[[AC:[[Film/{{Millennium}} The 1989 Time Travel film]]]]

[[WMG: The bird was found on an airliner]]
Its cage got broken as they cleared the plane and it flew through the gate. They caught it without any bad incident and everyone fondly remembers that day.

[[WMG: They brief the passengers they take]]
The passengers were told why they had been taken and they all understood it. That's why they calmly shuffle to the gate when told to at the end.

[[WMG: Using TimeTravel to stop whatever polluted the world has already been tried, and it failed.]]
They decided to risk the timequake and remove whatever fouled the Earth, but it didn't work. They can't go back to those times now to try again.

[[AC:[[Series/{{Millennium}} The 1996-1999 series]]]]

[[WMG: The Millennium Group fell into disarray until J. Edgar Hoover re-establish the group.]]