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Why the author hates Friendship so much...
Okay, this might be a bit of armchair psychology, but bear with me: I think the author hates "friendship" because he was bullied for watching kiddie shows and admitting it to others. It's common for people on the Autism spectrum to not only have narrow interests, but also to be targeted by bullies because they don't know how to act around other people. Perhaps someone pretended to be friends with him only to mock him behind his back and/or trick him into doing something embarrassing. I'm also imagining some sort of coddling, bible-thumping parent behind him who refuses to get him diagnosed because of the misconception that autistic people are retarded, but maybe I'm reading too far into this. Whatever the case, this guy has some serious issues. I kinda feel sorry for him, actually.
  • Confirmed by certain indications of the author. Still, just because he has a problem with certain people does not excuse him for writing a story like this. There are more awful things on the 'net, but the sheer hatred the author has shown for the show is disgusting.
  • He actually hates the show just because a brony made fun of him. I'm dead serious.
  • Having a bad childhood is not an excuse to act like a total jackass to everyone that doesn't agree with him. You're talking about someone who thinks that his fanfics are more important than events such as 9/11, told someone who mocked him that his father deserved to die, told another person who mocked his work that she was a slut that deserved to be raped, and at one point wished for an entire website to suffer simply because they picked on some of his fanfics. This is not how someone should behave.
  • Some have speculated that the whole "bad childhood" thing is probably just a lie for sympathy.
    • Either a lie or a gross exaggeration.
  • Partially confirmed: he did comment on deviant art that he attended religious schools "that didn't allow [the holocaust as a] sort of teaching". He also mentioned his family isn't very idealistic, and genuinely believes therapy won't help him. He's still a deluded hypocrite though...
  • I actually had a PM with him, and yeah, I believe that he has some serious issues. When I brought the idea of him coming from a broken home, he said not exactly, and that his life hasn't always been peaches and cream. He actually said that to me. My conclusion is that he's just angry at the world and has developed a victim mentality, due to how his life has progressed. He only cares about satisfying his own desires, but he probably isn't a sociopath. Probably. He also said something about having a dream where Tara Strong was in danger and he was sent to save her, and that trolls twisted his words to make it sound like he wanted to rape her. Make of that what you will.

Maybe it's just because it stands out more because he is annoying, but Rhymey seems to get the most dialogue, not counting Lightning, Celesto, Titan, and maybe Krysta. Perhaps the author thinks the rhyming gimmick is clever and amusing rather than annoying like most of the readers think. He is also the only character other than Celesto and Lightning to have a love interest— and a very popular canon character as it, to boot.
  • I think Celestia is actually his favorite character, considering that his Self Insert got married and had kids with her, and he killed off Twilight Sparkle so Celestia could be Element of Magic instead.

"Titan" is an alternate universe version of Titan from "The Immortal Game".
In this universe, Grand Ruler Celesto stole the powers of the alternate universe equivlents of Luna and Candace to become a "Tri-Horned Winged Unicorn", and developed the Uniforce to defeat and seal away Titan. This gave Titan severe brain damage, and over thousands of years his mental state deteriorated to the point that his only emotion became hatred of Unicornicopia. Grand Ruler Celesto, meanwhile gave into paranoia, and instituted all the implied ethnic clensings and totalitarian policies in fear that Titan's eyes and ears were everywhere, Eventually leading to him making Lightning as a living weapon against Titan (since of course the Ruler is to afraid of Titan to face him again).

Mind you, this doesn't explain why the canon characters are out of character. Maybe he has a brainwashing spell?
  • Judging by the disturbing fascistic implications, of course he'd have a brainwashing spell.

Better yet...

The author is AestheticB.
Think about it: The two main villains are named Titan and Terra.


  • Okay, do you have anything else that can back up this theory of yours?
  • That would make Aesthetic the troll to end all trolls.

The author will sooner or later ship every member of the mane cast with made up characters.
The author is known for writing fanfics just for the sake of shipping some characters together, not caring much for their personalities. It doesn`t sound so far fetched that he may ship Twilight with some color swap of her own brother.
  • Well, he has already paired up Rhymey with Fluttershy...
  • If that's going to be the case, then I'm willing to bet that the following things will happen:
    • Applejack will hook up with Buddy Rose, and Mykan will most likely rip off something from Teen Titans that involved Beast Boy and Terra, and use some cheesy love songs from one or more Disney movies in the process.
    • Dyno and Myte will end up fighting over Rainbow Dash, who doesn't catch onto it for the longest time, making it a Running Gag for half of if not the entire "season". When she finally does catch on, she chooses one of them and the one she rejected gets together with Pinkie Pie some time shortly after.
    • Artie is going to be with Rarity and Mykan will probably find some idiotic way to kill off Spike to avoid any kind of Love Triangle-related conflict from him involving that couple.
      • Jossed, Spike and Rarity are a couple as of the end of season 4.
  • Twilight and a Palette Swap of Shining Armor?! Eww!
  • One problem: he killed off Twilight Sparkle somewhere in "Season" three.

The author is an avatar of Discord.
Think about it: He despises the idea of friendship and order, wants to force his own chaotic ideas on the show and embodies the opposites of the Elements of Harmony. Also, his childish tantrums are reminiscent of how Discord acted, when Fluttershy managed to withstand his manipulation.
  • Then why was Discord killed?
    • All part of the plan to make the readers believe, the loyal minion of Discord is just an insane closet brony. Recent hints on fimchan indicate he may bring Discord back as a joke villain.
  • I don't think even Discord would do something like this.
  • If Discord wrote something like this, the characters would not be as flat and boring as they are, and it would definitely not play up blind obedience as a good thing.
    • Well he wanted blind obedience from the mane 6, and he appears to like mind controlling people.
Titan is not dead.
He survived being blown up once, why should a second time (when he actually was even more powerful) give him the rest? It is possible he is just hiding, waiting up the right moment to strike again.
  • Confirmed. He's back in "The Movie".

The author is, in fact, Michael Bay.
Bay already tried to turn the turtles into aliens and has no respect for already existing franchises. What if the stories are in fact just his first attempts for a movie script regarding "My Little Pony"? It would explain why the characters are so flat, racist, why explosions happen most of the time, and why the entire thing is an ugly mess.
  • Not to mention many of his fanfics follow the plot of Armageddon.
  • If we couple this with the previously-mentioned "author is Discord" theory, then that also means that Michael Bay is Discord and vice-versa. Make of that what you will.
  • And not only that but he also has the awkward romances of Bay!
  • Micheal Bay didn't try to turn the Turtles into aliens. He got brought in after the scriptwriter decided on it. Y'know, since he was only a producer?
The author is the opposite of a furry.
He is obsessed with turning the characters into humanoid abominations as far as he can and he actually admited to have a hard on for Celestia. Sounds for me like the opposite of a very perverted furry.
  • What. Don't you mean part furry or armor-closeted furry in denial? I mean if he has a crush on Celestia yet he's not a furry... I am thinking about this way too hard.

Why Techno isn't in the story...
Upon watching the introductory YouTube video for the series, one will notice that a robot pony named Techno appears in the character list yet doesn't appear in the story.
  • What Could Have Been, maybe? He had plans to include him but couldn't think of a way? He has already dropped characters who have appeared with little resolution before.
  • Maybe he'll introduce him in another installment.
  • It's very likely that the concept of Techno (evil robotic horse) was instead used for Fratello.

Inbreeding is rampant among the Unicornicopians.
The author has stated that the population of Unicornicopia is mostly male, and inbreeding would explain some of the less than intelligent actions of the characters (I.E. Characters choosing not to fly over a dangerous forest when they could and characters choosing to hang out with Rhymey).
  • That disturbingly explains a lot.
  • There's even some evidence in the story that could back this up: Celesto created the Unicornicopians himself. It's quite possible that he didn't create enough in the beginning to maintain genetic diversity, leading to the population degrading over time.
  • Adding on to the above: Each Unicornicopian has a 4-digit identification code in the format letter-letter-digit-letter, which works out to a mere 175 760 possible IDs. Either there exist multiple unicorns with the same number (which defeats the point of having them in the first place) or Unicornicopia has a very small population, to the point where inbreeding would be pretty much inevitable when combined with the skewed gender ratio.

What are they supposed to believe in?
Not in themselves, but in him! They believe in the Dakari-King Mykan who believes in them! Sorry for this, but it had to be said. And I'm surprised nobody posted this here already...
  • Well the Accidental Aesop I learned, is to believe in the Nazi style leadership of the Starfleet Empire. That and you shouldn't question their police force, just believe they're good.
  • I like to imagine they're believing in something stupid, like cheese or "believe in the power of believing". It would at least make the fic a bit better.
  • That's actually surprisingly credible given that some sort of Deus ex Machina is responsible for the vast majority of Starfleet's victories. They believe in Mykan, and he grants whatever bizarre and improbable miracle they need to get out of their next scrape. Considering that Grand Ruler is an Author Avatar, this could even work In-Universe as the Unicornicopians believing in him. The reason he's so powerful is because Gods Need Prayer Badly, so he created the Unicornicopians to give him the belief he needs.

The author is a devoured soul who went mad while being trapped inside a mannequin in the Land of Desire in Eastern Mind: The Lost Souls of Tong-Nou, and is using all remaining sanity pleading to be free from the land of Tong-Nou.
  • Let's face it, if you know the game at least well enough, King-Gyou is a fucking dick, using one of the 8 souls Tou-Gyou had called to save him to literally be instantly killed on the spot before reincarnation, and also try to trick another into giving them their own belongings, promising a gem that you won't ever get. That, and the mental state of the fanfic author is questionable, and the viewpoint of the game's creator is very surreal and odd. It isn't true, sure, but it is a pretty odd mental image that might explain something.

The town in MLP:FIM's Season 5 animatic is a parody of Unicornicopia.
There's an alicorn, the cutie marks (equal signs) are the exact same (kind of like how Unicornicopians' are nothing but numbers and letters) and they seem to be convinced their lives under the system are awesome. The Mane 6 and Spike shall teach them that friendship is magic and that differences aren't inequality.

Twilight's death was the product of a Uriah Gambit
It's established in canon that Twilight is very, very powerful. So powerful, in fact, that in Starfleet's eyes, she's a threat. So when they try to conscript the Equestrians into Starfleet, they deliberately engineered a test for Twilight so that she would mess up and give them an excuse to claim "This is why we're better than you". By establishing their superiority, they try to prevent her from realizing that she possesses just as much power (if not more, which is likely) than them, so she doesn't end up using that power against them if she potentially goes the Ace Ray route, especially given that she's seen questioning their beliefs at points (most notably their "kill anything that can't be captured/converted" policy). This culminates in the aforementioned Uriah Gambit: when Twilight runs in to deal with Raven, Starfleet could have sent backup, but chose not to so that she would get killed (note that they don't run in to fight her like they do with any other enemy that pops up). Then they have the excuse that she disobeyed orders and went in alone, thus making it look like an accident.

Celesto's life is a fabrication, and Rhymey is unintentionally responsible for Equestria's Flanderization.
Think of it this way: according to the Grand Ruler's backstory, he and Celestia first met when they were but foals and the latter was just a princess-in-training. He also had a bully during his foalhood, who later turned into King Sombra. And then later during a war against Nightmare Moon, he was forced to another planet by the tyrant.


As revealed in the Journal of the Two Sisters, Celestia and Luna were both made princesses by way of the three figureheads representing the different races, long before they first took up raising the sun and moon respectively, the comics reveal that Sombra was an agent of the Umbrum raised in the Crystal Empire instead of a bully turned evil, and the show itself depicts the battle between Celestia and Nightmare Moon as a one-on-one event instead of the grievous war presented in the fic. This leads me to believe that either Celesto himself was born with these memories, or he's a Manipulative Bastard, and some of the "return magic" he placed on Rhymey during his stay in Equestria also functioned as a mind-altering spell and spread across the nation, turning everypony into a one-note caricature of their true selves while shaping history to fit Celesto's memory/mindset, including Celestia and Luna "remembering" him after so long. It even makes sense, too; before Rhymey arrived, the ponies themselves were acting pretty much how they normally do, and then after he arrived, it all went downhill from there.

Celesto's magic and ponies alter personalities.
In an alternate theory to the above, Grand Ruler is a being who not only wants to rule all but hates 3D personalities. He created a species without personalities and imbued in each member latent magic that turns others who come into contact with them (or even be in the same galaxy as them) and are not Space Ponies into one-note caricatures of themselves. In addition, it also makes heroes more likely to agree with and admire Space Ponies, no matter what they say or do and decreases the intelligence of of heroes and villains alike. Occasionally, a good person will hate the Space Ponies but because their smarts have still shrunk, they'll insult Space Ponies out in the open instead of planning rebellion. Because the magic takes effect almost the moment they enter a new world, most Space Ponies are unaware of this personality-altering magic they possess.