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Derlyn, Mirsha's estranged sister. She has an alter ego, named Xandra, who is that speckled Xweetok from The Faerie's Ruin.

Reasons behind the fact that she's the Big Bad:
  • She is Mirsha's estranged (probably) twin sister. Mirsha is also one of the members of the Five-Man Band, and this roleplay has yet to play the Evil Twin card, and if Derlyn were the Big Bad, or even a villain at all, this could work.
  • Prytariel seems to think she's on steroids. (Had to throw that in.)
  • She said once that Antola was a bad defender. A suggested reason is that her estranged sister is the captain of his team, though.
  • Once again, her sister is a part of the Five-Man Band.
  • Here's a reason that comes from the site, not from the roleplay: Her 'penfriend' in Neopets Canon is a zombie who looks a lot like Garin. I like to think that Derlyn killed Garin, and somehow resurrected him as Haunted Woods player (as well as her penpal), "Brains" Mortigan, who is said zombie.

Reasons why she is Xandra:

Implications of this Wild Mass Guess being true:
  • Vitri would double subvert the Evil Redhead trope. He is a redhead, but Xandra isn't, but she is the alter-ego of Derlyn, who is.
  • Zax would nearly be right on who's Xandra. He first thought that Mirsha was, she isn't, but maybe her Evil Twin is.
  • Xandra, by extension, was behind all of this.
  • The Xandra part is offically Jossed.
    • There's still a chance Derlyn may be part of the sabotaging. However, the chances of it being her choice and not forced brainwashing to help sabotage is fairly slim, as she was once behind the scenes, helping all the Clockwork Yooyus return to their pens after one occurrence when Bill released them to attack Altador.

  • ...this is way beyond Jossed at this point. Derlyn is The Lancer / The Big Girl in the Five-Man Band. There is no way that this theory is true now.

Lor is a saboteur.

Mirsha came up with this theory.

Here is her reasoning:
  • She had witnessed Lor throw Zax and Elbin out of an ambulance
  • She heard about a time Lor threatened to hang Zax on a ceiling fan.

Here is some recent things that further prove it:

The dark deadworld inhabitants have found a way out and are using this to attack the heroes.

  • Reasoning: Both Lor and Kaine reappeared, when both of them should have been dead. Kaine herself hints at this.
    • Elbin Towse and Jurin are now alive again. This theory is probably correct based on recent happenings.

This roleplay is in the PoV of an alternate Mirsha Grelinek who is autistic.

Alternative Title(s): Jellyneo Altador Cup Vi Roleplay