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Ozbourne is a Time Lord/Lady.

And her Pikachu plush doll is her TARDIS. ~ Arcadiarika

Ozbourne is NOT immortal.

She just doesn't age.

Ozbourne is only bored all the time because she's seen much more exciting things than any mortal could ever see.

Like the Big Bang, for instance. After that, everything else is just hash.

Ozbourne is Haruhi.


Ozbourne is a Weeping Angel.

Ozbourne is Statue Girl. Statues can't type unless they're alive. Weeping Angels are living statues. Therefore, Ozbourne = Weeping Angel.

Ozbourne is this world's equivalent of Rose.

Both have interests in the supernatural, knitting, and have generally friendly behavior.

Ozbourne is actually Dusty in disguise of their owner

That's why Ozbourne is always posting pictures of Dusty; to get compliments. This also explains why they wants other pictures of cats; for potential dates.