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In several episodes, the babies say something like, "Where are we?" "We're in X's imagination." Somehow, they can see something they're not imagining but someone else is and take each other "into" someone else's imagination. For example, Gonzo once comments how it's interesting Animal always thinks in crayon. And the world the kids explore in that instance looks exactly as Animal imagines it, not how they would each imagine it, as you would expect if it was all in their heads. The dangers in all the fantasy sequences are treated as if they're real and need to be thwarted without merely imagining they're not there anymore or at least imagining a simple solution. Things happen none of the kids expect, or all the kids can see what one person "imagined." Plus, several individual instances point to the things the kids "imagine" really happening.
  • In the episode about Beaker's fear of the dark, Kermit says, "The monster's in Beaker's mind. Only he can stop it!"
  • In "Back to the Nursery," the babies imagine that a time machine takes them back in time. When they return, Gonzo sees their time machine in a real picture in Nanny's real yearbook that wasn't there before.
    Scooter: But... that's impossible.
    Gonzo: Nothing's impossible if you use your imagination.
  • In "The Daily Muppet," Piggy feels the couch shake when the aliens Gonzo imagined run back to Mars under it, but she assumed it was caused by Gonzo, who was nowhere near the couch. How could she have felt something Gonzo imagined without even knowing it was there?
  • Gonzo has no idea what's going to appear in the closet whenever he opens it. If he was just pretending to see Storm Troopers firing at him, he would at least know they would be there.
  • In "Skeeter and the Wolf," even after the fantasy is over and the kids are talking with Nanny, they seem to fully believe that the wolf from their fantasy really ate Fozzie.
  • Finally, there's the fact that either: this entire version of the universe only exists because Miss Piggy imagined it in one of the Muppet movies, or the live-action Muppet universe exists because Kermit imagined it in "When You Wish Upon A Muppet."

...which would make Miss Piggy this franchise's Reincarnation of Haruhi Suzumiya.
Kermit, obviously, is Kyon.

Skeeter died tragically between the events of Muppet Babies and The Muppet Show.

Nanny is Angelina Jolie.
The Muppet Babies are all the kids she's adopted. She retired from acting and moved to the suburbs.
  • What happened to Brad?
    • They got divorced

Disney is currently plotting to buy every single franchise/company that owns the copyright to all stock footage used in this show so they can make a fortune form the fans who have been pining for a dvd release for years.
They're off to a great start; they've already got the biggest one — Star Wars — down.
  • What do you mean "start"? Disney purchased the Muppets - that was the start. Then it purchased Marvel so it can show the Spider-Man episode among others. Purchasing Lucasfilm (Star Wars) is practically the end, so where are the Dvds already?!!

Skeeter is alive and well.
Ozzy Osbourne had one daughter who chose not to be on the famous "Osbournes" reality show, wanting to maintain her privacy. When the Muppets grew up, Skeeter made the same decision. She decided she was done with the spotlight, and went on to go to college, get a regular job, marry and have a family. Even her more famous brother Scooter is rather low-profile compared to the other famous Muppets; he's never had a lead role in a movie, was never more than a side-character, and works as a back-stage techie. It's no surprise his sister would choose to leave show-biz altogether. He probably still calls Skeeter every week and sees her on holidays.

Skeeter became Scooter's stunt double.

Skeeter IS on The Muppet Show.
When the twins hit their teenage years, Scooter retained more or less the same appearance, attitude, hairstyle, glasses, etc. that he had in childhood, but Skeeter rebelled and adopted a very different personal style. She bleached and straightened her hair, lost some weight, got contact lenses, started wearing groovier fashion and makeup, learned to play guitar, joined a band... and changed her name to Janice.
  • Except "Baby Janice" appeared in one late episode.

Gonzo's story in "Fozzie's Family Tree" were inspired by real, but vague, memories.
"Muppets from Space" confirmed Gonzo's alien origins. This makes sense, considering that baby Gonzo was already claiming alien heritage. Where it gets confusing is that the adult Gonzo seemed almost as surprised as everyone else to learn of his heritage. The explanation? Gonzo never "knew" he was an alien...but he fantasied about it. And those fantasies were based off of small, foggy memories from his earliest years. Throughout the Muppet show and the movies, hints of Gonzo's being an alien continued to be dropped, so his "family tree" story was only the first of many nods.

Oh, and the "decolonization" of "Muppets from Space?" We saw what happens when the government finds out about an alien on Earth. Obviously Kermit convinced Gonzo to keep mum about his origins, for his own protection.

The babies are clones.
Dr. Honeydew, as part of an ongoing experiment, created a series of cloned Muppet children (starting with Beaker and himself, then moving on to Kermit, Miss Piggy, and he rest), giving them artificially boosted intelligence, explaining both their overactive imaginations and their ability to talk at such an early age.
  • The reason adult Skeeter never shows up in any mainstream Muppet works is that there is no adult Skeeter. Honeydew accidentally cloned Scooter twice, and altered the DNA of one of the twins so they could be told apart.
  • Why don't Baby Bunsen and Beaker live in the nursery with the other babies? Simple. They view their adult counterparts as parental figures, seeing as they're both their creators and their DNA donors. Naturally, they want to be closer to the Muppets who gave them life.

Nanny really is Mrs. Cleaver.
In the TV movie Still the Beavernote , which first aired a year before this show premiered, her husband Ward is established as having passed awaynote , making her a widow. It could be said that she took the job (possibly part-time) for whoever is actually looking after the Babies full time. As for the sweater, skirt and striped socks, that's probably just a case of the Limited Wardrobe trope in animation.