[[WMG:Usopp will have some level of precognition.]]
The latent ability provides a bonus to his sharpshooting skills, as well as gives him some insight into future events. However, it's balanced out by two flaws: CassandraTruth and a tendency to see worst-case scenarios, making him [[ParanoiaFuel naturally paranoid]].

His tall tales serve two purposes: in-universe, it's a method of coping with and relaying his visions in a way that doesn't get automatically rejected by others. On a meta level, meanwhile, it's a way of challenging the GM, who has to eventually translate his stories into the campaign in some fashion.

[[WMG: At least one of the players will be the opposite gender of their character.]]
Chopper seems like a good bet, but Franky or Brook would be [[RuleOfFunny far funnier]]. Plus, the latter would provide an easy way to crack jokes about the "MarySue becoms the Straw Hat's Musician" trend prior to his joining.

[[WMG: Usopp's player will eventually want to stop because they're not having fun.]]
Considering Luke ''lives'' by the RuleOfFun, this would come as a major gut punch to him... much like the actual arc.

[[WMG: Rika will eventually become Nico Robin's player]]
At least if the purple speech bubbles are any indication.

[[WMG: Before playing Robin, Rika will play ''Vivi''.]]
And her decision to switch to Nico Robin will echo Cory's shunting his character template onto Roronoa Zoro. In her case, however, it will be based more on roleplaying, feeling that it'd be more in-character for Vivi to choose to stay in her kingdom, and wanting a more properly empowered character.

[[WMG: Franky's future player will play Vivi.]]
Hey, the color-coding would match...

[[WMG: Luke's All-Ones "Diplomacy Die" has a single 20 on it.]]
To account for those rare occasions when Luffy actually says the right thing.

[[WMG: DM will take over as Gamemaster for the Alabasta and Water 7 Arcs...]]
...with Vivi as a {{GMPC}} and Franky simply being a major antagonist before things go OffTheRails.

[[WMG: Sogeking will be the GM showing everyone how to play Usopp 'right'.]]
After Phil {{Rage Quit}}s, claiming his character's too weak and CantCatchUp to the others, the GM takes over and uses his character sheet to 'create' [[CharlieBrownFromOuttaTown Sogeking]], proving otherwise.

[[WMG: Sogeking will be the Luke playing Usopp or giving Phil advice on how to do so.]]
Luke is the one that has noticed that Usopp may just be the most broken character ever. Luke seems like the type that would have Usopp wear a mask and pretend to be a superhero. Heck, Luke would probably use a real life mask to signify that he's switching between Luffy and Sogeking.

[[WMG: DM is SO going to be Nico Robin.]]
Robin's morbid sense of humor, skillset and backstory just fit so perfectly with an ex-KillerGamemaster who is trying to be more of a roleplayer.

[[WMG: DM is going to be Sanji.]]
Sanji is right up there with Luffy and Zoro in terms of power. This tells us that he was made by a min/maxer. He's going to be introduced after DM's current character is defeated. What better replacement character could there be? There is a good backstory and Sanji is over-roleplayed just like Kurahadol to the point that the GM has to provide an in-character reason for Sanji to join the other [=PCs=].

[[WMG: Franky is a former villain from one of DM's old campaigns.]]
Back then, he utterly ''trounced'' Luke, Cory, and the current GM's characters. Now that they're running a higher-powered campaign, however, GM eventually decides to borrow and bring back their old adversary to work out some grudges they still hold towards him. DM's signature color being aqua blue like Franky's is a bit of color-coded {{Foreshadowing}}, as well as her mentioning that all her villains had perfectly good {{Backstor|y}}ies that they simply never got a chance to learn before they died.

[[WMG: Phil will fully become part of the group at either the Arlong Park arc or the Little Garden arc.]]
While Phil is fitting in with the group just fine right now, he's still an outsider unfamiliar with the terms of the game. In OnePiece, Usopp generally feels left out of the group due to being weak until around these points. The Arlong Park arc might work during his fight with Chuu, where he gets the resolve to actually fight instead of just run away, while the Little Garden arc provided a lot of character development for Usopp and led him to become more active in chasing his dreams and being a warrior. For Phil, this could be either him realizing how much effort the group actually puts into the game and resolving to have fun along with them, or getting a more active role in the story and generally having more fun doing so than he was before.

[[WMG: Phil will fall out with the group around the Water 7 arc.]]
In the same breath as the above WMG, Usopp doesn't have many major fights after the Little Garden arc (minus Mr. 4 and Miss Merry Christmas, where he got trounced). Phil might start to feel left out of the things that got him drawn into the group in the first place and leave the group for a little while, only to realize that he's come to enjoy his time with them and come back as "Sogeking" to try and make amends.

[[WMG: Rika will play as Sanji]]

[[WMG: GM will play Sanji, and DM will take over the game]]
This would account for Sanji being an "NPC" in the story, and the enemies becoming more and more overpowered.

[[WMG: Future Strawhat PC's Predictions]]
Sanji (GM):
* He, along with Luke and Cory, is dubbed the "Munchkin Trio" by their local game shop. Munchkin Trio = [[FanNickname Monster Trio.]]
* He planned on a GMPC in the beginning, and while he scrapped the idea heseems to be enjoying playing Sanji.
* [[ArsonMurderandJaywalking He does a great]] Creator/GordonRamsay.

Chopper (Rika):
* Obvious out of the way, she wants a CombatMedic character. Chopper fits the bill.
* Her memory for monster info parallels Choppers knowledge of animals and anatomy.

Robin (DM):
* Is just as knowledgeable on the grapple rules as Luke.
* Would cause tension within the group due to her two characters essentially being villains.

Franky (Gordon):
* Nat will run into Gordon and invite him to join the group for a session, however instead of being the {{Noob}} he once was, he'll be an embittered {{Munchkin}} and the Franky Family's attack on Usopp will be played as him abusing Phil like he was by Nat's old group. He'll get a WhatTheHellHero from Nat and the others and make a HeelFaceTurn.

** Gordon's confirmed to be the GM I think. However Johnny and Yosaku's players and Emily might come up again. And Dan (Yosaku's player) has already shown a flare for the dramatic, so to elaborate on the above and add my own two-cents:

*** Sanji (GM): GM (Gordon) Enjoyed playing as him in the Baratie arc and is most like the rest of the "Munchkin Trio", so he would fit the dynamic of the "Monster Trio" better than the other possible characters. Also, there's his Gordon Ramsey impersonation and the fact that his relationship in and out of game with Corey is similar to that with Sanji and Zoro.

*** Chopper (Rika): Chopper balances out the flaws with Kaya's build allowing Rika to actually act as a decent combat medic. Plus she's memorized a lot of rules regarding things that would help Chopper's character (most notably, she questions why Luke didn't pick a Logia or Zoan fruit being of the opinion that either offers better feats than paramecia)

*** Robin (DM): While Dan could fit, DM is a better match because she's established to enjoy creating characters with insane builds (which Robin would have to have) creating friction with the party for drama (again another trait of Robin's) and creating intricate and dark backstories. Robin is likely to be made by DM as another attempt to go captain Kuro on the party, only for Luke to persuade her to play her characters differently. The Eines Lobby Arc will be DM realizing that she enjoys playing with the others more than just killing everything for loot and XP.

*** Franky (Dan): Dan (Yosaku's player) is established to have a flare for the dramatic and to take roleplaying seriously. He also will go on monologues when the others aren't paying attention. All traits that make him well-suited for Franky.

*** Brook (Robin): Robin (Johnny's player) and Emily are both good matches, but Emily seems to prefer Mihawk too much and is more interested in a rivalry with Corey. She is also implied to hold Devil Fruits in contempt for the flaw they give (she questions why a pirate would not be able to swim) and would certainly never take the Yomi-Yomi no Mi. Dan on the other hand uses a similar build, but is a much less talented min-maxer, so it makes more sense for him to make the character than her.