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The entire series is nothing more than Birch's wish-fulfillment fanfiction, co-starring her friends.
Birch and her friends actually do not fit in that well and the rest of the school either doesn't care about manga/anime, or finds it stupid. Birch, wishing things were different, wrote a fanfic in her journal, called it My Life Me, and shows it to her friends, envisioning a world where everyone loves manga and Birch herself, she gets to meet her favorite manga artist and tell him off (which in the real world, she only communicated with by email, and she'd sent some terrible art which he gave constructive criticism for. But Birch, being a Special Snowflake Weaboo, wouldn't have it it). It's all fanfic, everything is either exaggerated or the exact opposite of how it really happened.

The manga style is how Birch sees the world.
Sure, everything that happens in the series happens, but the style it's presented in is not really there. The world's actually animated like shows like Sidekick.

The whole show is adapted from a long forgotten web comic that Dave made.
Hints that this was Dave's previous work before Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff

  • Liam's last name is Strider, which is Dave's last name.
  • The four kids could be linked with the four characters from My Life Me
    • Birch Small= Jade Harley
    • Raffi Rodriguez= John Egbert
    • Sandra Le Blanc= Rose Lalonde
    • Liam Strider= Dave Strider
      • However, this is assuming when they first met, as many of their personalities are far different from what we know in Homestuck
      • Also, Liam's last name is Cole, not Strider.
      • Yes, I just realized that now. I am also sorry for comparing Dave Strider to Liam Cole.
  • Dave has a thing for making Stylistic Suck, for all we know.

Dave likely got tired of it, and went on to make Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff after the lulz were done. Though he likely sold the rights to the French, German and Canadian producers (yes, three countries worked on this show, obviously not Japanese), and has never brought this show up again.

This is actually a Stealth Parody of weeaboos
It can't be genuine. It just can't.
  • Agreed. This has to be a knowing wink to all those who can't stand this particular community. Everything from the art style to the cringe-worthy attempts at humor hints at it being a satire from the get go.
    • It also helps that the creator is obviously in on it.

Mr. Towes is the Hero of Another Story

The show is a real anime.
And we're only watching the translation. It's one long Macekre where even the animation was replaced to try to make it appeal to Western audiences.