[[WMG: Tesla is ComicBook/IronMan.]]
Think about it. He's genius Electrical Engineer, a RichIdiotWithNoDayJob, secretly created awesome stuff like Earthqueake Machines and Death Rays, it's not much of a stretch to think that he made a PoweredArmour.
* The problem with this theory is that Tony Stark ReallyGetsAround, and Tesla was a CelibateHero so it's more likely to assume that he is Tony's father, Howard Stark, or some other relative.
** Actually, it appears that in the Marvel canon, Tesla has met Howard Stark.
* Also, Tesla was more of a broke genius than a Rich Idiot.

[[WMG: Tesla told nothing but the sober truth.]]
He did [[http://prometheus.al.ru/english/phisik/onichelson/tunguska.htm cause the Tunguska Event]].
And he did [[http://www.borderlands.com/archives/arch/marscom.htm speak with Martians]].
And he did [[http://www.americanantigravity.com/graphics/tesla/Tesla-Death-Ray-Reconstruction.pdf build a 1920s-style]] DeathRay.
* The business with the pigeons was a total fabrication, however.
** [[Literature/{{Discworld}} We can lay to rest all the ones about the trouser button.]]

[[WMG: Tesla's Death-Ray was stolen by the Russians and made into a planetary laser cannon which protects us from aliens.]]
This is based on grainy artifacts in some old orbital footage which seems to show a line of ''something'' coming up from Russia and scaring away ''something'' floating up there.
* On the other hand, his death ray requires an atmosphere, or some other physical medium, based on what are by far the most probable designs for it. [[Film/Plan9FromOuterSpace Space has an atmosphere.]]

[[WMG: Tesla is another [[{{Film/Labyrinth}} Goblin King.]]]]
Think of it. Advanced technology, frequent misunderstandings from mortal points of view, childlike delight in making complicated death traps for ultimately mutually advantageous ends... remind you of anyone? He's simply the good (and thus brunette and mustached) twin to Jareth the Goblin King. This also explains why Music/DavidBowie looks so much like him. Eccentric, intelligent, oddly attractive to modern mortal women despite his sheer peculiarity... oh, to hell with it. He's ALSO [[Creator/CillianMurphy Jonathan Crane]] from ''Film/BatmanBegins''. This means Tesla had a super-powered crotch as well.
* Or rather, Tesla is Crane's father and ''Film/ThePrestige'' takes place in the same universe as ''Film/BatmanBegins''.

[[WMG: Tesla is David Bowie's father.]]
And thus the Goblin King lineage is safely passed down.

[[WMG: Nikola Tesla is SantaClaus.]]
VTOL aircraft. Matter duplicator. Reclusive eccentric. ''Saint Nick''.
* Looking at Santa's page, this makes Tesla [[Series/DoctorWho The Doctor]] and [[Series/TheColbertReport Stephen Colbert,]] too.

[[WMG: [[{{Series/Sanctuary}} Nikola Tesla was a vampire.]] ]]
He infected a British doctor from the 19th century with a special strain of his vampirism, making her immortal. She would later join the [[Series/StargateSG1 Stargate]] program.
* Jack the Ripper, the Invisible Man and Franchise/SherlockHolmes were also infused with vampiric blood.
* Don't forget the 1944 vampire movie, Return of the Vampire. The vampire was an evil dark scorcerer. His name:Armand TESLA
* He could also have been {{Literature/Dracula}}, as evidenced by his mustache.

[[WMG: Tesla designed a matter resonance device far more effective than his original and destroyed everything.]]
Quantum physics is a result of everything having been shaken apart at the subatomic level. The reason things at that level don't follow Newtonian physics is that each particle is free-floating and moving around and through everything next to it at a rate of less than a planck time unit. (This should be impossible, but hey, it's Tesla's invention. They're not shown to follow the [[strike:laws]] guidelines of possibility.)

[[WMG: Tesla and Edison invented the War of Currents as a joke, never became enemies, fought {{eldritch abomination}}s together with steam-punk technology, faked their deaths, raised a young man to continue their legacies in a city-sized ship that can go between universes, and died fighting H.G Wells's [[Literature/TheWarOfTheWorlds Martians.]]]]
* Tesla is [[ComicBook/TheLeagueOfExtraordinaryGentlemen M's boss.]]
Please tell me this movie is coming out next summer...

[[WMG: Tesla is a [[Webcomic/GirlGenius Spark]] transplanted into this world by an experiment gone awry]]
Thinks about it! Feats that modern science has yet to recreate. Uncanny insight. And, as the jaegers would put it, frequently 'in the madness place'.
* Alternativly, this world also had Sparks, only instead of the veritable hoard of them that exist in Webcomic/GirlGenius, we only got a few, withh Tesla being possibly the Spark-iest of them all.
** That is now this this troper's head canon .
* ...Or an experiment GoneHorriblyRight.
* ''TabletopGame/GeniusTheTransgression'' suggested that Tesla was an Etherite.

[[WMG: Thomas Edison created ScienceRelatedMemeticDisorder to discredit Tesla]]
Let's look at the facts:
* Edison's characterization of Tesla inspired a lot of B-movies featuring [[MadScientist Mad Scientists]], helping establish the trope.
* Tropes are a type of [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Memetics meme]].
* Memes have a [[MemeticMutation tendency to mutate]] out of their creator's control.
* [[AMiracleOfScience SRMD]] is a memetic virus that causes its hosts to act out the trope.

[[WMG: Tesla is [[Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann Kamina]].]]
Think about it: We never know what the afterlife is like, if we reincarnate, and where we were before we were born. Perhaps, the TTGL Universe is the Womb World, where we stay before we're born. When we die there, we come to Earth in a random time and place. So, after Kamina died, he appeared as Nikola Tesla. Proof? His obfuscating manliness and advanced, if not crazy, ideas. He helped bring Humanity to the surface, guys. He helped people to pierce through the Heavens with his courage and intelligence.
* . . . to which we can add an extra degree of inspiration by noting that Tesla was sickly in his youth. So, not only did he become the King of GAR, he had to overcome physical limitations to do it!
** Sickly? So, he wasn't Kamina, but [[Manga/{{Bleach}} Captain Ukitake]]!

[[WMG: Tesla is a [[Manga/DeathNote shinigami]].]]
He kills people with lightning, you see.

[[WMG: Tesla is a ghost.]]
He accidentally discovered a dimensional gateway, but his attempt to pass through resulted in his death on this plane of existence. The portal just happened to lead to where he was going: the [[WesternAnimation/DannyPhantom Ghost Zone.]] He took the name Nikolai Technus so that when he met up with anyone from Earth, they would be scared sh* tless and not just think he was crazy.

[[WMG: Tesla is [[Manga/{{Bleach}} Tesla]]]]
He's a [[spoiler:hollow, and that is the reason why his technology sounds absurd.]]

[[WMG: Tesla created a Time Machine, faked his death, and traveled to the future.]]
* He could never find the funding, the time, or the equipment to do what he wanted, and the world just wasn't ready for some of his ideas. This is why he invented a time machine, faked his death, and traveled to the future, where he will be better able to do what he always wanted.
** However, due to his eccentricity, he only goes to dates that are divisible by three, such as 12/21/012. [[OhCrap Wait, Nikola Tesla with adequate technology and funding!]]
*** Possibly an OhCrap, but also possibly one of the [[{{Crazy Awesome}}greatest things to ever happen EVER]].
** Wait, wait, wait. How could he make a time machine if he "could never find the funding, the time, or the equipment to do what he wanted"?
[[WMG: Tesla was from the future, and went back to create a StableTimeLoop]]
In a few centuries, Nikola Tesla will be born and, as he grows up, realize he bears more than a passing resemblance to the historical Tesla. Learning he is, in fact, the real Nikola Tesla, he will travel back in time to fulfill his destiny. He will then invent ([[TimeTravelTenseTrouble I mean, he invented...]]) all the technology that will shape the future that he comes from. Knowing, of course, that too much interference with the time line will [[TemporalParadox destabilize the loop]], he will be perfectly content to let [[JerkAss Thomas Edison]] take credit for his work, and of course he'll remain celibate to avoid any [[MyOwnGrandpa nasty in the pasty]]. Of course, before he leaves the future, he'll announce his intentions to the world, and will become known as a [[BigDamnHeroes Big Damn Hero]] for his willingness to [[HeroicSacrifice remain in the past]], and will finally [[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming be recognized as the greatest inventor of all time]].
** And then the above theory happens, and Tesla returns to the future to find prestige, funding, equipment, and the respect of the people who's lives he helped.

[[WMG: Tesla was using MagicPoweredPseudoscience.]]
The source of his magic? He said it himself: VirginPower.

[[WMG: Tesla was a Zoophile.]]
Came off as asexual most of his life but had a very high "fondness" for animals and especially a bird later in life which when died was considered the end by Tesla in regards to his life work.

[[WMG: Tesla's head weighed, like, 20 kg.]]
Seriously, look at some pictures of him. 9 times out of 10 he's supporting his head on his fingers.

[[WMG: Tesla was not ''the'' Tesla, but ''a'' Tesla: not a human, but a transdimensional personification of harnessed electricity.]]
Or something like this. It is the reason why advanced electrical stuff is always Tesla-something even in fantasy worlds completely unrelated to our own.

[[WMG: Tesla was a JustForFun/TimeLord]]
He disguised himself as a human for [[NoodleIncident some reason]], Family of Blood style, and made a career as an inventor, subconsciously using his time lord knowledge to make inventions way ahead of his time.

[[WMG: Tesla has been reincarnated]]
And is responsible for making VisualNovel/HatofulBoyfriend.

[[WMG: Nicolai Tesla was Bardachiel the angel of lighting ]]
Why not?

[[WMG: Nikola Tesla is SantaClaus]]
Because he was practically a saint (maybe it wasn't martians, but rather angels that he was talking to), a FriendToAllLivingThings, he had [[ClarkesThirdLaw supernatural gifts, or very advanced science]] or whatever, and his name was even Nikola!

[[WMG: Nikola Tesla was an alternate universe version of GLaDOS]]
Or, for that matter, an alternate version of Cave Johnson. Now consider the fact that lemons can be used to generate electricity.

[[WMG: Nikola Tesla ate [[{{Manga/One Piece}} the Goro Goro no mi]].]]

Either that or he's a [[Franchise/XMen mutant]].