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Conquest is Apollo.
He has a bow, he has a white horse, and if you adhere to the pestilence thingie, remember that Apollo sometimes sent plagues.

The 4 Horsemen are video game characters.
  • Death (the Pale Horseman) is John-117. Hence the 2 Halo songs "On A Pale Horse" and "Behold A Pale Horse", one of which plays during the flight section on "The Covenant" in Halo 3. Yes, 117 is Death.
  • War (the Red Horseman) is the player character from NetHack, according to the source code.
    • Alternately, Sid Meier. That broody bloke from Darksiders might be in the running, too.
    • Another option is Mario, Rider of the Red Yoshi.
  • Civil War (the White Horseman) is James Raynor.
  • And Pac-Man, who devours everything remotely edible in a region before moving on to the next, is Famine.

The Chaos Gods are the Four Horsemen.

The four horsemen are exactly that
Meaning a Half-Human Hybrid with horses.
  • Centaurs?

Dr. Bright said it himself: "Screw War, Famine , Death, and Pestilence, We've Got Clef, Fishmonger, Kondraki, and Bright!"
  • But Fishmonger's gone, leaving...?

The identities of the horsemen.
Alternately, Conquest is Hugh Beaumont, War is Quentin Tarantino (deliberately producing films that incite people to violence), Famine is Gordon Gekko (he causes a massive economic recession), and Death is Tony Todd, accompanied by thousands of Phantasm- style silver spheres.

The Horsemen of the Apocalypse are, quite ironically, personifications of the aspects of life.
  • Conquest is the first of them-it personifies the forces of natural selection and genetic programming that control the fates of all living organisms.
  • Death is the second of them-it personifies life being converted back into inorganic substances for a new generation
  • Famine is the third of them-it personifies an organism's eternal search for energy.
  • War is the fourth of them-it personifies not just war over territory, but the natural aggression that all complex organisms must show against one another to survive
  • Death, Famine and War are the children of Conquest. War and Famine are likely good friends, because much of the violence in the animal kingdom comes from a need for food.

Horseman of Conquest's Horse is a white haired White Skeletal Horse & Thanatos(Horseman of Death and pestilence)'s horse is a sickly yellow green Skeletal Horse with black hair swarming with flies.
After all the Bible never said what the first Horseman of the Apocalypse looked like just his horse and only the horse's color not whether it's skeletal or not or whether it's rider wore White or not for all we know he wears black robes instead of white and his bow is a crossbow. He may even be a Witch-King of Angmar, like demon or ghost (maybe even the original Witch King from Norse Myth who Tolkien based his Witch-King on: The Witch King Þrainn).

Hades is the fifth Horseman:The Horseman of the Underworld
He followed Thanatos didn't he?

The Four Horsemen are ideologies.
Conquest is imperialism, War is fascism, Famine is communism, Death is religious fanaticism.