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Over-paranoid, rabid fans of My Chemical Romance have no doubt spent a good portion of their waking hours trying to figure out exactly what their so-called "concept record" concepts actually are. The lyrics are nonsesical, the plots are blurry, and the settings are simply impossible. Not to mention their lives and connection with Bob Bryars has still not been cleared up. There was never a page aside from the messy notes scrawled on the corners of papers left around the computer desk that even tried to organize the confusing topic of My Chemical Romance, so pick up your notes and type 'em up here so that we can have something resembling a sort of neat-looking... thing that organizes all the information My Chemical Romance has blessed us with.


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    Danger Days: The True Lvies of the Fabulous Killjoys 
  • Tropes
  • Dead Pegasus Oil is based off of this real-life oil company, by the name of MobilOil, or Mobil Gas. Having deja vu with the logo, anyone?
    • The Danger-verse timeline reaches from 2012 to 2019. Could Dead Pegasus possibly be Gerard's view of MobilOil, or oil companies in general, post-apacolypse?
  • The mailbox featured in the music video for "Na Na Na" is a grave, not a mailbox. Look closely.
  • There seem to be four different "levels" of dead in the Danger-verse, based on the fact that the characters seem to use different phrases for different situations. "Ghosted", "dusted", "clipped", and "exterminated". For more information, please look at these pages of Girl Automatic's blog.
  • Party Poison is really Peter Pan who's grown up and now Neverland is an apocalyptic wasteland.
    • "Gravity don't mean too much to me."
    • The rest of the Killjoys are what is left of the Lost Boys.
      • The lead singer, Gerard Way, played Peter Pan in a elementary school musical production
  • The Killjoys are the villains who are trying to blow up the world, while BLI are simply trying to rebuild society after the tragic mass fires of 2012. Anyone ever considered that?
    • *cough* DESTROYA *cough*. Seriously; "I believe we're the enemy" is the chorus...

A guess on the plot of My Chemical Romance's Danger Days.
The Music video takes place in a dystopian future ruled by the evil Bl/ind corporation, who has taken over the United States with its army of Dracloids, but there is one place that has escaped its grasp, a remote area of the desert outside Battery City, California, where 4 suriviors have taken refuge, they are The Killjoys (MCR). They are a team who are trying to stop the company and free their people from its control. The little girl in the videos is a girl they rescued from Dracloids, and her boombox holds a secret that she's trying to hide from Bl/ind. Dr. Death Defying is an allied pirated radio jocky who is communicating to the masses with his anti-bl/ind messages. The corporation is catching up on their operation, putting a bounty on their heads, and its own company president, Krose, has captured the girl. But the Killjoys are ready to fight back by heading into their HQ in Battery City to rescue the girl. During their gun battles they learn some suprising truths, the Dracloids are actualy brainwashed and crazy humans being used by Bl/ind and Krose is actually a robotic dragon being controled by the real villain, an unamed Asian lady. They get killed during the rescue mission, but the girl makes it out of alive thanks to Dr. Deathdefying's crew, the real status of the Killjoys themselves is unknown.

    The Black Parade 

    Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge 

    I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love 

    Bob Bryar 

Some Bands' music videos exist in their own universe.
The My Chemical Romance Theory:

Revenge-era MCR is the same band as Black Parade MCR, the music video "I'm Not Okay" is how they met in high school and formed a band, "Teenagers" was a concert they put on for their classmates that ended up in a riot, "Helena" is about the lead singer losing his girlfriend and performing at her funeral, after they died in an accident through a series of events they became the Black Parade which lead to the WTTBP, "I Don't Love You" is a music video they made in the afterlife, "Famous Last Words" is kind of the end, they are no longer popular and have lost their followers. If you're wondering where "The Ghost of You" fits in, it is a story of their ancestors.
  • This theory is slightly far-fetched, but then again, this is a Wild Mass Guessing Page. Gerard Way has mentioned in several interviews that he would like to see the Killjoys as the band themselves in the year 2019, so there is some possible connection between the actual band and their alter-egos in the videos/album.
  • This Troper has never heard that one before. Then again, the entire MCR Fanbase is an exercise in Wild Mass Guessing. Remember right before The Black Parade came out? Those stickers at Warped Tour and t-shirts that said "We Are The Black Parade"? Deep down, we all knew it was MCR. Didn't stop anybody from wildly mass guessing, though.
  • Don't forget the Wild Mass Guessing relating "Demolition Lovers" to the 'plot' of "Three Cheers".
  • Then again, MCR lends itself very well to Wild Mass Guessing. Considering at one of the first show they ever put on, apparently, Gerard wore a t-shirt with the phrase "Thank You For The Venom". A phrase that appeared in French ("Merci Pour le Venin") on the packaging of the first album, and then as a song on the second album. He's even said he plans things way in advance. He WANTS the Wild Mass Guessing!
    • Perhaps, but I doubt these are actual connected plotlines. You have to keep in mind, Bullets and Revenge are both nonsensical concept albums—as in, they have no definite plots, although we can theorize. They do seem to be connected though—perhaps Revenge is a sort of sequel to Bullets?

And if your heart stops beating / I'll be here wondering
Did you get what you deserve? / The ending of your life
And if you get to heaven / I'll be here waiting, babe
Did you get what you deserve?
The end, and if your life won't wait / Then your heart can't take this
Have you heard the news that you're dead?
No one ever had much nice to say / I think they never liked you anyway
Oh take me from the hospital bed / Wouldn't it be grand? It ain't exactly what you planned.
And wouldn't it be great If we were dead?