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Captain James Haggard is one of the Infinity Knights
He has chunks missing from his memory, and it's not like identity crises are anything new to him. Maybe he's one of the Infinity Knights disguised as a human with the Camouflage Bend.

Constable Wrigglesworth is a Infinity Knight
He's called the Constable. Hello.

Everyone but Inspector Spacetime is one of the Infinity Knights
His parents lied to him and everything that happened in the Time Wave was a hallucination.
  • Mind = Blown.

Rory Williams is both the Inspector and that other character.

Brooke Rhapsody is actually Harmony Lake, Angie's daughter, through a Temporal Paradox.
Okay, she said she wasn't, but maybe she lied?]]
  • Jossed in "Brooke gets Hitched".

Inspector Spacetime will meet his imitator at some point.
Rory Williams will be the only one able to broker peace between the two.

The Instructor is a later incarnation of Susannah Overseer.
Or was assigned to the Inspector's "case" by the Infinity Knights after Susannah was recalled.

The Instructor was preparing the Inspector for being the Last of His Kind.
She knew that the war with the Blorgons was coming, and how it would end.

Inspector Spacetime is a T— BANG!
Oh my, I appear to have been shot by a sniper. Hold on, I'll try to finish: Inspector Spacetime is a T— BANG! BANG! Inspector...Spacetime...is a...is a Tim...THUD
  • Wait, would that mean the X7 is his TAR— *BANG*
  • No, obviously his BOWLER is his TAR-*BANG!*
  • Guys, the bowler is really a fe-BANG BANG BANG*
  • Would that mean that Brooke is a part Tim- *BANG*
  • Gee, this is turning into another Candle Jack. Why can't anyone say Inspector Spacetime is a
  • Hmmmm.. Looks like everyone needs to see the Doc—*BANG*
    • All I was going to say was that a Doc— BANG BANG *
      • Okay, how about a Dent-BANG BANG BANG * COME ON I WAS GOING TO SAY DENTIST!
  • Now that you mention it, the Optic Pocketknife is rather similar to the Son- BANG Ha! Missed, you dumb cu- BANG!

The Good Lamb isn't a sheep at all.
It's a wolf in sheep's clothing, fooling us all!

  • And going by that trope, it would be a bad wolf...

This Show isn't Real
It's just a show made up by a sitcom to parody something else... why is everyone looking at me that way? I'm not crazy! I'm not! Really! I'm not! You're the crazy ones! It's fake! Why won't anyone believe me!

The Sergeant is a future series of the Inspector's incarnations, after the Inspector's time as the Indictor.
We know that the Sergeant has been given extra incarnations; it only makes sense that he would have come from an unusual background, namely, the Inspector's court martial over which the Indictor presided. The Inspector never really got out of the court martial, but to avoid a Wibble Wobble Time Thing, he couldn't be given the demotion until the instant he became the Indictor. Once his job as the Indictor was finished, his memories were wiped and he became the Sergeant. The Sergeant instinctively understands that there is a connection between the Inspector and his demotion, or even discovered the link in the Archives of the Infinity Knights, and is futilely attempting to drag himself back up by pulling down on his past self's bootstraps.

The Sergeant is a past series of the Inspector's incarnations, from before the Inspector's time as the Indictor.
It was never really explained when the Indictor came about in the Inspector's personal timeline; "Somewhere between your twelfth and terminal incarnations" could mean he came before the Inspector's first incarnation, considering in just the previous arc ("Return of the Revenge of the Blorgons", Episode 4, scene 3) the Isrever delegate referred to meeting the supposed terminal incarnation of the Inspector back in Classic Series 1. Infinity Knights' "terminal incarnations" could be their first or last incarnation. This, of course, means that the Sergeant merely got promoted, possibly as a result of his hypothetical commendation for successfully capturing the Inspector in some future episode.

The dumbing-down of the Seventh Inspector's scripts was done as a mercy.
If the weirdness trajectory of the Sixth Inspector had continued, the show would have been giving people seizures.

The American version of the Inspector is the reason for the Time Wave; hence, the Eighth Inspector had develop that accent to fit in when he traveled to America (and forward in time) to stop him.
Stranger things have happened on this show.

Reena isn't dead and secretly is the Maharani
It may sound crazy, but there is some evidence, we know the people of Barbatron IV are descendants of the Kayaclaschians, so they must have the metamorphosis ability in their genes. It is explained in the new series that the metamorphosis ability is only acquired when one does look at the time cyclone. However, in "Afterworld", Reena falls from the X7 in flight and lands in the time cyclone. This should have activated her capacity to change body.

In The Theft of Space, she is stabbed, but we never saw the conclusion, I think that killed her body but she survived and changed appearance. In the process, she probably lost her heart, becoming a true Infinity Knight. It is fair to assume she stays as a Queen doing what's good for her people.

Then there's "The Recollection of the Blorgons", in which we are shown the list of the planets that were attacked by the Blorgons. Blink and you'll miss it, Barbatron IV is on the list. So, the Blorgons have apparently invaded Reena's planet, but what happened to Reena? You have to remember it is before "Corporation", the Blorgons at that point couldn't have killed an Infinity Knight. But Barbatron IV is still listed as a planet controlled by the Blorgons, which means that Reena fled. However, those people didn't know how to build spaceships and even with Reena's knowledge, I doubt they did. I think that Reena escaped by stealing a Blorgon capsule like the ones found by Irma and Bart in "The Space Marathon". We all know these capsules can travel in time, so this explains her presence in past Earth.

Read that exchange from "The Mask of the Maharani" when the Inspector meets the "Maharani".

Sixth Inspector: Hello, I'm the Inspector and I've come to arrest you!
Maharani: Don't be so pretentious, don't you recognize me?
Sixth Inspector: I've met a lot of people in this big universe, and you're not one of them, my dear.
Maharani: I'm the Maharani, your old rival, Inspector!
Sixth Inspector: The Maharani? You seemed to be smarter last time I saw you, I'm disappointed.
Maharani: I'm not the same person, Inspector.

EVERY TIME the Inspector meets the Sergeant with a new face for the first time or another Infinity Knight, he instantly recognises them, but here he doesn't recognise the Maharani, doesn't it feel weird? What if she is not the Maharani and her last sentence is a clue?

And just to prove my point, in "Afterworld", the Inspector mentions to Reena "the Maharani, she carried a huge bag which contained all sorts of candies" in that episode, the Maharani spends most of the time trying to give candies to the Inspector, because it is the only thing that she know about her. Even the title is a clue, "The Mask of the Maharani" means that Reena is wearing the mask of the Maharani.

It would also explain why the Maharani never tried to actually kill the Inspector, she loved him too much.

"The Sergeant" who appears in the Mathsville plot-arc is actually the Orange Warden.

The Sergeant never before or since displayed the powers or universal ambitions that he did in this set of episodes, particularly in "Mathsville" itself. ("I think not!" POOF!) So it's really the Orange Warden, either impersonating or outright possessing him. The fact that the newly-reincarnated Fifth Inspector immediately faced the Orange Warden in her first set of episodes merely adds fuel to the fire.

The numbering of the Inspectors is wrong
Let's recap all we saw in the show regarding metamorphosis.
  • The First Inspector changes into the Second at the end of "The Lost Asteroid" (clear transition)
  • The Second Inspector change his look at the end of "The Crime Sports" (there is a cliffhanger as we don't see the Third Inspector)
  • The Third Inspector leaves Kaclayasch in the beginning of "Vanguard of the Void", on his retirement, still in the Second Inspector's clothes (this clearly takes place mere minutes after "The Crime Sports")
  • The Third is clearly seen changing into the Fourth in "Return to the Sphere of Strands" (clear transition)
  • The Fourth is seen changing into the Fifth in "Mathsville" (clear transition)
  • The Fifth is seen changing into the Sixth in "The Hills of Androgyny" (clear transition)
  • The Sixth Inspector, (very basically) dies while destroying the parallel Terran Empire to return to his home universe, as seen in "The Worst Ally". (We only see big explosions, the Inspector falling in the BOOTH, landing in a deserted land, with flashing lights coming from inside)
  • The Seventh Inspector begins in "Space and the Maharani" without any mention of a recent change or any of the previous season's threats. (not a clear transition)
  • The Seventh Inspector changes into the Eighth in the TV Movie (clear transition)
  • The Ninth Inspector begins in "Lily" apparently freshly metamorphosed (implied by his comments on the mirror)
And I don't have to look further.

So, before 2012, the official order was: 1->2->3->4->5->6->7->8->9->10->11 (this seems pretty logic)

But with the 50th Anniversary, we now have two more scenes to include:
  • The Eighth Inspector becoming the Unknown Inspector thanks to the Teman Mothers in "The Twilight of the Inspector" (clear transition)
  • The Unknown Inspector turning into the First Inspector after the activation of the Trans-Temporal Tourbillon (clear transition)
Now we have a problem, this would mean a stable loop where the Inspector always returns to his First Incarnation. Where does the Ninth Inspector come from in that case? So, to make sense, there has to be a hole in the metamorphoses. There are only two we don't see 100%: 2->3 and 6->7; but as I remarked it is pretty obvious there is no place between 2 and 3. The only possible hole is 6->7.

Now begins my crazy theory: Six didn't change into Seven, he couldn't have, otherwise there would be no Nine, Ten, Eleven nor Twelve. Seven is the original Inspector (which would explain his character's regression), he becomes Eighth, Unknown becomes One and is taken by Susannah to an older Kayaclasch but the shock of the metamorphosis makes him forget his adventures. Then he lives "A Timeless Man" and the rest of the show until "The Worst Ally" where at the end, he turns into Nine.

I believe that the events of "The Internal Investigation of the Inspector" took place during the Time Wave (crazy Infinity Knights acting superior: check! Blorgons trying to destroy Kayaclasch: check!). It all makes sense: Six is sent in an alternate universe with alternate Blorgons, he escapes, the alternate Blorgons follow him to the main universe and fight the Inspector Detail. As Six lands back in our universe, he is put in his right timestream and suddenly remembers his life as Seven, Eight, and Unknown as Kayaclasch fades in the sky and he becomes Nine. Nine then meets Lily and tells her of the horrible Time Wave.

The correct order is: 7->8->Unknown->1->2->3->4->5->6->9->10->11->12

I know these problems will be brought up, so I will answer it now.

  • You might tell me that the presence of Benjamin in both 6's last story and 7's first invalidates my theory, but it doesn't. When Benjamin is introduced as a witness it only says he is an associate of the Inspector. We are shown an adventure of Six and Benjamin, but they already know each other, meaning they met at an earlier point. At the end of the serial, Benjamin is still in Kayaclasch when the Inspector tries to return and we never see them reuniting. He is there in Season 24 with Seven and they never mention the events of Season 23. In my theory, Benjamin is the original associate of the Inspector, he leaves him in "Krakenice" but he found him again as 6, had a few adventures and then dies when Kayaclasch explodes.

  • The Inspector giving up the BOOTH in favor of the HMS Spacetime 12 makes actually more sense considering that theory. In this vision, the Seventh Inspector just left Kayaclasch, presumably to distance himself from the Infinity Knights. It is logical that he would get rid of their technology given the opportunity.

The Snarling Lions were created by Sassafrass
As shown in "Five Inspectors, One Time Booth", he like to watch animals fight, with all his powers he could have made these nearly invincible lions.

The Inspector is his own mother and father at the same time
When asked if he had two parents the Tenth Inspector replied "Well, it's complicated!", and we never actually saw what the Sixh Inspector did with the Fifth in that cupboard in "The Only Inspector".

The Time Wave undid most of the Seventh Inspector's stories
And most of the Eighth's as well. And you thought that BTV had just run out of money to make more episodes?

There will be a crossover with Bloodlines of Conquest
A man can dream.