!! Stymie Bundy made his fortune by never admitting whenever he got lucky

In the episode where he was mentioned, Bud told Kelly that Al attributes Stymie becoming rich despite being a Bundy to the fact Stymie never got married. However, in a later episode, Al mentioned a "Bundy Curse" that makes Bundys lucky until they admit they're lucky and then the bad luck begins. It's possible that Stymie, unlike the other Bundys, was GenreSavvy enough to simply refuse to admit it when the "curse" brought him good luck. The never got married thing could be either an additional cause or an additional consequence.

!! Al is a closet asexual

It's often quite clear that he does love Peggy but is disgusted by the idea of sex with her and covers his heteroromantic-asexuality by feigning interest in more stereotypically attractive women yet he never make an attempt to cheat on her with them.