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One or more of the characters who are listed on the main article that are playing this trope straight are cynically manipulating the other characters in their respective works.
For example, in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya when Mikuru got too friendly with Kyon and Haruhi nearly destroyed the universe, that was no accident. Just. As. Planned.

We will use the tears and despair of Moe girls to power society in the future
We will invent a device that will allow us to zap fictional characters into reality, retaining their appearance from the original work. We will use this device on every Moe character we can find in anime and manga. Then, we will enslave them and attach them to a machine that inflicts constant pain on them, while also giving them immortality and causing constant Break the Cutie on them, while they cry eternally, thus allowing us to use the tears to power society.

It gets worse. The "pain machine" will only give immunity to aging, so they will be Driven to Suicide, putting a strain on the power grid. So, if it looks like they will commit suicide, we will forcefully implant them into AM, where they are forced to endure Cold-Blooded Torture and cry in pain forever.

The MTET(Moe Tears Extraction Team) will create a robot that happens to be an Extreme Doormat. They will tell it to travel all anime and manga, searching for Moe girls, in order to forcefully harvest the cute little weaklings.