[[WMG: Incarnate would get a remake, but Nick wont draw it]]
Nick possibly is going to [[OldShame feel shame for that work of his]], and will rewrite it. But, he´s going to let another person draw the characters and the concept for him.
Also, he´s not gonna publish it with his real name. he will use a PenName, to avoid being remembered as the Bleach-ripoff guy.

[[WMG: It was ThePlan between Gene Simmons and Creator/TiteKubo.]]
Gene is well-known for cashing in at every possible opportunity, and Kubo for trolling his own fanbase. Kubo needed publicity for ''Manga/{{Bleach}}'' to remind fans that had drifted away during the Loads And Loads Of {{Filler}} that it still exists and maybe get some new readers too. Gene was looking for publicity for the new season of ''Series/GeneSimmonsFamilyJewels'' and also on general principles.
Between them, they conspired to replace Nick's reasonably-original-in-a TropesAreNotBad way work with obvious tracings, possibly done by Kubo himself. That's why Nick is so clueless as to ''ask for'' an apology and not have taken "...you will pay. In cash." down from his Website/DeviantArt page - ''he wasn't in on it''. (Note that this means he's so clueless as to have not inspected a final published copy of his own book.)
* The detergents-and-magma troll could be either Nick before he saw the final copy and knew what was happening, typing fast and not remembering [[DeadpanSnarker deadpan snark]] carries poorly in print; Kubo or Gene or someone hired by them; or a genuine troll. Or both of those last two ([[AnnoyingYoungerSibling Sophie]]).

[[WMG: Incarnate will be renewed into a different series, but it will continue to plagiarize]]
Could happen.