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Elliot is actually Pete's deceased dad come back as his guardian angel.
  • Then the "other kid" could be another child of his. Or he realized now that Pete has a new family, he won't need him anymore and goes off to help other kids. It makes their good-bye that much more heartbreaking.

The next sequel (should it ever comes) will take place in the Present Day with another kid he's helping.
  • More or less; no sequel planned, but a reboot that may be a sequel at the same time, see next entry.

The 2016 "remake" is in fact a sequel
It is just a coincidence that Elliott gets to help another kid named Pete.
  • They why isn't the Elliot in this movie a cartoon character.

Pete is a Targaryen.

In the reboot, someone will say "I swear I saw a dragon!"

In the reboot, there'll be other dragons.
Unless Elliot's the Last of His Kind.

The reboot will bomb, get a bad review from Rotten Tomatoes and/or be listed on the So Bad, It's Horrible page.
  • Jossed. It's actually gotten far better reviews than the original - although this didn't translate to box office performance.