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The reason "Smells Like Teen Spirit" is unintelligible is that Kurt Cobain meant for the listener to interpret their own lyrics.
You have to admit, there's nothing to contradict it.

Kurt Cobain is still alive
He faked his death because he didn't like being famous anymore.
  • He couldn't stand being with Courtney anymore, either.
  • He's living in Ireland as "Kirk O'Bain." Clap if you believe!
  • He's on an island with Jim Morrison.
  • Or Mr. Sin put them there.

He was murdered
He was dosed up on heroin (which probably would have killed him anyway) and in the process of divorcing Courtney Love. Courtney, who knew about his history of suicide attempts, killed (or possibly hired someone to kill) him and have it look like a suicide.
  • This troper agrees, especially when you read more into it and find out the cops didn't secure the crime scene or that a former member of Hole was also found dead in her bathtub in the middle of wanting to leave the group. Sounds a little more than shady. Also, if i remember correctly, the police really didn't do much investigating before closing the case altogether. They knew he was depressed and had (allegedly) attempted suicide before and just went with that. As for his suicide note, I've read that the handwriting isn't consistent. And even if it was his handwriting, someone once pointed out that it didn't necessarily mean it was a suicide note. Lastly, I've read some reports that stated he was too high on heroin to be able to hold a SHOTGUN to his own head. The whole "suicide" thing really just doesn't make sense if anyone actually read more into it.

The song "In Bloom" is about a little boy who is molested by a musician.
Kurt Cobain had said the song was simply about "fans" of Nirvana that only knew them through their more popular music and didn't really listen to or care for the actual lyrics, but listening more into the lyrics, you can hear some much more... passionate meanings.
  • Isn't it a little odd that he would include the words "reproductive glands" just for the fun of it?
  • "He's the one who likes all our pretty songs, and he likes to sing along and he likes to shoot his gun, but he knows not what it means" is about the kid, who learned about the musician through his mother or father (or other children), who were fans. He was exposed to their music often and thus thought himself a "fan". However, being a young kid, he had no idea of any deeper meaning behind the words. The gun is a toy gun that the kid likes to play with.
  • "Bruises on the fruit, tender age in bloom". Need I say more?
So the full theory is that the child became a fan of the musician's music through some form of exposure to them, and the musician ended up touring through where the kid and his family lived. He was excited to go, so his family ended up trying to sneak him in, and the musician met him. However, there was a darker air about the musician, and they ended up kidnapping and molesting the young boy. The kid, not knowing any better, still listens to their music.