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This is a "Wild Mass Guess" entry, where we pull out all the sanity stops on theorizing. The regular entry on this topic is elsewhere. Please see this programme note.

The first game is not set in 2003 as we know it.

Numerous reviewers commented on the retro-futuristic atmosphere of the first game: the setting is reminiscent of Escape from New York, while the music owes a great deal to it and other films by John Carpenter. And of course, the very premise presupposes some kind of violent, lawless society. Yet incidental dialogue in the last mission makes it abundantly clear that the game is meant to be set in 2003. Perhaps the game is actually set in an Alternate History or something to that effect.
  • Or it's simply set in the Grand Theft Auto III universe, which is already hinted at in both games. Police are mind-numbingly corrupt and/or ineffective, gangs rule just about everything, cars explode when they take enough damage, and the average schmo is too scared or dumb to really do anything about it.

Daniel would regain his memories when he gets to his new place.

Well, I wouldn't want him to lose his memories forever. One thing for sure is that when he sees his two kids again in the new place, he'll get his memories.
  • Are you sure that sending Daniel back to his kids is a good idea? Leo's ending implies that Daniel's son witnessed what he thought was his father murdering his mother.

James Earl Cash, Daniel Lamb, and Leo Kasper are all Assassins.
All of them are innately good at stealth and murdering unsuspecting targets, and all fight against conspiracies involving the government (albeit none as grand as the one Desmond and his ancestors fight). Hell, the Pickman Project, which gave Daniel his Leo split-personality, was strictly meant for the training of "Assassins"!
  • Naturally, this would make Lionel Starkweather and Dr. Pickman Templars, albeit either being very low on the food chain, or simply lowest-bid independent contractors for some of the Templar's "experiments" (such as controlling all of Carcer City's gangs through "Valiant Video Enterprises", or training Templars with the skills of Assassins through the Pickman Project, which would hopefully being untraceable by any other Assassins that capture and interrogate "successful" subjects of the project.

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