it discards the bones it was wearing." That practically confirms it is using a skull.

[[WMG: Kyurem's new form in the third version will be Dragon/Water instead of Dragon/Ice.]]

''Every'' generation introduces a Water type mascot[[note]]Gen 1, Blastoise; Gen 2, Suicune; Gen 3, Kyogre; and Gen 4, Palkia.[[/note]]

Kyurem's current Ice type is because ice is water that's lost heat, just as Kyurem lost most of its powers when Reshiram and Zekrom split from it. Kyurem regaining power in its "complete" form will cause it to warm back up and become part Water. "But its hidden moves are Ice!", you say? Seeing as Kyurem's new form will already be incompatible with Black and White, Gamefreak will create a new Ability just for Kyurem's new form. Said Ability will change all Ice type moves used by Kyurem into Water type ones, ensuring that it'll always get STAB from Freeze Shock and Ice Burn regardless of what form it's in.
* {{Jossed}}, at least in terms of the [[VideoGame/PokemonBlack2AndWhite2 new forms that we got]]. They're both still Dragon/Ice even after being fused. It would make sense if the Original Dragon was Dragon/Water, though, but unfortunately we still haven't gotten to see it yet.

[[WMG:Reshiram and Zekrom's genders.]]
Okay, so going by game mechanics they're both genderless, but this ''is'' the epileptic tree garden, after all. Have at it.

* Reshiram is male:
** He represents ''yang'', which is masculine.
** That... attribute between his legs is a little suggestive of a sheath.
** Slated to have a male voice in the anime.

* Reshiram is female:
** WordOfGod is that she was designed to have a soft, feminine appearance. She also has a higher-pitched cry than Zekrom.
** The two tufts on her chest look a bit like the neckline of a sleeveless dress.

* Zekrom is male:
** WordOfGod is that he was designed to have a tough, manly appearance. He also has a deeper cry than Reshiram.
** Slated to have a male voice in the anime.
** He has well-defined musculature (which can alternatively be interpreted as feminine characteristics, below).

* Zekrom is female:
** She represents ''yin'', which is feminine.
** She has HartmanHips and NonMammalMammaries (which can alternatively be interpreted as masculine characteristics, above).

*** In any case, they'll probably both be treated as male in any incarnations of the franchise if they're treated as having a gender, since a legendary's voice in the anime seems to be the biggest deciding factor. Mewtwo, for example, has HartmanHips, is lavender-colored, has a slender/feminine appearance and is cloned from a Pokemon that could have given birth, but it has a male anime voice (also in ''VideoGame/SuperSmashBros'' and ''Puzzle League'') and it is therefore never treated as female whenever it's treated as having a gender (other than infrequently in {{Fanon}}).
*** Movie 16 laughs at this WMG. Though I suppose now the new fanon is that Mega Mewtwo X is masculine and Mega Mewtwo Y is feminine.

*** > What about the pecs and face? Mew is the feminine one.

[[WMG: Reshiram and Zekrom were originally part of Kyurem.]]
This is the reason why it looks weird and is weaker than the others; something split its power into separate beings.
* Most people think that Kyurem is the disposed body from when Reshiram and Zekrom split

[[WMG: Boldore and Gigalith don't have eyes either.]]
Those dents on their faces are ears, just like Roggenrola's.
* Can't... CAN'T UNSEE!!!
** In in-game, when you use a sleeping move on enemy Boldore, its eyes does not change, so it's probably confirmed. But against an enemy Gigalith, if you observed carefully on its eyes, it's closed, so that could be at point of the evolutionary stage where its eyes developed, so most likely jossed. They have also been already appeared in the anime, so you can check it out for yourselves whether their eyes can close or not.

[[WMG: Reshiram and Zekrom were originally intended to represent good and evil.]]
This is apparent when contrasting Reshiram's angel wings, graceful appearance and bright blue eyes with Zekrom's "mecha-demon" wings, huge mouth with sharp teeth and [[RedEyesTakeWarning sinister red eyes]]. This probably wasn't done due to the FridgeLogic involved in the protagonist owning a truly evil Pokémon and it somehow obeying him/her, but might manifest itself in some way if, for example, Reshiram is shown to have a more peaceful and/or caring personality while Zekrom is shown to have a more aggressive and/or judgmental personality in the anime. (And given the suggestion above that Reshiram represents righteousness while Zekrom represents judgment...)
* If that's the case, Zekrom could be the good one. [[DarkIsNotEvil Not just for irony]], but [[LightIsNotGood since white is the color of death...]]

[[WMG: The Abyssal Ruins were a temple to Arceus]]
All of the plates can be found there (the person who gives you the two other plates said he found them in the ruins). The heiroglyphs inside the ruins may be doctrine from the religion. i.e. Wars create tears. All is precious. etc. Finally, The King may be referring to some sort of Messiah or Arceus Himself.

[[WMG: Hydreigon is an OmnicidalManiac because it had two heads.]]
Zwelious has two heads, each with their own personality. Hydreigon has three heads, [[FridgeHorror but only one brain.]] Hydreigon has thusly become insane, because a) its two feuding minds were merged or b) one of its minds died, and the other is unable to deal with the loss. Conclusion: Hydreigon is a WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds, driven mad by the radical changes to its fragile mind.

[[WMG: The Drilbur line, the Golett line, and Druddigon are all [[ShoutOut Shout-Outs]] to Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann.]]
* Dribur and Excadrill combine the drill motif with Boota.
* Golett and Golurk happen to have spiral markings on them, and Golett's Pokedex in Black entry reads, "The energy that burns inside it enables it to move, but no one has yet been able to identify this energy." I bet it runs on Spiral Energy. Also, Golurk is probably as much based on {{Mecha}} as it is based on golems.
* If Wiki/TheOtherWiki is [[ accurate]], "gurren" (which can also be transliterated with one "r") means "crimson lotus" while "lagann" (which can also be transliterated with one "n") means "enveloping face." Druddigon's Japanese name is Crimgan, which might be a portmanteau of "crimson" and "lagan." [[MeaningfulName It also has a red face.]]
* It's also interesting to note that Golett and Druddigon can both be found near or in Dragon'''spiral''' Tower.
* This also fits with the theory that Gurren Lagann is the same universe as Pokemon.
* May even extend to human characters as well as Pokemon - Skyla and Yoko look similar enough to be siblings.

[[WMG: Reshiram, Zekrom, and Kyurem are somehow connected to [[Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann Spiral Energy]].]]
Based on the last part of the last WMG, sure, why not? Perhaps Reshiram and Zekrom represent the dual nature of Spiral Energy, while Kyruem is Spiral Energy in its purest form. Spiral Energy originates from DNA, which is a ''double'' helix. It has the power to create, but if stretched too far, it will destroy everything, which makes Spiral Energy have a "light" and a "dark" side, if you will. And if the speculation about Kyurem being the dragon from which Reshiram and Zekrom originated is correct, then Kyurem would represent the light and dark sides of Spiral Energy in unity. In this case, Reshiram could represent the creative, "light" power of Spiral Energy, while Zekrom represents the destructive, "dark" power of Spiral Energy. But LightIsNotGood and DarkIsNotEvil. In fact, Zekrom may exist to keep Reshiram in balance as a reminder of the destruction that can be caused by the unbridled will to create.

[[WMG: Kyurem is the ancient enemy of Unova.]]
It came from a meteor after the settlements were built but before civilization progressed in pre Unova. Kyurem caused perpetual hail in the region and smote everything it saw moving with Ice Burn and Freeze Shock. The people had a pessimistic view of Pokemon in general because of it until the hero of legend befriended a dragon sympathetic to the people's plight and used it to slay their oppressor. Kyurem wasn't really dead though, just fainted. It became buried by sediment and forgotten by all but Lacunosa Town as the hero's conflict with his brother ensued. Then it returned in the modern era, a shadow of its former self but hungry for revenge! It took the edge off of that hunger by feeding on Lacunosa at night, slowly regaining its strength. When Kyurem is fully restored, Unonva may come to an end because the Pokemon that defeated it long ago [[WhyWeCantHaveNiceThings is no more.]]
* In version 3, Kyurem will return to its former glory, [[spoiler:wreck team Plasma's castle]], make short work of the now separated founders, leave a trail of destruction throughout Unova, and then begin to send the world into the next ice age. Neither Pokemon nor person will be safe and this revelation will cause something older than Unova itself to arrive at its darkest hour, the Musketeer trio... but first you must prove worthy of their aid [[GottaCatchEmAll by catching them]]!

[[spoiler:The same guy will still be the final boss]].

* Also, nation-wide hail. We had this happen in gen 3 with sun/drought(Groudon) and rain/flood (Kyogre). This might be a nice CallBack and/or {{Foreshadowing}} to Gen 3 remakes.

[[WMG: The Litwick line is connected to Hell somehow.]]
Litwick, Lampent and Chandelure are [[OurDemonsAreDifferent demons]], who also function as the AnthropomorphicPersonification of Hell itself. They go fetch really bad and troublesome souls, and are usually an example of DarkIsNotEvil. GoodIsNotSoft though: if they consider you evil, they'll steal your soul [[FireAndBrimstoneHell and use it as fuel]] [[AndIMustScream for all eternity.]] The reason why people like [[CompleteMosnter Ghetsis]] haven't been targeted is because they usually have Pokemon to take out the Chandelure/it's easier to just take them when they become Yamask. Stories of innocent people's souls being taken by them are due to some being douchebags. This would go to explain their great special attack, nice speed and Ghost-type: to counteract Yamask.

[[WMG: Sigilyph is an extraterrestial Pokémon.]]
1. [[OurMonstersAreWeird Its appearance is very unnatural]]. 2. Like Roswell, Sigilyph's habitat is a desert. 3. Sigilyph can learn Cosmic Power. All this could lead to the fact that Sigilyph, like Deoxys and possibly Kyurem, is extraterrestial.

[[WMG: Yamask [[TheWoobie just wants a hug]].]]
Poor thing just wants some friends.....
* Maybe that's why it lets you train it: [[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming it wants to be pals with you!]]

[[WMG: Both rumors about Kyurem's origin are true.]]
That is, it ''is'' what's left of the original dragon that split into Reshiram and Zekrom, but it also came to Lacunosa Town in an icy meteor. When the original dragon split apart, Kyurem lost all of its energy and body heat, ice coating its body as it fell to the ground. Some time after its impact, it awoke, but remained where it was due to being too cold and weak to journey forth (while it ''is'' powerful by other Pokemon's standards, it only has a fraction of the power it had when it was complete), and because it had no purpose motivating it to go anywhere else (as its belief in truth and ideals alike were taken in the split).

[[WMG: Sigilyph is an artificial Pokemon constructed by the same civilization that made Golett and Golurk.]]
1. Its appearance is very unnatural, and has been likened to a type of doll called a kachina. 2. Its only known habitat is the Relic Castle, which we know is related in some way to the Dragonspiral Tower. 3. Their only known normal behavior is to defend the Relic Castle, based on memories from long ago. All of this leads me to think it was constructed by the same people who made Golett and Golurk to serve as a guard for the Relic Castle, just as Golurk and Golett defend Dragonspiral Tower. The reason they still defend the ruins even though the civilization is long gone is because it's essentially programmed into their instincts, and they don't know any better.
* Perhaps [[OurHomonculiAreDifferent it's a homonculus?]]

[[WMG: Escavalier, despite flying at fast speed, is still very slow in landing attacks!]]
And that's because it cannot control its speed. Once it starts moving, it cannot change direction, making its movement too predictable. And it even has a hard time stopping, too! So ultimately, Escavaler will spend a lot of time moving and adjusting its speed before its move used activate, while its foe has already used a move beforehand. Hense, its 20 base speed stat.

[[WMG: Escavalier only flies at fast speed only when it travels for a long distance]]
In battle, where its foe is not enough to use its full speed, it hops around.

[[WMG: When people become Yamask, their personality shifts to that of a Pokemon.]]
This may go to explain why Yamask don't attack you [[WhatTheHellHero for trying to capture them]], or why the government allows it. When being reborn as Pokemon, your personality shifts so that you become [[BloodKnight just as interested in battle]] as any other Pokemon. The reason they cry is not because they miss being human(unless they didn't die content), but because they're having trouble reconcilling their human memories. And even if they remained the same after death, centuries with nothing but Pokemon is going to change that.

[[WMG: Kyurem suffers from severe HorrorHunger.]]
This could go to explain why it's said to devour people and Pokemon. Kyurem would've been severly damaged from crashing into the Earth via meteor, and being the broken remains of the original dragon. Being part Ice-type may also mean it lacks the powerful energy that Zekrom and Reshiram seem to run off. The poor Kyurem is a NonMaliciousMonster, [[WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds desperately trying to keep itself alive.]] It eats a whole bunch of people and Pokemon because something that huge needs a lot of food.

[[WMG: Swoobat was a Franchise/SonicTheHedgehog homage]]
It's fairly similar to Rouge the Bat. Heart-motif? Check. White? Check.
* Plus they're both based off the fruit bat.

[[WMG: The Kami trio is related to [[VideoGame/PokemonRubyAndSapphire the Weather Trio]].]]
The Kami trio seem capable of manipulating the weather and enviorment, so it isn't too much of a strecth. Perhaps, like how its suggested that Manaphy is the "prince" to Kyogre, the Kami Trio are princes to Rayquaza. They're all Flying types, after all.

[[WMG: Shiny Yamask are the spirits of incredibly wealthy/royal citizens of Unova.]]
And shiny Sigilyph could be their guards.

[[WMG: The Solosis line is a bundle of sentient cancer cells.]]
They're an ever-growing, contiously multiplying bundle of cells that are said to survive in any environment, similar to how cancer cells never stop growing and are nigh-impossible to kill. Similar to how Deoxys is a virus that came to life, the Solosis line could be cancer cells from a powerful Pokémon/person with psychic powers, given a life of their own. Perhaps cancer was cured in the Pokémon universe by turning it into independent beings (Solosis).

[[WMG: Elgyem and Beheyeem are descended from Deoxys]]
They're both alien, Psychic-type, vaguely humanoid Pokémon.

[[WMG: Sigilyph is the evolved form of Unown.]]

* If you look closely, Sigilyph's head looks like Unown I.
* Jossed, Sigilyph doesn't evolve.

[[WMG: Chargestone Cave was once underwater millions of years ago.]]
It seems somewhat odd that the Tynamo line, despite being based off lampreys, are pure Electric types with Levitate. There's a good chance that Chargestone Cave and other areas of Unova were once underwater caves. When water levels declined, the Tynamo line adapted to this by losing their Water type to prevent dehydration, and Levitate to move out of the water.

[[WMG: Genesect is...]]
* [[ this.]]
** One issue with that theory is this. Pokemon White entry: ''This ancient bug Pokémon was altered by Team Plasma. They upgraded the cannon on its back.'' It already had the cannon on it's back. However, the Black2/White2 entry seems to contradict this: ''This Pokémon existed 300 million years ago. Team Plasma altered it and attached a cannon to its back.''

[[WMG: Kyurem is the Pokéverse's version of [[Anime/DragonBallZ Cell]].]]

Think about it:
* While very powerful (it is, after all, [[OlympusMons a legendary]]), it is "imperfect."
* It can become more powerful by "absorbing" two other powerful beings, which changes its form and makes it more "perfect."
* Legends tell that it ate people (This one is a bit dubious, but whatever.)
* And to top it all off, it is combined with the help of "DNA Splicers." [[LegoGenetics Cell is the result of DNA Splicing]].

[[WMG: Litwick, Lampent, and Chandelure all eventually leave their trainers.]]
They suck the life force out of people and Pokemon, right? If they can't control this, they might end up doing it to their trainer, and if they're anything like what we know of Muk, they can do this through their Pokeball (Muk being able to stink through his Pokeball when Ash catches him). Eventually, out of love for their trainer, they abandon them once they see that they're slowly killing the person they love most in the world, and doing the same to the Pokemon they've been making friends with while training. It isn't something they probably want to do, but something they must do. If they don't, those they love can and will die.

[[WMG: Durant evolved its steel armour ''before'' Heatmor acquired fire powers.]]
A cursory look at the type chart would tell that evolving steel armour (in the Darwinian sense) to protect from a ''fire'' Pokémon would have been incredibly counterproductive to the Durant species survival. It would have been far more likely that the bug evolved its secondary type to protect itself from attacks that are ''ineffective'' against Steel-types -- this being whatever Heatmor's original STAB type was. This triggered an evolutionary arms race. Heatmor evolved a Fire-type to enable it to hunt Durant, its main prey. In turn, Durant evolved the use of its digging abilities, already in use to build its nests, to attack Heatmor with super-effective Ground attacks in swarms. This can be seen in ''VideoGame/PokemonXAndY'', where wild Durant ZergRush a single Heatmor and ''very quickly'' take it out of battle.
** Seeing as how Heatmor's a pure Fire-type, said "original type" would most likely be normal. This WMG seems solid, though.

[[WMG: Genesect [[GroinAttack wasn't revived with genitals.]] ]]
Genesect is an enhanced version of a non-legendary bug, not an actual legendary like the Mew/Mewtwo relationship. The original Genesect used to have genders, and be in the Bug egg group, but [[BodyHorror lost some of its original biology when it became a cyborg.]] Team Plasma wasn't interested in breeding Genesect, so they didn't bother keeping that part of its anatomy. This was just one of a number of reasons why N disapproved of the project.

[[WMG: Genesect was constructed to best Mewtwo.]]
Its typing gives it an advantage over Mewtwo, and because its incomplete it could've been as strong/stronger than Mewtwo.

[[WMG: [[VideoGame/PokemomDiamondAndPearl Arceus]] is the reason why the original dragon split apart.]]
When Kyurem fuses with Reshiram or Zerkom, the result is that it gets a 40 boost in BST, gaining a 700 BST. The ''only'' Pokemon more powerful than it without the external influence of a Mega Evolution or Primal Reversion is the complete form of Zygarde(who's five core-brains and 95 cells merging with each other) and Arceus(who's the closest thing Pokemon has to [[{{God}} God Almighty]]). That's only two thirds of the original dragon. Its complete form? From all evidence, it would have a BST of 740-''more'' than Arceus.

I imagine as creator of the Pokemon universe, you wouldn't want something more powerful than you coming to being. Mega Mewtwo at least didn't exist until recently, Kyogre and Groudon need to absorb energies and Rayquaza [[GodsNeedPrayerBadly needs prayer badly]] to become more powerful than it. The original dragon was stronger than the Alpha Pokemon ''naturally''. How to deal with such a being, Arceus wondered? Perhaps exacerbate the conflict between the two founding brothers, all in an attempt to cripple it.

It wasn't just splitting apart the Original Dragon Arceus needed to do. It played a hand in the resultant Reshiram and Zekrom being sealed away in their respective stones, in hopes they never have a chance of reforming. Kyurem was unnoticed in all the chaos, and Arceus just hoped it would gather dust. At least until Ghetsis began to orchestrate his takeover scheme. Hopefully he doesn't know the full extent of this or a means of combining all three, lest he decide to give [[AGodAmI apotheosis]] a try.

[[WMG:Liligant are immortal.]]
Its [[VideoGame/PokemonSunAndMoon moon]] entry says that its flower will wilt when its finds a male partner to mate with. But since there are no male Liligant...

[[folder: Third Game Predictions]]

'''This entire folder is {{Jossed}} by the announcement of ''X/Y''.

[[WMG: The third game will feature Kyurem on the cover.]]
It might make more sense if the third game is a "transparent" or "clear" version. It might also make the box legendaries of BW a FireIceLightning trio.
* Kyurem has a lot of physical similarities to Zekrom and Reshiram, in addition to having a color scheme that would fit a potential "Pokemon Gray" or "Pokemon Clear". The one hole in the theory that Kyurem is the third member of the trio is that it has a stat total of 660 instead of 680 like Zekrom and Reshiram. Although, a reversal of Kyogre and Groudon's relationship to Rayquaza is possible.
** Maybe the third version will have some new forme (a la Platinum) for Kyurem that makes its BST higher.
*** Supported by its overworld sprite looking... incomplete, for lack of a better term. In its Sugimori artwork and in-battle sprite, it also looks skinnier and less majestic than the other two.
* Alternative: Maybe all three of the legendaries on the cover?
* Kyurem will be version mascot for both of the two new Pokemon Games: Black 2 and White 2. Kyurem will have alternate forms depending on the version.

[[WMG: Kyurem will have an alternate form on the third game.]]
* It looks crippled... Its horns are cracked and broken, and one of its wings is missing half of its feathers. There may be a way to restore it to its former glory.
** Also, it had 660 base stats instead of 680.
*** Maybe this alternate form could have a counter ability to Zekrom and Reshiram, preventing abilities of Pokemon from being cancelled out.
*** [[GameBreaker Or allowing moves to hit regardless of]] ''[[GameBreaker type.]]''
** Alternately, it will have two new forms: a Yin Forme resembling Zekrom and a Yang Forme resembling Reshiram. The Yin Forme will be capable of learning Freeze Shock, and the Yang Forme will be capable of learning Ice Burn.
*** Possibly confirmed? A picture of Kyurem has just shown up on the official Pokemon Website that shows two forms: a Kyurem/Zekrom hybrid and a Kyurem/Reshiram hybrid!
*** Perhaps Kyurom could be Electric/Ice and Kyuram Fire/Ice!
** A placeholder for an alternate Kyurem form has been found in the game's code. there's no sign on how it looks like, but it's definately there.

[[WMG:Kyurem will fight you in a triple battle -- with Zekrom and Reshiram at his side.]]
* They are Yin and Yang, and Kyurem is Wuji[[note]]Void, Infinity, Ultimate power, etc[[/note]]. The third game will involve a powered up Kyurem -- possibly using some form of equip item that increases his stats... with Zekrom and Reshiram alongside him, in the game's first ever ''triple'' legendary battle. Possibly all being used by N ''at the same time.''
** In that case, Arceus help you unless you have Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion on your team.

[[WMG: Going along with the last few guesses, Kyurem will get a new signature move.]]
* Notice how he doesn't learn a move when he is level 100 when compared to his counterparts. Instead, he gets Frozen World around level 60. And Frozen World is merely a [slightly] stronger Icy Wind... not very impressive at all. When he gets his new form in the third game, he will get a second signature move to even out with his siblings.
** This is pretty much confirmed already, as there are two moves that exist in the coding of Black and White called Ice Burn and Freeze Shock. Ice Burn is a special Ice type move that can cause a burn, and Freeze Shock is a physical Ice type move that can cause paralysis. Recall that Reshiram and Zekrom have attacks just like these, only they are their respective types. This suggests that in the third version, Kyurem will be able to learn these moves.

[[WMG: The third game will have you facing against N in a double battle at the climax, and N will have ''both'' Reshiram and Zekrom.]]
* [[spoiler:In Black and White, N will get the opposite legend of your game,]] well, in the third game N gets ''Both'', and then Kyurem will come to your rescue and help you defeat N. After capturing it first, of course.

[[WMG: Alternatively, N will have Reshiram and Ghetsis will get Zekrom while you get Kyurem.]]
N got the White Stone in Dragonspiral Tower like usual, while Ghetsis finds the Black stone in the Relic Catsle. At the museum, you get the Gray/Clear/whatever Stone. Then after you defeat N, Ghetsis could steal Reshiram from him and have you go into a double battle (with or without N) with him using both dragons. That way, when you defeat him, he has to release Reshiram and Zekrom so you can catch them both, like Groudon/Kyogre in Emerald and Dialga/Palkia in Platinum.
* I don't know about Reshiram and Zekrom, but there is data in the games about [[ another stone besides the Light and Dark Stones]]...
* It's the opposite way around. Since Zekrom represents ideals, [[UnwittingPawn it'll be N's.]] Reshiram represents truth, so [[StrawHypocrite Ghetsis will wield it.]] This'll lead to an example of [[DarkIsNotEvil dark is]] [[HeroAntagonist pure]], and [[LightIsNotGood light is the Devil.]]
** I thought deception was the opposite of truth.
*** Does that mean [[TrueNeutral Kyurem]] [[NeutralEvil will be used by Ghetsis?]]

[[WMG: Third Game Mascot Predictions]]
* Kyurem: For the same reason Rayquaza was the Emerald mascot and Giratina the Platinum mascot.
* The Musketeer Trio: RuleOfCool
* Genesect: Sure, why not?
* Mewtwo: He got a new signature move this generation (Psystrike).
** Mewtwo? That's a bit of a stretch.
*** Kyurem's been confirmed as the mascot for the third version'''s'''. If they decide to do another Gen I remake, though, Mewtwo would likely be the mascot in order to avoid having a complete rehash of ''[=FireRed=]'' and ''[=LeafGreen=]''.

[[WMG: The Third Version will have four more Gyms]]
There's quite a lot of crap after the Elite Four, but there aren't really any big trainers to take on. Adding 4 more Gym Leaders would sort of even that out.
* Why four? Between the Gym Leaders and Elite Four, 14 of the 17 types are covered. If they made four more, one of the types would have to be repeated. Unless they suddenly decide to put in an 18th type, or use ???-type somehow...
** [[HolyHandGrenade Light type.]] That is all.
** Maybe a gym leader with multiple types, a la Blue in Gen II?
** But that'll involve using the ''dark type'' as a gym -- and we know [=GameFreak=] can't have ''that''!
*** There's a dark type Elite Four, and the specification of four was because a type would have to be repeated ''when the types of the Elite Four Members were included.'' The four types would be Poison, Rock, Steel, and probably Fighting, Psychic or Ghost (since repeating an E4 type makes more sense than repeating a gym one).
*** Maybe... ALL FOUR GYMS WILL USE MULTIPLE TYPES! DUN DUN DUN! Although that kind of defeats the purpose of a gym.
*** But it would actually make you ''have'' to use multiple Pokémon.
*** Given that Arceus's ??? form does not have a sprite, it appears that the ??? type is dummied out. As for the typing of Curse, it has been retconned to Ghost, apparently making Normal-types immune to ghost!Curse.
*** Actually, ??? type no longer exists. At all, in B/W.
** In the post-game, [[spoiler:Cynthia]] mentions gathering all of the champions together for a tournament/match. Here are two possibilities:
*** Three gyms will use the remaining types, and the last will feature a trainer with one 'mon from each previous Champion (for example, Blue/Green/GARYMOTHERFUCKINGOAK: Rhydon, Lance: Dragonair, Steven: Metagross, Wallace: Milotic, and Cynthia: Lucario) along with a Pokemon from Red. For fun, let's make this uber-trainer the Green (in US)/Blue (in Japan)/Leaf.
*** As a side note: Cynthia's Pokemon would probably be Garchomp, rather than Lucario. What with it being perfect and all.
*** And Lance's would be Dragonite.
*** Each gym will belong to the true (sorry, Wallace) champion of each region (B/G/GMO, Lance, Steven, and Cynthia) with the weak trainers in the gym having fan-favorite or simply awesome 'mons from the respective Champion's region.
** Perhaps they'll be the same gyms as before, only remodelled and with some non-Unova Pokemon. In the Grey version, the dragon gym is where you fight Iris the first time and Dryad the second time
** Given that water, fire, and grass don't really have dedicated gyms in the fifth gen (Striaton is more about having something to oppose your starter's type than being a certain type -- all three leaders have a Lillipup, a normal type, as their other 'mon), those types could be used for new gyms as well.

[[WMG: In the third version, Pokémon will be able to follow you around like in Heart Gold and Soul Silver]]
Not only will they have had plenty of time to create the sprites for all the new Pokémon, but this would be yet another CallBack[=/=]MythologyGag to the first generation, where the UpdatedRerelease (Yellow) was the first game in which a Pokémon could follow you around.
* But they probably won't. To save memory.
** BW still has all the overworld sprites for gen 1-4's 'mons (for use in the Entralink forest place). The new ones wouldn't take up that much more space.

[[WMG: In the third game's timeline, Reshiram and Zekrom never split.]]
They stayed together as Kyurem's complete forme. You will battle N with complete Kyurem. N never managed to catch it, so he will have Genesect like he originally planned.

[[WMG: In the third version, Bianca will become champion]]
It was DummiedOut, which caused fan outrage considering it would have completed the comparison to Gen 1 and 2, would have been a nice plot twist, and was simply [[RuleOfCool cooler]]. Game Freak would hear out these cries, or took it out for the third game. It will be similar to Wallace taking over for Steven in [[VideoGame/PokemonRubyAndSapphire Emerald]].
* It was never dummied out, it was a prank...
** Since when? Even if it wasn't, this theory stays.
*** It was never said that the theory had to go. It still works, despite never being there to be dummied out.
* She won't become champion -- she'll be in the position YOU were in Gen 1. You'll have just beaten the Champion and think it's finally done with, only for Bianca to stroll in after a fight with the Elite Four and find out you're the new champ.
** Or better yet, let Cheren become champion. It is his dream after all.
*** Or even better, let Cheren AND Bianca have beaten Alder and become the champion. Why? RuleOfCool, that's why.
** Wait, you mean [[spoiler:at the end of the plot or when you actually fight Alder?]] If it's the former and she wins the position of champion will have changed hands 3 times in one day.

[[WMG: In the third version, Cheren will become champion]]
Since he stated at the end of the main game that he beat the Elite 4, why not? Either there will be a new rival to take his place, or only Bianca will be a rival. Question lies in either of these scenarios if there will be some story about him disappearing.
* New idea I thought of along this line. Depending on which gender player you take (Hilbert/Hilda) will change whether Bianca or Cheren is the champion. If you choose Hilda, Cheren is the champion and Hilbert is the new BFF. If you choose Hilbert, Bianca is the champion and Hilda is the replacement BFF.

[[WMG: The third game will be for the 3DS.]]
This is certainly possible. Remember, Gold and Silver were playable on the original Game Boy, while Crystal was not.
* Satoru Iwata, the president of Nintendo, has confirmed that there are indeed Pokemon games being developed for the 3DS right now...
* '''Outside Amendment''': Pokemon Gray will be 3DS '''Exclusive''' (i.e. unplayable in previous DS generations): In mid February, [[ this report]] cited that Black and White would get enhancements on the 3DS. A very similar situation to [[VideoGame/PokemonGoldAndSilver the 2nd generation]].
** It's false. It's proven there are NO 3DS add-ons, and even then another interview with GameFreak themselves (which I can't find at the moment) says no Third version on the 3DS.
** That interview didn't specifically say there wouldn't be a third version on the 3DS, instead no third version period. And regardless, the employee who said there wouldn't be a third version is relatively unimportant and her words were later discredited by a person who's actually high up on Gamefreak's corporate ladder.
*** According to [[ this]], there's plans for both the DS and 3DS, so the rest of the gen will probably be on the DS (with perhaps some extra features for the 3DS).

[[WMG: Possible additions/changes for the third version]]
OK, let's get started (some of these may or may not be accurate, but are based on previous trends):
* The player characters will get new outfits.
** A given since gen III. Maybe we could choose from three sets?
* Kyurem will be the version mascot, and get a new form representing the being that was eventually split into Reshiram and Zekrom (with a higher base stat total, as well as Freeze Shock and Ice Burn). The game will be called "Pokémon Gray". [[spoiler:At the game's climax, N will capture both Reshiram and Zekrom, and the player will use the Disaster Stone to awaken Kyurem and battle against N's dragons. N's Castle may be expanded and affected somehow by Kyurem's presence, similar to the Distortion World.]]
*** This is partially confirmed: Kyurem gets TWO new forms for the TWO new titles, Black 2 and White 2.
** Also, [[spoiler:N will fly off through other means rather than on Legend-back, releasing Reshiram and Zekrom for you to catch at some other point (once you collect certain items related to them, possibly), as Kyogre and Groudon in Emerald and Palkia and Dialga in Platinum]]. Also, the new Kyurem forme will have 680 BST like the others of its trio.
* The Striaton City gym leaders will all be fought in a triple battle, and Drayden and Iris will be fought in a double battle.
** This one I hope for.
*** It could happen in the after-game.
** Not only which, but allow for Gym rematches a la [[VideoGame/PokemonRubyAndSapphire Pokémon Emerald]] and HGSS.
* Dream World Pokémon will get new abilities.
** And Delibird will officially be less confusing.
* The "Follow-Me" feature from Yellow and HGSS will be re-added. Furthermore, we may see the return of Pokéwalker compatibility, and the games could have a feature that would let you transfer old Pokémon from HGSS through your old Pokéwalker (unlikely but cool).
* Unova Pokémon will get new sprites, old Pokémon will use Gen IV sprites unused in B/W (for example, Mewtwo will use its HGSS sprite rather than its [=DPPt=] sprite). All Pokémon will have introductory battle animations similar to Gen IV, and may also have extra animations representing specific attacks.
* The Battle Subway will become the Battle Frontier.
** The Battle Subway will add another line that takes you to the Battle Frontier.
** The Battle Subway will become the Battle Frontier, which will contain the Battle Subway and Battle Institute.
* A number of old Pokémon (excluding ComMons) will be added to the Unova Dex, representing fan favorites (such as the Lucario and of course Pikachu lines) and a few Pokémon [formerly] unobtainable in B/W (such as the Scyther and Duskull lines).
** Tentacool and Tentacruel will join Frillish and Jellicent in the waters just to screw with you all. :P
*** If not, then the Pikachu line will definitely be available post-game, because it just feels ''wrong'' for the developers to leave out the franchise mascot. In fact, one possibility is that most old Pokémon available post-game will be the ones unobtainable in B/W.
* Zorua/Zoroark will be obtainable in the game without an event, as a pseudo-version exclusive.
* Either the Black City and White Forest will both appear, or a new area will appear (with "Gray" in its name) with the functions of both.
** Considering that Reshiram has a natural appearance, Zekrom has a somewhat artificial appearance, and Kyurem has a broken appearance, the new area could be the "Gray Ruins."
*** [[FridgeBrilliance That actually makes sense!]]
* There will be a reference to Cyrus's plans or something Gen III related in the third game.
* Bianca will become the champion like Wallace was in Emerald while Alder will be an optional boss like Steven Stone was.
** Or to add on to the awesome, Bianca AND Cheren will be the Champions.
* N will fly into a PlotHole and possibly go into Fiore.
** [[spoiler:Didn't he already do the former in Black and White?]]
* Some more move tutors will appear, teaching moves such as some of the ones that are no longer available as [=TMs=] (like Water Pulse and Roost), and bring back some of the other move tutor attacks from Platinum. (Elemental punches, Seed Bomb, Signal Beam...)
** The [=TMs=] will be changed. After all, you can no longer give them to Pokémon to trade, so no this-becomes-that-when-traded would happen.
* The player character parallel to yours (Hilda if you chose male and Hilbert if you chose female) will be given some actual story significance and appear outside of the Battle Subway/Frontier, probably as another neighbour of yours and Professor Juniper's assistant.
** Maybe he/she will battle alongside you against N?
*** Or he/she will battle alongside N against ''you''.
* Bianca and Cheren will become ferris wheel dates for the boy and girl characters, respectively, for ShipTease reasons.
** [[HoYay Or they]] [[BiTheWay both]] [[ShipTease become dates]].
*** While we're at it, throw Hilbert/Hilda in there too; even if they don't become more prominent characters like in the previous bullet point, they still do hang around Nimbasa City...
** The Pokedex tells your height and weight.
* Pokemon will say their names, like in the anime.
** Or, the Generation 1/2 Pokemon make their Stadium cries.
* The Statue of Liberty will appear in some form.
* The S.S. Anne will appear.
* We will learn more about Ghetsis' backstory. In particular, we'll be given hints about what caused a [[UsedToBeASweetKid bright-eyed young trainer]] [[StartOfDarkness to grow up]] [[JumpingOffTheSlipperySlope and become the]] BigBad.
* The [=TMs=] will be changed.

[[WMG: N is half human, half Pokemon]]
I'm just throwing out this theory and I think this because a.) There is a story that does state that a human mated with a Pokemon in D/P. b.) His reason for wanting to separate Pokemon and humans from one another.
* Possibly the two brothers - a human and a Pokemon. If N really is descended from the two brothers, then that would make a shitload of sense.
** And if the player character is descended from them as well, then wouldn't that mean the player character and N are related?
* However, it does cast Ghestis's... romantic preferences... [[BestialityisDepraved in a strange light]].
** Maybe N was created from Pokemon and Ghestis' DNA using genetic engineering?

[[WMG: Leaf will appear in the third version]]
Well, it would make a good counterpart to Red on Mt. Silver, thus completing a retro-reboot comparison (especially if it's together with the above guess). You don't have to battle her, but a battle would be nice. Preferably, she'll appear as a Fall - Winter counterpart to [[spoiler:Cynthia's appearance]]. It would make Blue's battle remix sensible, being that she would technically be a "rival" of sorts to both Blue and Red.
* [[{{Facepalm}} Excuse me, my head has an appointment with my desk.]]
** And..?
** Why exactly would [[SchrodingersPlayerCharacter Leaf]] appear? Even if [[PreviousPlayerCharacterCameo Red]] doesn't make an appearance, then the second in line would most likely be [[MemeticBadass Blue MF Oak]]. (And given Cynthia's line about gathering all the previous Champions...but that's for another WMG.)
*** She has yet to appear in-canon, plus it would make a nice parallel to Red appearing every gen so far. Either the third game or a [=RS=] remake.
*** Because she ''doesn't exist'' in canon. HGSS made it quite clear that it was ''one'' child who came from Pallet to defeat Team Rocket, and that it was a boy named Red. In every other game with gender options (barring Crystal, but that was the first to do so and was the third in a generation) the opposite-gender PC appears in some role, no matter how small. Leaf, simply put, does not actually exist as a character in the series. She's basically "what if Red was a girl?"

[[WMG: White Forest and Black City will be combined together]]
If "Gray" is the name of the third game, something has to happen with White Forest and Black City since they were exclusives to White and Black.
* Gray Construction Site? Gray Vacant Lot?
** Gray Ruins was mentioned in a former WMG. However, I was thinking Gray Cave, Tower, or Island.
*** Or Gray Reserve, or Gray Mountain. We can keep this going on and on and on...
** I'm thinking Grey Village; has both aspects of both nature and civilization in one.

[[WMG: The third version will be Purple and Genesect will be the mascot.]]
Purple version was indeed trademarked alongside Gray, Black, and White, and conveniently enough there's a purple legendary -- Genesect. As a cyborg, Genesect reflects the fusion or balance of nature and technology, both of which are themes in Black and White. It's also worth noting that its backstory heavily revolves around Team Plasma.
* You'll get Kyurem, Cheren will get Zekrom, and Bianca will get Reshiram. Then, 3-on-3. Unlikely but awesome.
** I believe this to be true myself. Reasons being the following: 1) Gen 5 is meant to invoke Gen 1, who is Mewtwo's missing counterpart? Genesect. 2) The names do not follow patterns unless the monster colours do. Gre/ay is not a given. 3) 'Trios' are also not the standard. International Gen 1 and Gen 2 never had trios on their covers. 3) Genesect is far more related to the plot than Kyurem. He is flat out ignored in BW. 4) Genesect is the only 'event' without an overworld sprite; his event doesn't even give the player him, it gives the player the cassettes to change his type. Who says he's an event? He's just unobtainable in BW. 5) BW were meant not to invoke '2 games for the price of 1', Genesect would take the 3rd option and its logical extreme, nothing even connected to Reshiram and Zekrom.
*** Rayquaza and Giratina were flat out ignored plot-wise in Ruby/Sapphire and Diamond/Pearl, respectively. When Emerald and Platinum came out, they became the respective mascots and became part of the plot. Who's to say that the same can't happen to Kyurem?
*** Or Gene/osect.
* Genesect can't be a mascot. It's an event Pokemon.
** Since when were you under the impression an event Pokemon can't be a mascot? If Gamefreak wanted to "hide" the third version mascot, making it an event Pokemon would be the only option.

[[WMG: Alternatively, Genesect will be an important part of the after-game.]]
To be specific, [[spoiler:it will deal with what happened to Ghetsis in the after-game.]] Perhaps Ghetsis will use it to regain a power base, and it'll be up to you to stop him. Ghetsis will end up using it, and you will gain it after beating him.

[[WMG: Sawsbuck will change types with the seasons.]]
Similar to Burmy and Wormadam, Deerling's coat change will remain purely cosmetic. However, upon evolving into Sawsbuck, it will have a differing primary type depending on the season, with altered learnsets for each, so that the alternate forms aren't totally trivial.
* Spring Form, as the standard form, will retain the original typing of Normal/Grass.
** Or what about Water/Grass?
* Summer Form will be Fire/Grass.
* Autumn Form will be Ground/Grass.
* Winter Form will be Ice/Grass.

If not in the third game, this change will be implemented in the following generation, as was the case with Rotom's alternate forms.
* Alternatively, Sawsbuck will get a new move that is determined by its form. Spring Form could be Water, Summer Form Fire, Autumn Form Ground, and Winter Form Ice.

[[WMG: Male Gothorita will receive a Dawn Stone evolution. It will be Psychic/Steel type and will be known as the Cutting Pokemon.]]
Think about it. They already parallel the Ralts line, so this would be the next logical step. Besides, the Dawn stone is the only Evolution Stone to not receive a Gen. V evolution yet.

[[WMG: Kyurem is in no way related to Reshiram and Zekrom story-wise and will not be the third cover legendary.]]
Gamefreak decided to troll us by purposely making a Pokemon that fills the quota of a third version legendary. As it turns out, Kyurem has a completely different origin from Reshiram and Zekrom, all the similarities between Kyurem and the other two were coincidences, and Kyurem itself has little to no plot importance (think Heatran).
* Except Kyurem's game origin and the idea that he's related to Reshiram and Zekrom aren't mutually exclusive. Every indication we're given points to Kyurem being the remains of the original dragon Reshiram and Zekrom came from, which fell to Earth after the split. Gamefreak ''could'' throw us a curveball and makes the third version "Pokemon Brown" with Landlos on the cover, but I'd say the odds of it being "Grey" (or "Glass") with Kyurem in a new form are about 80-20.
* Rayquaza and Giratina didn't have any real story significance or obvious relationships to the other members of their trios until the third versions for their generations were released.
* Guys, I'm pretty sure this was a joke.
* (Original Poster) It was.
** Are you really the original poster?
*** nope.avi
*** Search your history, you know it to be true! (Control + f "Dianatos")

[[WMG: Kyurem will have at least two new forms in ''Pokemon Grey'']]
Note that there are ''two'' unused ice-type moves that would fit perfectly as Kyurem's lvl 100 move; Ice Burn and Freeze Shock. Ice Burn is a special attack with a chance to cause burns. Freeze Shock is a physical attack with a chance to cause paralysis. Kyurem will get an entirely seperate move at level 100 in its base form. One alternate form will focus on special attack and special defense like Reshiram with an even larger hit to physical attack and defense. This form will change the base form's lvl 100 attack to Ice Burn. The other form will focus on physical attack and physical defense like Zekrom with an even larger hit to special attack and defense. This form will change the base form's lvl 100 attack to Freeze Shock.
* Alternatively, Kyurem could learn both, along with his own signature move, making him truly complete (and he does have equal stats in Attack and Special Attack).
** That will happen with its third alternate form which represents what it was before Zekrom and Reshiram split off. It will be unavailable to the player because it would simply be too overpowered even by legendary standards.

[[WMG: There won't be a third game.]]
As allegedly reported [[ here]].
* Most likely jossed, as [[ Masuda doesn't recall it ever being stated that there wouldn't be a third version and is surprised by the rumor]].
** Or he's just surprised people caught on to him and is using PlausibleDeniability.
*** Confirmed, there won't be a third game. Instead, [[spoiler: there will be two sequels; [[! Pokemon Black 2, and Pokemon White 2.]] The version mascots are either alternate forms of Reshiram and Zekrom, or of Kyurem.]]

[[WMG: The 3rd game is not "gray" or "grey" but "transparent"]]
Look at the CanonName for the [=PCs=]. Also, the Japanese gives "the implication of being untainted" as well (our "restored forme" Kyurem would be "untainted", no?)

[[WMG: The shiny mascots will have a story role in the 3rd version]]
Why go through the trouble of making it so Reshiram and Zekrom are never shiny otherwise?
* Hm. Perhaps they merge and split again, only this time Reishiram is black and Zekrom is white?

[[WMG: Ghetsis will get some form of FreudianExcuse, or some explanation for his actions.]]
They did it with Cyrus: in Diamond and Pearl, he was fully AGodAmI, yet in Platinum he had shades of WellIntentionedExtremist. Pokemon Gray Ghetsis will also have shades of WellIntentionedExtremist -- his conquest of Unova would serve to fix the damage caused by the fighting of the two brothers. This would make his manipulation of his son all the more effective at being a MoralEventHorizon: because this time, he once existed outside it.

[[WMG: Alternatively, Ghetsis will get ''[[UpToELeven worse]]'' in Pokemon Grey.]]
How is that possible? Just put in a few cutscenes or lines of dialogue elaborating his dealings with his son. Bonus points for revealing various kinds of psychological manipulation, MindRape, StockholmSyndrome, etc. Or details about N possibly ''not'' being related to Ghetsis, thus confirming that he's a cradle robber. Or, you know, explaining ''what the hell happened to A-M.'' Or, if you want to go out on a limb, some '''''[[GettingCrapPastTheRadar very]]''''' subtle implications of worse [[ParentalIncest things]] [[RapeAsDrama yet]]...
* Personally, This troper thinks that the only way Ghetsis could get worse is [[spoiler:if he actually manages to injure or even kill N before you can stop him]].
** Just to make him worse: Ghetsis was responsible for the incident that made the Shadow Triad [[PsychoSupporter loyal to him.]] He was responsible for the abuse of the Pokemon that raised N, blackmailing them so they don't tell. And we learn [[TheCaligula what]] [[FateWorseThanDeath he]] [[AndIMustScream planned]] [[ZeroPercentApprovalRating to]] [[AGodAmI do]] with [[OlympusMons the Adamant, Lustrous, and Griseous Orbs.]] Essentially, make Ghetsis the most depraved villain of the Pokemon games, if not Nintendo, ''period.'' All through [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar subtle implications]] [[ParentalBonus the kids will never get]].
*** [[SarcasmMode It'll get even better!]] Over time, Nintendo will do their damndest to make Ghetsis the biggest monster in ''all of fiction.'' And if they fail, the Fanfic/BraveNewWorld fanfic will make him worse than Deoxys. [[NightmareFuel Contemplate on this,]] [[BringMyBrownPants and shit your pants harder than ever before.]]
** ''Or'' Ghetsis could die or fail to escape or something and the effects of the things he's already done could cause N (and possibly other people as well) to get hurt/killed.
* This one's totally Jossed. Not only is there no "Grey version", but Ghetsis pretty much stayed exactly as bad as we left him.

[[WMG: Following the above, Grey will sit on the cynical side of the [[SlidingScaleOfIdealismVsCynicism Sliding Scale]].]]
''Black and White'' was already making small steps in that direction, with its {{Deconstruction}}-heavy storyline and the most appalling villain ever this side of [[VideoGame/PokemonColosseum Cipher]]. ''Grey'' will take this to its logical conclusion, deconstructing the story of ''Black and White'' itself, while also turning what ''Black and White'' did UpToEleven. N will be the most affected -— his backstory will be more fleshed out, his traits thoroughly taken apart (the ability to talk to Pokemon above comes to mind), and maybe even a DownerEnding set up for him. Suffice to say, things will go FromBadToWorse.
* It could become even more like Mother 3. N could share the fate of Claus, using the same technology on him that was used on Genesect. He will be purged of emotion in order to truly control Kyurem. And Ghetsis will laugh. "I should've done this sooner!!"

[[WMG: Ghetsis will recruit Giovanni and Cyrus in the post-game]]
* Only if epic backstabbing ensues. Giovanni would consider child abuse [[EvenEvilHasStandards beneath him]], and Cyrus just plain hates the universe.
** And Cyrus is a pacifist (sort of).
** Giovanni and Cyrus will probably be Plasma Admins, and the Rocket and Galactic admins will probably join Team Plasma.
** Though ''if'' Giovanni joins Plasma (which I highly doubt), he will probably plan some way to take over after Ghestis loses his sanity, because he's too savvy not to see it.
** Meanwhile Archie and Maxie will sit dejectedly by the phone waiting for the call that they already feel may never come.
*** They already reformed...

[[WMG: Moveset additions]]
Some random predictions
* Flareon - Flare Blitz (Via level up, not going to happen though), Earthquake (via TM)
* Octillery - Hydro Pump (No, it really doesn't learn it alreddy)
* Victini - Gravity (via tutor).
* Serperior - A few wild guesses, the first 3 being the most serious. Hex, Power Gem, DragonBreath, Confusion/Psybeam/Extrasensory, various poison attacks, (most via Level Up) and Close Combat (It gets leaf blade to abuse its ability). Given Smugleaf's movepool sucks so bad, I wouldn't be suprised to see it get so many.
** Superpower would also be a nice addition.
** Why would a non venomous snake be learning poison moves by level up?
* Golurk - Gear Change via Move Relearner ([[WesternAnimation/MegasXLR You got to find first gear, in your giant robot car]]) Sky Uppercut via level up (It learns fly and a few fighting attacks)
* Blastoise, Torterra, and Samurott - Shell Smash
* Magmortar and Electivire - Blue Flare and Bolt Strike, respectively (most likely via event a la PBR). Reshiram and Zekrom can be considered Uber-tier expies of Magmortar and Electivire with respect to typing, relationship, and stats.
* Shaymin: Rollout, Steamroller, Flame Wheel (it's a hedgehog)
* Pikachu: Bolt Strike
* Charizard: Rapid Spin (to counter Stealth Rock)
** What good would it do you if it's already lost half of its health ''before'' it can spin the rocks away?
** Also, Tail Glow with its flaming tail. Even though it's japanese name is firefly light and the moves invokes the glowing light to blink on and off, we already have Pokemon with moves that does not really make sense anyway (like primeape with Iron Tail, ghastly and wooper with ice punch etc).
** If we get the 15th Anniversary Poll and Charizard wins, then it'll almost definitely get some special move just like Rayquaza did in Japan (and hopefully they'll give us a Charizard with Solar Power so that it can actually ''use'' the new move). Guesses include Draco Meteor[[note]]to acknowledge Charizard's dragon basis (after all, they gave it to ''Jirachi''); this is the best thing they can do short of a type recon[[/note]], Blue Flare, or Sacred Fire[[note]]then we wouldn't be screwed over if the Charizard gets Blaze after all, and it might see some use as a Swords Dance sun sweeper since Sacred Fire is such a good attack[[/note]].
* Zekrom: V-create, if we get the 15th Anniversary poll and it wins (just like Rayquaza). Suddenly Ferrothorn, Excadrill and Steelix don't feel so safe anymore.
* Luvdisc: Heart Swap
* Escavalier- Fly, Extremespeed
* Volcarona, Ferrothorn: Attract (TM)
* Throh: Crush Grip
* Gardevoir: Lovely Kiss, Discharge, Heart Stamp
* Levvanny: Rock Slide (to counter its major weaknesses)
* Celebi: Roar of Time (via event)
* Genesect: Other Generation V legendaries' signature moves, such as V-create, Fusion Flare/Bolt, Blue Flare, Bolt Strike, Glaciate, Freeze Shock or Ice Burn. Pretty much a given; the movie giveaway Genesect will probably have three of the above moves along with Techno Blast.
* Tutors for all the gen 4 [=TM/tutors=] except Stealth Rock.
** Emboar, Reuniclus, Golurk, Zekrom, and other Gen V Pokemon with usable arms will get the elemental punches, which will be a huge boon in many cases.

[[WMG: Most, if not all, Unova Pokemon found in the third version will naturally have their Dream World Abilities]]
One of the main goals of there being neither any old Pokemon, nor new ones related to old ones was to give things a fresh feeling. By the time the third version comes out, that feeling will be long gone as all of the new Pokemon are well-known. What better way to keep the fresh feeling than by having all of the Gen 5 Pokemon have their previously unobtainable DR Abilities? This ''would'' explain why things have been set up in Black and White to make it virtually impossible to obtain DR versions of most Gen 5 Pokemon without hacking...

[[WMG: "Dennis" will be an AscendedMeme of sorts in a future game.]]
Not that they'll call Ghetsis or Genesect, "Dennis," but any future game from the third game on will have Ghetsis's theme play for wild Genesect encounters.
* Or the battle theme will change to the "Dennis" theme if you nickname your Genesect/Genosect "Dennis", "dennis" or "DENNIS".
* Alternately, if Ghetsis intentionally dropped off the face of the earth to plot a return, he'll take the alias "Dennis".
* I was thinking maybe just be referenced in speech.

[[WMG: Volkner will cameo.]]
He's name-dropped by Shauntal in one of her possible pre-battle quotes, which pretty much implies that he's faced the Unova Elite Four before. Perhaps he'll actually appear in the third game as another BonusBoss (and maybe even become the new champion? In the postgame that is).

[[WMG: The third version variation of Black City/White Forest will be a combination of the two.]]
It will be called "Gray/Grey(if titled so)/Transparent(if titled so and Kyurem is the version mascot)/Purple (if Genesect is the version mascot) Village."

[[WMG: The third version will not be called Gray or Transparent]]
It will be called "Void"; Reshiram & Zekrom represent yin & yang, and Kyurem supposedly represents the void outside yin & yang.

[[WMG: The third version wont be called Gray or Transparent... but Spectrum]]
And instead of getting Kyurem you get either Meloetta, Keldeo, or Genesect (or Genosect, depending on the official name)/Victini.

It will also add a 3rd member to Ghetsis and N's family (who will get the tao trio)

And at the end of the game you team up with Cheren and Bianca (who will each have one of the two legendaries you don't) against the 3 and their legendary trio

[[WMG: The final story battle will see you and an ally / allies double- or triple-teaming against Ghetsis]]
With Cheren & Bianca, perhaps, or maybe with Alder and [[HeelFaceTurn N]].
* Or maybe with Cheren and Bianca against Ghetsis, N, and [[BrainwashedAndCrazy Alder]].

[[WMG: [[BonusBoss Cynthia]] will play a role in the plot of the third game, however minor said role may be]]
Just a hunch. Maybe she'll stop Ghetsis from escaping, or something.
* Garchomp vs. Hydreigon. [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome I'm okay with this.]]

[[WMG: There will be another BonusBoss]]
Specifically, [[spoiler:Gary Motherfuckin' Oak. Or "Blue", if you prefer]]. After all, they couldn't have included that theme in there for no reason.
* Or Red. Or Leaf. You know, just bring the damn crew back.
** You mean all three in a Triple Battle?
** Leaf doesn't technically exist. Red was the hero of Generation 1, and Gen 1 didn't have any "fallback" option for the character you didn't pick. That only began in Gen 2. So while I see lots of people begging for/demanding Leaf, it's a moot point.
* Mirror B. There's an afro Pokemon now.
* Cyrus. Do you think they'd pass up an opportunity to have the Distortion World on the 3DS? And he's the only one likely to be in there, and serving as a bonus boss only to get his bony ass kicked again could finally convince him to leave.

[[WMG: The "dates" in Nimbasa City will be expanded]]
A date's team will level up, evolve, and add new members every time they are fought, and a PC's relationship with them will change, and yes, [[GayOption White/Touko/Hilda will be given the option to kiss Aurora]]. Further, each "date" will be a possible partner in Battle Frontier Multi-Battle areas in addition to the opposite sex player character ala Stat Trainers.
* Highly, highly unlikely. As much as people prattle on about Black and White being the "mature" Pokemon game, it's still Pokemon. You know. For kids. They're not going to touch romance as anything more than a few background characters being married, and they sure as hell won't go headlong into homosexuality. Double standard, sure, but them's the breaks.
** Are [[ we talking]] [[ about the]] [[ same franchise]]?
*** I'm surprised you didn't throw Dome Ace Tucker in there. But my point still stands. We don't know that James is gay. It's simply a fanwankish assumption. I admittedly know zilch about the other two, having never seen them before (I stopped watching the show years ago, being more of a gamer than an anime wathcer), but I still don't think they make a very strong case. Harley looks camp with his cross dressing shenanigans, but camp isn't gay. I've cross dressed many times, and I'm a straight man. Zoey has a haircut that looks a touch butch, but she could just as easily be a tomboy. I'm seeing characters that could be interpreted a certain way if you so desire, but banking on an out-and-out gay option seems to be asking for too much.
*** As someone who ''has'' watch the Anime as of late, I can expound: Harley's Flamboyantly camp, but, at least in the dub, he ''did'' make an overture to Jessie similar to the one Drew made to May at the end of Battle Frontier. I note the dub, because that's where a lot of James' campness comes from, as proclaims [[WordOfSaintPaul Dub Vocalist Eric Stuart]]. Finally, Zoey's just a RomanticTwoGirlFriendship... and even ''that's'' debatable in the original, with the [[AlternateCharacterInterpretation alternate]] making her the Gary to Dawn's Ash... so it [[IncrediblyLamePun comes out]] to the same anyway.
* In other words, {{Shipping}} options will be taken even further.

[[WMG: Alternatively, ''Gray'' will add in an entire DatingSim sidequest ala ''VideoGame/HarvestMoon'' for the Nimbasa dates. (WallOfText ahead.)]]

This is wishful thinking, but it could work.

('''Note:''' My vision of ''Gray'' adds ferris wheel dates in the form of [[ChildhoodFriendRomance Bianca (for males) and Cheren (for females)]], for future reference.)

Like stated above, you would be able to battle the ferris wheel dates and more than once with a stronger team; whether you win or lose would affect your RelationshipValues. Losing against a date would decrease your values, while winning would increase them. After enough relationship points have been earned, the date would confess their love to you, and you would be able to choose whether or not to start going out -- although to preserve the E rating, the Hiker and Waitress would have to become a best friend or something along those lines instead. (The Kindergartener could probably still be an option as long as it was something like "I'm gonna marry you when I grow up!" or something else that's not too close to jailbait for comfort.)

Of course, there would be rewards. Talking to a date after agreeing to be their boyfriend/girlfriend/best friend, in a location that they'd (hypothetically) tell you upon saying yes, would give you an item, maybe once every other day in their respective season. Cheren and Bianca would give you the best rewards, so of course they'd be the hardest to get; to avoid complications during the main storyline, you would have to call them on the Xtranceiver first to open up a FerrisWheelDateMoment with them, and they most likely wouldn't always say yes. Having Bianca or Cheren as your girl/boyfriend would possibly open up one or two new subplots involving a date with them (Bianca's would definitely involve her father turning into a more conventional OverprotectiveDad, except with a less sexual bend), although this opportunity probably wouldn't arise until after the game has ended to avoid pacing issues.

Like I said, wishful thinking, and this probably wouldn't happen, but it'd be nice to see.
* So Pokémon becomes VideoGame/{{Persona3}} [[VideoGame/{{Persona4}} and 4]]?

[[WMG: The Unova Battle Frontier varation would be an amusement park.]]
Since everything is all sports, amusement parks and ice cream, maybe the Battle Frontier would be considered an amusement park? There would still be a frontier, but the buildings would be theme park ride designs. For example, Battle Tower = [[strike:Tower of Terror]] [[YouWannaGetSued Terror Tower]], Battle Castle = Hall of Mirrors, Battle Subway = Battle Coaster, and Battle Arcade naturally could keep its form. It could be located near Nimbasa City or where the Battle Subway originally was.

[[WMG: The Relic Castle will have new areas.]]
There you'll be able to catch Unown.

[[WMG: The third game will introduce additional drives for Genesect]]
The shock and burn drives are exclusive to Black, and the Douse and Chill Drives are exclusive to White. It only stands to reason that there will be two additional drives exclusive to Grey.
* Specifically, the Bug and Steel type Drives.

[[WMG: The third game will have an alternate form for Genesect]]
Usually revived fossil Pokemon are part Rock type, but Genesect is part Steel because it got a new body. Wonder how deadly Genesect still would be if it in its original form as Rock/Bug?
* Very deadly, as Team Plasma thought it was worth the trouble to find a Genesect fossil and revive it rather than, say, just take some random pseudo-legendary that's easy to get in comparison.
** Maybe Genesect/Genosect will come in both the Rebuilt Forme and Primitive Forme.

[[WMG: The above tropers aren't thinking high enough. Genesect will get four new forms; one for each Drive.]]
Just like Rotom got half a dozen new forms in Platinum that now give it new type combos, Genesect's drives will change its type combo to be Bug/[Drive's type] in Grey.
* Each form could look different, beyond a simple cassette.
** Normal Genesect won't be that different, but Techno Boost will be remade a Steel-type move.
** The Bug/Fire Genesect will have flame patterns on it, and a flamethrower for a gun.
** The Bug/Water Genesect will have wave patterns on it, and a super-soaker for a gun
** The Bug/Electric Genesect will have shock patterns on it, and a taser for a gun.
** The Bug/Ice Genesect will have icicles on it, and an ice cream cone gun.
** After doing a mission, you will gain the Restoration Cassette. Genesect will become a Bug/Rock type, and replace Techno Buster with a Bug-type equivalant to Hyper Beam.

[[WMG: The above troper is thinking too high. Kyurem, Meloetta, AND Genosect/Genesect will each get a new respective Forme.]]
Kyurem will have a Regenerated Forme, Meloetta a Secret Forme (whose secondary type is Dark), and Genosect/Genesect a Primitive Forme (whose secondary type will be Rock instead of Steel).
* Well you're right about Kyurem, it has two new forms.

[[WMG: The Above Troper Is Thinking Too In Between, Reshiram, Zekrom, and Kyurem will all get new formes]]
No idea what Reshiram and Zekrom would get, but it would be awesome. Maybe their types would switch?
* As it turns out [[spoiler: my crazy theory is possibly correct?]]

[[WMG:The above Tropers aren't going far enough. EVERY B/W legendary will get a new Forme]]
For example, Victini could get an Atomic Forme.

[[WMG: Forget new forms. Grey will introduce Pokemon #650.]]
If Genesect is supposed to be the Mewtwo of Gen 5, then who's the Mew equivalent? The answer is Primisect, the Bug/Rock unmodified version of Genesect who will be introduced as a Grey exclusive and have its fossil distributed in a Wi-Fi event.
** ''Victini'' is Mew's equivalent, actually.
*** I think he meant "Mew equivalent" in the sense of "Pokemon who comes directly after Genesect in the National Dex order and is its precursor in some fashion".

[[WMG: The 3rd game will feature unique eggs for each hatchable species]]
Non-hatchable species would default to "standard" egg design.

[[WMG: To make an official WMG of it, Cynthia will organize a tournament between all the champions, with a total of 16 competitors]]
So, at first I was wondering how a tournament between all the champions was possible, because I couldn't figure out how the number of Champions would allow for an even division of matches. Then I thought... what if it didn't just include NPC champions, but also ''all of the previous player characters''? Going off that, the list of competitors would be 1)The player, 2)Blue, 3)Lance, 4)Steven, 5)Wallace (since he was the Champion in Emerald), 6)Cynthia, 7)Alder, 8)A returning N (after all, since he beat Alder that means he ''was'' a Champion for a brief period of time), 9)Red, 10)Leaf, 11)Ethan, 12)Lyra, 13)Brendan, 14)May, 15)Lucas, and 16)Dawn! That way it could match up perfectly!

** Confirmed! It's called the "Pokémon World Tournament" and it also includes gym leaders!

[[WMG: The third version will introduce VS sprites for legendaries.]]
The last third version introduced VS sprites for important trainers, and we're already at the point where legendaries like the Musketeers and Energy Dragons have unique battle intros. Seems like common sense to me that the next step will be vs sprites for all legendary Pokemon.

[[WMG: The Musketeer Trio will have a large role]]
Think about what Team Plasma does with their stolen Pokemon [[spoiler:use them as forced labor to make N's castle. And then there's Ghetsis' plan]]. Won't sit well with four Pokemon who protect Pokemon from humans. Plus, the Trio Master Cobalion is a dang good counter for [[spoiler:Ghetsis' Hydreigon, being very fast, resistant to both its main types, and able to hit its Fighting Type weakness hard]]. So either capturing one or all of them will be a plot point or they'll pull a BigDamnHeroes moment to help.
* Semi-confirmed! They do play a minor role, showing themselves to you at various points, and [[spoiler: Colress]] suggests that they're looking for someone to fight Team Plasma.

[[WMG: Volcarona will get lunar and eclipse forms in the third version.]]
That's why it doesn't have any counterparts unlike the other sun-themed Pokémon. The lunar form shall be Bug/Water, and the eclipse form will be Bug/Dark, Ghost, or Psychic.

[[WMG: Gym Leaders will be able to be re-matched in Undella Town.]]
Why Undella Town? It's a small town, and it seems logical that Gym leaders might take up Villas.

[[WMG: Both White Forest and Black City.]]
In one point of the game, a worker will tell you that they are demolishing White Forest in order to make room for Black City, and if the player signs the petition, then they will keep White Forest.

[[WMG: Nintendo is hiding a secret pokémon programmed into the game, but it's almost impossible to hack.]]
Any guesses on what it will be?
* A poison legendary
* A light type pokémon

[[WMG: The final few battles will be fairly different in terms of lineup.]]

Since N will likely be using both Reshiram and Zekrom, he will lose both Carracosta and Archeops, with the remaining slot being filled by a Darmanitan, perhaps even a Zen Darmanitan.

Ghetsis' team will be nearly identical, but he will lose his Bisharp for Genesect, sending it out first and in a cutscene, complete with N's reaction, prior to the battle.

[[WMG: Team Rocket will play a part in Grey/Whatever]]
Based mostly on the anime's tendency to TakeAThirdOption, which usually has something to do with the third version -- [[VideoGame/PokemonRedAndBlue getting Pikachu and (eventually) Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle]], [[VideoGame/PokemonRubyAndSapphire dealing with both Kyogre and Groudon]], [[VideoGame/PokemonDiamondAndPearl Cyrus ending up in another dimension]], and so on and so forth. Team Plasma has yet to make much of an appearance in the anime (granted, most of that is due to the tsunami, [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking which, among other things, threw the air order off]] [[note]]And when I use that pothole, the episode thing [[DontExplainTheJoke is the "Jaywalking" part]]. [[DudeNotFunny I'm not meaning]] [[TooSoon to take it lightly]].[[/note]]) and the YouNoTakeCandle [[spoiler:Ex]] Rocket Grunt from HG/SS makes an appearance in Icirrus City (in the winter, at least). Maybe the two factions each get a hold of one of the legendaries (who knows which one gets which) and go to war against one another (as "Rocket-dan VS Plasma-dan!" [[note]]"Team Rocket vs. Team Plasma"[[/note]] would lead us to believe), leaving Kyurem for the player.
Don't ask about the rest -- at this point [[AssPull I'm just making stuff up as I go along.]]

[[WMG:A child of a past character will pop up]]
''Black and White'' takes place at a vague point in the timeline, anywhere from 5 to 10 years in the future. If the Rocket guy could have a kid, why not someone else?

[[WMG:A protagonist from a previous game will pop up all grown up]]
Or at least as a late teenager. Preferably in Cynthia's role, since she honestly didn't do much for the game besides pop up.

[[WMG: Challenger's Cave will feature Mewtwo and Genesect in the third version.]]

Challenger's Cave feels reminiscent of Cerulean Cave, as it features very high level Pokemon and is blocked off by an NPC until the E4 have been beaten. For some odd reason, this cave lacks a legendary Pokemon despite one trainer even mentioning that one and its student are rumored to be there. Some people think this means Cobalion and Keldeo, but I think otherwise. The legendary Pokemon spoken of is Mewtwo, and its student is Genesect; it makes sense that two artificial legendaries would be drawn to each other, with the older Mewtwo teaching the younger Genesect in a location similar to its former home.

[[WMG:The 3rd Isshu game will feature Blue and Miror B. cameos.]]
Blue's music, extensively remixed, is found in-game. Isshu's new Pokemon include an Afro Pokemon and a Pokeball headed Pokemon.

[[WMG:The final battle with Ghetsis will be a triple battle]]
N catches both Reshiram and Zekrom; you summon Kyurem with the god stone. He reverts back to the form of the dragon that
created the Unova reagion, you kick N's ass. Ghestis would show up in anger and unleash Genosect, Haxorus, and some third Pokemon at you. N would be attacked as he tried to heal your Pokemon; while weakened, he hands you Reshiram and Zekrom's pokeballs. You then get into the most awesome final battle ever! This is also the reason as to why Ghestis and Genosect share the same theme.

[[WMG:Opelucid City will appear...]] a mix of futuristic and ancient, either with the sides clearly split in between, or with the futuristic and ancient elements fully intermingled.

[[WMG: You move to the other side of the town after earning the Nimbassa City's badge]]
In the 3rd version, after getting the Bolt Badge and supposedly head next to Driftveil City, the bridge remains shut. Instead, you get to move onto the Black City/White Forest area (new location replacing them) and challenge new gym leaders there as well as Undella Town and Lacusona Town, rather than Clay, Skyla, and Brycen. In Lacusona Town, there is even a Kyurem event in the Giant Chasm that could equate to the Reshiram/Zekrom event in Dragon Spiral. And finally, you'll move onto Opelucid City for the 8th and final gym.
** But then they'd have to make a new equivalent to Chargestone Cave, or just move the Giant Chasm so that you have to go through it to enter Lacunosa Town. Or move the Chargestone Cave into Route 15.

[[WMG: Instead of the Gym Leaders, the [[PreviousPlayerCharacterCameo Previous Player Characters]] / [[TheRival Rivals]] will pull the BigDamnHeroes moment in the third game.]]

To be specific, Leaf, Gold/Ethan/Jimmy (his name in Pokemon Chronicles), Kris/Marina (her name in Pokemon Chronicles), Brendan, Wally, Lucas, and Barry will come to the aid of the player character when (s)he runs into the Seven Sages. It will satisfy the desire everyone has for a PreviousPlayerCharacterCameo, and will more than likely cause the internet to explode from such awesomeness. For a bit of humor, Brendan and Lucas will gripe about how [[Anime/PokemonAdvanced May]] and [[Anime/PokemonDiamondAndPearlAdventure Dawn]] couldnt make it to the battle.

[[WMG: N will be split into 2 separate characters]]
* I've been spouting this to friends for a while. N takes control of one of the legendaries in Black and White. I think that in Gray, N will be split into two characters, brothers in fact, who will re-emulate the brothers in the legend who fought between Ideals and Truth, and in some way, shape or form, you will befriend/capture Kyurem to take down the two brothers whose fighting will inevitably destroy Unova once again if you don't do anything.

[[WMG: The shaking grass mechanic will be tweaked.]]
How? Well, right now, shaking grass usually will yield Audino, but rarely it will produce other rare Pokémon. (usually evolved forms of Pokémon found by normal methods). In the new version, It works the same, but the chances of finding Audino are lower (by a little bit since Audino are great EXP cows), but you'll also find... wild Pokémon that are found in the area by normal means. What's so different about these special Pokémon then? Instead of having either their normal abilities, ''They'll have their dream world abilities instead''.

[[WMG: Just like the Sinnoh Dex in Platinum, The Unova Pokédex will be expanded.]]
It'll include all the pre-5th gen Pokémon that are caught in the wild in Unova (mostly found in areas that are inaccessable until you've beaten the E4.

[[WMG: Black 2/White 2 are full sequels, not an UpdatedRerelease]]
Same mechanics, but a new land.
* More likely is that it ''is'' the same land, (Kyurem, Zekrom, and Reshiram are the legendaries of Unova, ''duh''), but it takes place at a different time than the first games, similarly to Gold and Silver, though instead of taking place in "Johto" (the new land) it's set back in "Kanto" (or Unova, the setting of the first games).

[[WMG: Alternatively: Black 2/White 2 are both]]
The setting's the same and it has the same trainers, gym leaders, and Elite Four with modified teams (like every other 3rd Version). However, it takes place after B/W, features a new protagonist, and has an in-story reason ''why'' they have modified teams.

[[WMG: Kyurem's new forms are actually the resaults of fusion dances.]]
If it were the original form of the dragon, that had both Yin and Yang, then it wouldn't look like just a frankenstien mashup of Kyurm and either Reshiram, or Zekrom. Rather, Kyurem and the other dragon will be able to merge temporaly into one super powerful legendary.
* [[spoiler:It was a forced fusion!]]

[[WMG: Pokemon Gray will be the third game in the trilogy]]
They said there would not be a Pokemon Gray '''Version''', but that did not stop them from creating Pokemon Black 2 and White 2. In the sequels, we have seen that Kyurem will somehow acquire the energy of either Zekrom or Reshiram, depending on the version, and will become Black Kyurem, or White Kyurem. More than likely, the creators might be building up towards the unveiling of the "Original Dragon". What do you get when you mix Black and White? '''Gray'''. In Pokemon Gray, all three Dragons will become one again, and we will finally get to see the "Original Dragon", which leads to...

[[WMG: The "Original Dragon" is the second of a trio with Arceus]]
This theory is based on the Trimurti of Hindu mythology. The Yin-Yang symbol symbolizes unity, and Zekrom and Reshiram are two halves of the "Original Dragon" that embodies that symbology. In this case, Arceus is "Brahma, the Creator", and the "Original Dragon" is "Vishnu the maintainer or preserver." This leaves the doors open for a 6th Generation of Pokemon, which introduces the Pokemon equivalent of "Shiva the destroyer or transformer", completing the Divine Trio.
* The unown are the celibate first creations that live to serve Brama, or Arceus in this case, hence the inability to breed. Kyurem is Vritra, the hero who befriended the original dragon representing Vishnu is Indra, because they worked together to defeat Vritra, with various accounts arguing on who deserves more credit. So what will represent Shiva? He's the most normal looking of the three but is also the most destructive, so maybe he'll be an asteroid. What's more mundane than a rock and more terrifying than a meteor?


[[folder:Remainder of 5th gen WMG]]

'''All entries that are not generation-specific have been moved to the ''X/Y'' page. The remaining entries can be considered {{Jossed}}.'''

[[WMG: Gen V will have a pseudo-remake of RBY on the 3DS VC]]
The data structure will be overhauled and be compatible with Black/White and a few odd new features (like the return of the original female PC cut for space and Professor Oak boss fight), but everything will be in cruddy 8-bit monochrome (and include the the post 151 with newly created equally bad sprites). OK, not likely to actually happen, but would be cool.
* It would be so awesome (and funny) to see {{Retraux}} sprites of the Gen 2-5 Pokemon. [[UrbanLegendOfZelda And imagine finally seeing "Pikablu" in Gen 1]]!
** ...Well, a Gen 1-type game.

[[WMG: We will revisit Hoenn in generation 5... just not as a remake]]
It will be another "x years after" (14 seems to be the guessed time between generation 1/3 and 5) scenario as part of another region's game. The original poster's predictions:
* May is the canon player character from RSE, and Brendan is the rival.
** Okay, ''no''; cut the poor guy a break! Brendan got a raw enough deal with not being on the show and being beaten until he quits entirely when he's the rival in the original RSE -- which of them is the champion/professor should at least vary based on ''your'' choice of player character or something.
*** The evidence points toward May, plus who wants Brendan as the protagonist? His NPC role fits better.
*** Explain what "evidence" there is beyond May being in the anime. Pokemon Special splits the hero billing between the Brendan and May stand-ins, but the Brendan stand-in is closer to the canon protagonist in that he is Norman's son. I'm also curious to hear how NPC rival fits Brendan better.
** Brendan has extra lines and better characterization. Official artwork for the games typically portrays May as the protagonist, almost never Brendan.
*** ''Manga/PokemonSpecial'' '''itself''' has Sapphire as the Battler (which would extend to the Champion role) and Ruby as a ''Coordinator''. Though how ''that'' extends to an academic role is beyond me. Perhaps '''Wally''' becomes the Professor and Brendan will be the chief Contest Judge.
*** In the anime (which is official, unlike Manga/PokemonSpecial), May plays a secondary role as a coordinator, which fits her quite well. "His (Brendan's) NPC role fits better" my [[HoldYourHippogriffs Basculin.]]
* Route 114 and Meteor Falls (possibly other areas) are flooded (but can be entered via Dive) and the [[ScrappyMechanic sea level]] is lowered due to the long term effects of the weather trio SNAFU.
* The rest of the Koshikijima Islands equivalent is open alongside the Battle Frontier (why they included unaccessible places on the map like that in the first place...).
* ~24 year old May as the champion. SheIsAllGrownUp and now looks badass.
* Watson has retired/died and been replaced by Sidney, who runs the series's first Dark type gym.
** Taking Sidney's place is either Juan, as Wallace has taken his old place as gym leader after being demoted with May's ascendancy, Wally, or a new guy.
* New Mauville has been completed and now is easily accessed via passages in Mauville itself. It has a mix of shopping (ala Goldenrod Underground) and residential area.
* Brendan is now a Professor. It is treated as a surprise when "Professor Birch" is actually him and not his dad, [[TheyCallMeMisterTibbs possibly annoying him]]. No clue on what the first Birch is doing.
** ''Or'', if the player has a choice in the matter (as mentioned above), May could end up Professor instead. Another female Professor can't hurt, plus I can't be the only one who'd enjoy seeing grown-up May as a HotScientist type.
*** A ''second'' one getting into the profession only because their father can, however (yes, May's dad would be a gym leader if she's the champion, but as Champion she's ''ahead'' of where her dad would be, not equal)
*** > I'm really starting to think people are just looking to be offended here. Going into a field because you looked up to the parent who raised you, and you have a desire to be like them are not symptoms of sexism. Following in your personal hero's footsteps is pretty common, and it doesn't really have a thing to do with gender roles.
*** >> I forgot the pothole to NeverASelfMadeWoman. It's not that big an issue for me, but it does inspire ire in a lot of people.
* Tate and Liza have a new younger sibling or other new member and now do triple battles, and are all both [[SheIsAllGrownUp Grown Up]].
** I'm not big on the 14-year time gap, but I do like the idea of May as the champion and with an absurdly leveled Blaziken with Speed Boost. Talk about a challenge!
*** If that does happen, (And I think either the Brendan/May roles will be reversed), May WILL have all three starters.
*** > May is far more popular than Brendan (as opposed to Leaf not existing)
*** Maybe the show has something to do with it?
*** I'd say the breast size and the general Jailbait but not Loli making her appeal to the entire attracted to females portion of the human race.
** 14 years? HGSS and DPP are congruent from the looks of it, one year or less after HGSS happened, Platinum happened. Cynthia seems too young to be fourteen years older than she was in Platinum. How about six years? May and Brendan were eleven, so they'd be seventeen... Also, didn't Brendan want to be a gym leader? Then again, dreams can't always come true. Maybe we can have him lament on how he wanted to be a gym leader?
*** Exactly. RB->GS was 3 real years for Japan, GS->BW was 14 real years. More evidence based is that the final Rocket Grunt from [=GSCHGSS=] now has a "School Kid" aged kid (who are 6-11 or so) and given the wife is met after the event, that's at about another year on-top of his age, so 7 years, plus the 3 from [=RBGYFRLGRSE->DPPGSCHGSS=] means 10 minimum. Also, he isn't going to ever be a gym leader when his team '''sucks''' (I don't recall him saying it either, I am replaying Sapphire though, perhaps he says it at his final fight)
*** Seriously, am I the ''only'' one who played as Brandon?
*** No, you're not, which is why I made the addendum to the player/rival thing toward the top.
*** You're using the wrong games. Since it's a "remake" of RSE, and RSE->BW was 8 years, then the remakes should be 8 years later. This puts generation II/IV five years ahead of generation V. I don't know anything about a rocket grunt with a family, but if necessary III and IV could happen up to a year or so after the original games (given RS could trade with FRLG from the start, whereas in the latter you had to finish the game first), and/or however many years until this remake appears could be added on to this timeline, to expand the gap.
*** > Wha? RSE=~FRLG and HGSS is roughly 3 years after FRLG. Even buying the really silly and unlikely idea of the remakes and originals being in the same timeline, the Rocket Grunt only mentions restarting Team Rocket in HGSS, not GSC and he mentions this goal in BW.
** Who says he didn't have a family already? I'd say the gap is four - six years tops, nothing more.
*** '''He''' did. He states he gave up on his goal after meeting the wife.
*** Maybe she had children already? Plus it has been around four years.
*** The simplest solution is often the right one. When the guy says he wants to go start a family and he shows up later with one, we can assume he followed through on his promise without any "oh she already had kids" fanwank.
** Add Leaf making an appearance, and this theory is fine with me.
** I have an idea to settle who is champion. Have Brendan, May, Wallace, and Steven all say that they were once champions, but each was either defeated or retired. Instead, Wally is champion. (All four previous champions should be able to fight the player, though. Heck, throw in Juan for kicks too.)
*** But that requires either both or neither possible PC speaks.
*** How so? Besides, I wouldn't exactly call them speaking a bad thing -- it would be an interesting change of pace.
*** [[FridgeBrilliance This actually works]]! Except the four former champs wouldn't be ''retired'', but would instead serve as '''The Elite Four'''. Brendan would have a Sceptile because most May-analogues use Blaziken and Wallace is Water-based (and would add a Swampert for completeness). Now all we have to do is flesh out the two former PC teams in such a way that they aren't elemental-themed but also aren't the same style. (Perhaps Special/Status for Brendan and Physical/Damage for May...)
*** I always think of Brendan as Having Swampert. Sooooooooo...
** Brendan with Swampert and May with Blaziken works best.
* OP: Another guess to add, N will appear at Mt. Pyre and people's respect for their dead Pokes will have some impact on him (the "dragon" he's riding is obvious)
* Maxie/Archie is the first champion, like in Black/White.
** Alternatively, they'll be the eighth gym leader. If you play Ruby, it's Archie. If you play Sapphire, it's Maxie.

[[WMG:N will reappear... as a VideoGame/PokemonRanger]]
It seems ''very'' fitting.
* This is my guess, too. I really hope so - it DOES seem to fit him, doesn't it?

[[WMG: There will be a fourth game as a shout out to Yellow.]]
Gen V has a lot of intentional similarities to Gen I. Well, Gen I had three games plus Yellow. My guess is that Purple, Brown, Scarlet, and Crimson (all trademarked with Pokemon Grey, which will probably be the third version) are all possible names for a fourth game where Zorua follows you around.
** If it's Purple, that means the Genesect being the mascot theory could apply as well, considering its backstory involves Team Plasma and it incorporates both the natural (Reshiram) and the artificial (Zekrom).
** If Scarlet, then Victini's the mascot for the fourth game.
** If Brown, then Genesect will reappear in [[FanNickname Primitive Forme]] (the original form of Genesect).
* Either way, Zorua will be the default starter, no exceptions.

* Groudon, Kyogre and Rayquaza will each have their own variation on their trio's battle theme just like Reshiram, Zekrom and Kyurem. Groudon could have earthquake/eruption sounds, Kyogre would have bubbles and crashing waves, and Rayquaza would either have extra slapped bass or windstorm noises.

[[WMG: Mewtwo will be the mascot of a future Gen V title (possibly a Wii/Wii U RPG)]]
Checking Bulbapedia's signature move list says that Mewtwo's obtaining Psystrike makes it the ''only'' thing to gain a such a move ''after'' its introduction. My guess: Ardos creates a new Mewtwo from recovered files, then either attempts to make it a Shadow Pokémon, or (much more clever) finds a Manaphy and attempts to hijack its body for '''[[DrunkOnTheDarkSide ULTIMATE POWER]]''', but either way gets [[EvilIsNotAToy psychically turned into a pretzel]] for his trouble.
* While this is possible, Kyurem is definitely going to be the mascot for B&W's sister game.
* And then a Wii / Wii U game is made... and like with VideoGame/PokemonColosseum, is either considered very nice or is ignored while the UnpleasableFanbase bitches and screams for a DarkerAndEdgier and more plot-driven game... and the other part treats it as PlayTheGameSkipTheStory.

[[WMG: There will be an EmbeddedPrecursor]]
Not only that, but (not likely, but it would be awesome if) there will be downloadable add-ons for the [=DSi=] and 3DS that allow the player to visit each of the regions in the previous games.

[[WMG: Future Remakes]]
Like previous {{WMG}}s, I believe the Gen III games will get remakes, however, I'm taking this one step further with the idea for another Gen I remake. I think Nintendo should put all 5 generations on the DS and since Gen V is supposed to recapture the beginning of the Pokemon series, a remake of the Gen I games would most likely help with that. Besides, Kanto has been included in every generation prior Gen V. It could also ease the hate for Gen V, just imagine Kanto with Gen V's graphics, it's when SceneryPorn meets Nostalgia, it just has to happen! In addition to this, Nintendo and Game Freak should produce a Stadium like game for the Wii that is compatible with with all 5 Gen games so all fans of any Generation can come together and have fun. With Pokemon's friendship and unity aesops in the later games, it only makes sense to make a game that could virtually unify the entire fandom. [[labelnote:Abridged]]All five gens will come together into one game and unify the entire fandom.[[/labelnote]]

[[WMG: N went to Orre]]
What ''other'' region has been called "Distant Land"?
* Of course, as Unova is based on New York, the Japan-based Kanto/Johto/Hoenn/Sinnoh regions could qualify.

[[WMG: In a future Gen 5 title, a Pokémon holding an Evolite will always pass its ability on, DW ones included.]]
** Confirmed, but the wrong item. [=B2W2=] allows the Everstone to always pass an ability to an egg.

[[WMG: Genesect will be distributed via Ranger 4.]]
As suggested above (by me), N will become a Pokémon Ranger. The plots of Ranger 4 will involve Genesect (Plasma Scientist decides to continue his research in some backwater region he won't be disturbed in, which just happens to be the one N goes to perhaps?). After the events of the plot, N realizes that just releasing it would be a ''very'' bad thing (At best it dies off quickly, but most likely will kill off a substantial portion of the ecosystem. At worst it will figure out how to reproduce, dooming the ''entire'' world) decides to (begrudgingly) task its care to the Hero of Truth (Send it to Black/White), the only trainer he recognizes as trustworthy.

[[WMG: The TM list won't remain constant throughout Gen 5]]
The fact that we can't give them to Pokémon to hold would make this very easy to do.
* Jossed for Gen 5, confirmed for Gen 6.

[[WMG: There will be a ''Pokemon Colosseum'' Game with Ghetsis as the BigBad and N as an ally to TheHero]]
Ghetsis escapes to Orre after his defeat and N follows him. Ghetsis takes over Cipher's remnants and starts all over again, creating Shadow Pokemon and the like, but as normal, we won't know it's him till late in the game. N will follow him, trying to put an end to his father's abuse of Pokemon, but gets caught up in Cipher's plan, unknowing of Ghetsis' involvement and start fighting against them, aiding TheHero. Ultimately, Ghetsis will have his entire ''Black And White'' team converted into Shadow Pokemon, and in the final battle you'd have to Snag all of them to get the true ending to the game, Ghetsis completely defeated and broken at having lost the final shred of his once great plan. N will then come in and proceed to put the final nail in his coffin by CallingTheOldManOut and preventing his escape, allowing Ghetsis to finally be taken down once and for all.
** 3D N! ''3D N!''
** But who would have that one last Shadow Pokémon for getting all the others, and what would it be?
** Why would Ghetsis be the perfect BigBad for a game like this? Making Shadow Pokemon is something he'd do without a second thought, if it gets him power, he'd do it.

[[WMG: There will be a ''Pokemon Ranger'' game with Ghetsis as the BigBad and N as TheHero]]
Alternate to the above. Ghetsis tries to start his plan over, N, becoming a Pokemon Ranger to truly help Pokemon, ends up having to stop him. Once more, Ghetsis and N's characters would be perfect for these roles.

[[WMG: We'll get three remakes this generation.]]

Gray will be announced/released, the Ruby and Sapphire remakes will be announced/released, and everyone will be expecting the announcement of the Generation 6 original pair. Instead, we'll get [=WaterBlue=], the final member of the trio, which will finally cross the ocean - as a [[VideoGameRemake remake]]. For bonus awesome points, it'll allow you to visit Johto and/or other regions.

[[WMG: Some of the older spinoffs will get new games this gen.]]
Pinball, Trading Card Game, etc. Maybe a remake, but I'm thinking a new installment.

[[WMG: A Unova character will cameo in the Hoenn remakes]]
It's unknown how long the timeskip between Emerald and BW are.

[[WMG: Black & White are kicking off a three-part story arc.]]
With the announcement of Black 2 & White 2 being sequels to Black & White, one can assume that there is going to be some sort of major story connections between the two releases. Gen V was created with the main purpose of shaking up the Pokemon formula, so one can assume it applies to the typical game release formula of main games, UpdatedRerelease and remake of main games from two generations ago.

We've already seen how Black & White shook things up, so we'll skip to Black 2 & White 2. These two games will shake up the whole UpdatedRerelease formula by one of two methods. One, it will be a sequel story set in Unova, with new protagonists. The second, the game will feature the same protagonists, but will be set in a new region, one that's populated entirely by existing Pokemon. The excuse for not having any Pokemon from the first game is that the player character found himself stuck in this new region without any memory of even hearing of this region before. He/she tries to get to the bottom of this and finds some familiar faces along the way.

As for the remakes aspect of the formula, this would be provided by a pair of games called [=BlackMagma=] and [=WhiteOcean=]. The game world is Hoenn, but the story is a new one, once again about the Gen V protagonists. The game starts starts in Slateport, with our protagonist looking for Prof. Birch. He/she fights through Route 103, Oldale Town, and Route 101, until he/she meets Birch, at which point your path continues as it did in Ruby & Sapphire.

[[WMG: In the Hoenn remakes, we will get event Pokémon in a manner similar to in Emerald.]]
It would be a good way to link the two together, and manage the filling of your Pokedex. Here are some ideas:
* We will finally be able to get Jirachi via Wishstone/Wishtag!
* The idea that you can go to the Space Station to get Deoxys will be canonised.

[[WMG: The Gen V Battle Frontier will be reserved for the 3D Pokemon Battle Game]]
By Battle Frontier, I refer to the unique battle gimmicks Pokemon Emerald, Platinum, Heart Gold and Soul Silver has. And by 3d Pokemon Battle Game, it will be the likes of VideoGame/PokemonStadium, Colosseum and Battle Revolution.

[[WMG: The 3D Battle Game of Gen V will also come with a remake of one version from either the RSE or RBY games in the same console.]]
In a God-forbidden scenario where you have the 3D Battle game, but not any of the gen V handheld games, you will have at least have your personally trained Pokemon to use (rental don't count!).


[[folder:Other [=WMGs=]]]

[[WMG: The Dream World was created by Devon Co.]]
On the second floor of the building in RSE, a scientist says: ''I'm trying to develop a device that visually reproduces dreams of Pokemon... But it's not going well.'' This game most likely takes place after DPP, making it over three years since that. They probably got it to work.
* [[ContinuityNod Brilliant!]]

[[WMG: The game series ended, and Gen V is just a hallucination brought on my Musharna's ability.]]
Buying the game(s) will put us [[LotusEaterMachine under its spell.]]
* But Musharna didn't exist prior to Gen V.

[[WMG: Unova takes place TwentyMinutesIntoTheFuture]]
Which explains all the HilariousInHindsight.

[[WMG: Unova and Orre are US states in the world where Pokemon takes place.]]
Orre was "based on Arizona". Maybe Arizona was ''called'' Orre. As for Unova, if it's really based on New York, then perhaps there was no Britain in the Pokeworld (or it was called something else), so no reason for a "New" York. No need to retcon Surge in that case.
* Orre being based on Arizona is WMG itself. Phenac-Phoenix is pretty weak, considering phenac is a mineral like every other town in Orre.
** Uh, [[ no]].
* The No Britain aspect is not necessary: The Spanish Armada could have won in the late 16th Century, for one.

[[WMG: The overworld sprites are taller because Americans/Unovans are taller than Japanese/Kantoese/Johtoese/Hoennese/Sinnohese]]
Okay, it might have just been perspective change, but why not?
* Why not? Because Cynthia's overworld sprite underwent the height change as well, and her battle sprite between games looks pretty much identical, albeit a different pose.
** Which can only mean...

[[WMG: Cynthia is actually from Unova.]]
Just to prove the above theory.

[[WMG: Pokemon generations are symbolic of growing up.]]
The first gen was the simplest region, viewed with fond memories. Things weren't difficult, and everything was black and white (Lavender = scary, Rockets = all bad). But as time goes on, things change: The Pokemon get more detailed and creative, the Team of the region can be seen as good or evil, and all-together being more intricate and morally gray. Johto's introduction of breeding is like a child learning about sex: they know of it, but not all about it. Thus, a lot of it is a mystery.

Black and White may be the teens or early adults. When we get the late adults, though, we will deal with full-on sex and drugs and pimps and hookers.
* Does that mean Hoenn represents puberty?
** Yeah! Thanks, I forgot to add that. It's what got me on the idea. So many people hate it, and it introduced foreign and wierd designs and concepts to players. It's incompatible with the childhood games, meaning the player must grow up a little, mature.
** So... Sinnoh would be the preteens, where people are still reeling from the stress of puberty but are starting to discover that life is actually going to get better.
*** Sinnoh is GrowingUpSucks, given it's [[FateWorseThanDeath Sinnoh]]
*** YMMV.
** This makes so much sense, however, I doubt we'll be ever getting anything too mature..
*** Because "mature" means "Blood, gore, sex, guts, drugs, violence, gratuitous swearing, etc", not dealing with stuff that kids really wouldn't understand, rather than what we ''don't show them'' and that indicates "Maturity".
*** ''Wow.''
*** How is he missing the point? the orignal WMG does say '''Black and White may be the teens or early adults. When we get the late adults, though, we will deal with full-on sex and drugs and pimps and hookers.'''
** (The OP of this Guess): That was a joke. Like how more adult-oriented shows have BlackComedy. But I ''loved'' these last few comments. Very fun.
*** (Gen VI is announced. References to chromosomes. Looks back here...) - [[HilariousInHindsight MOTHER OF EVERYTHING, WHAT KIND OF DARK MAGIC IS THAT?]] {{.}}_{{.}}
* Holy crap, this WMG might be on to something. Two words: Ferris Wheel.
* Additionally, as you age your responsibilities change. First gen: Just defeating the basic criminal. Nothing too serious, and you're only doing it to learn, not because police officers can't do a thing. Second gen: You start to realize that there are some problems that can't be eliminated all that easily, and they worsen the less you pay attention to them. Third gen: Suddenly, after a relatively simple life, you get a huge conflict that seems like having to ''save the freaking world.'' Fourth gen: Its just one problem after another, and you don't get cut any slack. It's like you're given problems comparable to stopping the destruction of the universe. Fifth gen: Finally, you realize that, hey, things aren't as bad anymore. Still you've got what feels like the weight of the world on your shoulders, but you realize that not one man can rule the world by themselves, and you have to do your part to keep order in existence.
* Alternatively, the sixth gen games will be so complex story-wise that all previous knowledge about the characters and stories will be [[ContinuitySnarl useless.]]
** And the UnpleasableFanbase will be whining that it's too different than the ExcusePlot the series is known for, the other part will be ignoring the story they ''asked for'' since ''Gen II'' because they just want to go make sure the online has its StopHavingFunGuys quota filled, and 100% of the haters and 70-80% of the fans will ''still'' not realize that Nintendo is only the publisher and start blaming ''gameplay'' designs on the ''publisher''.
*** And Game Freak will be having a beer because they aren't getting any of the blame.
* To me, it seems more like the Pokemon franchise is growing up with the fans. Most of us were young children when the first games were popular, so they're becoming less and less childish to keep us interested.

[[WMG: There will eventually be a time where you can Triple Battle against the Striaton gym leaders]]
It will either be when you can rematch them in the post-game playing time (if there is the option to), or in the inevitable third game. In the case of the latter, their gym would probably be later on in order not to throw newbies immediately into a complicated mechanic before they can ease in, just like how Tate and Liza were late in Hoenn.
* I was hoping for that in Black/White.

[[WMG: Kyurem is the original Unova dragon from whom Reshiram and Zekrom came.]]
It's been mentioned the Kyurem looks kind of crippled, and also that its color scheme puts it between Reshiram and Zekrom. It can be argued then that when Reshiram and Zekrom came into being, there was an element that didn't split with them, Kyurem's "core". And yet, in-game, Kyurem is still pretty potent. But its signature move, Frozen World, ''isn't''; it's just an Icy Wind with ten extra power and five less accuracy. So what happens if Reshiram and/or Zekrom reconvene with it? This would explain Cold Flare and Frozen Bolt as resulting when Kyurem begins reabsorbing the power of the respective dragon, probably with new Yang Verge and Yin Verge Formes. [[spoiler:This also leads to a way for Ghetsis to get even more dangerous in Gray; ''he could gain control of Kyurem and drain whichever dragon N recruited.'']]
* Basically confirmed in the sequels -- [[spoiler: on both counts]]!

[[WMG: The English language manual for both games will claim the player characters and rivals are sixteen years old.]]
If the rumor that Unova equals United States of America is right, expect to read that "16 year-old" instead "10-year old." The reason is 16 is the age when a teenager can take a driving test.
* It should be noted that the anime is the only place where it's been said that the main characters of previous games are ten, and that it has been stated that these new protagonists are older than the previous ones.
** Oh, and about the driver's license thing? It varies by state.

[[WMG: Kyurem is the way it is because something wanted to protect Lacunosa Town.]]
The backstory to Lacunosa Tow has it that Kyurem ate people and Pokémon there. Perhaps Reshiram and Zekrom did it, being as they're in a trio. Or maybe the musketeers, since they protect Pokémon (saving humans was just a side-effect for them) -- this would have an additional effect as it fits with the medieval themes in the game. ('Slaying' a dragon... they even have an attack called Sacred Sword!)
* Or alternatively Kyurem was a victim of circumstance and it was somthing else doing the killings. Kyurem actually being the one killing and eating everyone seems a little too obvious.
** Maybe the people and Pokemon that were supposedly eaten are the downtrodden and poor. Kyurem [[ZeroPercentApprovalGambit pretends to be dangerous]] so people will try to appease it via sacrificing said downtrodden individuals. In reality, Kyurem is giving them their own secret society, where [[HumansAreBastards the citizens of Lacunosa Town can't judge them]].

[[WMG: Black and White are alternate universe versions of each other]]
The legend of the version mascots talks about two brothers who helped found Unova. They began to fight over which direction the new region would take, and their dragon Pokemon companion split into Reshiram and Zekrom as a result. Which of the brothers won the fight depends on your game version. Thus why the Unova in Black is technology-themed, and the Unova in White is nature-oriented.
* I think most TV Tropers will call that "AscendedFanon" WMG.
* Makes sense if you think about how when the Entralink is used, you're transferred to a black-and-white version of Unova. Maybe when you're using the High Link, you're passing from one universe to the other?
* Pretty much confirmed. In Opelucid City, there's a few [=NPCs=] who refer to a parallel universe, one where Opelucid looks futuristic and one where it looks old-timey.

[[WMG: Addition to the above WMG; the two universes were one universe that was split by the events of Platinum.]]
Before Team Galactic's plot was set into motion, there was just one universe, where Opelucid City was somewhere between futuristic and old-timey, and the area where black City and White Forest were a similar area (Grey something)? When Cyrus summoned both Dialga and Palkia, something not meant to ever happen, it caused such massive damage to the space-time continuum it split the universe in two, Unova taking the most damage for... some reason.

[[WMG: In the third version, all previous players will make cameos.]]
For teh nostalgas. The DPPT player character already got a special mention.

[[WMG: Bianca and Barry are related.]]
They do look kinda similar, don't they?
* Obviously, Palmer had a fling in Unova before Barry was born, or maybe he dumped the mom and eventually ended up with Barry's.
* Considering 10 is the legal age to travel in the Pokemon world (or at least according to the anime), she could just be on her own journey far away from her Sinnoh home. Considering the characters seem to be around 14-16 this time, they are more than old enough to be solo by Pokemon standards.
** But you and your friends are apparently from Unova.
*** Perhaps she and Barry are cousins, then?
* Another theory: Barry and Bianca are the same person! Bianca is just trying to start a new adventure and trying to distance herself from her old life, but as she continues to battle she rediscovers her old personality and finds a balance between that and her new life. Bianca's "father" is just a relative or trusted friend of Palmer (who wanted to shelter her) taking care of her in this new place where nobody knows about her past. Maybe her "medication" caused her eyes to change color or maybe they're contacts.
** [[EpilepticTrees And then the Sudowoodo help change her sex from male to female.]]
*** [[GroinAttack Snip.]]
* Perhaps they are related enough, that Bianca's father noticed similar behaviors to Palmer. Scared for his little girl (I'd be scared if I had a little girl going to become Palmer), he did what he could to make Bianca not become Barry.

[[WMG: Lenora is half-Vespiquen.]]
Think about it. Her body-shape is small at the top, but her apron makes her look big and round at the bottom. Like a Vespiquen.
* Impossible, offspring are the same species as their mother, and Vespiquen are female-only. Lenora's quite clearly human, so...
** Perhaps Lenora is a Vespiquen in disguise?

[[WMG: N wants to separate humans and Pokemon for the sake of Pokemon, but Plasma wants to do it for humans]]
Think of all the Pokemon related things that they could have thought of to go for this plan. Hypno stealing children, Pokemon being used to commit terrorism, Pokemon being used for crime, Pokemon attacking people, Pokemon being used as gambling, RSE's events, DPP's events, Darkai, the myths, etc. They could easily think Pokemon are too dangerous for humans to be around. N is using Plasma's wants for his own advantages, so it becomes morally grey instead of black and white like he wants.
* Meaning [[spoiler:Ghetsis is PlayingBothSides]].
** Which is [[TheChessmaster entirely in-character]].

[[WMG: The goal of Plasma/N is to ''literally'' separate the world between people and Pokemon (another 4chan transplant)]]
Their plan will finally result in the Pokemon world being split into [[VideoGame/PokemonMysteryDungeon one purely of Pokemon who, for some reason, know what humans are and emulate their behavior and infrastructure to an extent]]; and [[RealLife one world of only humans]]. Conventional warfare comes about due to confusion and panic due to the sudden total disappearance of Pokemon.
* Alternatively, a neo Plasma, or a group with their same ideals, succeed in the far future in creating the Mystery Dungeon universe.
** Actually, they didn't succeed. In Time/Darkness/Sky, It was revealed that Grovyle was partners with the HUMAN player before they changed into Pokemon. This is evidence that Humans exist in that world (though not as much.)
*** [[PhysicalGod Dialga]] [[MadGod went nuts]], causing the laws of time to [[PrecisionFStrike be fucked up royally.]] It could have easily strained the borders between the two new realities, thus the odd human plummeted into the Mystery Dungeon Universe

[[WMG: Bianca, Cheren, and possibly N are able to be named in the English translation.]]
To stick with the HelloInsertNameHere (Which was absent from RSE but present in all other ones.) The names revealed are their canon names, though.
* Jossed with BW, but I hope it happens in the third game.

[[WMG: The world of Black & White is an alternate universe of the ''VideoGame/EarthBoundBeginnings'' universe.]]
In this universe, the MC is Ninten; they both have baseball caps and are the heroes of their stories. Cheren is Lloyd; they both wear glasses. Bianca is Ana, they both have blonde hair and a NiceHat. The three are friends. There is no equivalent to Teddy, in this universe he was never born. The gym badges are the eight melodies to Maria's Song (you can not get the item from Aloe to summon them until you get all the badges), personified into Zekrom or Reshiram depending on your version. Team Plasma is the equivalent to the Starmen; N and Ghetsis both represent Giygas, with N being the nigh-unstoppable part as you need the Eight Melodies to defeat as he has one legend while yours stops him, and Ghetsis the evil "Take over the world" part. [[{{Eagleland}} Both games take place is a Japanese view of a rural-urban mesh of America]]. The animals and people thrown wild by Giygas' influence are the wild Pokemon and Trainers, but in this case it's natural. The castle N summons at the end of the game, connected to the League, is the equivalent to Mount Itoi. This time, however, Giygas is stopped at the top of Mount Itoi, so Mother 2 and Mother 3 never happen.

* Also: Maybe it was ''[=EarthBound=]'' that was the precursor to Pokemon? Originally Maria and George failed in training and raising Giygas. Which resulted in the events of Mother and Mother 2. However, at the end of Mother 2, the defeat of the Giygas at the dawn of time, fixed events to allow Maria and George enough success in Mother, that the Starmen made it so that they'd have more of their soldiers trained by humans. The Pokemon are Starmen using humans to better their own cause, in a seemingly innocent world. Which is actually a mass Earth 2 style kidnap operation. The Arc in Mother 3 was caused by the creation of the Pokemon Earth 2 world. Giygas having realised how much better he could own the future when eating the Apple of Enlightenment, sends Buzz Buzz back in time to gather the legendary four to defeat him, so that he can win.

[[WMG: Alomomola and Emolga were originally supposed to be evolutions of Luvdisc and Pachirisu...]]
...and after they decided not to have evolutions from previous generations, they left them in for some reason. Emolga was probably let in because they needed to have a Pikachu expy of ''some'' sort.
* Emolga is unlikely -- it's probably just meant to be to Pachirisu what, say, Plusle and Minun are to Pikachu. Its size and weight would support this, although Alomomola is a different story. This can easily be remedied next generation, though: ''mid-evo.''
** Alomomola's an unrelated animal and its stats are the exact opposite of Luvdisc's. That doesn't guarantee no evolutions but lets hope so.

[[WMG: There is no Game Corner in Unova because...]]
Given that it's partly based on New York and such and not Las Vegas. Maybe there will be a Las Vegas-styled region in the third game or something.
* Or in the Gen V 3D game(s).
* Too bad... they could've just had the Battle Subway go South instead of North. Actually, the Battle Frontier being in Atlantic City sounds pretty good...

[[WMG: You know where those abused Pokemon N grew up with came from?]]
[[spoiler:Ghetsis and his lackeys tortured them themselves. How else would you get a easy supply of abused Pokemon on hand to show your son? You'd make your own. ''This would be within his character.]]'']] [[NightmareFuelStationAttendant You're welcome.]]
* Wait...if that's the case, then wouldn't those Pokemon have been able to tell N, "Hey, Team Plasma is bad news, you shouldn't hang out with them"?
** Error in translation. If he can communicate with Pokemon, perhaps he interpreted that specific element incorrectly, and not suspecting a thing. Just as Ghetsis planned for him to. [[NightmareFuelStationAttendant You're double welcome.]]
** Or they can't ID them beyond "bad people", no reason they had to know they are from Plasma.
*** Ghetsis blackmailed them by holding their family at ransom, and said "go along with the story or say goodbye to little Zorua."
* This WMG has merit if you assume that the Pokemon Ghetsis gave to N were just as sheltered as N himself. Any Pokemon raised in the castle would just assume that [[HumansAreTheRealMonsters all humans are like that,]] which is probably what they told N as he was growing up. Ghetsis wasn't the one to make N lose faith in humans... the Pokemon were. [[NightmareFuelStationAttendant Owned.]]
** Or perhaps he disguised himself or didn't know the connection between Ghetsis and N.
* Alternately, they came from [[VideoGame/PokemonColosseum Orre]]. Even if they weren't [[ZombieInfectee former Shadow Pokemon]], they may have been victimized by them...

[[WMG: N's final thought will be "[[Webcomic/KidRadd Ghetsis had a somewhat accurate view of the problem, but a totally insane view of the solution.]]"]]

[[WMG: Ghetsis got his "underleveled" Hydreigon from the same kind of machine Team Rocket used at the Lake of Rage]]
He's certainly not above ripping off other people's plans, see Genesect's backstory and compare it to (anime) Mewtwo's, and what we know about him confirms that he'd [[AbusiveParents do]] [[MoralEventHorizon anything]] for power. Chances are that he somehow got his hands on the plans and forced his Zweilous to evolve against its will, possibly turning it into a rampaging machine of destruction in the process.
* [[TheComputerIsACheatingBastard Lance has an underlevelled Dragonite.]] If what you said is accurate, [[FridgeHorror he may not be as decent as we thought...]]
** Though many people's opinions of him probably already took a dip after that time he had his Dragonite use Hyper Beam on a {{Mook}} he'd already beaten.
*** Except it was a Rocket mook, who as we all know are completely unkillable anyway. Plus they sorta deserved it.
*** Plus, it's possible his just happened to be exposed to their machines during the raid enough to evolve.
* Personally I believe it's the music. As soon as the Pokemon heard it, [[CrazyAwesome Zweilous' body rumbled internally and evolved, having failed to contain the epic.]]
* Or he forced one head to kill the other.

[[WMG: Team Plasma's plot is a metaphor for arms control]]
[[spoiler:When guns are illegal, only criminals will have guns. Ghetsis flat out admits he intends to conquer the undefended populace.]]

[[WMG: The Menger Sponge that N wears is a form of Mind Control.]]
[[ Ghetsis.]]

[[WMG: The characters of Unova run a Hits-of-the-80s tribute band on the side.]]
It would explain all the EightiesHair and why a lot of the character designs have an eighties feel to them. And it'd just be awesome.

[[WMG: The characters mentioned [[LeaningOnTheFourthWall in the WMG above this one]] are the Street Performers.]]

[[WMG: The civilizations that built Relic Castle and Dragonspiral Tower were founded by the brothers]]
During their fight, they rallied armies to their side who later became those civilizations. Each of these civilizations held one of the stones, and each one seems to fall in line with what one of the dragons represents. The Reshiram brother founded the one that built Relic Castle (They are rather naturistic, building out of stone, eventually coming to worship a Pokemon such as Volcarona (Possibly because Reshiram was no longer there)). The Zekrom brother led the ones who became the builders of Dragonspiral Tower (It's a rather Babelesque tower reaching towards the heavens, and contains Golett, whose Pokedex entries state that it is thought to be artificial). After the battle that reverted the dragons to stones, each civilization recovered a stone, either the stone of their leader or the stone of their enemy, depending on the version.

[[WMG: Ghestis wants to take over Unova not just by taking everyone's Pokemon away from them, but by destroying the economy.]]
Think about it. Pretty much every item up for sale is related to Pokemon and Pokemon training in some way. There are huge corporations dedicated to Pokemon research, the creation and development of healing items and stat-increasing items, not to mention that with the lack of transporation in all the regions, it could very easily be that people rely pretty heavily on Pokemon for transportation, moreso than cars and boats and trains. If people could no longer own, train, and battle Pokemon, Unova would just completely fall apart. The scientists who develop Pokeballs and [=TMs=] and potions would be out of jobs. All the characters who work in Pokemon centers and in markets that sell Pokemon items will no longer have work. Without Pokemon to use Fly and Surf, it will be harder for people to get around, and maybe even for items and mail to be delivered. (remember that Wingulls are often used to carry mail over long distances). Gym leaders and champions and everyone who works for them could no longer, well, work. Owning all the weapons gives you a lot of power, but you become even MORE powerful when you have all the weapons AND the region you rule is in a state of disaster where people can barely survive, much less be able to stage a revolt against you.
* Which means the player character's only hope of stopping Team Plasma will be taking weapons from RealLife. Talk about DarkerAndEdgier.
** I would like that as a fanfiction but as a game, erm, a little questionable.

[[WMG: Unova = [[Series/BattlestarGalactica2003 Caprica]]]]
Look at the prevalence of octagons and hexagons everywhere in the game. Now go watch any episode of the reimagined version of Battlestar Galactica, or its prequel Caprica. Look at the octagons and hexagons everywhere. [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything Does it remind you of anything]]?

[[WMG: In the inevitable Gray/Grey version, Lenora's apron will be 100% gone from every version.]]
Just like how Registeel's edited German [[ThoseWackyNazis sprite]] in Diamond/Pearl was put into all versions of Platinum, Lenora's sprite will be missing her apron. The revised artwork has it slung over her shoulder and the American dub of the anime edited out her apron, so naturally, this is just the next step.

[[WMG: The third version will feature a double-battle alongside N against someone.]]
Well, we got one with Silver in the Gen 2 remakes...

[[WMG: The Mummy Ability caused a ZombieApocalypse.]]
And that's how the the Relic Castle's civilization was wiped out. One by one, all of the people were turned into Yamask and Cofagrigus. The Sigilyph outside don't stick to the area because they don't know what to do anymore; they stay there because the last command given to them was to stop any of the infected from spreading the Mummy curse. How this all started, I'm not sure. Perhaps a pharaoh with a major [[AGodAmI god complex]] did something to turn into the first Cofagrigus upon death so he could remain among the living. Or maybe the people of the Relic Castle attempted to give themselves the powers of Pokemon, and were completely turned into them as a curse. Also, [[FridgeHorror this means all of the tourists going in an out of the castle and people who own a Yamask or Cofagrigus have the potential to cause a much more widespread and possibly uncontainable Mummy apocalypse.]]
* [[NightmareRetardant ...Doesn't the Mummy ability cure itself?]]

[[WMG: White Forest/Black City represent Heaven and Hell, respectively.]]
Rated E versions, of course. Think about it; White Forest is a lush place that's prospering with Pokémon, and the people there are nice. Black City, people here hunger for money, power, and whatever they can get their hands on. ...Okay, heaven and Hell might be too literal of a term, but I'm thinking more on basis. White Forest is a place of virtue, and Black City is a place of Sin.

[[WMG: Ghetsis is a fan of WickedCultured.]]
He certainly looks the part with his bitchin' robes, and using Unovian themes. I bet he'll be elegantly sampling the finest wines while he feeds his prisoners to his Hydreigon...

[[WMG: If N had succeeded in separating people and Pokemon, things would have gotten ''much worse'' for Pokemon.]]
I'm talking about CrapsackWorld levels of suck. In the wild, battles would be matters of life and death instead of just sports. There would be no potions or Pokemon centers to instantly heal anyone who gets injured. Vulnerability to disease would be vastly higher with no manmade methods to treat them. Encounters with something like even a little Weedle could prove to be deadly because of their poison if you're not a Steel type or can't find the right berry. And if Genesect's past of being feared as the most powerful hunter ever is any indication, god help you and everyone you know if you ever encounter a pseudo or real legendary who's in a bad mood. Really, humans at their very worst are only the LesserOfTwoEvils compared to what life would be, and was, like without them.
** I always sort of figured that was how wild Pokemon operated anyway. You know, like how a dog will operate when it's a pet vs. when it's wild. We just don't get to see it, because it's not important and anyway we have to maintain ratings. Certain 'dex entries hint at it.

[[WMG: Mewtwo will appear in Unova.]]
As an event or catchable Pokémon. Hey, he appeared in New York at the end of Mewtwo Returns, and Unova is supposed to be New York.
** It sort of did, downloadable during an official Pokémon website event.

[[WMG: The eighth Gym battle in the ''Best Wishes'' Anime, and perhaps the third version of ''VideoGame/PokemonBlackAndWhite'', will be a double battle between Iris and Drayden.]]
Both of the eighth Gym Leaders are version-exclusive, so the ThirdOptionAdaptation will have them both.
* Double-jossed. They're against Roxie and non-existent respectively.

[[WMG: Gamefreak is trying to generaterate controversy (and sales) in the States.]]
It could explain Lenora's and to a certain extent, Cottonee and Whimsicott's designs.
** If so, they are failing. There is a black gym leader with a perfectly normal appearance (other than [[YouGottaHaveBlueHair the Marge Simpson 'do]]). There are two completely-unrelated cotton-themed Pokemon (we already had some in previous generations).

[[WMG: Iris is an alien.]]
You guys had it all wrong when you guessed what race she was.
* So she's not an "Illegal Alien" but a "[[Series/{{ALF}} Legal]]" Alien? (I thought she was a [[NobleSavage Native Unovan]].)

[[WMG: We will see what made Ghetsis the man he is.]]
And it'll turn out he started as [[UsedToBeASweetKid a nice kid.]] However, it won't be used as a FreudianExcuse. Rather, it will be used to show just how bad he's gotten, and possibly, make his current behaviour even worse by comparison.

[[WMG: The 8th Gym leader will be Drayden's Wife/Iris's [[MissingMom Mom]]]]
To make one happy family

[[WMG: The Scientist in the transfer lab isn't French, he's actually the 10th Doctor]]
I mean come on! He says Allonsy and Moto Bene, and even nines catchphrase, Fantastic! What he's doing in the Pokémon world? I don't know, his Tardis crashed or something...

[[WMG: The reason why [=TMs=] are reusable in this game is because the player jailbroke them]]
Got the idea from [[ this fanfic.]] Because people here in the States jailbreak their I-Pods and I-Phones all the time. So why wouldn't they do so for something way more useful like a TM?

[[WMG: Pokemon Black and White is an anti-communist allegory]]

Humans represent capitalists and political leaders, while Pokemon represent workers. Team Plasma is thus obviously a group of revolutionary communists, led by the charismatic N, the face of the organization. However, it is secretely led by Ghetsis, who wants to rule Unova and to be the only one with access to Pokemon, like communist dictators such as Stalin or Mao were the only ones to rule over all workers (and in fact, their rule has been called "state capitalism" by some).

[[WMG: Pokemon White and White 2 are the true story. (Black and Black 2 are false)]]

The "Pokemon White" line of games are the true story that actually happened, and Black + Black 2 are a false story. The ancient story of the hero allying itself with the regal, Pure-White pokemon Reshiram to defeat the daunting, Deep-Black Zekrom, inspiring N to seek out this graceful Pokemon which is considered a force for good. Of course, The player picking up the sinister-looking Zekrom and having to prove their own point, that things aren't always obvious who is good or evil, right or wrong, black or white.
* This point is driven home with White 2 with a simpler proposal. Reshiram can melt Kyurem's ice and is a considerable threat, lacking an Ice Weakness(Ghetsis himself mentions this), while Zekrom is virtually helpless against Kyurem(and likely would be less effective at getting rid of ice than Reshiram). Ghetsis sought to absorb N's Reshiram to take advantage of its powers, and eliminate the threat Reshiram posed.
* Since the Black2/White2 intro movie is most likely canon, this is pretty much confirmed as they show Opelucid City in its White verse version.
* This would also give a Yin-Yang theme to the characters along with the legendary dragons. You, who's exposing the truth of Team Plasma's fraudulent actions, obtain Zekrom, who embodies ideals. The idealistic N who denies the harsh truth that his dreams are lies gets paired with Reshiram, personification of truth. Finally there is Ghetsis: he manipulates both sides, but blatantly lies and has no ideal. He isn't [[VisionaryVillain a visionary like N]], no is he truthful-[[ItsAllAboutMe he simply wants.]] His dragon in the sequel? Kyurem, who represents the lack of yin and yang, and has the power to assimilate either dragon, using them as weapons. And in White 2, Ghetsis uses Kyurem to take control of Reshiram, embodiment of truth.

[[WMG:The [[ForWantOfANail Diverging Event]] between ''Black'' and ''White'' was [[Videogame/PokemonXAndY The Kalos War of 3000 years prior]]!]]
During [[spoiler:the "Delta Episode" of ''Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire'', it's said that the original Gen 3 games]] are an AlternateUniverse. Given that [[spoiler:''Black'' is more technologically advanced while ''White'' is more in tune with Nature, the creation of a weapon using a Pokemon's life force]] would be a significant factor in creating that divergence.

As for which is which, it could go either way: [[spoiler:either the use of the Ultimate Weapon promoted a greater technological understanding, or it resulted in such technology being shunned.]]

[[WMG:Pokemon Black and White is an allegory about same-sex marriage and/or assisted reproductive technologies.]]

Catching Pokémon is an allegory for having children while Poké balls stand for Assisted Reproductive Technologies such as donor conception and surrogacy for example (and maybe adoption). Team Plasma are MoralGuardians whose discourse parallels social conservatives talking about children. N is the naive kid that has been brainwashed by his conservative religious parents, while Ghetsis stands for homophobes who hide behind the pretense of defending children. In White, N seeks Reshiram because it represents biological truth, while the Player looks for Zekrom because it represents adult ideals. In Black, N searches for Zekrom because it represents the ideal family, while the Player meets Reshiram because it represents social reality.