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This is a "Wild Mass Guess" entry, where we pull out all the sanity stops on theorizing. The regular entry on this topic is elsewhere. Please see this programme note.
Kuroko No Basuke
Kuroko is secretly a Ninja.
He can turn invisible to throw off opponents and allies. And you thought Ninjutsu (no, not that one) is useless in basketball...

Kuroko dyes his hair.
When he was young he started dying his hair blue in order to be more noticable and it actually did help. For an appropriately important game he'll eventually go back to his natural black and be even more invisible than before. (And by extension, he wears light blue contact lenses to match his hair as well.)
  • Actually, it's been confirmed that Kuroko inherited his hair color and lack of presence from his mother.

Akashi and Kuroko are related.
Pops up a lot in fanfiction for some reason, and they do look pretty similar.

Kuroko will go into the Zone against Rakuzan, and use Akashi's skill against him.
Akashi's skills would suit a Weak, but Skilled character like him.

The truth about Kuroko backstory that he is going to reveal in Chapter 204 will has something to do with Akashi.
  • Since Seirin will face Rakuzan in the final, maybe Kuroko will reveal something about Akashi (and also he maybe reveal the reason why Akashi has heterochromatic eyes since the they never told us the reason why his left eye colour changed), or the reason he quit Teiko basketball team after they win their third championship. This is just a speculation though.
    • First part confirmed; Akashi's left eye's colour changed when he awakened his Emperor's Eye, and the crazier of his Split Personality fully took over him, resulting in the Akashi now.
    • Second part confirmed as well.

The reason behind Haizaki's treatment of Kise is because he doesn't want Kise to call him Haizakicchi.
Considering that a bunch of other characters also don't like the nicknames he gives them...
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