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The third series is set in a universe where the battlecruiser Centurian was late at the Battle of Orion
The Evronians of the original series are a powerful empire that has been virtually undefeated until Xadhoom started hunting them down, while the ones of the reboot are somewhat technologically inferior, fragmented due to a recent civil war and deadlocked in a war with the less numerous but technologically more advanced Guardians of the Galaxy. How it happened? Putting together pieces from both continuities it's possible to find the point of departure. The reboot series mentions there had been a moment where the Guardians had almost been annihilated, and only the merciless Guardian Drones managed to stop the Evronians. The original series mentions that the battlecruiser Centurian (once the best warship of the Imperial Fleet, but now only a well-armed but antiquated piece of space junk) arrived at the Battle of Orion at just the right moment, saving the day for Evron. Maybe Orion is the Evronian name for Clonius, where the Guardian Drones had been created, and an Evronian defeat there allowed the Guardians to unleash the warriors that halted the Evronian Empire, even succeeding in destroying the Imperial Palace and burning down millions of Evronian Spores at once, weakening the Empire enough to allow the Guardians to continue opposing it and causing a civil war at the death of a more recent Emperor.

Xadhoom has an Healing Factor
She's shown to have Matter/Energy manipulation powers and shapeshifting. Both of those should allow a Healing Factor to some degree. As for how she would regrow them... Replacements made of the flame-like substance that occasionally appears around her isn't completely implausible. Something supporting this is the fact that, in flight, her lower body occasionally turns into flame and back.
  • Is it even possible to actually harm her?
    • By making her lose control of her powers, yes. Though this would result in a nova.
    • You may also absorb her entire output, but it takes time and Xadhoom won't stay still to let the Evrons try it again.

Everett Ducklair in PK2
Everett didn't escape from Earth to avoid the impending invasion, he escaped to lead it.
  • What impending invasion?

The Evron "Sage Among Us"
He isn't a one-shot character intended to give the Evrons a way to return, but is in fact Gorthan. In PKNA #20 he lost his energy tank, which was reused by a technician to power his robot Mekkano. Said robot proceeded to integrate various components into himself, going into a frenzy at the sight of Gorthan's crashed spaceship. When Gorthan recovered the tank, the robot integrated him, took off into space and was recovered by a Evron ship, with Gorthan still inside. It is possible that the Sage is a "reincarnation" of Gorthan?

This series's Organization and the Double Duck version are the same group.
It explains why they're so determined to rid themselves of Donald: they know exactly what he is, or will be capable of.

Xadhoom isn't Dead.
She's still alive, inside the sun, sustaining it. After all, it was never explicitly stated, that she had died. This also explains why the back-up withdrew into the disc: that version of Xadhoom knows the original's still alive.
  • Additionally: She's also the living sun from 42.
  • Confirmed in "Chronicle of a Return". But she's not the living sun.

Super Duck and Astrongman existed in both continuities, and Lyo was the latter
Astrongman is shown in a few flashbacks, and is a Badass Normal Gadgeteer Genius with a great resemblance to Lyo, while Super Duck is a Flying Brick. It's possible that, after Super Duck's death's in combat due his Kryptonite Factor, Lyo avenged him and took over as the city superhero.

Xadhoom isn't an Alternate Company Equivalent of Superman...
She's one of Alucard.


Both originally had four-letter names. (Xado/Vlad) Both set out to achieve a grand and noble goal, and lost everything because of it. (Xerba/New Jerusalem) Both are composed of a shapeless amorphous substance, and merely assume arguably humanoid forms. (Gaseous substance/Blood-shadow) Both were transformed, granted near-limitless power, and adopted seven-letter names. (Xadhoom/Alucard) Both are capable of shapeshifting at will. Both are generally acknowledged to be damn near invincible.

  • I always thought she was a counterpart to Doctor Manhattan... I mean, both are genius scientists (Manhattan in particle physics, Xadhoom in astrophysics), both have been mutated by an experiment (accidentally for Manhattan, on purpose for Xadhoom), both have assumed names that strike terror in anyone who knows their origins (Project Manhattan for Doc and the Xerbian word for 'creditor' for Xadhoom), and Xadhoom has almost the same powers as Doctor Manhattan (and it's implied the only reason she doesn't have most of the rest is that she doesn't find them useful, while the omniscience is traded for so much more power it isn't funny).
    • Hadn't thought of that... And also, Doctor Manhattan isn't less powerful than Xadhoom. She's just more inclined to actively use the power... Looks like omniscience was the real Blessed with Suck part, not his powers. And, it goes further than that: their final depicted acts involve them giving an unpopulated planet a chance at life, albeit in different ways, and the opposite of what you'll expect.

In the 2013 relaunch, there'll be a offhand reference to Xadhoom having been inducted into the Red Lantern Corps, or an Expy of them
She's perfect Red Lantern material, and given her lack of functional blood, it'll be relatively safe for her to remove it. Although, given her own powers, if so, we may well be looking at the equivalent of a Emotional Entity/Ring-Wielder hybrid, who's driven by pure hatred. To give an example, the last time that happened, was Kyle Rayner's first stint as Ion.

After the end of Pikappa, Donald will become the classic Paperinik
In the last issue of the rebooted series, the series itself never happened, with such changes to the timeline that the Guardians never existed and the Evronians became peaceful. However, the day was saved thanks to one last appearance of Donald as PK, who managed to record a message to himself before the original timeline ceased existing. While the Duckburg of the new timeline is safe from alien threats, it is not from local supervillains. Inspired by the mysterious alter ego he saw, Donald will be prompted to create a costumed identity for himself.
  • Jossed before the series and that issue itself by the origins of the classic Paperinik and the message coming from the classic Paperinik turned PK (he did mention Xadhoom in the message, after all). He's still becoming a superhero, just not Paperinik.

All the series have taken place in a single universe
The universe of PK may be similar to The DCU: every few years, some event causes profound changes to the timeline, sometimes rewriting history completely. After all, time travel is routine in PK's 23rd century, and some stories explored the implications of causing changes in history; in one issue, Paperinik and the Raider stopped an experiment that would have initiated the total destruction of time - but maybe it would have just "rebooted" the universe. And Everett toyed with the timeline at the end of the original series, bringing Lyla back to our time, changing the ending of #43. Who knows how many times things like these may have already happened? So, some time after the end of PK2, someone or something changed the dawn of history and created the Pikappa timeline. After all, at the end of those series the timeline was profoundly changed. When Donald wakes up at the beginning of Might and Power, he's confused also because whatever entity has just restored the original timeline, albeit not perfectly: this would explain the changes that have led to the Bad Future, and some discrepancies that make things look like PKNA and PK2 happened during the mid-to-late 2000s rather than a decade earlier.

In the What If? version of PKNA #33, Lyla lied to Paperinik about the fate of Duckburg's inhabitants
The Othership was simply lost, Lyla never activated it, and Duckburg's population (even if there's no mention of them, Donald's relatives were probably involved too) really died. The grief prompted PK to a Face–Heel Turn; over time the Raider, Anti-Villain as he is, felt sorry for him, so he contacted Lyla and they came up with a plan and a made-up story to make PK redeem himself and give him at least some consolation. Unfortunately, neither Lyla nor the Raider could predict that Kronin would shoot Lyla. Whatever the result, however, doesn't change the sad truth that Donald/PK is the last Duckburgian left.

What may happen to Everett between the end of PK2 and the distant future of PKNA #48
He has decided to return to Corona and let his daughters decide for their destiny. Considering how his wife won't be the least happy to see him, he'll probably go into hiding, but will begin fighting for a change of his strict society which, by the time he took Juniper and Korinna away, was starting to take a really bad direction, with the risk of the matriarchal government becoming a dictatorship of emotionally stunted women. Either he will manage a pacific change, or a civil war will erupt in Corona; much will depend on what choices Juniper and Corinna will make. Either way, Corona will finally change into a more just society. At that point, a tired Everett will decide to return to Earth, at Dhasam-Bul; forgiven by the old prior, he'll eventually take his place, until the day he'll go help One in his quest to become a complete individual.
  • Might and Power shows him on Corona, receiving a signal from Earth, which prompts him to reactivate One, but we still don't know what happened in the meantime. The Mark of Moldrock finally gives us more details: Everett's daughter Juniper has ended up becoming queen of Corona, proving a terrible leader and possibly causing a civil war; Everett lives in hiding there and keeps fighting her, until the situation on Earth prompts him to return to Duckburg along with One.

In the PKNA universe, Odin Eidolon exists no matter what happens to the timeline
  • In #12, thanks to a memory bank he kept in a special chamber in the Time 0 station (which is situated in a timeless void, making it safe from changes in the timeline), he found out that the original history had been changed and took action to ultimately put it back on track.
  • In #34, the Gryphon caused so many changes to history that he created a Bad Future where Ducklair Tower was even destroyed. This should have meant no more One and so no Odin Eidolon in the future. However, the Gryphon had taken One and the Organization used him to create... Odin Eidolon, who raised in their ranks and then underwent a Face–Heel Turn that prompted him to an action that, ultimately, resulted in the correction of the timeline.
  • In the What If? story of #49-50, he was probably the mysteryous individual who ordered the Time Police to free PK; when Duckburg was destroyed by the Cold Sun experiment, he managed to distribute his data around systems outside the city in the nick of time, using the same trick Two employed to survive erasure. It took many years before he finally reassembled himself and regained self-conscience, but he would still become Odin and eventually help his friend.
  • Finally, in Might and Power, he's become the leader of the last humans resisting the Evronian domination in an even worse future, and once again takes action to solve the problem retroactively (he may also know the former future thanks to the data he sent to his past self from the future of the previous timeline).
It seems that you can tamper with time as much as you want, but history needs Odin Eidolon, so he will always be there.

One and Two weren't intended as Everett's greatest creations
They were intended as AI companions to Juniper and Korinna respectively. Even the duck himself realized how callous the plan of virtually kidnapping them was, and created One and Two to aid them in adjusting to Earth society.

Grrodon in the 23rd century isn't really the last Evronian
He's rather the last of the Evronians who wanted to restore the original Empire. After the fall of Evron in PKNA #37, chaos erupted among the surviving Evronians, probably splintering into factions. While some wanted to return to their former glory, others gathered around the mysterious "sage" whom we saw only a glimpse of in the series: Gorthan, now fused with Mekkano. After his experience on Earth, he reflected on what the status of Evronians would be after the dissolution of the Empire: a decayed race, rightfully hated by everyone in the universe because of their past conquests and exterminations. A change was needed, but obviously it couldn't be achieved quickly, so Gorthan decided that a self-imposed exile was needed. When we see Grrodon's sad end, it's just the end of the attempts to rebuild the old Evron; somewhere else in the universe, a new and better Evron is being built under the benevolent rule of Gorthan, waiting for the day they'll be ready to go back and be accepted...
  • Confirmed and Jossed in a most terrifying way in "Chronicle of a Return": there's an unknown number of Evronian Empires out there, each corresponding to a Planet Spaceship.

Geena the journalist from PK2 was originally planned to have a bigger role
In the scene where she's first seen, Paperinik misses the first Channel 00 news hosted by her by a few seconds, with the panel centering on her as she introduces herself to the public. All this made her look like she was going to be important in future issues; instead, she got only a few unimportant appearances. Given she's got the same name as the 5Y droid from PKNA #5 and #12, she may have had some link with her, but given how PK2 was cut short, the writers never managed to use her as intended.

Nebula Faraday is either dead or imprisoned in an Evronian jail or lab
She was never seen again after PKNA #7, and at the end of that issue she was lost among the mountains of New Zealand. Since she was quite out there with her head, the possibility that she just died from hypothermia there cannot be ruled out. However, since she was so fanatical about the coming of aliens, she may have met an Evronians patrol some time later and let herself be captured by them. The Evronian scientists would have been very interested in an earthling that expressed feelings of joy towards them, so they sent her to one of their research center, to be subjected to experiments similar to the ones they wanted to do on Angus Fangus. The results, however, were not satisfactory, so Nebula is currently languishing somewhere in the universe, possibly forgotten after the fall of planet Evron. E Ither this, or there's a dormant army of Nebula/Evronian hybrids somewhere...

At some point, Grrodon's true identity was discovered by the US Army
Some time after he was arrested as McCoy, his true nature of Evronian shapeshifter was discovered and he was transferred to some research center, where he was experimented on and interrogated (probably also in unorthodox ways). He never gave up and, months later, the same ability let him escape but the experience left him so broken that, for some time, he even renounced his mission and just tried to blend with earthlings. The friendly truck driver who gives a ride to Korinna in PK2 #12 looks a lot like McCoy, just with thicker hair and beard: it was probably Grrodon.
  • Jossed by Might and Power: he broke out before they could find out, and he did it by blowing up his cell.

In both continuities, Duckburg's old superhero community was torn apart by some tragedy
In PK2 and especially Pikappa, Lyo's memories and flashbacks show that, a few decades earlier, Duckburg lived sort of a Golden Age of superheroism (Pikappa shows there was even a Justice League equivalent in the city). However, at some point the stakes became higher; some hero or villain was killed by the opponent, maybe even just involuntarily, and that caused an escalation that plunged Duckburg in a sudden dark age. (Vulnus Vendor probably had a role in all of it - his first appearance showed how dangerous he could be even from prison - but it was never proved, so Lyo is very bitter about it.) Most heroes and villains couldn't cope with it and they left the city, or just quit their careers; the rest was driven away by the administration and angry citizens. Soon after, Scrooge McDuck settled permanently in Duckburg, making way for the city's recovery. Today, older Duckburgians do not talk gladly of those days and the younger do not know of them at all. The first appearances of Paperinik were greeted with tension: since he originally was an avenger, the citizens feared a return to the darker days, but over time he has stayed has the only constantly active superhero in Duckburg, so no fear for history repeating itself... for now.
  • Partially Jossed, at least for Paperinik New Adventures and PK2, by Duckburg actually having a small superhero community. Aside for Paperinik the Devilish Avenger and considering only those appeared in Italian stories, we have Paperinika (superhero alter ego of Daisy Duck with ultrafeminist inclinations) and the Red Bat (the superhero alter ego of Fethry, and a parody of Adam West's Batman. He's been created by Disney's Brazilian branch, but has appeared also in Italian stories), and the occasional criminal posing as a superhero has been greeted positively, at least before being exposed (in one case, the exposition involved Paperinik giving to charity part of what the fake superhero and his accomplices had stolen, so it can't involve good memories). On the other hand, Duckburg's superhero community is quite divided (Paperinik and Paperinika positively despise each other, and Paperinika holds the Red Bat in quite justified contempt) and Paperinik's fame quite overshadows that of his colleagues, so he may have quelled their fears.

Xadhoom's powers were amped up way beyond their normal states for the majority of the series
The cause? Her absorption of the energies of the Xerbian sun. If they were released, she would be much weaker, but much more stable and less susceptible to her powers killing her.

In the second episode of PK Universe, Paperinik will lose the first confrontation with the Evronians, and only Xadhoom's intervention will save him
A criticism directed by some fans at the concept of the new What If? mini-series is that Paperinik should get his ass kicked with the traditional equipment; in PKNA #0 he was helpless even against two Coolflames, and only the incredibly advanced technology of Everett Ducklair, a genius capable of making Gyro Gearloose look like an amateur, was able to contrast the alien menace effectively. By the end of the episode, however, Paperinik hasn't fought the Evronians yet, but only the two Coolflames, encountering the same difficulties as the PKNA counterpart. Even with Gyro and Scrooge's backing, he's not ready. Xadhoom, with the knowledge she already has about the Evronians, may be the key to defeat them even without her direct help.
  • Confirmed and Jossed at the same time:
    • For the confirmed part: in spite of not knowing how to use his new car, Paperinik gives them an hell of a beating before they manage to knock him out... But before completely losing consciousness Paperinik hears their voices crying out in terror, and he sees Xadhoom's silhouette just before fainting. When he wakes up, Gyro and Scrooge tells him the surviving Evronians have ran away in terror.
    • For the Jossed part: the battle shows that, with Scrooge's financial backing, Gyro can make Everett look like an amateur, and the revised 313-X is actually superior to the Pkar (the performance is about the same, but the 313-X runs on gasoline and the Pkar uses spaceship fuel specifically because Everett couldn't get that level of performance with anything less). The Evronians only manage to scrape a win because Paperinik didn't had the time to learn how to use his new car (he couldn't even read the instruction manual before the Evronians showed up), and Xadhoom compliments Paperinik on the performance before leaving.

The actual Evronians are Imperial Council members
Going by what little we've been shown of Evron's ancient history, the ancient Evronians looked similar to the modern ones except they had emotions (and even arts and poets) and are implied to have been able to supplement the emotion diet with normal food, and the members of the Imperial Council are in fact capable of feeling emotions. The two-headed variety and those who are now the standard Evronians were in fact different breeds of Super Soldiers... Until a genocidal war left few survivors of the original species and an egotistical two-heads in charge.

The Evronian raid on a town near Duckburg in PKNA #13 was a cover for the kidnapping of Norman Bates Russel
Russel was a crazy farmer, who in PKNA #6 tried to sell an Evronian Spore to Angus (and got intercepted by One and Pk) and was revealed having a field filled with them (one that escaped Xadhoom), and in PKNA #8, once the Spores hatched, raised the warriors for Two. In PKNA #13 the Evronians raid his town, but, even before they show up, we see his farm has been damaged by something, and only his dog is still around. Given they knew where he lived (and an Evronian warship actually landed in Two's base near his farm in PKNA #8), they probably launched a covert party to kidnap him and, believing he could be a government agent or an ally of Paperinik, the raid to cover what they were doing. That's why they left without a fight when the US Army showed up to stop the raid: they had already secured the guy they really wanted, and if Russel was really a government agent or an ally of Paperinik it was actually a safer option for them to leave now, especially with the Army keeping Paperinik out of the way.

How Xadhoom may return in stories after Might and Power
Unless they really want her to stay dead and keep only her PK Universe version, Xadhoom's return is quite possibile: after all, the return of a serious Evronian threat means that their "debt" with her is not estinguished yet. A "proper" resurrection wouldn't be even necessary, since the device with a copy of her personality and memories must still be in PK's possession, so she may be of help in another form (giving her knowledge of energy manipulation, for example). Alternately, by enlisting the help of the Raider once again, she may be brought from an earlier point of the timeline, but it'd be a solution that brings a Tear Jerker: beside the problem of explaining her why she is nowehere to be found in the present (save the excuse that she's currently far, far away in another point of the universe), PK couldn't tell her anything about her destiny, and be forced to let her go when the new war against the Evronians is over.
  • And "Chronicle of a Return" took a different option: a group of En'tomek (the Disney take on the Borg) stranded on an Evronian Planet Spaceship that passed near New Xerba went and tried to absorb her stellar energy to power themselves, but instead shut her off. The Evronians then recovered her and, as they were from from a different group than the one that attacked Xerba and thus didn't know who she was, used the Evronvaac to look in her memories and, using what little they could see, came to Earth.

Grrodon didn't die in PKNA #5 and enginereed his own rise to power
We know well that Evronians can survive even catastrophic events thanks to a regression to spores. What if Grrodon, due to a change of heart at the last moment or an instinctual reaction, regressed just before the explosive decompression destroyed the small flying car he had stolen? The spore fell back on Earth and may have taken a long time to grow back, but Grrodon was then "reborn", more determined than ever. He infiltrated the Time Police, traveled back to the 20th century, and infiltrated the US Army, to finally make his past self (in the McCoy persona) meet Fairfax in prison. At this point, he just disappeared due to the changes he had caused to history; maybe he didn't even think of becoming the future leader of Evronians, he had just fulfilled his mission by giving his younger self a bigger chance to succeed.

Mary Ann Flagstarr will return in 2015
Her last appearance was on PKNA in 2000. Afterwards, in PK2, we learned that she departed for a fifteen years long mission. So, seeing her again after 15 years of real time (not as much would have been passed in the series, Comic-Book Time and all) would be fun.
  • Jossed, as there was not even a hint of her returning in the two PKNE storylines published in 2015; sadly, as 2017 she seems completely forgotten for the time being.

One of the new weapons in "Might and Power" has too little energy to be usable
We have seen a ray that can devolve Evronians into spores in action. Yet, the new ally doesn't allow PK to use it, with the motivation that the hero could mistakenly hit himself with it. Yet, it's absurd that a weapon that could literally win any battle against Evronians isn't used... unless it requires a very specific energy source, based on elements that are very rare if not absent on Earth (Everett may have scavenged them from his ship), or extremely difficult to synthetize, so it can be used only sparingly and as a last resort. The ally decided to use it only to avoid any possibile damage to the Omega Chamber, and gives that motivation to not demoralize PK and rather keep him angry and alert.
  • It's later revealed the Army received a prototype "devogun" and the schematics to mass-produce it, easily beating the Evronian forces with the new weapons, but it still doesn't explain why PK couldn't use one.

The new ally in Might and Power is in truth a reprogrammed One
When first introduced, he says that while he and PK have never met before, he knows about the hero thanks to the data Odin Eidolon put into the keycard for the Omega Chamber. So it would be quite possibile that the Odin from the Bad Future, sincerely thinking that if he and PK were more ruthless in the past, Earth would be safe in his time, sent instructions if not entirely new behaviour code to his past self, who had still to be reactived in our time, so that he could better confront the Evronians. The (apparently) new IA is unsympathetic and impersonal but sometimes he has slips when expressing frustration. Either something of the old One is still in him, or he's voluntarily putting a Jerkass Façade.
  • Jossed by the ending of Might and Power. It's revealed that Everett brought One's data with himself when he left Earth, and he's seen reactivating him on Corona.

Trauma will return and temporarily ally with PK on an Enemy Mine basis
In Might and Power we learn that his first and last appearance in PKNA #10 was the last even for the Evronians, as he went missing after his defeat, probably knowing that the alternative would have been death. He may have spent the following years in hiding, recovering and vowing revenge against Paperinik, but he'd also not have any loyalty to Evron anymore, and may be even satisfied knowing that the Empire has fallen in the meantime. When finally returning to Earth, he'd discover they are also using inferior "clones" of him. This would be the last straw for Trauma, who will think better to first help PK and then solve any matters with him (although the hero would understandably be uneasy about this).
  • Partially confirmed as of The Mark of Moldrock, where he returns (the original Trauma, not a clone). He didn't flee, somewhere down the line he was recaptured and brought back to the Well. He has indeed no more loyalty towards Evron (even less now that his own Empire has fallen and the incompetent Nebula wants to take the reins of the little left of it), accepts to help PK in exchange for his freedom, and even if he doesn't act friendly to him, he proves to respect him, showing no ill will for his defeat, and keeps his word.

The new suit is based on One and Everett's analysis of Xadhoom's datapack
Back in PKNA #45, Morgan Fairfax managed to create a powerful device from just part of that data - although he missed some crucial data, which would have avoided the machinery to explode (and maybe there was no failsafe anyway, as Zoster would find just one issue later) with a XHADOOM - the same onomatopeia used when PK supercharges his suit in Might and Power. After PK brought the device back on Earth, One may have spent a lot of time analyzing it, and gained access to the previously hidden information because Xadhoom's memories recognized him as someone trusted. After he deactivated One, Everett kept studying that data, which he ultimately used to create some tech he stored in the Omega Chamber and left behind should need for them arise.

The one responsible for the Bad Future in Might and Power is Tyrrel Duckard
Due to the microcontraption phenomenon, unless someone already started to put events in motion behind the scenes during PKNA (see the "Grrodon helping himself" theory above), it's unlikely that someone came from the future with the express purpose of changing the past, but that he was already in our present - and Tyrrel was. He probably knows about the events of PKNA #5 and Grrodon, and may have actively looked for traces of Evronian presence in our time. Due to being an elite Time Police droid, he knows well about time travel and has excellent technological knowledge, as the device he wanted to build in PK2 showed. On that matter, such device would have destroyed an entire timeline just to bring him and Lyla back home: he cares only about her and himself, so it's unlikely he'd care if he caused Earth to become a new Evron. He may have been responsibile of the prison break that saw Grrodon and Fairfax escape, and supplied some knowledge of future technology to give the latter a "boost". As he doesn't age, waiting even centuries wouldn't be an issue for him, as long as the microcrontraption finally ceases and time travel is possibile again, which in the Bad Future happens when Earth is turned into a Worldship and moved out of the Solar System. The future will be completely compromised at that point, but he will probably be content to time-travel again, get Lyla, and bring her to some nice place in the past (regardless of she liking it or not).

The public reveal of the Evronians' existence will boost Wisecube's political career
His last on-panel appearance was in PKNA #29, but some time later he got a mention, and we were told he was entering politics. It's easy to think that he came in contact with army and government officials that shared his views about the necessity of revealing the Evronian menace to the public. The destruction of Evron and the subsequent peace treaty, however, made this effort moot, so Wisecube's career probably languished and he was put in a corner as a conspirationist. Then Might and Power came, and unless army and government manage a huge cover-up, the Evronian attack on Ducklair Tower, which also led to the evacuation and subsequent destruction of the tower, has made their existence public. Provided he has some solid proof at hand, Wisecube will now be able to proudly show how he wanted the public to know years before but was forbidden to do so, becoming very popular in the process. This, however, will put him at odds with one of the people who stopped him in the past - PK, causing an odd inversion of the old situation: an hostile Wisecube vs a friendly Westcock.

The same event will rejuvenate the career of Angus
Not only in terms of motivation, but also in popularity. Before fleeing his office in Ducklair Tower, he was trying to film or photograph the Evronian attack with his smartphone, but the entrance of some Super Soldiers made him change his mind. He may have, however, managed to involuntarily take some cool shot of such entry, and given how near it was taken, whoever doesn't know the context may think he did it while braving any danger (something he may easily boast in public). His unique photo of the attack from inside the Tower would be sure to be a great success.
  • Confirmed: By The Banks of Time he's a big name again, with The Black Beam showing he's writing an autobiography on the event (or, rather, having a beleaguered ghost writer write it).

Universe PK will feature an appearance of the Guardians of Kandrakar
After all, he made quite a mess with the alternate dimensions...
  • Funnily enough, I made exactly the same WMG of a W.I.T.C.H.-slash-PK crossover on the other WMG page, some time ago.
    • It's what inspired me. I was kinda sad when it was Jossed by the end of the comic...

The time overflow
in The Banks of Time was caused by the Paperinik of Universe PK Well, when he broke the alternate Othership the alternate Raider did manage to mention how that would cause trouble across all dimensions before disappearing...
  • Jossed: it was Seamus Hogg, the scientist who nearly blew up Duckburg in a nuclear fusion experiment in The Day of the Cold Sun, who was dabbling with Artificial Gravity due one of the Raider's suggestions on how to not blow up the place involving just that. And he's going to try again...

The reason the Raider didn't know PK
Before defeating the Raider the first time, which probably changed history somewhat, PK was almost completely unknown in the 23rd century, and it was only after the second fight with the Raider that he became a celebrity. Due to being sent to watch over that point of history Lyra was given all of the existing data on the Duck Avenger and learned more by research after she had arrived in the present.

The Evronians intercepted Della Duck
Last we know of her, from a certain Dutch story, is that she was a test pilot coming back to Earth from the fringe of the solar system on a rocket traveling at relativistic speed, and due the time dilation only half a hour passed since she took off after leaving her children with Donald... And Zotnam's squadron happened to stay right between her rocket and Earth.

There have been several civil wars among Evronians in the past
PKNE #4 has revealed that when a Worldship becomes overpopulated, Evronians breed a new Emperor who then sets out with the excess army on another Worldship; so actually many Empires exists in the universe (explaining how Evronian armies seem to be very spread out, and having existed for millennia). In an aggressive and competitive species as the Evronians, however, it's hard to not think that some younger Emperors, rather than having to create their dominions from scratch, decided to just take the existing ones from the older Emperors, also to prove their superiority to them.

High-ranking Evronian officiers like Zotnam are young Emperors
Related to the above. The high-caste Evronians are aware of the risks associated with breeding new Emperors, so over time they have brought some modifications to the system. A new Emperor is bred in advance to not take that position immediately: he first serves in an high-ranking position under the current Emperor. This ensures that while he's intelligent, smart and cunning as he needs to be an independent ruler in the future, he'll also be loyal enough that he won't feel prompted to go against the very Emperor he served. The reason we haven't seen Zotnam after PKNA #30, is that after that story he was promoted to full Emperor and left.

The Rectifiers are mutated Xerbians
They tried to reproduce the same process that led Dr. Xado to become Xadhoom, and actually succeeded in making it possibly even more powerful, without incurring in the Power Incontinence that killed Zoster. However, it's still a lot of power and it ended driving the scientists who volunteered as test subjects insane, thinking of themselves as the ones who can set the universe right, starting their destructive crusade that may remove some menaces only to replace them with a bigger one - themselves. The rest of the Xerbians have followed them, or have abandoned New Xerba, out of fear. The Rectifiers appear to be set as the first opponents that would be a match for Xadhoom if not even stronger than her - and being from her own people would make things even more difficult for her.

In a future New Era storyline, we will see Xadhoom and Moldrock fighting each other
As of the end of PKNE #5, Moldrock decides to retreat and think about Everett's proposal to cease their long-time feud. However, for whatever reason, he'll decide he still wants his revenge, and escape the prison dimension again; however, he will get on Earth when Xadhoom is present, having come back there to seek PK's help in finding the missing Xerbians. At first, Moldrock will be seemingly getting the upper hand, due to his great abilities at energy manipulation; however, Xadhoom will eventually prove to be the superior one in raw power, subduing him. Finally meeting an opponent stronger than him may also finally humble Moldrock and keep him in check.

Alternatively, Xadhoom and Moldrock will fight together
The above WMG may or may not happen, but the two will have to join forces against a common menace: the Rectifiers. For the little we've seen of them, a single one of those beings seems on the same level of Xadhoom, and there's at least three of them, too much even for her. Moldrock's Black Beam powers, however, may give Xadhoom a chance to learn to use her own in new and even more creative ways, finding methods to defeat enemies without relying on simple strenght.

Korinna is on Corona, fighting against Juniper
In The Mark of Moldrock, we came to know what happened to Juniper after we last saw her at the end of PK2, but no mention was given of her sister. What if, contrarily to Juniper who ended up fulfilling their mother's desires and became queen, Korinna opened her eyes and ultimately sided with her father? It would be a good reason for why Everett has left Corona again, to return to Earth and stay there for the time being at least: he's entrusted her to keep fighting Juniper in his stead.
  • Jossed as of PKNE #6. Korinna is very much in league with her mother and sister.

Alternatively, Korinna is on Juniper's side but...
...she's extremely envious of her sister the queen, and doesn't like to play second fiddle to her, even more because she feels now treated as The Unfavorite by their mother Serifa, who can finally rule Corona from the shadows. This will eventually come to a head, leading a strong faction to form around her, weakening Juniper's already bad reign. It may even have already happened as of the The Mark of Moldrock: Everett has left Corona again because, in the current situation, his daughters only damage each other.
  • Jossed. Korinna has been shown to be very devoted to furthering the strenght of Juniper's rule.

Corona will eventually descend into civil war
(Either of the above WMGs about Korinna can apply) Juniper and Serifa's tyrannical and possibly incompetent rule will lead to former candidate queens forming factions around themselves, at first just contesting Juniper's rule but eventually seeking to overthrow her and seize power. Fighting will erupt, with most of the innocent population (finally realizing how wrong their system for making queens is) in the middle while Juniper goes to extreme measures, turning Corona into a full-on dystopia. At this point, a distress call will be sent to Earth and Everett will know it's time to end his family feud; he and Paperinik will gather all the allies they can find to strike Juniper down. Once Corona is liberated, Everett will leave his native planet once and for all (too many bad memories - a chance for a new life for himself, turned into a nightmare for all of Corona), and entrust it to a reformed Moldrock.
  • Jossed, especially about Moldrock, who's thrown away his chance at turning a new leaf.

Everett ages very slowly
We came to know he's much, much older than he looks, thanks to a technology of his own invention that prevented his aging for centuries. Such a long time, however, that it left a permanent effect on him even when not exposed it anymore. This explains why, in the future depicted in PKNA #48, he's certainly aged, but still alive over a century and a half from now.

The mystery secret service alluded to in "Timewreck" is the Agency
The Agency's full name is "Agency So Secret It Doesn't Even Have a Name"... And Delta's father kept his son from saying the mystery service's name by saying that even saying its name out loud without the necessary clearance was passible of being shot on the spot.

Korinna will become a slave of the alternate universe Evronians that have found her
Noticing her scientific prowess and the insight she may give them to other universes, they'll use a special coolflamization process that will remove her free will but leave her cognitive abilities intact. It wouldn't even be a brand new idea: back in the original series, it was initially conceived that Xari had been subjected to such a process (which explains his different appearance when he's first seen, compared to following issues of the comic), before deciding to go for the Reverse Mole angle. If anything, Evronians who can use a more efficient coolflamization system - still armies of slaves, but with all their old abilities intact - would be even more threatening.

Those alternate Evronians are actually good guys
And they'll now have to fend off Moldrock with the help of Korinna and the Custodian. When the heroes will reach that dimension in search for them, the Evronians will be initially hostile and mistaken for evil, because they'll be rightfully angry for having had Moldrock basically dumped on them.

Serifa is in the same universe Korinna has now ended up in
Applies to either of the two above WMG. Since Korinna went on with the research Serifa was conducting before the accident in which she and other scientists disappeared, all the settings and coordinates for the first activation of the Ultima space station may have stayed the same as that failed experiment, thus bringing the now ruined station and his few occupants left in the same parallel universe. Regardless of the situation, at least the mother and one of her daughters may be reunited now.