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Metallica's "The Memory Remains" is about Electra Heart, decades after her fame has worn out and her lifestyle has destroyed her.
Like twisted vines that grow
Hide and swallow mansions whole
Dim the light of an almost
Faded prima donna

The singer of "Are You Satisfied?" is the woman from "Better Than That".
Compare the singer describing her life as "One life pretending to be/The cat who got the cream" in Are You Satisfied? to the singer of Better Than That describing the woman with her ex: "They all say she’s got low self-esteem/So, why is she looking like a cat who got the cream?".

Are You Satisfied? is about a Broken Bird who finds that no matter what she has or how she tries, it doesn't make her happy; Better Than That is from an outsider's view of her, and doesn't know that she isn't as self-satisfied as she acts. .