[[WMG: Kerbals are immortal demigods who can [[RealityWarper warp reality.]]]]

When a Kerbal dies they come back to life during later missions. Also, they can survive what a human couldn't, like 30Gs of acceleration and falling from the edge of space on to land and bouncing. Also, when you build a ship that is unstable and crashes before it can launch, you have think how they even got the ship to the launch pad without it falling apart. Clearly the Kerbals must be able to manipulate gravity to transport these unstable ships to the launch pad, then release their grip on gravity so that the ship crashes on the launch pad while the player is looking.

* Alternatively, they may not have powers, but it seems they are very hardy and long-lived, being able to reside in space for several decades without showing signs of aging.

[[WMG: Kerbals exhibit far greater strength and endurance than humans.]]
* A typical Kerbal can maintain a jog all the while wearing full space gear, which by human standards weighs between 180-260 pounds on Earth. The Kerbals are presumably smaller than Humans, so the SquareCubeLaw may apply.

[[WMG: Kerbal holidays are primarily Spanish or Mexican in inspiration, along with generic holidays.]]

Of course, what they mean to the Kerbals themselves is anyone's guess, but depending on how canonical the KSP Official Youtube is, they (or at least, one nationality of them) celebrate the Day of the Dead. When you consider that all presently heard Kerbal language is sped-up, reversed Spanish, it makes a bit more sense.

[[WMG: Kerbals are a strand of [[TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}} Ork]].]]

Specifically, a strand of Gretchin without actual Orks to guide them, letting them just go nuts.

Kerbals also seem to have a lack of gender variation, which is something they share with the Orks.

They also mistranslate "[[MoreDakka Dakka]]" as the word for "Boosters".

It explains why their crazy contraptions manage to work without constantly exploding or falling apart more often than such craft normally should; Mekboyz pretty much have ClapYourHandsIfYouBelieve down to a science.

[[WMG: The Kerbals are evolutionarily related to the [[WesternAnimation/DespicableMe Minions]]]]
Their proportions and mannerisms are similar, along with their apparent disregard for danger.
* If one may expand on this: THEY ARE MINIONS! a Kerban space colony went wrong (Big surprise), and they some how got so lost, they wound up on earth and they got mutated by radiation on the way explaining the differences between them and Minons. The only person willing to put up and encourage there antics was Gru and mad science and there brand of rocket science are not too dissimilar.
** also: note how excited the Minons were when they heard they were going to steal the Mun, i mean moon.
** Expansion part is Jossed, as WordOfGod from side of WesternAnimation/DespicableMe states that Minions are genetically engineered from a kernel. That's not to say that some Minions somehow ended up in Kerbin.

[[WMG: Jool is an Evil EldritchLocation]]
Watch [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kkeb5-u3-lY this vid]] starting at two minutes twelve seconds. First of all, the player's ship falls appart hundreds of kilometers above the planet ''for no reason at all''. Then when he enters the atmosphere and gets at about 90 meters... [[BodyHorror The horror... The HORROR!!]] And after ''that!'' The Altimeter goes haywire and... And... Nothing.

Clearly the BenevolentPrecursors put up a shield to protect the poor little Kerbals and their home system from the Horrors that await within that deceptively calm green ball. But then, [[Literature/TheColourOutOfSpace Lovecraft knew of the color's malevolence]] back in the 30s. [[ParanoiaFuel Or maybe it's not the color, but the type of planet itself]], after all, what kind of planet doesn't have a landable surface?! And We've got ''four'' of 'em in our own system! What ''really'' destroyed the [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Galileo_(spacecraft) Galileo]] satellite?
* Okay, but: it's LetsPlay/{{Danny2462}}. One, he makes ''Kerbal Space Program'' break all the time, two, Jool is his arch-enemy, and is bound to be depicted as a villain.

[[WMG: Kerbals are somehow related to [[VideoGame/DwarfFortress Dorfs]]]]
They're both short, prone to killing themselves in hilariously dumb ways, love !!SCIENCE!! too much for their own good, and both have the misfortune of living in worlds with massive potential for VideoGameCrueltyPotential to run wild. Plus cries of "MAGMAAAAAA!" seems somewhat similar to cries of "MOOOAAAR BOOOSTERSSS!"
This also handily explains why the surface of Kerbin is devoid of habitation, wildlife or trees.
[[WMG: The Kerbol system was designed by [[Franchise/TheHitchhikersGuideToTheGalaxy Magratheans.]]]]
The planets are way too small, the densities are much too high, Kerbol (Or just the Sun) is too small to be a star, Eve is purple, Jool is too small to be a gas giant, the list goes on. There can be only one explanation. '''[[InsaneTrollLogic Magratheans.]]'''

[[WMG: KSP takes place in our solar system, a billion years in the future]]

* Earth/Kerbin has changed its geography due to continental drift
* Venus/Eve and Jupiter/Jool were used as toxic waste dumps by future humanity. This changed their compositions and thus their colors.
* Io was terraformed to become Laythe
* Saturn and all of its moons (except for Dione, which is now called Eeloo) were obliterated by a crazy science experiment of future humanity. This event destroyed all life in the solar system except for some microbes deep down in the oceans. Life evolved again for millions of years until the Kerbal discovered spaceflight. Considering how responsible the Kerbal are when it comes to using technology, the cycle will likely repeat soon.

[[WMG: The Kerbals are, in some way, related to the [[VideoGame/RavingRabbids Rabbids]] ]]
At first I thought of this due to the similarities between the Kerbalites and the Rabbids, and since I never played Raving Rabbids, I thought it ended at that.

According to ''VideoGame/RabbidsGoHome'', their home, or at least where they plan it to be, is the moon. A typical kerbal's mission tends to be the moon, though can shoot further once they reach it.

The Rabbid intends to reach the moon using a pile a of junk. The kerbal's first ships start looking like piles of junk, showing progress once they eschew overkill for technique.

Rabbids cannot succumb to pain, and even if the kerbal missions blow up again and again in quick succession, the next pilot usually goes in fearlessly, with the select few insane ones.

Plus, in physical similarities, the kerbals and the rabbids have eyes far apart with a wide mouth, and similar short build. When the rabbids started to evolve intelligence, their other senses, like their ears, went away as their brain size increased. They turned green because after all the crazy things the rabbids did, its possible that early chemistry made their food turn them a shade of green, similar to how silver turns humans blue.

[[WMG: Minmus is an egg of an EldritchAbomination]]
* As an extension of this, it's the egg equivalent of [[EldritchLocation whatever Jool is.]] Or [[GameBreakingBug Kraken.]] [[FridgeHorror Or Both.]]

[[WMG: There will be an ApocalypseCult worshipping Jool and/or Kraken(s).]]
Considering all the other things that have occurred around it and the nature of its' glitchyness in universe coupled with the [[PaintingTheMedium recent inclusion of asteroids threatening the home world on an unprecedented scale]], it's only likely that some Kerbals will go right off the (deeper than deep that they're already on) end and draw their own conclusions. Namely that it is best to found a ReligionOfEvil dedicated to trying to "unleash" the holy Kraken Race and/or Jool for...whatever maniacal purposes the Great Green "Planet" and/or the Great Green Tentacled ones intend to do. How they will factor into the gameplay- and whether the player will [[HeroicSpirit stand against them]] or [[VideoGameCrueltyPotential join them]] = is uncertain and/or up to the player, though.

[[WMG: The Kerbals are plants.]]
They're green, they have no brains, and they can apparently survive on nothing but sunlight for days on end.

[[WMG: The Kerbals are a subterranean species.]]

It can explain why there appear to be no above-surface cities or structures besides the space program's headquarters. The Asteroid update implies that Kerbin is amid a very dense asteroid field and is constantly bombarded by meteors large enough to do serious damage to the surface. Kerbin has very close encounters with class E asteroids on a yearly basis. Our real world planets very rarely have collisions that large.

[[WMG: The large amount of asteroid impacts explains why the Kerbals are so fascinated with space.]]

Cosmic events happen at a very high rate in the Kerbol system. It wouldn't be surprising if Kerbal culture and society developed a significant awareness of space very early in their evolution.

[[WMG: ''VideoGame/KerbalSpaceProgram'' takes place in the same universe as the board game GalaxyTrucker.]]

They both involve adorable little guys in spacesuits cobbling spaceships together out of spare parts which tend to go hilariously wrong. Presumably the Mission Control Center reorganizes itself into the Corporation Incorporated transportation company after interstellar travel is developed.

[[WMG: Gene Kerman is the smartest Kerbal.]]

He's arranged his life so the space program can only function if he stays on the ground.

[[WMG: Kerbals are fungal creatures that live on photosynthesis]]

It explains how they can survive in a capsule without food.

[[WMG: The uniformity of the Kerbal race is because of a shadowy group of Kerbal race purists...]]

The Ku Klux Kerbals.
[[WMG: Following up on two [=WMGs=] above... Kerbals are the result of an unholy union between Rabbids and Minions!]]
This explains the shared similarities...
* What if Kermin is Earth in the far, far future? (Insert a certain Planet of the Apes scene here... You know the one.)
** Given their tendency to... ahem... fail epically...

[[WMG: The game itself is a retelling of past events.]]
* Future Kerbals know what happened, but are trying to figure out the specifics. This is the reason why the clock starts at Year 1, Day 1, Time 000. When Kerbals went to space is when Kerbal Historians agree the new calendar started. Also, the Revert button? Maybe some historian realized the events didn't make sense, so they try to figure it out again.