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Morgan Freeman is God
  • Why is this under WMG? We all know it is true.
  • His Through The Wormhole narrations were actually made to explain his creation to interdimensional realestate investors.
    • Oh dear, real estate? That implies a buyer... does that mean he's selling us? I hope our new owner is nice...
      • I, for one, welcome our new Morgan Freeman approved overlords.
      • It's cool. He'll probably end up selling it to Will Wright.

Morgan Freeman is Satan.
Thankfully, the Devil's evil is all lies. Nowadays, God and Satan have reconciled, or at least have a nice rivalry.

Under no circumstances is Morgan Freeman a Time Lord.
  • Being God means that he made all of the Time Lords.
  • Sounds like a Suspiciously Specific Denial to me!
  • If he isn't a Time Lord, he sure as hell didn't travel through time and space to edit this page, either.

Morgan Freeman isn't really God, in the literal sense, but...
He's Jesus on His Second Mission. When he decides to be tired of seeing what Humanity can do, He'll make the Apocalypse happen. And we'll be screwed.
  • In the film Bruce Almighty, he turns from his disguise as a human into God, while holding a said that said "Armageddon out of here". It wasn't a statement; it was a statement and an imperative! "Armageddon! Everybody out!"

Morgan Freeman is Haruhi Suzumiya's Father.
Search your feelings, you know it to be true!

Morgan Freeman is Chuck Norris's father.
Which, assuming a certain theory on a certain other WMG page is true, would also mean that Squirrel Girl is Morgan Freeman's granddaughter. Badass Families have never been this Badass.
  • The only flaw in this is that Morgan Freeman's literally only about 3 years older than Chuck Norris. Then again, I wouldn't put time travel past either of them.

When they will make a movie out of Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol, Mr. Freeman will be cast as Warren Bellamy.
Come on, Freeman is just perfect for this role!

Morgan Freeman was related to Don LaFontaine.
That voice!

When you Half Life with Godmode on, Gordon changes his name to Morgan.
Pretty much self explainatory.

If they make Anansi Boys into a movie...
...Morgan Freeman will play Anansi.

If there's a heaven, and someone gets up there, God will take the appearance of Morgan Freeman
Because humanity is used to him in that role.
  • Of course he'd look like himself. Duh.

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