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The cast is much bigger than the first trailer lets on.
Possible inclusions:

The game will have a Nintendo Switch version.
Most Likely Since Dragon Ball Fighterz Got a Port. Much like Marvel vs. Cacpom 3 whennt got re-released, it would be updated and revamped.

  • Light was revealed in the initial announcement trailer, but only right at the end, watching over the carnage below. Light declaring himself "god of the new world" as a Villain Protagonist means that Light being the bad guy who brought all these shonen heroes together would fit his previous characterization. Combined with his endgame status of "kill everyone who even lightly opposes me," and Light's plan would consist of something like "kill 'em all, dispose of the shonen heroes, then I'll rise from the ashes as God." This would also give him a prominent role without having him fight, since Light is an ordinary human that's nowhere close to the level of power of the heroes.
    • Whilst I am for Light as a villain in some capacity, one has to wonder how he would end up bringing them together and his casualness in releasing the villains into the innocents. In addition, how he would be so aware of their limits and powers; itís not like he can just look them up on the internet. Rather if anything, I could see him letting them kill each other and then stepping in to depose of the victors, blaming them for the destruction and to gain the publicís support (kinda a way to ensure that Kira is praised and followed in the real world).

If there's a story mode, specific events/confrontations that might occur:
  • Light Yagami being unable to kill someone due to not knowing their true name, i.e. writing Goku and not Kakarot or Yami and not Atem. (Admittedly I don't remember if this is a rule in universe but it would be a cool moment in this game for sure.)
    • It is a rule, though there is some debate if the Death Note can affect a Saiyan. Also Yugi Motou would be effective I suspect. What I'm curious, if D. is enough or would he need to know what D. fully means. Does it only work if he names him Monkey D(ibergigo for a random word) Luffy, or does Monkey D. Luffy suffice?

Through some mumjo-jumbo bullshit, Light Yagami will gain a Super Mode to fight equally with the heroes
Sort of like Dark Khan and Ultron Sigma, he will fuse with someone (possibly a god villain from another series), turn himself into a true god, and become the Final Boss.
  • Another stupid theory of mine: Light Yagami takes control of Goku's body, and becomes an alternate variation of Goku Black.
    • I support that theory. Maybe how he does it is that he writes Goku's name in the Death Note and manipulates him into wearing a Potara Earring while he wears one on the opposite ear. When they fuse to become Lightku, it won't kill Light since Goku is technically not there anymore.

This game has predicted the future for the REAL real world (our world), only when it really happens it will involve almost every fictional universe.
I Wish

Possible character interactions in Versus Mode
Feel free to add more, including unconfirmed characters.
  • Goku:
    • With Freeza: He will declare he'd "Never forgive him," implying that it takes place during his battle with Freeza on Namek.
    • With Luffy: He offers to take Luffy out to eat after the battle is over.
    • With Naruto: He'd comment on how he shouldn't give up on Sasuke since he has experience with redeeming his enemies.
    • With Light: He'd call the Death Note a "cheap way" to win a battle.
    • With All Might: Given that All Might is the strongest hero in his world, Goku will obviously want to challenge him to a friendly fight.
  • Naruto:
    • With Sasuke: It'd be the classic Say My Name moment between them.
    • With Freeza: Seeing how cruel Freeza is, he doubts he'd be able to reason with him like his other enemies.
    • With Luffy: Naruto would assume Luffy is a bad guy since he wants to be King of the Pirates.
    • With Zoro: He'd comment on how he reminds him "too much" of Kakashi.
    • With Light: Naruto would stupidily introduce himself as "Naruto Uzumaki," much to Light's delight.
    • With Midoriya: Because they both have big dreams, to become Hokage and a Hero, and have similar pasts, Naruto and Midoriya immediately hit it off.
  • Luffy:
    • With Zoro: Luffy asks Zoro not to go easy on him when the latter hesitates because of his desire to protect the former.
    • With Freeza: He'd have an Oh, Crap! reaction and comment on how Freeza's abilities are no Devil Fruit he's seen before.
    • With Light: He'd ask him to join his crew as a tactician, but Light would refuse to work for anybody besides himself.
  • Freeza:
    • With Light: Would take interest in Light's Death Note and plots to steal it once he wins.
    • With Luffy: Will start complaining about how he happens to find monkeys everywhere he goes.
  • Zoro:
  • Sasuke:
  • Light:
  • Kochikami:
  • Gintoki:
  • Ichigo:
  • Jotaro:
    • Any of the hot-blooded loudmouths: "Yare yare daze."
    • With DIO: Jotaro promises to kick his ass for all he's done to the Joestar family. If Jotaro wins, he'll say "You know why you lost, DIO? Because you pissed me off."
    • With Bobobo: Humorously, just hearing Bobobo's voice irritates Jotaro, likely thanks to sharing the same voice actor as DIO.
  • DIO:
    • With Jotaro: He'll express delight in potentially destroying the Joestar bloodline.
    • With Moka: He'd mock her for using her vampiric abilities for good.
  • Giorno:
  • Midoriya:
    • With All Might: He'll be excited to fight together with his mentor. When on opposing sides, Midoriya swears he won't lose to All Might this time.
    • With Shigaraki: Neither one of them will be fight on the same side, but at the same time, won't hesitate to battle each other.
    • With Luffy: Midoriya will feel weird having to fight someone like Luffy, who is technically a villain, due to being a notorious pirate.
    • With Goku or Jotaro: Amazed by their strength, Midoriya asks if their heroes. Neither Goku nor Jotaro claim to be heroes, since Goku is a Blood Knight, and Jotaro is a delinquent Anti-Hero.
    • With Frieza or DIO: He'll likely feel a familiar sense of dread with these two villains like he did the first time he saw All For One.
  • All Might:
    • With Koro-sensei: He express desire for a friendly match with a fellow teacher.
  • Shigaraki:
    • With Luffy: Wonders if Luffy is really a villain.
  • Saitama:
    • With Izuku or All-Might: He'd tell them he admires their heroism.
  • Genos:
  • Kenshiro:
    • With Freeza: He'd say "Hell is too good for you," as a reference to his battle with Jagi.
    • With Jotaro: He'd ask him why there's something so familiar about him.
  • Raoh:
  • Seiya:
  • Yusuke:
    • With Jotaro: After Jotaro makes a punk-like comment, Yusuke would tell him he "likes [his] style."
    • With Gon: He'd comment on how he weirdly feels like a little brother to him, alluding to their creator.
  • Hiei:
  • Koro-sensei:
  • God of Death:
    • With Izuku: He'll cynically warn Izuku that All-Might will abandon him one day.
  • Gon:
  • Hisoka:
  • Toriko:
  • Zebra:
  • Bobobo:
  • Don Patch:
  • Yugi:
  • Kaiba:
  • Bakura:
  • Asta:
  • Medaka:
  • Allen:
  • Rin:
    • With Yusuke: He'd express sympathy for him, regarding The Reveal that Yusuke is part-demon.
    • With Raoh: He'd angrily ask Raoh why he would murder his own father figure.
  • Kinnikuman:
  • Terryman:
  • Arale and Gatchan:
  • Dr. Mashirito:
  • Moka:
  • Yoh:
    • With Ichigo: He'd want to be friends with Ichigo since they're both samurai-based ghost fighters.
  • Hao:
    • With Raoh: He'd make a snide comment about how brothers are a huge pain.

Yoh From Shaman King Will Be playable
  • Very unlikely since Kodansha owns the rights to Shaman King now.

Possible Support Characters
  • Nagisa Shiota: He'd specialize in analyzing enemy weaknesses.
    • Shiro from the same series could jump in and give villains Tentacle upgrades.
  • Senbei Norimaki: He'd provide weapons and gadgets for the player.
  • Senku: He'd throw chemicals at characters. Healing for allies and poison for enemies.
  • Bat: He'd drive his buggy around and run enemies over.
  • Fujiwara no Sai: He'd provide strategic advice.
  • Josuke Higashikata: He'd beat the enemy down and heal the player.
  • Sakura Haruno: Like Josuke, she'd stun the enemy and then heal the player.
  • Ray or Norman: Strategic or tactical advice, or pointing out choke holds and ways to take the opponent by surprise.

If there's a story mode, Midoriya will be the main protagonist and the Shonen Trinity (Naruto, Ichigo and Luffy) will "pass the torch" to him
  • It is undeniable that the popularity of My Hero Academia skyrocketed ever since it's first appearance on the screens of viewers worldwide, so it's not too much of a stretch that Midoriya can be the main protagonist, while Naruto, Luffy and Ichigo can serve as sort of mentors to him while Goku, the man himself, can be inspiration to all the heroes as a whole. As his mentors, Midoriya can start to see the heavy burdens put on other heroes like Naruto (the only one standing between Sasuke and the safety of their village), Luffy (to protect his friends who all have unimaginable problems on their own) and Ichigo (to defend two different worlds from the likes of Aizen and Yhwach), and Midoriya can develop a close bond with these new heroes, knowing he'll gain a big mission like this as a new inheritor of One For All. There will be a time when Goku may have to face Frieza on his own while the Shonen Trio deals with the main antagonist of the game, but only succeed in heavily injuring him, not defeating him. It will be up to Deku to finish the fight and it will be like a moment of him taking the mantle as the new Shonen hero of the modern age.

Emperor Pilaf will instigate the story's conflict
It'll be set during the Namek Saga. The Pilaf gang will have stowed away on Goku's ship with the hopes of using the Namekian Dragon Balls since the Earth Dragon Balls have been destroyed. However, as they watch Goku's battle with Freeza, they'll see how strong Goku has gotten since their last encounter, so when the Namekian Dragon Balls get restored, they force Dende into wishing for the most powerful villains in the universe to come to their aide. However, since Freeza was the most active threat in the universe and Goku was mopping the floor with him, Pilaf instead wishes for the most powerful villains in the Multi-Verse.