''[[MirrorUniverse Deny the inane, uphold the obvious.]]''

[[WMG: Homura's Veneficus Outfit will resemble [[spoiler: Walpurgisnacht.]]]]
Based on the WMG that [[spoiler: Walpurgisnacht is actually the witch form of Homura, equally cursed to roam though the Timelines.]]
* [[spoiler: When she contracts, she'll be floating upside-down and go LaughingMad when she [[GoMadFromTheRevelation realizes the truth.]] But she'll have the power to throw buildings with her mind...and not just buildings either. Think Homura couldn't pull out more weapons than she did in episode 11? ''[[SerialEscalation Think again]]'']]
[[WMG: Homura [[spoiler: is actually even more powerful than what [=EnBey=] predicted.]]]]
Think about it, Homura originally wanted to protect Madoka, her desire being manifested in the shape of her weapon: a shield. Sayaka wanted to be a hero, so she turned into a KnightInShiningArmor. This means that a girls psychology at the time the contract is made is reflected in both their outfit and weaponry.

Now, let's look at current Homura: cold and stoic, but has a HUGE well of despair and pain inside her that she keeps forcibly restrained. This means that whatever grief [=EnBey=] saw in her is actually just the tip of the iceberg, the rest of her despair [[spoiler: (and, therefore, power)]] is kept under wraps.

This will, of course, reflect in one significant addition to her new outfit: a restraining system of some form, keeping the rest of her capacity under a literal lock and key until it is needed.
* [[spoiler:confirmed, [=EnBey=] has a nice case of NiceJobBreakingItHero when he contracts Homura]]

[[WMG: Alternatively, [[spoiler: Homura will become this universe's version of [[FanNickname Godoka]].]]]]
Remember, this is a MirrorUniverse we're talking about here...
* Considering how much power she's speculated to have, wouldn't surprise people.
** [[spoiler:Confirmed... and inverted, it's likely she's on the same level... only instead of bringing massive amounts of hope... she brings massive amounts of grief.]]

[[WMG: The Golden Eyed Incubator is the Incubator version of [[spoiler: Godoka]]]]
Again, MirrorUniverse.

[[WMG: The in-universe wiki will eventually include a page dedicated to "[[Website/ChuckNorrisFacts Homura facts]]"]]
She's too badass not to.

* Homura doesn't know fear. She only knows ''[[BloodKnight excitement.]]''
* The witches made barriers to protect themselves from her. ''[[KillEmAll It wasn't enough.]]''
* Homura won't contract, but it's not because of fear. ''[[BadassNormal It's because she doesn't need to.]]''
* Familiars will obey her without question, because ''[[OhCrap her presence is a death threat]]''.
* ''[[VisualNovel/FateStayNight She will not die]] [[MemeticMutation when she is killed.]]''
* Homura will stop entropy by simply telling it the [[EndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt heat death of the universe]] [[AvertedTrope "won't be necessary".]]
* Baseball was invented when a Native prophet looked upon the future and saw Homura swinging her bat at TorBeys. The original version of the game was so bloody and brutal the aztecs decided to leave North America alone. The term Home Run is a bastardization of "Homurànn", which means "approaches Homura", which was cheered when an opponent's head would clear the village and fall into the forest.
* Homura doesn’t wear a watch, ''[[TimeyWimeyBall she decides what time it is.]]''
* Homura doesn't sleep, ''[[{{Determinator}} she waits.]]''
* Homura always hits homeruns ''because the ball knows to get as far away from her as possible.''
* Homura doesn't get bored, ''she simply kills time.''
* The big bang created us. Homura created the big bang.
* When she is old enough, Homura sends in her taxes, she sends blank forms and includes only a picture of herself, crouched and ready to attack. Homura will never pay taxes ever.

[[WMG: [[CloudCuckooLander The author needs serious help.]]]]
[[SelfDeprecation Confirmed by]] WordOfGod.

[[WMG: The Golden Eyed Incubator is Kyubey]]
Because Kyubey still lives, after all...[[spoiler:[[OhCrap Confirmed]]]]

[[WMG: The golden eyed Incubator is a [[VideoGame/CommanderKeen Dopefish]]]]
* This might just become canon.

[[WMG: Sayaka's [[spoiler:dead little sister is Yuma]]]]
* Sayaka mentions vaguely that "Miki" is not her real last name to Yoshio. It could very well be [[spoiler:Chitose]], couldn't it? [[spoiler:Yuma looks enough like Sayaka to make this possible (well, she has blue eyes, but that's enough, right?)]]
** {{Jossed}}

[[WMG: Sayaka will get a [[{{BFS}} Daiklave]]]]
** confirmed.

[[WMG: Homura's attacks in her unrestrained state will resemble [[StarWars Death Star Superlasers]]]]
* Just because.

[[WMG: [=KyuBey=] will end up suffering a Villainous Breakdown]]
* And will resemble Freeza from DBZA.
-->- [=KyuBey=]: ''I WILL FUCKING MURDER YOU!!''

[[WMG: [[Manga/BlackLagoon Revy]] was a total badass VP in her day]]
* If Rock is there, well then it only makes sense.

[[WMG: The entire world is a creation of Goddess!Madoka]]
* MMVP world is a world where Madoka has full power. But she doesn't invoke it. She knows full well a "utopia" isn't really that, something will always be fundamentally wrong. So instead she inserts herself into a random universe as an incubator with golden eyes. As an omnipotent being, she influences a girl to wish for an incubator with emotions, leading to the asshole we all know and love. This backfires as the V Ps severely overpower all of the old witches, leading her to make TorBey to bring balance. To her it's the best option cause she understands the role of the incubators within the universe, but because of having the witches like this, everyone knows and the V Ps are supported, unlike in her old world where the P Ms were completely alone, resulting in a net positive for the people she cares about the most.

[[WMG: The writer died.]]
* [[TheEndOrIsIt Or did he?]]