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See also: WMG.The World Of Darkness for New/Old crossover wild mass guessing and WMG.New World Of Darkness.

The Wyrm is Spiral Power
It's a natural part of the universe, but is feared and restrained because of its destructive potential. Its power often manifests as green flame. Its followers are even known as Black SPIRAL Dancers. Of course, this means the the Weaver is actually the Anti-Spiral(s).

Old World of Darkness is what Creation becomes with the death of The Unconquered Sun
It's a world devoid of Virtue, since the embodiment of Virtue is also gone. His Fulcrums have been found one at a time for brief periods, but no one has had all four (and few have held more than one). The Spear is the most common - you know it as Gugnir and the Spear of Destiny.

The Triat is God suffering from split personality disorder.

How do muggles still exist in world full of vampires, werewolves, demons, you name it? They don't.
With so many kinds of supernatural creatures living in old World of Darkness (and it is very possible that there are many we were never told of), normal humans have long gone extinct (if they ever existed in first place). Since every group of supernaturals keeps (more or less) its own masquerade, they keep passing for humans to each other. Your average non-Malkavian vampire is familiar with his kind (althrough even he might have trouble properly recognising more exotic klans and bloodlines and will be very confused at best to meet Kuei-Jin), knows enough of werewolves and Hunters to fear them, might have some knowledge about mages and remember that their blood is hallucinogenic, but he most likely knows nothing about demons, has no interest whatsoever in mummies and definitely does not believe in fairies… so as long as demon, mummy or changeling looks and behaves like humans are expected to, our vampire will think that he deals with mmuggle and act accordingly. He can drink blood out of unfortunate changeling or medium, but he still has no way to feel anything unusual since he never had tasted real muggle to begin with. There was only one truly normal human in history of that world, and that was Hitler.

Oh, and Malkavians? For them it's all clear and obvious. Mixture of craziness, common sense and transformation into vampires causes them to drop arbitrary scepticism and expect all myths to be true by default, making them unbiased enough to get things right.

  • Interesting theory. Unfortunately, there would have to be some muggles in here, because the changelings can only inhabit themselves in human bodies. Also, how would you explain otherwise normal people getting embraced?
  • VtM gave population density at one point, of around 1 vampire to 100k humans.

The Weaver in W:TA is The Grandmother in Orpheus
Taking advantage of the Maelstrom created by the The War on Terror, the Weaver went into the Underworld in an attempt to calcify another source of Entropy, The Abyss. Whereas the equally powerful entity of Decay, the Wyrm, put up a good fight, taking over the organized Spectre hivemind from the Neverborn Malfeans' was all too easy for a supernatural entity of Order.
  • Alternatively: the Weaver could have been killed by the Anasasi and replaced with their "backup Weaver" queen Anasasa. But [like] a Primordial, she was too powerful to truly die and became the Grandmother, taking over the Underworld as part of her next move.
  • Also, by the Weaver's nature, her entry into the Underworld allowed afterlife technology to work, when before it was only possible via magic/sorcery/etc.

The Technocracy colluded in maintaining the Masquerade
Whether or not they had a knowing alliance with the Camarilla, the Technocracy had a vested interest in maintaining the Masquerade and the resources (via the New World Order and Syndicate) to do it. Nothing like a common goal to encourage Teeth-Clenched Teamwork. In some Sabbat-controlled areas, the Technocracy is the only thing maintaining the Masquerade.

Monsters only exist because humans subconsciously believe they should.
Human beings, as part of their survival instincts, fear the unknown. This is good, because not being afraid of what might be lurking in the dark could get a human eaten by a mountain lion. However, no matter how much humans learn of their world, that fear persists. For humans, instinctively, there must always exist monsters. And so there are. They fear predators well in excess of their lowly powers, so vampires and lupines came into being. They wonder at stories and the pure power of creativity, so Faeries exist. They dread what exists after death, so a state after death - a Wraith - exists, and has an afterlife to populate (which is almost always influenced by what people imagine the afterlife to be). Monsters exist because humans cannot truly believe they don't, and no amount of denying it will change that fundamental fear. This would also explain why Mage powers are affected by Paradox, but other supernaturals aren't. Sleepers don't usually know they can use magick, so it's up for debate. Paradigms can accept or reject that. Vampires, werewolves, etc. are more primal than that. They exist as a representation of human fears, so their powers supercede any mundane paradigm that rejects them. Their existence is already fueled by belief, so that belief extends to what they can do.